Greetings beloveds, As we should all do during our birthdays, I was doing internal work to determine what all I needed to nourish and what all I needed to release. I struggled for a bit. Internal work is never really easy although it is always worth it. I wanted to understand the core of what … Continue reading Trust


Thinning Veils

Greetings beloveds, I hope you are well. Have you felt a ease in the energies that you are experiencing? Has it become easier to rest in your truth and share from your soul? If so feel free to share how this came about and what you plan to do with this newfound ease in being. … Continue reading Thinning Veils

Feeling the Heat

Greetings loves, To say this has been a time of transition and transformation would be an understatement. From what it sounds like everyone has been experiencing a lot of change as well. Whether its been career wise, romantic, platonic, family, vehicle, home, or spiritually life is about change. It's about growth. That isn't always easy … Continue reading Feeling the Heat

Autumn Witch

Greetings Beloveds, For those of us in the Northern hemisphere it is officially fall and even here in North Texas we are feeling the shift in the air. Days are getting longer and the sun rising later and later in the morning. It's a delightful time. Each season holds its own magic and powers. Here … Continue reading Autumn Witch