A Quick Bit About Judegment

When we seek approval from others we are inviting them to judge us. Even if we are expecting the judgment to be positive. One way in which we fall into judging ourselves so harshly is by looking to seek our OWN approval. Then if we fall short we find ourselves in a web of negative … Continue reading A Quick Bit About Judegment

Living for Now

Blessings loves, I don't know if it's the new moon, solar eclipse or the approaching spring equinox but this past weekend I made some pretty important decisions about the direction my life was taking. It just felt like it was time. Have you ever found yourself looking at your life and wondering how you got … Continue reading Living for Now

Ready to Shift?

Blessings loves! There are some crazy important happenings coming this week. There's the new moon and solar eclipse both on Tuesday (go here to find out when the moon will be fully new for your location). The new moon is the perfect time to set new intentions and spend some time figuring out what you … Continue reading Ready to Shift?