Divination Toolkit: Conchomancy

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Greetings beloveds,

I hope you are having a fantastic week! In light of the two times that the conchomancy card has popped up in my readings for spring, it only seems appropriate that this be the next form of divination to be covered. Conchomancy is the practice of performing divination through seashells. A form of divination that appears in many cultures, I first heard about conchomancy through Afro-Caribbean and Yoruba cultures through reading the cowrie shells.  Though only certain people are allowed to read the shells, this is done by entering a state of connection with the divine then asking a question or for information regarding a specific person, group, or situation. Then shells are handled per the rules of one’s system. The shells are then thrown or dropped after which they are read depending on how they are arranged when they fall.

It may serve you to attempt to study conchomancy.  You may want to find someone locally who can teach you how to read the shells. Or you may find that you are guided to create your own way of reading the shells. If so connect with your guides and follow your intuition. If that is not your desire or the practice is closed to you, here’s a list of resources online to look into.

Ocean Oracle: Seashell Divination and Conchomancy Book

A fantastic guide and post can be found here at Seastars Blog

A book excerpt on reading cowrie shells

Introduction to Seashell Divination by Migene Gonzalez-Wippler

If you read seashells what are your favorite resources? How did you come to use this practice? I will be exploring this form of divination over the next season so I hope to be able to share some of what I learn during this time with you all.

Here’s to growth and expansion,





12 Universal Laws: The Law of Action


Greetings beloveds,

With it bring spring, a fire season, and the start of the zodiac new year with Aries it’s only appropriate to discuss the Law of Action next in our 12 Universal Laws series. The Law of Action or what we’ll call LA for short, states that for us to be able to manifest in this realm we must take the steps to bring about that which we desire or dream of having. We have established that we are always connected to the divine in every way at every moment and that we operate in a world made up of light that vibrates. Now we are looking at how to create movement on the physical plane to bring about our desires through the act of being, doing, feeling, and thinking. If you would like to read more about the different types of energy that we may align with best check out this post here.

As stated, we are connected to the all and we are made up of light which vibrates. Through this relationship we as beings have cosmic themes that we desire to see come forth such as love, success, and peace. These can be thought of in a similar vain as the archetypes associated with personality. We first align with the divine which thrives in these themes. Then the desire comes to achieve these themes through our thoughts, feelings, and the vibrations that we interact with. From there we take action to bring this about as that is the way on this plane that we are able to start the ball rolling to physically manifest.

time-to-take-action.jpg (650×432)

Now, if you follow any of the law of attraction teachers they will often say that it is not your job to take action. It is your job to be in the receptive mode so that when the path of least resistance opens up you can move with ease into action. There are many things though that you can do beforehand to move you into alignment with the energy of that which you wish to manifest such as vision boards, positive affirmations, baths, cleanses, fasts, writing out your intentions, yoga, sacred movement, or focus wheels. These are all actions. These are all physical actions taken that get the energy started flowing in the direction towards that which you desire to manifest.

We live in a universe that is inherently simple as it is about desire, intention, and energy. Over time though we have been conditions to not have as many desires. They have been labeled as greedy, selfish, or unobtainable because you hold a specific social identity. These labels only hold the power they hold because we agree that things such as race, class, sex, gender, nationality, ethnicity, etc exists. In fact you can look at these social constructs as examples of the power of manifestation and creation. If you and others believe that there are barriers that will keep you from having your desires then that will be your reality. You have to completely break out of these very persistent paradigms to move around these barriers, or train yourself to ignore them. This can be done by taking the above mentioned actions including meditation and breathe work to rewire your energy to align to new frequencies.

In order to do this though, it is not only about thinking the thoughts. It is about taking the action to make these new beliefs a part of your reality. This may mean changing quite a few things in your life including your social circle, job, living environment, and forms of entertainment. In all honestly, the Law of Action is so subtle that we do not realize that we are using it. When we continue with the same behaviors that we always have we are telling the universe that we wish to live the same life we have always lived. I have spoken before about how our thoughts, behaviors, and words must be in alignment. That is because when one piece of this equation is off, the equation cannot be balanced. What you desire to come forth, will not. Thus if deep down you are truly afraid of rejection, failure or power then even when you take action things may not turn out as you desired for them to. Thus it is important to recognize that you are connected with the divine. That you are made of light. That all that you desire will come forth and therefore that all that you do will be in your favor. This is a big change in perspective for many. Especially as deep down their feelings and thoughts may not align with what their words or actions say.

Bring yourself into alignment though action. Meditate, breathe deeply, run, go to a place with a great environment that makes you feel unstoppable and beautiful. Then dream and from there continue to act in ways that align with that which you desire.

Here’s to you beloveds,


New Moon in Aries: Romance in Action

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Happy Spring Equinox beloveds,

Another new moon is upon us and this time in Aries. Aries is that go getter, get things done, a bit abrasive but the life of the party. This is the first sign of the western zodiac and that position explains a lot about how they operate. Aries wants to be first, they want to be right, and they want to be in charge because they know what’s best…right lol? With the ram as their symbol it’s no surprise that they are a bit headstrong. But somebodies gotta break down barriers and take control of the situation. Aries as natural born leaders are actually perfect for the job. Ruled by Mars, Aries can be aggressive, demanding, and prone to conflict. They have no issues expressing themselves or fighting for the underdog and those they care about. It’s always nice to have an Aries on your side. As a cardinal sign though, Aries is not one to like change. Like a ram they will dig their feet into the ground and not move. They prefer for things to change…when they are ready for them to. Although change usually does bring about conflict which they can be up for if it’s going to be exciting.

A new moon in Aries points to new starts and this year this energy is all geared towards love. There’s a new romance on the horizon for you and it will be intense just like Aries. As the overall energy of this time during March/April is about masculinity and emotions it appears that this will drive the expression of affection to arise from those who identify as masculine. So you may expect to either find yourself feeling a compulsion to share your romantic feelings towards someone or be on the receiving end. If you are already in a relationship then there will be a renewed energy in this relationship. It will be like someone gave your love battery a jump.

To take the most advantage of this new spark to your love life, you should remain in the present. It can be easy to bring up the past and get caught up in old feelings but for things to move forward you must dive headfirst into this new energy. Aries, generally do not hold grudges. They are quick to move on as that energy of holding on feels stagnate and confining to them. Explore what you feel towards relationships and determine what’s keeping you from being present in the moment. If anything, put some time into focusing on what you would like to come forth in this situation. What would your ideal relationship look like? What intentions do you need to set during this time to bring that about? Embrace this new state of romance and what you would like for this connection to be.

If you are not in the space for a new romantic relationship, in the Aries way, these feelings may be all about loving yourself. You may feel a new drive to express love for yourself. Take yourself on some awesome dates to your favorite places or just relax. Do all the things you want to do with your partner when you enter into a relationship. Don’t hold back. If anything Aries is about going all in. If there are any negative thoughts you hold about yourself and your ability to be in a loving relationship time to examine them so you can let them go. This is a time to create all the things that you desire.

The most important aspect of this full moon will be recognizing your ability to be able to create the life you want to live. Right now the focus is on love. See love for what it really is though. The basis of our reality. Thus when we work on how we feel towards ourselves and others then we improve our overall energetic relationship to everything. This is power. This is love.


Spring Equinox 2017 Feminine and Masculine Energy Reading

Feminine Energy_Spring 2017

Greetings beloveds,

Over the past few days I’ve been sharing the readings that I have done for Spring 2017. They have been beautiful and insightful. I’ll know share with you the feminine energy reading for this season. Overall, we are being called to bring awareness to our breath. We often are not taking full breaths filling and emptying as much as we can our lungs. The exercise for this spring is to practice breathe work, bring awareness to the breath, and through that awareness see our connection to all. Practice deep breathing, meditation, and movement. This will not only improve the quality of your breath but increase the amount of oxygen in your blood improving the overall performance of your physical body. Recognize that the air that you breath isn’t new. It’s been processed before and will be again. You really are literally a part of everything that has ever existed and that ever will exist.

In April, the feminine calls for us to connect to the sea through the use of conchomancy, or using seashells as a form of divination tools. If you can visit a body of water and see if there are any shells there that you connect with. Or perhaps you may want to give a biodegradable gift to the water for the information that is shared through the shells. In the same way that you connect to stones, crystals, plants, animals, and other people take a moment to connect with any seashells that you may have in your home or access outdoors. If you can access the wisdom of water, water creatures, and the ability to flow with the seasons. Then check back here at the Bliss Institute for a post all about conchomancy in our Divination Tools Series next week.

May brings us the energy of Yemaya, An Orisha, or what we may understand as Goddess, of the Yoruba (and other African based belief systems) who is the mother of all which birthed life from the water. Yemaya invites you to recognize the role of creator that we all inhabit. Just as all life comes from the ocean, all that comes into being comes through us as the conduits in connection to Spirit. We do not only birth children though. Thoughts, items, practices, beliefs, and systems are all birthed through the womb of the divine within us. Do not limit yourself to what you can create. Often though, we still subscribe to the belief that the creation of new beings comes along with birthing pangs. That is simply not the truth. What does often occur though is the resistance to change that occupies creation. We must use our connection with our breath to improve our ability to accept the change that is coming. We have the capability to achieve anything if we are willing to hold the space necessary for it.

Well you’ve worked on your breathing, communed with the ocean and gotten in touch with yourself as a creator. Now, just in time for the start of a new season, it’s time to recalibrate your energy completely. You can achieve this through baths, fasts, cleanses, or any other practice that clears your energetic field. This should be a practice that you continue to use with every change of the season to keep your energy flowing and as clear as possible.

Masculine Energy_Spring 2017

Now for the masculine. In the traditional energy of spring, it is time to release that which no longer serves you. This will be the overall masculine energy during spring 2017. If you are worried that your life is changing outside of your control then do not fear, this is the law of cycles in action. All things change and when we resist that change it causes for us to stagnate which may lead partly to the overall spring energy of hostilities particularly for the masculine emotionally. We are here to grow and evolve. Embrace that desire to expand who you are through expression and release.

In April, the energy will center on the connection between the masculine and nature. The masculine has been cut off from nature. The masculine has been pitted as an enemy of the environment who is supposed to control the natural world around them. Recall that we want our lawns MAN-icured and well maintained. We like to domesticate animals to tame them. We must accept that we are all a part of nature. We cannot be tamed or domesticated. Embrace that. See yourself as the trees, the sky, the water, the earth. You are one and the power that exists there exists within you as well. This connection will strengthen your psychic abilities as it improves your connection with the world around you.

May calls for us to hear the ancient ones. Those who have traveled this world before us hold great knowledge and wisdom. It is time to turn to them and learn that which they have to teach. They understood the cycles of nature and how best to utilize them. Now that you have recognized your connection to nature it is time to learn of if it’s wisdom. Seek the elders for they are waiting for you.

Finally, in June you will find that you’ve been transformed through the release of that which does not serve you, you connection to nature, and the wisdom of the ancients. Now it is time for you to take all that you have learned and start anew. Create the world that you would like to see. Be the person that you want to be. No fear. No doubt. As this season draws to a close and a new season begins let a new version of yourself come forth as well.

With love,


Spring Equinox Love Reading: Embracing Love through Divine Timing

Love Oracle Spring Reading

Greetings beloveds,

Today is a beautiful day to discuss the energy of love this spring. Overall we will be experiencing the energy of miracles and blessings. This calls for us to see the ways that we are blessed in our lives. There is love every where and it is always available to us. I implore you to look for signs over the next season to see the evidence of the blessings that you receive every day. Look for the light and you will find it.

From March 20-April 20 we are being asked to have patience. In general right now the masculine is looking to get in touch with their emotions and thus needing emotional support. This is a time when the usual roles and understanding of gender will no longer be functioning the way we are used to. Thus we are being called to have patience when these changes are taking place. This may not be what you are expecting or wanting but it will be vital for the connection to nature for the masculine to be re-established. I will discuss this later in the masculine reading on Thursday.

April 21-May 20, I hope you built up some patience last month because this month is going to put your patience to the task. You are being called to slow down. There are some really exciting things on the horizon for you and you want things to happen now. All things happen with divine timing and when we are in a rush we tend to miss out on the joy of creating. You’re learning to love yourself, except your role as a creator and learn the wisdom from the ancients, with all of this going on you don’t want to miss a minute. So take your time. Make note of all the magical things that are occurring in your life. Relish in them as this will aid you in any of the conflicts that are coming up during this time.

May 21-June 20, in the last portion of spring you will find yourself in a position to offer support to others. Those around you may need a kind word, advice or just a safe space to speak what is in their hearts. You’ve transformed. You’ve built a new connection to the planet, to yourself, to the masculine, and now your energy is being cleared so that you are able to connect to your cosmic family in a new way. Now that you interact with energy differently, you are also able to see others situations and being for what they truly are. You will have access to how best to support them at this time while still maintaining your sovereignty.

This has been one of my favorite readings for Spring. There is so much love that is here for us. May this Spring bring you all that you desire.


Spring Equinox 2017: A Time to Embrace Love through Conflict

IMG_20170318_081039_466Greetings beloveds,

Happy Spring Equinox!!! This is such an exciting time of the year. The temperatures are rising, nature is waking up, and the energy is rising. I’ve covered the energy of spring here at my Flowing with the Seasons post. Here’s an except on the Spring Equinox.

The spring equinox is the time of the year when there are equal parts of day and night before the days begin to lengthen bringing us towards the longest day of the year during the summer. From this point on we are solidly within the light. What did you find in the dark of the winter that you now would like to clear out and bring to the light? What did your winter solstice readings suggest would be the best way for you to grow for the upcoming cycles? Spend your spring equinox burning away the old and celebrating the new life that is awakening in whatever way seems best for you.

This spring will be a time to work on embracing what it is that we desire. This will be greatly helpful for us due to the not so great energy that will be present this spring. Moving from winter to spring provides a space to shed light on the areas of our life that continue to require work and attention. This will occur whether one would like it to or not. Spring is about action. It’s the revving of the engine and that spark needed to bring about growth. Aries is the perfect astrological sign to start spring off and explains a bit about of the hostility that is in the air this season. This season we will be dealing with conflict, disagreements and differences in opinions. We are wanting to find balance at this time and bring what we mined during winter to the surface. Well whenever we start to embrace who we truly are, particularly if this is quite different from how we may have previously interacted with others, this can cause a bit of a disturbance. The goal is authenticity and compassion.


In April, (March 20-April 20), we will see this occur  in relation to the masculine deeply exploring their connection to their heart and emotions. If you identify as male this may be a time of uncertainty and conflict if those around you are not use to you holding that space. You may also find yourself dealing with internal conflict as you navigate your own personal stance on emotional expression, heart connection, and masculinity. Your feelings will not be ignored. They are not going away. Do yourself a favor and give them space to guide you. As everyone holds masculine energy we will all be working through how we relate to the masculine as an emotional being. Those who hold a lot of masculine energy will be seeking emotional support and space which may be an unusual place for those who find themselves being called upon to offer this. Take it with stride, have boundaries, and be as compassionate as you can without sacrificing yourself. This may also be a month where if one is interested in dating men, a new man/men may show up.

May, (April 21-May 20) Sticking with the love pattern, May is all about love. First, give love to yourself through acts of self-care, exploration, and boundaries. When we know how our energetic selves function this allows for us to better meet our needs. When our needs are met we are able to have our energy tanks filled. This gives us the ability to give to others, which is where the boundaries come into play. Having firm boundaries will improve your ability to not give more than what you have so you are not drained. Let the feelings of love and compassion extend from yourself to others. Send and receive love as it is our greatest gift available to us. This may again cause internal conflict if you have issues with self-love or do not always have the most loving feelings towards yourself. If that is the case therapy, positive affirmations, diet and exercise may help you with those feelings. If you find yourself setting boundaries in order to prioritize yourself, this may not be what is the norm in your relationships so it could take a bit of time for others to adjust. When love comes knocking, answer the door for yourself, for romantic relationships, for platonic relationships. Let love in wherever you can.

June, (May 21-June 20) So we’ve embraced our emotions within the masculine, showered ourselves and others with love, now we are moving towards looking at the family unit. Improving your communication skills, emotional development, and self-love/care creates a great environment for a happy family to occur. There are growing pains though that precipitate this that may cause a bit of conflict yet you are no stranger to this as the last two months have shown you just how important this work is. A family where you can be emotional vulnerable is a beautiful thing but it is often not the norm. This is the space that we are moving towards in the world. Where we are able to transcend the quiet, detached, emotionally unavailable masculine. Or the emotionally drained, martyred, superwoman, feminine. Together we must work past any limiting identifiers we place on others or on ourselves. When we heal ourselves we heal our families if they are willing or we may find that we must create our own family. Either way we can move towards joy for all when we do the work.

Well this is all for the energetic overview. Tomorrow we will explore more about love energy during the spring equinox.

Have a blessed day full of love and exploration loves.

Always remember to dream!


Financial Literacy: Embracing the Spirit of Abundance

Greetings beloveds,

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. We are heading into spring and folks are wanting to start cleaning up and clearing out their living spaces. Well here at the Bliss Institute are flipping the script on spring cleaning by embracing the energy  of all that we have available to us, particularly at this time embracing our abundance.

First, getting to know how you function best will be the MOST IMPORTANT part of your abundance journey. I cannot write enough how vital knowing how best we receive information, share information and function with the energy of the universe. This is different for every person. I’ve found that I use a combination of numerology, astrology, akashic records, human design and intuitive/personal connection to create a holistic understanding of how my being functions. Do you what works for you as long as it gets you to space where you understand how to best work with the energy of this universe to tap into abundance.

Here are some energetic descriptors of the types that you may come across:

Do-er: These are generally the fire signs, Manifestors, Manifesting generators, and Generators. Do-ers find that they get the best results when they follow their instincts and take action. This could mean developing a plan of how to reach their goal, making contact with those in the field they are interested in, or anything that let’s their energy lead them where they need to be.

Financial Tools:Budget, Personal marketing and promotion,

Be-er: Earth Signs, Projectors, Reflectors. Be-er’s do best just as their name implies, when they are able to just be. This implies that they are in a calm state of being without a lot of stress. This allows for them to align with their intuition, higher being, and overall energy of the universe. Be-er’s alignment is everything for them. It is the key for not only financial success but success in all forms of manifestation. Finding a way to be present, still and in alignment is helpful for all the types but where it differs for Be-er’s is that they should try to remain in that state until a do-er, thinker or feeler invites them into a state of movement. This can happen in various ways from as small as a smile to actually placing the entire manifestation that they desired for into existence. Already complete and ready to be engaged by the Be-er.

Financial Tools: Budget, 401K Calculator, any future investment tracker

Thinker: Air signs I’m looking at you here, Projectors, Generators, Manifesting Generators. Thinkers live mostly in their thoughts. They are excellent at creating the plans, seeing the designs, and being able to tap into the energetic flow to know exactly what needs to be done to manifest all the things that we all desire. Thinkers love problem solving, dreaming, and ruminating for the sake of it. If you are looking for someone who can see not only what has already happened but the next 100 hundred steps/moves thinkers can tap into that no problem.

Financial Tools: Meditation, Focusing on positive thoughts, mind mapping, vision board

Feeler: Water signs, Projectors, Generators. Feelers are those who are the most in touch with their emotions. In fact it is their emotions/emotional centers that guide them. When something feels good and gives them that warm feeling within that is their sign that they are making the right choice and moving into the right direction. Feelers, much like thinkers and do-ers, are deeply connected to their intuition and the divine energetic flow. Their alignment with their feelings opens them up to information which others may not be as receptive to as they are too involved in their thoughts or actions. When it comes to financial decisions, for the more practical matters such as taxes and such, it may be wise to seek the financial counsel from someone who is able to stay cerebral or very grounded withing their bodies. Investments wise, following their feelings should lead you towards successful ventures.

Financial Tools: Meditation, Focusing on Positive thoughts, Financial advisor, financial management tool, meditation. Basically anything that will let them gain a general understanding of their financial status but not take all their energy UNLESS you feel called to offer financial advising.

Inbetweener: Folks with an even or high distribution of planets in various signs, Reflectors as they are open to receiving and reflecting any type of energy, These are folks who are a mix between one or more of the types.

I hope that this gets you started in figuring out what financial management system may work best for you when taking into account the many facets of your personality. Later, we will discuss in more detail how to create a financial success plan based on the different types.

To limitless abundance,


Embracing the Spirit

holy-spirit-discerning-hearts.png (370×486)Greetings beloveds,

As I thought of how to frame moving out of winter into spring through embracing ourselves where we are in order to take us where we want to be, it became apparent that one would need to embrace Spirit/Universe/Goddess/God to do so. How this will look and what embracing Spirit means will be different for everyone. The point is to do it. To really get in touch with that which you find to give you strength. It’s not always fun but it will be for the best.

It is this connection with Spirit that see’s us through the hard times. Partner that with psychological, mental, physical, and emotional support systems which will allow for one to be able to engage in both this world around us that we are aware of and that we are unaware of. On this day when we are recognizing the importance of women in the world let us also remember the vital role that women and those who identify as women or are affected by the identity of women (so everyone) hold in the spiritual realm. Spirit is not concerned with gender or sexuality. It is only concerned with energy and the laws of the universe. I know what they will say, but there’s the law of gender. Yes there is but let us not be so limited in our scope of what Spirit can encompass. The law of gender is about matter and spirit. It is about the thought that leads to creation.  Here though let us take things a bit further outside of the 3rd dimensional duality of feminine/masculine to see the variation that exists outside of this realm. There is a full range of expressions that come between matter and spirit. Find that space. That is where the magic exists. The same goes for how we relate to our understanding of ourselves. It is the in-between that holds the magic of who and what we can be. Find that space and get to know yourself from outside of the limited realm of feminine/masculine.

When we take that time to see who we are in our entirety we are able to transcend not only the limits we place upon ourselves but also those that are placed upon us. It can be difficult to move beyond what has been the status quo for so long. There will often be a lot of resistance to change because it’s uncomfortable and different to what is known. It makes us question ourselves and those we care for. Change is growth. It cannot be denied. So will you answer the call? Take the challenge and move past the beliefs that limit you.

With love,


Full Moon in Virgo: Securing Your Future

0083DD62-1600-1600.jpg (455×569)

Greetings beloveds,

Today is the full moon in Virgo and what perfect timing for a moment to connect to the grounding spirit of Earth. Virgo is the 2nd Earth sign of the Western zodiac system and the 6th sign overall. Virgo as an Earth sign is focused on stability, grounding, planning, growth, the body, and the material. Ruled by Mercury, whereas Gemini is focused on communication and technology, Virgo’s are the fact checkers and analyzers of the zodiac concerned with precision with excellence. Luckily they tend to use their skills to assist others in making sound decisions and by providing clear instructions with advice when appropriate. As an Earth sign, Virgo’s are all about stability, so being well organized allows for them to be able to know what to expect and therefore avoid disruption to their well planned schedule. Contrary to belief Virgo’s are not without feeling, they are more so reluctant to get mired down in the temperamental nature of emotions. So they attempt to reason their way into feeling. The emotion that makes the most sense will be used as a only a contributor to their decision making process.

This speaks soundly to the message of this full moon in Virgo. Virgo asks for us to take accountability for where we find ourselves. As an Earth sign this means taking stock of your home, body, and especially our finances. Now is a great time to create a budget as you may be feeling as if your funds are in a crunch at this time. Here’s a link to The Budgetnista’s guide to creating a budget. It’s fun and easy so you should definitely check it out Don’t fret this time won’t last but in this time of predawn before the sun begins to rise with spring you are being called to not only take account of your finances but to learn the wisdom of the Virgo to welcome change. It’s not always easy to change our habits when it comes to wealth and finances especially if you believe that the circumstances that you were born into determine the type of life you will live. Virgo’s understand though that all things change as it as natural as the changing of the seasons. Make a plan for what you would like your financial world to look like. Place it in a spot where you can see if often and then make the moves to manifest it.

6869762317-78487198aa.jpeg (500×500)Let’s take a look at Virgo as a sign of transition heading into spring. Generally Virgo energy takes place during the change from summer to fall. It encompasses the shifts from fast action to slowing down in order to prepare for the harvest of all the fruits of the work we have put in to our manifesting our desires and dreams. Now we are using that same energy to help us move from Winter to Spring. Thus we are being called to rest. Although Winter is usually a time of rest and rejuvenation this year has been one of movement and lots of change. Creating greater momentum as a starting point for that clearing, birthing spirit of spring. The energy of the new moon gave us a fighting spirit. It pushed us to dig deep into our feelings to give us the strength and courage to complete the energetic cycle which we are finally at the end of. This full moon brings us to the close. We’ve learned so much. Let so much go. Now it is time to rest. In this week before we head into the new season of spring then to the new energetic cycle with the new moon in Aries on March 27 it is time to let your body, mind, heart, and soul take some much needed time off from being so active. Specifically try to get as much sleep as you can. That’s right the universe said to go take a nap. It’s not like you can tell the universe no, right?

Lock-security-binary.jpg (400×300)
While your resting though this is a time to either create a holistic protection plan or to back up the one you already have. Protection is not just having a home security system or taking a self defense course although those are all very important as well. In fact with this being a Virgo moon its definitely time to make sure you are taking care to secure your safety in a practical sense towards technology. So change your passwords, use a secure messaging system for your phone such as Signal, secure your documents with passwords if possible, make sure you use secure wi-fi systems as well. Ask for some energetic protection to watch over your sensitive information. Never forget that your guides, Deities, and angels can also make sure that your bank accounts, phones, computers, and life are safe. Then let that protective shield extend out to cover your entire being. You’ll be needing to sure up your shields as you’ll be wanting to move forward confident that you are as secure as possibly can be.

Lastly, as for our relationships spending time resting is the perfect time to sit down and get to know those we care about even better. Plan a get together perhaps at a spa, coffee shop, lounge, or any place that you enjoy spending lots of time in. This will set a great foundation to support the energy coming forth in the next few months.

Here’s to a fantastic full moon!


Reflections: Fasting and Manifestation

277cae503dc8c31e1d60b38ace9560cf.jpg (625×416)

Greetings beloveds,

It’s been quite a whirlwind of a week with the Venus retrograde. Venus retrograde generally brings about a time of introspection and review of our current relationships which fits right in with the work I’ve been doing lately. In the spirit of the theme for this month I’ve been working on embracing what I desire and seeing it as if it is already there. My work has centered on three areas a physical location for my business The Bliss Institute with a temple, my home, and my romantic partnership.

I have heard the call that I am to create a physical location for The Bliss Institute for some time. This space will provide not only a place for me to serve through the capacity of witchy practices but also a place of worship for my spiritual community. I envision large rooms with nice floors, plush pillows, big couches, an eating area, a beautiful outdoors area. Access to water would be everything as it would allow for us to cleanse and clear the energy of the workings that we do in that area. I am looking forward to being able to provide this space for my witchy community because it’s a need that exists that seems to not be getting met. I love people and creating/holding space so it is the best circumstance all around.

5882098-house-wallpapers.jpg (550×309)

My other area of focus is a house with land. I envision this beautiful bright space which has huge windows, a large fireplace, and a sun room. It would be my sacred space where I am able to not only be my complete self but also connect to the Earth. It’s been coming forth within me a desire to connect to the Earth in this intense way without barriers or fear. I would love to be able to be outside without being concerned with others wandering by or being in the space without my knowledge. This land will be the space where we begin to grow our community. To create our safe spaces as best as we can. It will also be where I start my family or at least one of the residences that we stay at. I don’t see myself staying in one location for all time. I have to much of a traveler’s spirit to be in one space for a long long time. This will be my sanctuary. The space where I know that all will be well and I can come regroup, do spiritual work, and be at peace.

Lastly, I am so excited for partnership. Back in January I received the message that it was time for me to release my fear of losing my freedom/independence through partnership. I spoke with one of my dearest friends who talked to me about having roots while also having wings. That resonated with me so much. I found that I feel much more at peace and stable. I used to be very anxious about the thought of not being able to move around when I want to because it’s not all about me anymore. Knowing though that I can be connected to the another while also being able to move about, have adventures or better yet have someone who wants to have all of these adventures with me. They get excited at the thought of traveling, seeing new places, learning new things, growing. That’s the energy of the partner that is coming forth for me. It will be so amazing. Having that knowledge that this is what is in store for me excites me and makes me want to have this relationship. Fear has been replaced with anticipation. I’m fasting and clearing out my system/energy in order to clear that space where that fear used to reside. Letting all of that go.

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There’s so much that I am here to accomplish that I used to try to avoid, to not want to accept or be fearful of. Now it seems like all the fear and roadblocks have just moved away. It’s like they just don’t exist anymore, when it does come up I recognize it and am able to work through what that’s about and why. Then I learn from it. Either way I’m thrilled for what is to come. I am overjoyed at the clarity that I have. I am grateful for all that is and is to come.

With love,