That Test Tho’: Learning to Flow with the Seasons

Greetings loves, So I'm at the house today. Looking around feeling a bit disheveled. Today was the last day of yoga teacher training and now I'm feeling just a bit strange. It is so strange to be done. I want to go back! It was such a great experience. I was able to move away … Continue reading That Test Tho’: Learning to Flow with the Seasons


Finding Success

Greetings beloveds! I'm having a little victory party for myself today. I completed teaching my first yoga class and if I do say so myself it went over very well. Now of course I didn't get all of my poses in but I was able to completely finish everything I wanted. Now that I have … Continue reading Finding Success

The Path

Compassion. Love Gently Kindness Peace Empathy Trust Faith These are the truths that I have aligned with which are bringing me to the path of fulfillment. I have found that focusing on these elements takes me closer and closer to finding divine joy. What are your truths? What do you align with? -Rose


Hello beloveds, How are you all doing? Did you get a good nights rest? Stay out til dawn laughing and having a fantastic time with new and old friends/loves? I hope that however you are right now you are in a space where you are able to express your feelings in all of their complexities. … Continue reading Confusion