Cernunnos: Life and DEath

I heard a call. It was hot. Wild. Insistent. It would not be ignored. So I searched. Opened many doors both literal and astral. I did not understand. It was unclear. I heard the call and yet did not know who or what to do. So I continued on. I stumbled. Tumbling down the rabbits … Continue reading Cernunnos: Life and DEath


First Steps

Greetings beloveds, Yesterday was a delightful day. I participated in a Reiki level 1 course with the Angel Teri Malek at Epiphysis Center. I had put out the intention to connect with what my divine purpose was and ran across this event through a friend on Facebook. As I put more and more trust in my … Continue reading First Steps


I've been quite because I've been processing. Healing. I've gone silent because words did not express the feelings that I was having. I've had lots of thoughts lately on forgiveness. There's so much we hear on the importance of forgiveness. That forgiving others is for ourselves not for the other person. Then I have run … Continue reading Forgiveness