New Spot New Blog

Hello everyone!

I am moving up and changing spaces. When you are ready to do big things you take the steps to be able to achieve success. So here I will feature my thoughts, adventures, and knowledge on all things health related. More importantly, I’ll be speaking on activities and paradigms related to self care and nurturing.

One thing that I can say with conviction is that the number one thing we can do for ourselves is make sure that our cup is not only full but overflowing. That overflow is what we give to others. It’s the love, time, and attention that we express when looking after that which is external to ourselves. This allows for us to care for others while still having energy to care for ourselves. This is only possible by making sure that we are putting ourselves as the top priority in our life.

Here are my favorite ways to practice self care

  1. Taking a long hot bath
  2. Meditation
  3. Reading
  4. Spending time in nature
  5. walking

I’ll cover these in more detail later. How do you perform self care?



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