That Test Tho’: Learning to Flow with the Seasons

Greetings loves,

So I’m at the house today. Looking around feeling a bit disheveled. Today was the last day of yoga teacher training and now I’m feeling just a bit strange. It is so strange to be done. I want to go back! It was such a great experience. I was able to move away from focusing on my standard job and the general issues that I have to having a new obtainable goal. It was satisfying to complete the goal and have a good time while doing it.

The test that we had freaked me out a bit today. I wasn’t sure if I was prepared, if I knew all the information that I was supposed to know. I went in and was just ready to give it my all. I held the joy that I had in successfully completing my first class hoping that that would give me the faith that this was something that I could do well at.

Well I did. This has really been a year of growth for me. I have completed so many things and made some great strides. Now it’s time to really start reaping the fruits of my labor.

The way that I have planned out this year has really reinforced that following the seasons and the natural flow of energy really is the most beneficial way for me to live. What does this mean?

Winter: Planning, introspection, organization, setting goals

Spring: Planting the seeds needed to put those plans/goals into action

Summer: Now is the time to Act! Your plans/goals should be in full swing roll                            with them.

Fall: Harvest time. Your plans/goals should be in place where you are able to see                     their manifestation. This is also the time to access what IS working and prepare                       to put your energy towards what needs to be improved/reworked during the                               winter.

I think it’s time for me to make a bit of a series about moving with the seasons and using them to help set goals and intentions.

Do you plan when to take assessment of your life, goals, and intentions or do you just let that time come along when it does?






Finding Success

Greetings beloveds!

I’m having a little victory party for myself today. I completed teaching my first yoga class and if I do say so myself it went over very well. Now of course I didn’t get all of my poses in but I was able to completely finish everything I wanted. Now that I have a framework I’m going to expand this into a workshop.

I am so excited. This is one of those areas where I was so scared that I would fail but as we talked this morning about what it’s like teaching and the attitude that you should have while teaching. The best advice our instructor gave us was to not give a fuck. To prepare well and then go in and rock that shit! It was so nice to be reminded that we will do the best we can and what others think of us while we are doing so doesn’t matter. We can still expect greatness from ourselves but being worried about what others will say about us during that class is a waste of time and energy.

I’m so happy and feel so fulfilled. Yoga was the missing movement portion of the serves and healing that I offer. Now I have breath work, meditation, reiki, and yoga to pull out of my arsenal of services that I can offer to others. Now I just want to add a couple of more skills and I’ll be able to fully support the healing of myself and my community known as the world.

Do you find yourself caring too much about what other think? How do you deal with this?


Finding Yourself

Greetings beloveds,

Do you know who you are? It’s ok if the answer to that question is no or I’m not sure or hell even that you feel you probably never will.

It takes a while for us to be able to find our place. Know who we are. Most of us know when we are born up until the world begins to tell us who we are or who we should be. We know what makes our heart sing and our soul laugh. What we inherently enjoy and what we do not. What works for us and what is just not for our highest good. In most cases this knowledge is correct. In some, not so much. We come here with knowledge that is aware of all at that moment. Then life happens, the world changes, and what we know isn’t always current and applicable.

We have to learn again to know what is good for us and what isn’t. Even then that which is for us can be subjective. You are subjective. You are the author of your life. There is a path for you with many trials. Trails with similar routes and different destinations but all made exactly for you. Whichever route you choose is the one for you. It was where you were meant to be. That is the joy of our existence. Choosing the routes on the paths to our destiny.

You have the choice. There are those who are there which will direct you to different routes. Family, friends, societal institutions they bend your routes. They influence your choices. Free will is the ultimate freedom. Don’t let that be taken away from you.

Make the choice.

Choose wisely.



The Path









These are the truths that I have aligned with which are bringing me to the path of fulfillment. I have found that focusing on these elements takes me closer and closer to finding divine joy.

What are your truths? What do you align with?


Finishing What We Started

Hello dear hearts!

Today marks the second week of yoga teacher training with our final exam happening on Friday. Am I ready? Well as ready as I will be although there is much time to study so I am not as nervous as I could be.

Here’s what has touched my heart from this course thus far:

We all have a role to play in the world. Quieting our minds and focusing on our actions can bring us closer to understanding what this role is.

Preconceptions of others are lies which are false until proven true. We all hold preconceptions about other people based on appearance, status, or what we’ve been taught. Hone your intuition so that you are able to tell the difference between a false assumption and a true inclination.

Movement is life. Move. However you can whenever you can. Even if it is just a roll of your eyes. Realize also that we are constantly moving. If your heart is pumping, then your blood is flowing and your body is taking in and releasing life giving air. Your physical form is ALWAYS moving. Support it.

Love is all there is.



Hello beloveds,

How are you all doing? Did you get a good nights rest? Stay out til dawn laughing and having a fantastic time with new and old friends/loves? I hope that however you are right now you are in a space where you are able to express your feelings in all of their complexities.

I’m feeling for lack of a better term…weird. I received a message from the ex. The one that I was pregnant with his child…I thought that I was past all of those feelings. That he didn’t affect me any longer. For a minute that was true. As long as I wasn’t in contact with him I was fine.

I think all around though I have had a strange pull to connect with the males in my life. I messaged a couple of them this morning. One had a minor car accident and the other I hadn’t heard from as of yet. I’m not too worried about the second one as he’s very busy and half way across the world. Though I do know I would like to check in with him…it just feels like there’s this draw to make sure that the men that I know are safe. Do you ever get those nudges? Do you ever just feel the need to connect with certain people or those who carry a certain energy? That’s where I am and I am trying to honor that nudge.

It’s difficult though because it made me sad to hear from the ex. It brought back all the memories and issues. In my heart I know we don’t work. I know that I am happy that we are moving forward and exploring who we are and who we should be with but it’s still hard to think of what could have been.

I just wish things could have been different sometimes but I try to put my trust in Spirit and not fall into these feelings of doubt, fear, and failure. I want to be better. I want to do better. To be able to connect with others while still maintaining my own self. For some reason I don’t have this issue when it comes to friends but with romantic relationships it’s just easy to slip into the realm of jealousy and fear. I have so much to work on and I know that by sticking with these new ventures that I have in place, eating well, movement and faith I can get where I desire to be.


When You’re Life Changes

Greetings beloved,

Have you ever done something that was completely out of your comfort zone? Went to dinner by yourself, sky diving, taking a dance class, asking out someone that you find to be attractive. I have heard that it is when we do the things that we have never done before that we truly begin to change. Well this past week I did something that I had been planning to do for quite some time. I started yoga teacher training.

Now I’m sure the question of do you even do yoga may have crossed your mind. I know because I too had the same question. I said Rose what are you doing? You practice but you’re not doing handstands and peacocks. Are you ready for this? I had all these thoughts go through my head. I said it costs too much, you have to take took much time off of work, you have to turn in an application and they might not except you, excuse after excuse after excuse. But the training kept popping up on my social media feed so I filled it out. Then I sent it in. One of the owners of the studio called me to answer my questions about the training and whether I was prepared. The next thing I knew I was sending in my first payment for the course.

Before long it was the night before my first class and I sat in bed knowing that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing but at the same time feeling unsure of whether I could do this. Yet I went to bed and in the morning got up for my first official training for yoga instruction.


I See You

I see you when you feel like no one else does. I feel your pain, your passion, your fear, your triumph, your need to move forward and heal. I see you. We see you. From now on do not fear and feel that you are alone because you never are.

Do you need a sense of peace? Pull out your sage, your incense, your tea, your herbs, and your candles. Light that shit and let it do it’s work.

You are loved.

You matter.

You are here.


Do the one thing that those who oppress you do not want you to do.

Fucking live.


Making Magic

Almost forgot I was a witch. Almost forgot that I make shit happen. For a minute I sat there wondering what could I do? Where can we go that’s safe. Then I said, oh yea I can change things.

So where my witches at? Let’s send Reiki, let’s cast circles of protection, let’s put these skills that we have been working on and mastering to work.

I send all those who send energy to me love, strength, and power.


Tools for Healing

So there’s been so much going on lately. Just so much.

SO what do we do about it? What do we do when our heart breaks or we feel like it’s just too much? I hope you have some tools but if you don’t here are a few.

*Go outside and sit in the sun. Vitamin D will help you to sleep better, your body will run better and this boost will at least improve your lived state

*Write or journal


*Talk to a professional. So having close friends, family, or social networks to discuss your feelings and experiences are great. In fact you should have those who you can turn to. Yet, they should not be your only outlet of expression. These groups and folks may not have the skills themselves to be able to process what all is being shared. Find someone who has been trained to process, assess, and improve emotional, mental, and psychological states. If you can’t afford therapy contact your local health department, MHMR, or religious center and they should have a list of resources for you.


*Work. Now I know there are some folks who are like “whhhaaattttt” but check it for some people work is the best distraction in the world for them. It lets them check out and go into an environment that they understand, is stable, is nurturing. Now a lot of places are the exact opposite so if this won’t work for you…don’t do it lol.

*Play with pets, care for your home or garden. Putting time into the things you love will center and heal you.

This is just a quick list of things that one can do that will bring you peace. Now take that peace and contact your local authorities to let them know what you expect of those who are supposed to be working for you.

Be. Live. Do.