New Moon in Sagittarius:Releasing the Reigns

Greetings loves,

Today is a new moon in Sagittarius. As a time for festivities and relinquishing control over our more basal instincts we are all preparing for the holiday season. The sign of Sagittarius is all about freedom, fun, and new experiences. They are ruled by Jupiter, the planet associated with luck but also awareness of how vast our world truly is. This is a time for learning and expansion. Harnessing the power of our instincts to guide us combined with our ability to rationalize. The key is balance. Finding ways to let our animal side and human side express themselves so that we feel fulfilled.

The reading for this new moon focuses on being aware of the energy around us and how this influences our behavior and outlook. There is a lot going on at this time that is affecting everyone. On a micro-level how are you fairing in your everyday life? If the frantic energy of the time is causing you to feel a bit off kilter balance out. The recommendation being given is that meditation is the tool that should be utilized to help us slow down and navigate ourselves in the most efficient manner. Meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting for hours breathing deeply. It could through staying conscious and aware throughout any activity including walking, cleaning, reading a spiritual text or one that speaks to you. Things are not what they seem at this time and it is through following our instincts, centering, and focusing that we will be able to discern truth from fiction and know how and when to act.

Be clear though, do not fall prey to either side of over thinking or actions without purpose. The is a wildness to Sagittarius that is beautiful but can be destructive without guidance.  It’s place in the 9th lends the wisdom to this sign of study and philosophy. There is always much to be thought about but thoughts without action does little to serve us. Whether at the state or personal level we all of rules by which we live. They create order out of the chaos of creation. Yet when the reigns are held too tightly and we cannot see beyond our rules we loose the ability to grow. Loosen the reigns a bit and reorder your world. It may now be a time to create a new set of personal rules and morals that you rely upon to guide your behavior. Assess whether what you believe is benefiting your well-being or serving the orders of others who may not be interested in your highest good. If you are in need of some insight to another way of being perhaps its time to travel a bit. See how others live and thrive. Let this influence your personal philosophy and share it with others as it may assist them as well but remember you are only the ruler of yourself. For this is not a sign of judgement but of growth.

Lastly, this is a time for authenticity and truth. If you are ever seeking an honest opinion turn to a Sagittarius. They thrive on taking in the world around them and reflecting exactly what exists back to us. As a sign of action and movement, actions are where we must turn attention to in order to see the truth of who we are and everyone else. It is very easy to a lot to say during this digital age while behaving in a completely different manner. Pay attention to what people say and hold them accountable to their actions.

To growth and expansion,



Reflections Entry 1

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Greetings beloveds,

This space used to be a lot more personal as I was going through a particularly rough time. I needed the distraction though of attempting to write about what was happening for me spiritually as opposed to what was going on in other areas of my life. 2016 is a 9 year but for me personally until the past 2 months this has been a 7 year. I explored my spirituality and accepted portions of myself that I had always kept compartmentalized and separate from pretty much everyone in my life.

I did end many connections that I held to people, programs, and thought paradigms. For instance I exited two groups associated with healing and women’s spirituality. One group was particularly focused on the duality/polarity of the divine feminine and masculine in very traditional and for me outdated roles. The other just wasn’t providing me with the depth that I was desiring in a group. The topics centered on abundance, money, and ascension. Although I know these topics are of importance to many people including myself without authentic diving into the depths of the shadow it just doesn’t align with my process at this time.

I also have taken some time to set boundaries for myself with others that was particularly difficult for me. I still wrestle with trusting myself at times. I do not want to hurt others which can leave me feeling drained and powerless, as if my needs are not worthy of getting met. I know this isn’t true but I am slowly getting to the point where I can truly put myself first and communicate with others my needs in order to have them be fully met.

Another ending that occurred this year was in the relationship department. I let go of a particularly toxic connection that I had to a lover that left me having to make some tough life choices. One thing that became very clear was that I was living through some of the patterns associated with my family lineage. One of which was falling into a partnership because of “morals” and “obligations”. The results of this have been to put others before the self creating a life of unhealthy attachment and dependency. I chose to stop that pattern. I chose me and although it was freeing to do so it also felt confusing as I didn’t know what to do with the resulting emotions. It was strange to feel triumphant yet sad at the same time. Feeling altogether is a new experience for me as I had numbed myself to emotions until about 2 years ago. After my first encounter with this partner I had a reactivation of my heart chakra. I cried about everything and anything. Then I began to feel a lot of anger. Now I’m oscillating between intense bouts of love and empathy for those around me.

As such I am exploring relationships again. Constantly learning and seeking a healthy connection to myself and to others. I’ve started a friendship with someone but I am beginning to think this may be more a of spiritual connection than romantic. I am enjoying the lack of internal pressure that I usually feel to move quickly from talking to sexual activities and exclusivity. It’s a delight to just be able to chat and spend time together. This is a nice change in events from my usual relationships trajectories. I still debate on how I feel about things but am content to take things one day at a time.

One thing I have been addressing is my communication style and needs. I am a talker even though I crave moments of silence and solitude. At the beginning of our time together with the new fella we spoke all the time. Throughout the entire day and into the night including going on dates to restaurants, movies, and hang time. Things have slowed down a bit especially as I am often out of town. Although at times I would like to have the frequency of our interactions back where they were I also am happy to have more time back to myself. I am working on finding and knowing what that happy medium is.

Another ending that occurred this year was with my vehicle which corresponded with my idea of lack as well as release along with leaving my doctoral program of study. I find myself aligning closer and closer to what my heart desires and what brings me joy in life.

This is an 8 year for me now as my birthday recently passed in October. It’s a time of focusing on career and alignment with my occupational destiny. I have been laying the foundation for getting my business of the ground but I know that this year will be the time to truly move forward in this area. Especially as next year, my 9 year, will undoubtedly see the release of the last areas of my life that are not aimed at my highest good. My card reading that I did all had the same outcome. This is a time to focus on myself, love myself and build abundance. We will see what this holds for my love life but I know that taking some time and space to myself will be the best route for me.

So for the sake of transparency here’s an updated peak into my life. I will try to do these more often perhaps once a week would be nice but we shall see. December and January are going to be hibernation months for me. I am not taking on any additional social obligations other than the one’s I have already committed to. I need time to regroup and prepare for the spring. I have been advised that it is time for me to focus on writing so I should be around here more often than I have been.

Well that’s it for me! Feel free to share what’s been going on in your life or linking to your blog where we can read about you for ourselves.

With love,



Conscious Consumption

Greetings beloveds,

I hope yesterday was filled with love and gratitude whether you participate or abstain from Thanksgiving. My prayers to you all are that you feel loved and cherished. Know that regardless of where you are that things can change. Being open to transformation is what gives us the ability to grow and experience life. Often we find ourselves in ruts doing the same thing because it is familiar, comfortable, or easy. We want to know what’s coming and how we can control at best the possible outcomes. When we venture outside of our comfort zones we may not know what the outcome may be. It’s the unknown.

conscious-awareness.jpg (960×768)Fear of the unknown can cause for us to create habits that we are unaware of that keep us in loops, having the same experiences over and over. One of the first ways to begin to break free from these loops is to become conscious of what our behaviors are. We can raise our consciousness through bringing our awareness to the present through a variety of ways such as:

  1. Meditating
  2. Breath-work
  3. Journaling
  4. Choosing a focus phrase or item
  5. Choosing a focus activity such as eating, cleaning, or walking

Particularly during this time of year being aware of what we are consuming can be a very enlightening experience. We take into our being or consume so much from food, media, material objects, emotions, and energy. For some today is a day where sales are calling to us. Beckoning us to indulge at every turn.Yesterday we may have consumed copious amounts of food trying a little or a lot of everything. Throwing caution to the wind as this time only comes “once a year”. I urge you to remain present during this time. To really taste the food that you are eating, the words you are speaking/hearing, the energy that you are encountering. Take time to really feel holistically the material objects that you are bringing into your life.

Autumn is the season of slowing down and preparing for winter. Today I encourage you to slow down and appreciate your life how ever it is showing up for you at this time. Give thanks and gratitude.

With love,



Giving Thanks

fall-harvest.jpg (640×480)Greetings loves,

I wish you the greatest peace, love, and abundance at this time. May we be able to express gratitude for all that is wonderful within our lives and for all that we would like to have come to us in the next year.

Know that you are never alone and that if needed there is a space here for you to connect.

I give thanks for my loving family, friends, witchy sisters, and all those who bring joy to my life. I express gratitude for the abundance that the universe continues to shower me with in my career, spirituality, and relationships. I am thankful for my health and wellbeing both now and in the future. I am looking forward to the times of peace, love, and abundance that are coming forth and give thanks for them in advance.

with love,


Freedom Comes at a Price: Releasing Our False Selves

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Greetings loves,

We are moving from the depths of our being to the freedom that comes from when we truly know who we are as we transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius astrologically. While Scorpio rules over the 8th house which is centered on our position to and experiences with love, sex, taxes, debt, and death. Right, most of the topics that folks would rather not discuss in public and even then these are difficult subjects to broach. This year, a 9 year which I discuss here, brought to the forefront that now is the time for us to go into the basement and take a good long look at what all we have been carrying around that needs to be faced.

Right now we are going through a universal winter. It seems that Game of Thrones may have been wiser then we all thought with their catchphrase of “winter is coming”. We are facing the shadow head on whether we are ready to or not. The results of which will lead to empowerment or delusion. We will all travel to the depths of the underworld but whether we all return is another story. Some of us are meant to stay in this space and others not. It will depend on the choices that we make at this time. Will you cling to your false light hoping that it will be enough to see you through or will you embrace your whole self both light and dark releasing duality and embracing polarity?

There are some of us who are the Dark Goddess and have been for quite some time. I have noted that these folks are feeling this shift the hardest. Going through the birthing pangs as Ereshkigal writhing alone and in the dark. Facing those who are saying “it’s not that bad” or “give it a chance let’s see how things go”. We know though that that only prolongs the process. It is only through BECOMING the  Dark Goddess and seeing her for who she truly is the Goddess of creation and rebirth, that we are able to live again. She is literally attempting to birth us into a new world at this time. So are you silencing her? Attempting to persuade her that her pain is not real? Or are you standing with her and seeing the truth of this moment?

1a8f77a9bf1f2bdb6f46f465e64f4e46.jpg (541×800)

We all have a role to play so we must accept where folks are while continuing to share information and ensure the safety of everyone around us both near and far. Know that although you may feel as if you are strung up on the meat hook at this time that I see you both Goddess of heaven and earth/death. Your pain is not in vain. The tides will turn and you will rise with a fierceness of which they have never seen. You will find those who rejoice in your apparent loss of life and they will take your place hopefully to learn the lessons of the acceptance which must occur.

Wisdom will come from this crisis of faith. Quite a few of us are questioning everything. Our beliefs, our magic, our faith and trust in humanity. It’s the tricks of the times. Come back to center, feel your way through. Wisdom can come through sacrifice and suffering. The wisest have often gone through the most. Use this time to gather your resources, reserve your energy, and nourish your community. When the transition comes we will be needed. I felt this strongly about a week ago that when others awaken and come up from the underworld they will be looking for ways to act. This is already happening.

Take some time to yourself.  As I said to one of my loves recently, you’re no good to anyone if you’re not taking care of yourself.

I love you all,


Clairvoyance and Other Forms of Sensory Input

clairvoyance-definition.jpg (1280×720)Greetings loves,

I have been doing a lot of work with divination as far as tarot, oracle, intuitive, astrology, and numerology. I find that I pick up information primarily two different ways. One is through intentional contact with one’s higher self/guides while the other happens through connecting unintentionally with the same energy systems through conversation. Generally want will happen in the second circumstance is if I speak to someone and attune to their energy then I will begin to receive information about them. Part of this is context clues but the other portion is energetic transference of info. Over the years I have become more adept at this as well as more sensitive in how I relay this information to others as it can be quite starting to have someone bring up portions of one’s life that they have not shared with you (and often times have not shared with others either).

As I have spent more time learning about the different forms of energy transference or ways of knowing outside of the perceived sensory norms such as through sound, smell, touch or visuals that others may not see. These are gifts that should be nurtured. They are keys to navigating our existence and a move towards understanding our world beyond be what we accept as reality. These are often skills that have helped for groups and individuals to survive in hostile and traumatic environments. As the shadow is brought into the light and is either integrated or extinguished we must use our skills to be able to discern between what is best for us and those we care for. To determine truth from fiction and ego from self.

The shadow that is coming forth in this time deals with integrity. Whether someone is all talk or actually follows through with what they say. We will hear much from each other in the next year promises, reassurances, and even just outright lies but we must be able to FEEL the difference between what is true and what is not. Their actions later will reveal the final answer but in turn we can perceive if we connect with our abilities and skills what the probable outcome is. What I have found is that much is being said during this time but the actions are not matching the statements being made. What does this mean? It means that we are having a crisis of truth. The scales of Maat are being engaged to way the truth of our words versus the actions of hearts. Although you cannot control the actions of others you can act and speak with integrity yourself. You can align your energy in order to bring the best outcome to your circumstances even with other’s co-creating our societies existence. If you sense the deception speak out about it in a safe manner as some may lash out when they are confronted with the truth. I myself had to learn how to be more gentle with my approach but still honest in sharing what I was sensing. Remember though in no way are you always obliged to interact with others if that is not your work. Another reason why being in touch with your skills is so important as it will let you discern which work is yours to engage in.

I wonder what and how do others experience clairvoyance? How do we recognize these ways of knowing and normalize them? Perhaps we are not ever going to see this as something that is the norm but perhaps see this as something that can be accepted by many. My desire is to learn more about this and see how it manifests in others lived experiences. Over the next for months I look to feature a piece on the various different kinds of clairvoyance as well as work on developing my own skills more. If there was ever a time for us to explore and develop our strengths it is now.

What are your gifts? When did you begin to notice them? Do you actively work to engage in building on your skills and talents? How do you feel it influences your lived experience and purpose at this time?

May you be a shining beacon of light or a guide through the darkness,


Full Moon in Taurus

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Greetings loves,

I know that we are all going through a difficult time right now trying to understand where we stand and the state of our society.

This is a timely topic for the upcoming full moon in Taurus. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac residing over the home and material beauty. Taurus as an Earth sign is grounded, stable, dislikes change, and is innately connected to the physical world. When I think of Taurus, I think of a being who is gracious, elegant, and a delightful host. They are the Gaia principle providing both a stable place for us to reside and the material energy to create our deepest desires.

This full moon is great time to give gratitude and appreciation for the harvest and bounty that abounds in this world. Time to assess what it is that you want in your life, what you would like more of, and what needs to be released. This time focus on what keeps you grounded. Is it an exercise routine, morning ritual, or time with loved ones?

I find myself giving thanks for my witchy sisterhood, my awesome co-workers, loving family, and supportive folks in my life. They provide me with the external socialization that keeps me in touch with the greater world around me. I am thankful for stable employment with excellent benefits which allows for me to help others. I am thankful for my spiritual practice that feeds my soul and assists others as well. I am grateful for finding and knowing my purpose.

What are you thankful for? What grounds you and gives you strength? Find those things and nurture them. In this time it is vital that we have strong support systems. Draw together and most of all have integrity. If your actions do not align with your thoughts or words you will be called out by the universe. So make sure that you are being honest with yourself and honest with others.

Much love and blessings,



Where is Your Faith?

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Greetings loves,

I hope you are all doing well. Please take care of yourselves in these next few days. Take a nap, watch a movie, spend time in nature and among loved ones. Our support systems are our true treasure troves which never lack in riches.

I’ve come to you today to talk about faith. Previously the concept of trust which you can check out here if you haven’t read it yet,  was discussed and how it is important for us to learn to trust in order to achieve our desires. Faith, is inherently connected to trust although we may not always automatically link them together. Faith is the underlying component of trust. Faith allows for us to believe in an outcome when when we think that things can’t possibly go the way that we desire for them to.

What do you associate with faith? Is it a religious tenet that describes your ability to be connected to your higher power? Is it just a general sense of belief in the positive aspects of life? Faith, no matter where or how you apply it allows for us to be able to maintain our beliefs even in our darkest hours. Often times we lean on our faith when we are lost and in need of something that gives us the ability to keep moving forward in our lives. If we do not have trust though in ourselves and the divine then it is difficult to maintain our faith.

Our challenge at this time is to release the need to control the outcome of circumstances through actions driven by fear. We must build on our faith that is based on love which recognizes the connections between us all and autonomy. Love does not judge, fear, or restrict. If one is acting in a way that is judgmental, fearful, or restricting another they are not acting from love. We must remember though that there are those who look to harm others. That’s their path and their way of being is based on judgement, fear, and restriction. Now there are some who will read this and say then we must surround them with light and love. Yes, for some that is their role. For others though they are meant to take action and counter that energy. These are the Dark Goddesses who travel to the underworld carrying the light while embracing the dark. Do not the new-age rhetoric of love make you a slave. You can be a light worker and be in the darkness. You can be of the darkness and hold the light. We are dynamic beings. Do you trust who you are and what you are here for? Do you have faith? Then move forward.

This is the call to action that we have right now. To trust in our selves and have faith in our being. If you are here to provide a safe space for those who need it, do so. If you are here to hold the light and remain pure vessels of love, do so. If you are here to correct the system and build a new one, do so. If you are here to protect those who are on the journey to learning who they are and building that trust in themselves in order to act then do so. If you, like me, are meant to journey to the underworld and embrace the darkness for balance and integration then I offer your love and strength as you do your work.

Have faith dear hearts,


Healing from Heart Break

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Greetings beloveds,

I hope your hearts are well and your spirits are high. I want to talk about love today and heart break. As a year of endings many situations have arisen which have caused for us to review our relationships to all things in our life and release that which no longer serves us. For some this has meant that partnerships and friendships have shifted in such a way where either great changes had to be made or the relationship is no longer present.

I’ve spoken on my own experiences with relationships ending and shifting. With time comes clarity and wisdom some of which I would like to share here. Our lives are a tangled web of co-creation with all the energy that exist in the universe. As beings of energy, we send out vibrations and attract to us those who hold similar frequencies. This is something that occurs with all things such as cars, houses, finances, food and people. It takes but a moment for that initial connection to be made and then we move forward from there.

tumblr_nvxrwtPTgb1th244jo1_1280.jpg (640×640)

So you meet someone new and you’re so excited about what me come or you may be indifferent to this other person but from the moment you enter each others’ orbits there exists the chance for magic to occur. For some things move forward and you begin some form of a partnership. While you are interacting with this person or persons you are continuously sending out vibrations that are relaying what your desires are just as the other person(s) are. These vibrations may gel or they may bounce off of each other. As beings in this realm we continue to grow and put out information on the experiences that we would like to have. When our desires are similar to our partner(s) then we find ourselves in functioning growing relationships, when they do not then we begin to experience discord. This can lead to discontent and desiring for change within the relationship. If this variance in vibration becomes too strong we eventually find ourselves no longer in realm of that other being because we are literally repelling each other.

Since this happens on a molecular level, we may be unable to understand this reaction. We use our cognitive abilities to attempt to negotiate and justify the relationship creating all kinds of ways in which we can change in order to maintain this connection. So we start reading relationship books, seeking counsel from friends, family, and experts, or discussing all the issues tirelessly with our partner(s). What must occur though is a realignment of your energy. Not with your partner(s) though but with yourself.

Awakening2012-2.jpg (640×640)

When you fall out of alignment with your higher self and true purpose you begin to admit energy that is attracting that which reflects this lack of alignment. When your relationship stops feeling good there is work to be done but it must start within. Become clear on what it is you desire and how you would like a relationship to feel. Then see if you are in alignment with your own desires. Afterwards access how your partnership(s) relate to your vibration once you move towards your purpose and true being. Has re-aligning yourself improved things or are they still as they were? Well remember when I mentioned that this reality we experience is a web of co-creation? Well this is where all of that comes in. As you are doing your work your partner(s) must be doing theirs.They may or they may not be that is not of your concern but it will effect the ways in which you all relate to each other.

So truth time has arrived. If this partnership(s) supports your highest good, you are able to maintain your vibration in alignment with self, and overall generally feels good then there is space to move forward. If it does not though this partnership will shift in it’s position in your life and eventually if no changes are made be released. We fear letting go but there is so much that comes in the ability to not hold on to things regardless of whether they remain present in our lives or not. The constant though must always be your relationship to yourself.

Do not limit yourself. There is so much to experience in this world. No matter where you might be at this current moment, I hope you are living life to it’s fullest and that all those who you encounter are always here for your highest good.