Greetings beloveds,

As we should all do during our birthdays, I was doing internal work to determine what all I needed to nourish and what all I needed to release. I struggled for a bit. Internal work is never really easy although it is always worth it. I wanted to understand the core of what needed to be healed in my romantic relationships and finally I accepted that what needed to be addressed was trust, or more so, lack there of.

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On the surface what I was was that I did not trust men on a fundamental level which then became amplified when I was in intimate relationships with men. The level of this distrust became very clear to me when I went to purchase a new vehicle. During the test drive I found myself completely disregarding some of the driving directions given to me by my male driver. *Oh I should take a moment to note that I will be using male, he, him, men/man as per my experience but that all comments/insights can be applied to what we deem as the “masculine” overall. So please know this concept of trust is non-binary and non-gendered. *

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Image by David Yarrow (×612.jpg)

So I sat with this revelation. Why did I not trust men? What did this mean? Where did it come from? This trail of questions lead to a desire to discern how do I relate to the concept of trust over all? Towards myself, others, the divine? Where do I stand with trust? The clincher being what is the real underlying feeling associated with lack of trust? I soon realized that the feeling around mistrust it was fear. Fear of not being connected to the divine, myself, and another. Beneath loneliness, pride, ego, or abandonment is often a fear whether proven to be very real or imagined of being disconnected.

To find how to heal from this I look towards what do I have full trust or faith* in? Why do I feel such trust with these concepts, people or situations? Then I will build a template so that I can apply these practices starting first with the divine, then to myself, and finally to men. This will not be a linear process. The goal is to start with that order but as it appears to be healed I will move concentrically with each different point.

One thing that must also be healed is the identity that I have built around the lack of trust. Who knows when this specifically came to be but I know I have not trusted many for quite some time, past lives even, so this release will be the birth of a new me. That’s a bit frightening but will be well worth it.

Here’s to new beginnings and transformation.



Thinning Veils

Greetings beloveds,

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I hope you are well. Have you felt a ease in the energies that you are experiencing? Has it become easier to rest in your truth and share from your soul? If so feel free to share how this came about and what you plan to do with this newfound ease in being.

I recently celebrated my 29th birthday. This was the end for me of the tumultuous Saturn return. I could definitely say that my time from age 26-29 has definitely been challenging but healing as well. I have faced the shadow and come to love her as a part of myself. Although I am still in the shadow of my return, and by in the shadow I mean when a planet passes through any constellation or moves by any planet there is that time before it actually passes to the time afterwards where one can still feel the effects of that planets influence. When one is experiencing the after effects that is known as being in that planets shadow. So for a bit longer I’ll feel the clearing, aligning, reformation around authority and relating for a while longer. I can say though on the day following my birthday I felt such calm. I was so grounded. As someone with only one earth sign in their birth chart it is unusual for me to be so stable. Yet I felt secure and at peace with all that I am and all that I will be.

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The day before my birthday I attended a know your purpose workshop put on by y wonderful friend Teri at her Epiphysis Center and it helped solidify all the things that I knew but was never bold enough to share or believe. The clarity that comes from those who support you, the love that you give to yourself, and taking time to listen to the divine will change your life. It can provide the guidance that so many of us desire while trying to navigate through our time in the space.

So as Samhain nears now is a perfect time to reconnect with your ancestors, those who have passed that you loved, and with the divine. I pray that you all will forever be safe and whole.





Feeling the Heat

Greetings loves,

To say this has been a time of transition and transformation would be an understatement. From what it sounds like everyone has been experiencing a lot of change as well. Whether its been career wise, romantic, platonic, family, vehicle, home, or spiritually life is about change. It’s about growth. That isn’t always easy as we don’t always have things go the way we want for them to. Autumn is a time of death in preparation for new growth.

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This weekend is the full moon in Aries. As a Libra (who’s birthday is on the full moon) I tend to find the Aries energy both attractive and repulsive. Aries is a sign of action, movement, and productivity. When there’s something that an Aries wants to achieve they go straight for it. This is a great attribute but this can also lead to the start of a lot a projects or ideas that don’t go very far because planning is not always Aries strong suite. Luckily their drive usually attracts those who can assist in bringing their desires to fruition.

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This full moon in Aries is calling us to come out of the other side of the fire. It’s been a turbulent time but Aries is here to shake things up. This is a time to honor your autonomy. Aries is the first sign and the greatest representative of the I am and I will energy. There will be lots of emotions coming up, especially anger. Anger serves a purpose as it can fuel a fire of divine no but remember that a powerful fire that burns long and bright is tended often. To put those blazing feelings to the best of use take time to tend them. Notice where you are, notice what helps yourself to feel relief. Sexual, fun, and creative energy will also be fired up over this weekend. So get out and have a good time before the grounding energies of Taurus come into play.


Autumn Witch

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Greetings Beloveds,

For those of us in the Northern hemisphere it is officially fall and even here in North Texas we are feeling the shift in the air. Days are getting longer and the sun rising later and later in the morning. It’s a delightful time. Each season holds its own magic and powers. Here I’ll share what I have found to be the most potent energies of this time.

If summer is the time of action and growth then fall is when we begin to see the results of this movement. Autumn is harvest time. Now while we are always manifesting and gathering the abundance of our lives and intentions, Autumn’s harvest time is associated with the energy of preparation for a time of rest.

Here in the USA, Autumn signaled the start of a new year for primary and secondary education after the summer or planting/growing season breaks. This was the short break before it was time to harvest the crops before the first frost. Thoughts were centered on abundance, return on investment, and joy at witnessing the yields of the earth. Our society doesn’t function in quite the same way but the energy that abounds during this time is the same.

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Now is the time to put your efforts towards harvest. There’s several ways you can do this.

  1. Assess what goals you made for this past year, season, and month. What has come to pass? What would you like to see improve? What did you think went well?
  2. Celebrate your accomplishments. There’s nothing better on a cool fall evening then spending time with those you cherish and support you. Whether you plan a nice lunch or breakfast for yourself, throw a big get together just for fun or one of the many holidays during this time, or have a small gathering for a bonfire, you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Don’t get caught up in whether you had big wins or just made it through the summer, your being deserves to be loved and acknowledged.
  3. Plan- Winter is the season of rest, shadow work, and rejuvenation. How do you plan to spend your winter? After, assessing where you’ve been it’s the perfect time to dream of where you would like to go. Dream big loves.
  4. Lastly, always express gratitude for all the wonderful things that have come to pass, are currently in the works, and all that will come to pass.

Here’s to a fabulous harvest season!!