Cernunnos: Life and DEath

I heard a call. It was hot. Wild. Insistent. It would not be ignored. So I searched. Opened many doors both literal and astral. I did not understand. It was unclear. I heard the call and yet did not know who or what to do. So I continued on.

I stumbled. Tumbling down the rabbits hole of  could haves, should haves, would haves. Knowing that at every turn I was closer but not quite there.

Then there it was.

Cloaked in green at first. Elegant. Delicious. Then it shifted. Dark and smooth.

I asked, “what is your name?” He responded. I smiled for I knew. I had always known.



First Steps

Greetings beloveds,

Yesterday was a delightful day. I participated in a Reiki level 1 course with the Angel Teri Malek at Epiphysis Center. I had put out the intention to connect with what my divine purpose was and ran across this event through a friend on Facebook. As I put more and more trust in my intuition and honor my skills of discernment I see more and more how quickly I am able to manifest that which is for me. And there it was, a course for Reiki training. As I went over whether I should attend I clearly understood that it was my time to take this course.

The first time I was the only person to sign up for the course so it was rescheduled. I was blessed that Teri worked with my to ensure that I could take that class as soon as possible. I was overjoyed to be able to take the this course during the long weekend. I was not necessarily excited about the distance to her center, I knew this was where I needed to be.

Thus early that Saturday morning I went through my routine that I had prepared for myself the day before. Finding myself running a bit behind as I leisurely prepped my tea, cleaned, and cleansed my body. Leaving exactly an hour before I was meant to arrive I was met with a sea of vehicles on the highway. I was perplexed. It was an early Saturday morning! What on Earth were all these people doing out and about? Well just as I had made plans so had many others. I found it was to take an additional 15 minutes to make it to my destination. Yet I knew I was on the right route so I pushed forward unhindered by the my perpetual tardiness. I sent a text to Teri to let her know I was en route but late.

As I drove I let the cars part before me easing my path. Then I turned of the main highway to a side road. I dreaded the traffic lights as they could hinder my journey but they were few and far. As I drove further out of town the cars decreased and the green increased. Trees sprang up everywhere. Wild flowers lined the roads providing a beautiful visual bouquet. I felt myself relax as I drove closer to my destination. Too more turns and I found myself on a quaint street with small businesses with sprinkles of commercial ones in between. I was immediately brought back to my  childhood growing up in Friendswood, TX. Before Main Street had streetlights and wine shops. I arrived in place that was altogether perfect.

The location was only overshadowed by the experience had at my training. Teri is literally an angel (with a bit of Fae mixed in for good measure). A petite lively bundle of light who had the most gently, kind and loving spirit I could not have asked for a more perfect for me guide. It was half-way through our lesson that I realized I had already taken a Reiki level one training. I had completely forgotten. It was during a time when many things passed by my existence without my paying too much attention to it. Here though, this time, I will never forget what I learned. I know that this was one of many first steps that will change my life and navigate me to another path.

With much appreciation, love, and light,





I’ve been quite because I’ve been processing. Healing.

I’ve gone silent because words did not express the feelings that I was having.

I’ve had lots of thoughts lately on forgiveness. There’s so much we hear on the importance of forgiveness. That forgiving others is for ourselves not for the other person. Then I have run across the exact opposite. That one does not have to forgive anyone. That it does no good to us by forgiving those who have done heinous and/or violent acts towards us.

I honor whatever choice one wants to make. Forgiveness, I have found through this past year has been empowering. Although it is trite, the most relevant expression of forgiveness I have ever heard was from Lauren Conrad in the reality tv show the Hills or one of those programs, where she said “I want to forgive you and I want to forget you”. Right now that is where I stand. Those words always ring strongly in the back of my mind when I think of those who have harmed me. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting all the time. Forgiving can be releasing. Freeing. Loving one’s self. Forgiveness can be anger. Forgiveness lives in rage. Grief. Pain. It can be a deep aching rift between what we desire and what we receive. It does not make one weak just as anger or fear does not make someone weak. These emotions make us sentient beings. Why do we run from them? Why do we try to destroy them?

– Rose