It’s Official!

It’s here it’s here!!

Hello beloveds, I’m here to share with you an exciting project that I am putting together for the month of April. I don’t know about the rest of you but 2014 was eh, 2015 was rough, and 2016 is starting to off beautiful but slightly intimidating. What does that mean? That there’s no greater time then to focus on self-care and making sure that I am putting my health first. So I proudly introduce to you all 28 Days of Self-Care: Spring Edition.

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I have taught planning and management of self care for the past three years since my second year of graduate work in Fall 2012. Every day I learn something new. I’m overjoyed to share some of what I have learned with you all. So for 28 days starting Sunday April 3rd  I will be sharing on The Bliss Institute Facebook page posts featuring practical self-care practices that can be incorporated into your everyday routine.

My passion lies in seeing others thrive. In doing what I can to support them as they strive to be their best self. There is nothing more fulfilling. I didn’t realize that I felt called to stand with others. To hold space. To share. That is partly why I have this blog.

See I used to think that there wasn’t much that I had to offer as far as life experience. I’ve never been married. Weighed less than 150 lbs. Felt overly feminine. Had a child. I’ve been in several relationships, none of which have panned out to be a huge success. Society says that as a 28 year old woman, a 28 year old Black woman that I should fit into certain boxes. That I should be in a stable secure relationship. That I should either be about to get married or already be married. On my way to the cookie cutter life of children, a house, the cars, the 40 hour work week. Workout, be concerned about my appearance, want to be a good girl, yet concerned about being appealing to men. These are only the boxes associated with being a woman. Without even taking into account the intersectionality of my race, class, and sex.

So because I didn’t fit into the mold that was laid out for me, never have really, I have doubted myself. What I have to offer and what role I should play in the world.That self doubt has led to some not so great choices but I am blessed to be able to have had the choice. Would I have chosen this path? I can’t say no, because guess what I chose it. I’ve learned a lot. What I’ve learned I’m now here to share with who ever would be interested to know.

So here’s to 28 days of loving ourselves radically. Unapologetically without guilt or fear. It’s a frightening thing but hell we are scared most of the time anyway so why not take that step towards the fear. Embrace it. Use it to fuel our growth until one day we look around and the fear has been transmuted into love. Into acceptance. Into our true selves. So I say this as someone who has been broken, defeated, and challenged that there is more. All we must do is face the fear.

Here’s to you,



New Season, New Projects

Greetings loves,

I have been busy busy busy planning. I have wanted to get better at time management and one of the ways that I planned to accomplish this was by purchasing a large wall calendar. I’ve been able to set out my plans for the upcoming month along with the new/full moons, season changes, and other projects that I have in the works. This is super exciting for me. I for one have always struggled with setting plans and keeping them. Yet, I’m not sure if I am just more in tune or just getting older but this year feels significantly different. What plans are you putting into place for the upcoming season?



Full Moon Reading: Baring It All with Vulnerability

Greetings beloveds,

Tonight’s the night! That’s right its the full moon for March in Libra. This time we are experiencing a ton of different energies including ones focused on water, emotions, and flexibility.

I pulled a card from my Oracle of the Mermaids deck to give us some insight on what we can expect to experience with this full moon. Get ready to shed some light and open up.



Spring Equinox Tarot Reading

Greetings beloveds,

It’s spring, its spring! Hmm but I guess someone should tell the temperatures that huh? It was rather chilly here in North Texas but at least the sun was shining and the air was brisk. Here’s our forecast for spring. Let’s see what the cards have in store for us.

Lighten Up

Saturday Salutations Beloveds!

As we prepare for the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to take all those plans that we made in the winter and put them into motion. Did you set your intentions yet? If not check out the quick tips here to create some intentions of your own.

I know one of the biggest barriers when it comes to spirituality is putting the many often abstract principles into practice. For myself, as a ciswoman of color, I often do not find alignment with some of the more popular Pagan festivals which fall in the Wheel of the Year such as Imbolc, Beltane, or Mabon. But luckily no matter what path you follow there are many practices that exist which cross the many different roads that we may take.

Here’s one that I practice:

I. Review your winter intentions. This will guide you as you start to take action on the desires that arose during your time in the underworld during the winter.

II. Create an environment that invites you to relax and spend as long as you need meditating on your intentions.

III. Choose the 2-3 that you feel most drawn to. You’ll know this by the feeling that you receive as you meditate, read, or feel physically drawn to (you may follow along with your reading with your finger to connect physically with the energy of the intention).

IV. Locate a calendar either on your phone, a planner, or digital on your computer. Create a timeline with goals and action items listed under each goal. Remember to make SMART goals and objectives. You may want to sync these to the moon cycles or follow your own flow.

Remember this is the time to plant your seeds. So you may be wanting to bring more love into your life. Your goal might read: over the next year I will receive and welcome more acts of love, especially self love in every facet of my life. Now this could be more specific as to how much or what kind of acts you would like to receive and give to yourself. Perhaps you will commit to taking yourself out dinner once a month. Or you set the law of attraction in affect to draw in lunch dates with your friends. It’s all up to you! This is only the beginning so plant those seeds so they can grow into the ultimate harvest of what you desire.

In fact lets take a look at an example of what that might look like. Your goal: By December 1, 2016 I will have finished the initial draft of my short novel. Put as much detail as you can into this. What this means is creating an outline of your novel so you have a rough idea of what “finished” means as far as chapters and content. With your outline complete, action items here will resemble a writing schedule such as: I commit to writing a chapter every month after dinner (or how long it will take to meet your initial goal of finishing the book). You can break this down into smaller goals for each week or day if that works for you. This system may not work for you at all though. That’s why you spend time in meditation to let the best process reveal it’s self to you.

Are you ready to plant your seeds?




Long Days

Today was a long day. The kind you aren’t sure if you really made it through successfully or not. It’s one of those days where you take the fact that you made it through the day as a success and keep it pushing.

Let’s talk about self worth. I have had a difficult time dealing with self worth for a long time. When I was little before I started school I never thought that I was anything less then perfect. I spent my days doing as I liked reading, playing and dreaming. Then I went to public school. I didn’t realize as a child that other children weren’t happy. That children were mean. I thought that children coming together would be like on tv. Where you meet your group of peoples and you all have adventures and hang out together. Yes I was very sheltered.

I had no concept of being judged. My mother really didn’t mind any of the things I did or how I acted. I was just a kid. In school though there were different expectations. It was no longer, oh you want to read all day? Wonderful! There were schedules, grades and testing that started to divide the children into different groups per learning styles. Being a bit rebellious and nerdy turned out to work well for me academically. Not so much socially. Needless to say, kids were mean. So I experienced a lot of teasing and bullying through school. I don’t know if it was more than what others experienced but I know that it was greatly harmful to my self esteem. I was never in a situation where I had to defend myself at home. Discuss my viewpoint or argue about why I did or did not believe/want something sure but have verbal comebacks for insensitive mean comments? Nope, that wasn’t allowed in my home. So I was horribly unprepared to deal with that environment at school. So I shut down. Delved further into my books and my fantasy worlds.

I share all this because now I’m combating the long term affects of that experience. Speaking up for myself. Knowing that what I want and desire is important. All of this is new. It’s a new experience all together. I still second guess myself. When and how to speak up. Setting boundaries. Just knowing that being myself is ok. It’s sad that that is something that I have to rediscover but I know that it’s what I need to do. It’s how I’ll heal.

Today was a definite trigger for all of those past experiences. I hope that I handled things well. I don’t know if I did. I feel ok about things but I know there’s a lot more processing for me to do. As a Millennial Priestess there’s so much that we as a whole have to rewrite for ourselves. Work to be done as we integrate the darkness with the light. It’s painful. It’s scary. But every time I work though  an issue it is so WORTH it because I’m WORTH it. And guess what? You’re WORTH it too! So here’s to all the Millennial Priestesses, Goddesses, and Queens both within the underworld and here on this plane. I salute you. I honor you.




Freedom from the Cage

Blessings beloveds,

Did everyone make it through the time change yesterday? Yesterday as I was working through some emotions that were coming up as I meditated that morning. At first it felt like waves of heat moving from across my upper back to my lower back. Then a soft warmth moved from the center of my mid-back in concentric circles. So I sat, slowly inhaling and exhaling. Refilling my being with the air that provides me with life and emptying myself of that which is no longer needed. Eventually I felt called to lay down on my back then on my side. As I lay there, I placed my hands gently upon the center of my chest on the heart chakra. Sending soothing streams of love into the center of my heart aritu (chakra) in order to move forward with my feelings.

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This is a simple exercise that I do in order to better integrate my emotions with my physical body. I don’t know if this has happened to any of you all but I have not had the easiest time acknowledging, accepting and working with my emotions. I have often felt overwhelmed by them to a point where I would do anything to distract myself from them. This even applied to feelings of joy and happiness. I was so used to shutting down my feelings that even the one’s that felt good were pushed down. It was too dangerous to let them through because any crack in the seal I had placed upon my heart and soul might let out ALL of the feelings.

But breath work and meditation have helped. As I breathe rhythmically it helps to quell the anxiety that arises from the uncertainty of the impact of the emotions that I am experiencing. If you experience this take some time to breathe. Also if you feel led, seek some professional assistance from a counselor or psychiatrist. I believe that there are many ways to naturally heal ourselves but there are those who will always have more tools to assist us in meeting our health goals. And you can never have too many tools in your tool chest.

What was the result of this exercise? I began to write. But that deserves a post of it’s own.


Mermaids in Cages

Blessings beloveds,

Today I woke up feeling a little off. The time changed today and the world seemed a little bit off kilter. I looked around at the nice room that I was in contemplating what exactly was I doing with my life. I’m 28. Twenty-eight years old. I have seen some things in this life but not everything. I’m in the middle of my Saturn return.Roughly every 29.5 years Saturn makes its way back around to where it was located when we first were born. Thus it is the return of Saturn to our specific point of origin. Kinda of like our Saturn birthday.

This return carries all the energy associated with the planet Saturn. Of time, endings, discipline, setting boundaries, and authority. It is the time when we must take account of our present state and decide whether we are living the life that we have always wanted to live. Have you been building castles out of sand? Is your house made of brick and mortar but in the path of an impending tornado? You must access where you are and decide if this is where you would like to be and go with your adult life. It is the time for change. When we must look around and decide whether we want to stay at the party or leave early.

Well that’s where I am. Having done all the “right” things but still feeling that there is so much more that I can provide to the world. My evaluation of my current state falls much shorter then where I know I could be. So as I look around I cannot help but say to myself, why do I feel so closed off? Could it be that I have created a cage for myself? Has the freedom of the mermaid within me been restrained?

Let’s have a discussion on mermaids and cages tomorrow. For now, where were you at your Saturn return? Have you reached that point in life or are you currently there? Let me know if you found this to be a time of significant change and evaluating your role and goals.

Goodnight loves,


When It’s Time to Let Go

Blessings beloveds,

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. Do you feel it in the air? That crisp morning tease of spring time. I hope that you all are taking the time to head outside and catch some vitamin D. Speaking of the D (lol), I’m in Detroit this weekend soaking up some culture and relaxing. Last night was a truly moving experience at the Detroit Institute of Art Museum for their Friday Night Live. We arrived around time to catch the 7:00 performance if Schubertiade. It was truly magical. The performers were amazing. Their skill in their trade was only enhanced by the beauty of the work portrayed on the walls and ceiling of the surrounding hall.

It was a great way to end the night but we weren’t done yet. A quick trip over to Seva Detroit finished out the night. I go back and forth between consuming and avoiding dairy so I always like to find a place that caters to both of my tastes. The atmosphere was nice. Upon walking in it was warm and the sight lighting made things cozy. I was more concerned with the food.I must say the food did not disappoint. Upon opening the menu I was blown away by the goodness that awaited me. First things first appetizers. We dined on the chili cheese fries and then moved on to bar=b-que eggplant sandwich while the Babes had the portabella burger. Divine is the only word to describe the meal. The eggplant was well done but not overly cooked to the point where it was mushy. There was just enough sauce for there to be a bar-b-que taste without it over powering the other flavors.

It was the best way to end the night. I don’t know about the rest of you all but sometimes I have to get out of my usual space to see things from a new perspective. That ‘s why I always recommend traveling. I am aware that there are barriers to travel for many. IT could be money, obligations, transportation, safety, or mobility. But we do the best we can. So I hope that you are able to travel in some way. To experience something that you haven’t before or just take a break from the space that you are in. So whether it is by book, movie, song, train, plane or ca do what you can and know that you are supported and loved.


Divine Practice

A little everyday goes a long way. I started with meditation. Not outside or on a pillow in the early morning but in my bed. Before I went to sleep or before I got up in the morning.

Consistency is the key. I keep at it. Being gentle with myself when I feel too tired or overwhelmed to want to stop and breathe.

So here’s to divine practice, patience, and compassion.