The Enchanted Hearth: Masculinity and Space

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Greetings beloveds,

A space without balance is a space without peace. The home has been stereotyped to be a feminine space but really all spaces hold masculine and feminine energy. Homemaking, cooking, baking, child rearing, are all tasks given to the feminine energy. While external tasks such as landscaping (lawn care outside of gardening which can be neutral) and maintenance of the home have been viewed and stereotyped as the realm of man and the masculine. The question then begs to be asked how does masculine energy interact with physical space?

Let it be said though that we must move outside of the dichotomy of masculine and feminine as definite terms/concepts particularly energetically. Unfortunately we have been socialized to gender and sexualize these terms to be associated as either/or as opposed to both/and. In order to create internal and external balance we must hold both masculine and feminine energy as vital, worthy, and important for the power that they bestow within us to create and thrive.

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In feng shui, the masculine is the yang energy and associated with Heaven, Spirit, and Sky while yin energy as the feminine is associated with Creation, Matter, Earth. Similar to the law of correspondence which states that energetic agreements exist within our universe such as above so below. In this case, the masculine as heaven, spirit, and sky represents energy that is less dense and thus able to move faster. This means only that it operates in a different way than feminine energy which would be denser and slower vibration/movement. Neither are able to function without the other as what is spirit without matter or sky without earth. In our world we are unable to survive without the sky which provides us with multiple levels of safety from gases, the sun, and objects/elements in space while also working with the earth to create elements, weather, and other experiences. It is a relationship that thrives on balance.

According to the Bagua within the Lo Shu magic square of 9 there are 4 spaces which each hold the masculine energy. These are the far left center or East which is the energy of wood, health and the oldest son. Then right below that on the far left corner Northeast corner there is the energy of earth, knowledge and oldest son. Then to the right of that in the bottom center in the Northern section is the energy of water, career and business, and middle son. Lastly there is the far right bottom corner northwest corner which holds the energy of metal, helpful people, dad/patriarch. Thus the east and north are associated with masculine energy with water being the only element not shared with the feminine energy. Masculinity then according to this system is fluid and lite.

Masculine-Home-Office-Furniture-Idea.jpg (730×487)

Now that we’ve covered masculine energy theoretically let’s look at some more material manifestations of this energy in spaces such as the home or work. For this portion I sought out assistance from a dear friend to shed some light on masculine energy and physical space. One of the first observations shared with me was about color and photos/art displays. Masculine colors still may be seen as blues, greens, reds, white, black grey or generally just darker shades of the color spectrum. As far as pictures or art particularly at work there may images  Masculine space is a space that holds the things that those who align with masculine energy uses meaning any space can be a masculine space. Therefore, analytical pieces such with artwork that is usually seen as more masculine such as city landscapes, architecture, skylines may be associated with masculine states.  There may also be displays of mechanical objects, aircraft, model of a fast car/plane. Shapes may have a relationship to masculine energy with lots of angular square shapes that are still comfortable.

A space may also reflect their ego and relationship to control so photos of themselves with powerful people of influence who are successful in their trade particularly in the field of business, military, or politics. This may apply to the concept that masculine energy is often tied to alcohol, within it’s limits because the idea that a man that can handle his liquor, can be in control of himself under all circumstances, thus he is a “powerful” person. Alcohol though as a liquid is able to shift, such as the sky, spirit and creation, to adapt to the space that is available to it meaning it can shift the concepts of what masculine energy can represent depending on how much is present.

Space isn’t necessary very important as far as being able to maintain masculine energy. This may reflect the fluidity that was discussed earlier related to the sky and spirit element that can adjust to fit spaces as needed. Thus, one large item that reflected masculine energy could be enough to create the balance desired as a mirror can be categorized as a neutral item. An interesting note was made that the kitchen may be a more feminine area but the dining room situates the masculine energy at the head of table. Activity/movement focused, physical exercise, exertion items have a masculine energy with them such as weights, bikes, boxing dummy’s. Similarly, literature that is on health, fitness, business, sports, activity related topics can also lend a masculine energy to a space. In addition there may be an association with sports with the logo of their favorite team or a team they support, an autograph jersey, sign balls from sports they enjoy. This can perform multiple roles such as a display of wealth/power to be able to afford the jersey/memorability.

dragon-fire-768x432.png (768×432)

As displayed above, we can see that although it may not be as obviously designated and spoken about as feminine energy is within space, masculine energy has just as much influence and presence. One of the key reasons behind this may be the structure of masculinity in society over time becoming more and more aligned with control and power when it’s nature is of activity, fluidity, and movement. As such, if both masculine and feminine energy were allowed to move and flow together as needed the items, spaces, and associations with masculine energy would more likely be more expansive/inclusive in it’s range. Remember, balance is the key so masculine and feminine must be present and able to exist as it desires to do so.

We will explore masculinity more over the summer and I hope to delve deeper into this topic on space, items, and energy.

With love,






Shadow Work: From Shadow to Shade

Greetings beloveds!

Here is an excerpt from my piece on Shadow Work that I would like to share with you all.


It is time to move beyond exploring the shadow of simply our psyche. Of exploring the shadow as a form of negativity that must be filled with light. Transition the association of shadow to shade. There is a need and relief that can be found there. Relish that moment. This can be accomplished through an underworld journey, alignment of chakras, or a spa retreat. Anything that brings you into further alignment with these vibrations. Release the idea of negativity. There is no such thing. Simply our resistance to slower vibrations due to conditioning that we are supposed to constantly be vibrating higher. Higher vibrations are simply faster vibrations. If the vibrations you are emitting or coming into contact with are slow and we resist that flow instead of leaning into it we are creating further resistance which only serves to further slow ourselves down. It is not simply our psyche in which slower energies lurk but in all things. It is balance. Where there is high there is low. Where there is fast there is slow. Go with the flow.

As you move along the flow that is the point where you can start to turn the tide. Move faster or as is more commonly heard vibrate higher. When one moves with the flow the potential to increase in speed is greater and more likely to occur. Flow with the feelings of anger, depression, grief or jealously. They are “lower” emotions yes but they exist for a reason. They are in your reality for a reason. To slow down and reexamine the situation. Feel the feelings. Pushing them down, ignoring them, trying to cover them up with light, love, and beauty are throwing sticks into the streams. They will not change the flow. In fact they will eventually just create a dam.

What are your thoughts on this beloveds?

Here’s to full integration and individuation,



New Moon in Taurus

taurus-2.jpg (808×718)Greetings beloveds,

Welcome to the new moon in Taurus my loves! Read up on Taurus and the other Earth signs here. There’s been a lot of change that’s happened for folks with the Venus retrograde we just experienced. A lot of re-configurations, commitments, releasing. All of these planets in retrograde which you can read about here, are calling for us to slow down and review our lives in deep often frightening ways.

This new moon we are called to look beyond the veil of what can be determined empirically to that which is present in spirit. If you are not familiar with the use of the third eye from this time to the full moon on May 10th in Scorpio take about 15 minutes a day to cultivate your psychic abilities and extrasensory ways of knowing. Here’s a quick exercise you can use to complete this task. Developing your third eye will allow for you to be able to generate clear visions for your future. The questions of what do you desire your world to look like will take on the most substantive form that you have ever seen.

Housed in Taurus is the grounding energy that provides the foundation for the energy of creation and drive furnished by Aries to come forth. Without a space to flourish and grow no seeds can break free of their casings and sprout forth into the world. This is the space of hearth and home created by Taurus. This is a time to be steady and create solid goals. Look for what can be obtained. Often, I am proponent of big dreams with little thought as to what can hold one back from achieving those desires. This is not that time. Is it feasible? What needs to be present for your goal to be accomplished? Who needs to be on your team? Close your eyes, take a deep breath, connect with spirit and travel energetically the path to your completed goal.

cc54c6000091c2628002167456fe970a.jpg (4137×2843)

This may be trying times for us as we are reaping what we have sown in an exaggerated sense to make obvious the changes that must be made. We are experiencing a moment of extreme perception alignment. What is good for one is bad for another. What you take as kindness I take as cruelty. Which is real? How can one tell?

We argue over need and necessity fighting to overcome a spirit of lack preyed upon by institutions that have their own will and desire that is never aligned with the greater good. If one thinks that a path of light or a path of darkness is the only way then you are holding the spirit of Taurus too strongly. Be gentle with yourself and each other because there is a voyage coming that will bring you all of your desires but it is not for those who are closed. This time requires a different type of Taurean strength not based in stubbornness but in a settled confidence or what is to come and what must be done. This is the confidence of one who has toiled their land for so long they can sense the changes of the seasons, planting, growth, sowing, and times for rest. This is the strength that you will need at this time. This is the wisdom that will guide you to your desires.

tree-of-wisdom.jpg (800×600)Know the real-world circumstances, rules, and laws that govern your affairs. If you are not one who has a head for these things hire someone who does. This is not the time to rely on yourself as Aries would but to seek the confidences of experts who will bring about the success of your endeavors. You will need this grounding to give you strength during the upcoming full moon. It will be a time of tests and questioning of where you stand. You will delve deeply into the depths of your desires during the Scorpio full moon. Do your work now so you can rest easy in your intuitive process that is to come.

With love,


Love Reading for Spring 2017


Greetings beloveds,

I need to do some working through feelings and ideas so I’ve come here to write and understand. I not only do readings for the general energy for each season but also for myself. This spring my readings were…powerful. Looking specifically at love, overall I received the Slow Down card. It says “when you are excited, you get ahead of yourself. Take some time to allow things to unfold”. Sigh, this is the one area that I struggle with the most. When I make a decision that I like someone and am interested in them, the Leo moon/Scorpio venus are full throttle ready to go regardless of where that other person may be in the relationship. I’m ready to go and yes that’s a bit selfish especially generally I am slow to want to move forward in the beginning of a relationship. Part of my impatience is fear. I’m afraid if I don’t move quickly and get this locked down then this won’t work out, I’ll miss the window of opportunity and they will leave. It’s a pattern I’m breaking but it’s a habit that’s strongly enforced within me.

Part of my issue is recognizing that I am worthy of love. That I am amazing and worth the work to maintain a relationship. When I’m comfortable with this knowledge it’s easy for me to be calm and let what I desire come. So April’s card is The Only Thing That is Real is Love: Shift your focus from the problem back to love. This month, right now I’m working on changing the chatter in my head to positive words/focus. I’m connecting to my way of making decisions which is splenic. It’s that tiny voice that says yes do this, no don’t do that, take that turn, take today off, talk to this person, offer this class. It’s guiding and present at all times. I just need to listen to it. Trust that inner knowing.

So I’m feeling brave and ready to take on the world. Be super authentic and vulnerable. It feels empowering and when I sit and ask myself, is this the right choice I hear a resounding yes! I’m going to slow down. Take walks, eat the yummy food that I get the yes or feel the call for. Take baths, write, keep my home clean. This will be enough of a distraction to keep me from wanting to push in my relationship when I need to be still and receive.

Here’s to new ways of being.


The Enchanted Hearth: Foods for Spring Time Renewal

Greetings beloveds,

Spring is here and the plants are awakening from their winter slumber. Check out my post on Flowing with the Seasons to learn more about the magic of Spring Time. This is a fantastic time of the year to begin to switch over to light fares such as leafy greens, citruses, and herbal teas. Here’s a quick list of foods to cherish and increase their volume in your diet during the light of spring.

herbs-for-liver-health.jpg (800×534)


Dandelion, Black Walnut, Red Clover, Alfalfa Leaf, Stinging Nettle, Peppermint, Burdock Root, Eucalyptus, Cilantro, Tumeric, Ground Ivy, Milk Thistle, Neem

Best-Spring-Summer-Fruits-to-Add-to-Your-Diet.jpg (500×333)


Apricots, Cherries, Bitter Melon, Honeydew, Jackfruit, Limes, Mango, Oranges, Pineapple, Strawberries

ibuxn3cxsep99awzph9m.jpg (660×371)


Artichokes, Asparagus, Belgian Endive. Broccoli, Butter Lettuce, Cactus, Chayote Squash, Chives, Collard Greens, Corn, Fava Beans, Fennel, Fiddlehead Ferns, Green Beans, Manoa Lettuce, Morel Mushrooms, Mustard Greens, Pea Pods, Peas, Purple Asparagus, Radicchio, Ramps, Red Leaf Lettuce, Rhubarb , Snow Peas, Sorrel, Spinach, Spring Baby Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Vidalia Onions, Watercress
Here’s to a beautiful spring of love and light,

Divination Toolkit: The Astrology Series- Fire and Earth Signs


Divination Toolkit Astrology Series

Greetings beloveds,

It’s finally here! The next astrology post in our Divination Toolkit series. This time we are covering the fire and earth signs. Enjoy!

Fire Signs:

Keywords: Passion, quick movement, hot tempers, attitudes, and hot relationships are characteristics of fire signs.

Colors:Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Blues

Element Phrase: All movement needs a spark to get it going and fire signs are the holders of that energy.

41cbb3d822475cb244f4f5c889c22500.jpg (350×350)

Aries (March 21-April 19): The Ram

Planet: Mars Direction: Cardinal Season: Spring

Color: Red Day: Tuesday Number: 1, 9

Anatomy: The head, face, circulatory system

Stones/Crystals: Jasper, Topaz, Heliotrope, Sapphire, Aquamarine, Diamond Metals: Iron

Tarot: The Magician, The Emperor (minor),

Oh yes the sign that started it all. The spark of life. The ram. Aries is the first sign of the Western Zodiac and as such carries the characteristics of being a leader and a trail blazer. Starting a new path, life, or creation can be difficult as the old ways are strong and often held on regardless of their ineffectiveness. Luckily the Ram is here to clear the way. A headstrong being who moves forward no matter the obstacles which can sometimes be to their detriment. Aries season marks then end of winter meaning it’s time for a burst of energy to break out of the frost and move back towards the sun.

As all fire signs, Aries can be distinguished by the characteristics of associated with their heads with high foreheads, strong facial features, and rules the circulatory system. Ruled by Mars, Aries can be a bit of a hot head with tempers that ca flare unexpectedly. Generally though Aries are standing up for others or those that they perceive as unable to stand up for themselves. Aries not only will start the war but they will finish it, if they don’t find another cause that calls their attention beforehand as they are great starters but not the best at finishing their projects.

Psychologically, Aries can be known for having the big head with large egos that do not take lightly to insult. Aries are great at leading the way but not always so skilled at knowing the best path. They need guidance and support as all sparks need support from the earths kindling, air’s oxygen, and water to balance them if their flames get out of hand to grow into a strong but secure fire. Aries are a sign of action and movement wanting to achieve their drive of being the “I am”. I am change. I am renewal. I am the beginning. I am the Ram.

leo-the-lion.gif (380×320)

Leo (July 23-August 22) The Lion (Tale)

Planet: Sun Direction: Fixed Season: Summer

Colors: Orange, Yellow, Gold Day: Sunday Number: 5

Anatomy: Heart, upper back, spine

Stones/Crystals: Diamond Metal: Gold

Tarot: Strength

Welcome to the Leo show that plays only when they want to be front and center. The entertainer of the zodiac, Leo’s are known for being dramatic, flamboyant and loving attention but they are only interested in that which THEY want to be recognized for. Ruled by the sun, Leo’s are warm, charismatic, and can brighten up any space they enter. Like Aries, Leo’s often find themselves in leadership positions not because they desire to lead the way but because they are chosen due to their demeanor. Honest, prideful, and with a need to prove themselves worthy of the spotlight that they find themselves in, Leo’s truly deserve to be called lion-heart souls. They are kind, considerate and unfortunately can be so self-absorbed that they do not notice the faults in those who are not as concerned with the well being of others. Thus Leo’s may find themselves in awkward situations or being taken advantage of. Luckily their wit and charm can often get them out of these social faux pas without scars.

Whereas Aries rules the head, Leo’s rule the heart. They are the final sign of the zodiac concerned with personal growth before moving outward towards external growth. They are our connection to the truest self that exists within our heart. Carrying the weight of love means they must have strong upper backs and spines. Lack of heart can lead to scrunched shoulders and weak spines. Stretching and remaining active through sports or other physical activities is vital for Leo’s. Thus, the Lion must move forward to achieve their statement of I will. I will love. I will shine. I will create. I will produce. I will move forward. I will inspire. I will honor all life and protect that which is in danger. I will roar.

archer-274bw53.jpg (500×397)

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) The Centaur Archer

Planet: Jupiter Directions: Mutable Season: Winter

Colors: Deep purple, blues (darker) Day: Thursday Number: 9

Anatomy: Hips, Thighs, Muscles

Stones/Crystals: Topaz Metal: Tin

Tarot: The Empress (Jupiter), Temperance

Ready to have a good time? Cause if so then you have definitely chosen the correct sign of Sagittarius. Symbolized by a centaur, a half-human half-horse being from Greek mythology, Sagittariuses are the embodiment of the constant battle for balance between our rational human selves and animal natures. Fun, energetic, playful, and dynamic, Sagittarians’ are the final fire sign of the Western Zodiac. They are the fire that drives our world towards radical forward movement. The embers that persist even in the darkest of winter because they are fueled from their internal knowing that all life is connected as far as their arrows can fly. Because their reach is so wide and they are driven by their instincts, Sagittarians can seem to be unfocused or flighty because they are not given to following the norms of society but their internal systems. The Archer has learned the lessons of Aries and Leo and knows that they must follow their own convictions.

Representing macro-movement and change, Sagittarian’s rule the all of the muscles and the specific limbs of forward movement the hips and thighs. They are known to be leggy, long, and strong.  This is needed as you are likely to find Sagittarians marching for a cause as they are driven not by the self such as Aries or honor as the Leo but by the need for expansion and growth. A gift from Papa Jupiter, their ruling planet, Sagittarians desire growth in all areas. They know there is so much more that we can achieve and become which excites them beyond measure. So much so that they are at times a bit to eager to get there and can jump the gun by acting without a plan or much communication. This is because they must live out their statement of being, I understand. I understand the drive for change. I understand where we are as a world. I understand where we are going. I understand what we as a wold can be. I will share my knowing and vision to inspire others to create change. I am the balance between instinct and humanity who shoots for the stars without fear.

Earth Signs:

Keywords: Steady, persistent, grounded, organized,

Colors: Greens, Yellows, Browns, Rust, Orange

Element Phrase: Earth signs are a connection to the realm of material manifestation.

Taurus-Tattoo-Designs.jpg (550×707)

Taurus (April 20-May 20) The Bull

Planet: Earth/Venus Direction: Fixed Season: Spring

Color: Pastel shades of pink, green, blue Day: Friday Number: 2, 4

Anatomy: Neck, throat. thyroid

Stone: Emerald Metal: Copper

Tarot: The Hierophant,

Happy home, happy Taurus. Ruled by Venus, Tauruses are known for being stubborn, persistent, stable, and reliable. Taurus is the first earth sign of the Western Zodiac and where Aries takes the lead Taurus sets the pace creating a space in which the spark of Aries is able to flourish and grow. A solid foundation is needed to feel safe enough to venture out into the world. Taurians are more then equipped to do so as they tend to avoid change preferring consistency and a comfortable home environment. Ruled by the bull, Taurian’s are fierce protectors of their personal space. The rulers of their pasture and their homes, Taurus’ can be quite aggressive when it comes to topics they feel passionately about. The Bull has no problem standing up for what matters most to them. They enjoy having and being beautiful homes or spaces that are comfortable and nurturing because a central part of a Taurus’s drive is to produce. Taurus’ have no problem with this as they are fertile with energy to grow and expand. These are the builders of empires. Taurus’ express themselves through domestic activities such as cooking, decorating, design, architecture, horticulture, landscaping, gardening, and textiles. A beautiful space filled with delightful music is a sign of the presence of a Taurus.

Rulers of the neck, throat, and thyroid Tauruses provide direction and support for the self. Yet they may be reluctant to speak their truth and share their emotions if they are not in a space that they feel is safe. This can contribute to their having issues with their throat chakra and balance of hormones resulting in thyroid problems. The bull can also get stuck in their ways meaning there’s little flexibility which can cause a crook in the neck, literally. Yet if a Taurus is able to focus on their making the spaces that they encounter as comfortable as possible they are able to express their statement of being, I have. I have the strength to stand up for myself and others. I have the energy to create the perfect home where I can thrive. I have the means to manifest beautiful products and goods. I have a stable and secure foundation. I have the ability to be the protector of the home. I am Taurus, the Bull.

045389311b08aae294689da39226582d.jpg (188×232)

Virgo (August 23-September 22) The Virgin

Planet: Ceres/Mercury Direction: Mutable Season: Summer

Color: Green, dark brown Day: Wednesday Number: 6

Anatomy: Intestine, the nervous system

Stones/Crystals: Sapphire Metal: Mercury

Tarot:  The High Priestess, The Hermit

Analytical sometimes to a fault, Virgos thrive in environments that are organized and methodical. Virgo’s are the analysts of Zodiac. They love nothing more than to make some form of chart, spreadsheet, or list. Master’s at the art of organizing, Virgo’s have a place for everything and everything in it’s place. This makes them excellent scholars, scientists and researchers. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo’s also thrive in the realm of technology which means this is their time to shine! Coders, gamers, and tech folks are often Virgo’s. They’ll be the first to have the latest gadget in their home, not only because it’s more efficient and takes up less space but because they love the thrill of experiencing creation in a safe environment. If you think Virgo’s are dull you are more than likely around Virgo’s who are not appreciated or being challenged. Like all Earth signs, Virgo’s don’t like SUDDEN change but they do appreciate progress and growth. As methodical beings it may be difficult to get them to do something impulsively but when that activity falls in line with their overall life plan Virgo’s are there, with the best seats, at the lowest cost, and backstage passes.

Their need for stability comes from a desire to have a calm environment in order to keep their nerves calm. That’s because Virgo’s rule over the nervous system. It’s a part of why they are so put together. When the nervous system is calm the whole body is able to function at an optimal level. Combine that with Virgo’s holding domain over the intestines and you have a group of people who are able to sort out every experience, pull out the best portions, and release that which isn’t needed. They can also tend to overcompensate and organize in order to avoid unexpected situations. This tends to contribute to the idea that Virgo’s are a bit stuffy. Let them create an environment that they feel safe in and watch them thrive.

As the first zodiac sign to be focused on external growth, Virgo’s are represented by the female anatomy and the Virgin. Not our outdated puritanical version of virginity associated with sex but the original meaning of Virgin, meaning not married, not belonging to any man or woman, a woman who was one unto herself. This is the Virgo at it’s finest. They are the conclusion of the journey to self explored through the first 7 zodiac signs resulting in a being who is then able to turn their attention to the troubles of the world around them creating order and systems. Virgo’s are the earth signs of communication through statistics, strategic plans, and creating a world in which everyone can thrive meeting their overall statement of I serve. I serve the world through analysis of it’s issues and problems to determine solutions. I serve the greater good through a perfection of current systems and releasing those that no longer function. I serve through a desire to create the best world as I can.

capricorn-black-white-astrological-zodiac-sign-tattoo-image-40107430.jpg (133×160)

Capricorn (December 22- January 19) The Goat

Planet: Saturn Direction: Cardinal Season: Winter

Colors: Subdued dark green, gray, black, brown, purple Day: Saturday Number: 1

Anatomy: The knee, bones, skeleton

Stones/Crsytals: Amber, Onyx

Tarot: Strength (Saturn), The Devil

Need someone to get things done? Find a Capricorn. When I tell people that my favorite sign to conduct business with are Capricorns they always look surprised because of my Libra nature. I tell them, they don’t understand the power of Capricorns. The final earth sign of the zodiac, a Capricorns have the stability of Taurus’ with the analysis skills of Virgo’s. They are master planners who represent the ability of earth to survive through the cold of winter. They are the hibernating plants and animals who store up their energy delving deep into their natural ability to create, thrive and grow.  Capricorns have a magical ability to take dreams or theories and turn them into reality. They are driven, dedicated and focused. Capricorns love having a plan which they can follow that they know will bring about in excellent results. They seldom will participate in something they don’t think they will do well at. Thus they are not the most adventurous sign of the zodiac but as with the other earth signs, if they are safe and supported Capricorns are always up to trying something new if it will help them achieve their end goal.

Strong, agile, and nimble like their symbol the goat, Capricorns rule over the knees, bones, and skeleton system. This means they are also susceptible to health issues in these areas. As we come from the earth, we return to the earth and Capricorns are uniquely aware of this relationship of death and rebirth. Thus their bones and skeletal system can be worn down as Capricorns attempt to climb the highest mountains to create a world that is sustainable even in the darkest hours. Climbing these social, economic, and systematic mountains can wear on one’s knees. Capricorns attempt to do these things not for themselves but for everyone else especially their families. This is the concept of the seagoat. Capricorns are not landlocked but of earth and water meaning they have a depth to them that is unique to the earth signs which allows them to cultivate the compassion through which they are able to care not only for themselves but others. Capricorns are extremely family oriented which they display through the investments, business, and retirement plans they set up for their loved ones. Security is the language of love for Capricorns allowing them to meet their statement of being, I use. I use the dreams of others to create a better world for the future. I use the resources around me to achieve what others think can’t be done. I use my ability to focus on what I can control and do well to bring order to chaos. I use my strength to help others. I use my drive to build and create a secure home for all. I am the completion of the earth cycle.

Here’s the fire and earth signs! Next week we will cover air and water then move on to the astrological houses. Have a blessed week!


Full Moon in Libra: Patience, Partnerships, and Trust

libra_by_fabera-d4rrdn5.jpg (600×712)

Greetings beloveds,

As a Libra, you know I’m excited about this upcoming full moon. Now I am biased because I have my sun and mars in Libra so I tend to think of the positive aspects of this astrological sign but let’s be real, Libra’s can be a hot mess. As the only astrological sign without a living being as it’s glyph or symbol, Libra is represented by the scales of justice. As mentioned before, Libra’s are concerned with balance both internally and externally. We like our lives and everyone else lives to be as balanced as possible. Unless of course that person has a lot of Aries or Leo energy in their charts at which they may be quite selfish or narcissistic. Ruled by the planet Venus and rulers over the 7th House of partnerships, Libra’s can be preoccupied with any form of relationships, beauty, communication, and justice. As the morning star, Venus represents the feminine aspect of our being and universe in planetary form as both light and dark. Although Scorpios may be known for their jealous streak, Libra’s do not bode well with being wronged or unappreciated. All works of art exist to be seen, appreciated, and hopefully spark a thought. Libra’s can be more in love with the thought of a relationship then the actual relationship its self whether romantic, platonic, business or otherwise. As a cardinal sign this tends to mean Libra’s are great at starting anything, especially anything involving some form of partnership, it’s the follow through that Libra’s could improve upon. Thus this Libra full moon energy will encourage you to dream and dream big. Yet, you’ll need to harness some of that Aries season energy to get moving on making those dreams come true.

Although thought of as superficial, Libra’s are more concerned with quality than quantity. Combine that with a keen sense of judgement and you’ll find yourself with a group of folks who are determined to have the best. If that person though is unbalanced and only in the shadow of their sign their partnership with themselves may be negatively affected. This results in making poor relationship, business, and legal decisions. As there are several retrogrades in effect right now which you can learn more about here in my Quick Guide to Early Retrogrades in 2017 Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury post, it would be wise now to truly weigh the options of everything before making big choices. With the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto being in retrograde there are a lot of big changes coming in the areas of how we use/organize our time, our purpose, and our careers. This means that it is vital that you be able to see all sides of the situations and do something that is counter-intuitive to this Libra full moon energy-be patient.

PlanetVenusTA-680802775.jpg (1720×1290)

What is at the basis of patience? Faith and trust. Knowing that there’s a greater purpose and that all things will work out for your highest good. It’s not the easiest belief to hold but when we are able to rest in that knowledge it makes life feel more manageable. It is imperative that you take time to rest and relax right now. There’s a lot of change happening and that can feel very overwhelming. This will be an emotionally and mentally draining time as we are shifting not only reviewing outdated thought paradigms but emotionally charged patterns are being brought to our attention. Specifically, if you have emotional triggers associated with judgement, anger, and spite this is going to be a time for you to utilize your stress management techniques. Libras may be diplomatic but they have a side to them that is sharp as a knife and can cut you deeply verbal and non-verbally. Have you ever gotten the side eye from a Libra? The condescending “you’re so cute but so stupid” laugh? Libra’s are best at being able to manipulate others for their needs and if this is something that you tend to do or have done to you then it’s time for you to face up.

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Have faith that things will turn out as they should. If you have deals, contracts, or other discussions that must take place during this time do so in the best possible environments. I’m talking full on soft lighting, yummy food, and comfy seating. The ambiance of the environment will effect how the transaction goes over. Just as Libra’s thrive in luxurious environments so will any meetings or discussions that must take place at this time. This is a great time of the year and April will be one of the best months of this year. Get the most that you can out of this time and be prepared for success.

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Quick Guide to the Early 2017 Retrogrades in Venus, Saturn and Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto

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Greetings beloveds,

Here’s a quick list of some great places to find out more about the several planets in retrograde right now.

Lynn Koiner





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Cosmic Intelligence Agency


Mystic Mamma

Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto


Here’s to understanding not only ourselves but each other better.

With love,


Divination Toolkit: The Astrology Series- A Brief History

20161117_113804Greetings beloveds,

I’m very excited to begin a new divination series focused on Astrology. This spring The Bliss Institute will provide an introduction to astrology as a form of divination focusing on the Western 12 House, Planet, and Signs. We’ll start with a brief history of astrology to explain how this practice came to be. Then we will cover the fire and earth signs followed by a post over the air and earth signs. Then in May we will discuss the planets, their meanings, and associations. Concluding in June with an overview of the astrological houses and how they apply to astrology. Here we go!

A Brief History of Astrology

It is believed that astrology as we are familiar with it today began with the Egyptians, but it is noted that the Babylonians were the earliest found to have recorded charts of the stars and planets. These were used to track the cycles of time, seasons, and days. At that time astrology and astronomy were synonymous, having not yet been divided into different systems. From the Babylonians, astrology was passed to the Greeks and further developed by many of today’s famous Greek philosophers. Astrology grew in scope through it’s acceptance by the Romans, Arabic groups, and eventually the world. Primarily used as a way to track weather patterns, predict weather conditions, and assist in agriculture astrology played an important role in culture and society.

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Astrology as we know it now being associated with the particular attributes of animals through the zodiac holds its origins in Greek culture. Zodiac, derived from the the late French term zodiaque from the Latin term zoidiakos from zoidion meaning sculpted animal figure which comes from the word zoion meaning animal. The zodiac, in terms of astrology, is associated with about an 8 degree band of celestial space on either side of the ecliptic or the path that intersects with the sun over a year which can be divided into 12 equal spaces. Along with there being 12 moon cycles each year it was a simple conclusion to assign 12 representations to each section. These became the 12 zodiac signs which represented specific traits and attributes that those in those sections were found to hold.

The 12 signs are associated with an element, direction, planet and house as can be seen here:

Sign Dates Element Direction Planets House
Aries March 20-April 19 Fire Cardinal Mars 1
Taurus April 20- May 20 Earth Fixed Venus 2
Gemini May 21-June 20 Air Mutable Mercury 3
Cancer June 21-July 22 Water Cardinal Moon 4
Leo July 23-August 22 Fire Fixed Sun 5
Virgo August 23-September 22 Earth Mutable Mercury 6
Libra September 23-October 22 Air Cardinal Venus 7
Scorpio October 23-November 21 Water Fixed Pluto 8
Sagittarius November 22-December 21 Fire Mutable Jupiter 9
Capricorn December 22- January 19 Earth Cardinal Saturn 10
Aquarius January 20- February 18 Air Fixed Uranus 11
Pisces February 19- March 20 Water Mutable Neptune 12


Over the next few months we’ll dive deeper into each one of these aspects of astrology creating a brief but comprehensive guide to astrology. The purpose of this will be to have an on site resource to help you better understand any posts that feature astrology aspects or references.

I’m so excited for this new project and look forward to learning with you all!

With love,




12 Universal Laws: Law of Correspondence



Greetings beloveds,

I hope all is well with you. We’re rocking and rolling this month and what better way to move forward than by discussing  our Universal Law for the month. In a time when communication through energetic contracts couldn’t be more important, this month’s Universal Law is the Law of Correspondence.

Correspondence according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is defined as:

  1. 1a :  the agreement of things with one another the correspondence between spelling and pronunciation b :  a particular similarity c :  a relation between sets in which each member of one set is associated with one or more members of the other — compare function 5a

  2. 2a :  communication by letters or e-mail; also :  the letters or e-mails exchanged I have a pile of correspondence on my desk.b :  the news, information, or opinion contributed by a correspondent to a newspaper or periodical

Correspondence, energetically, speaks to the relationship between vibration, matter, and being. That all things happen in relation or agreement with the other. This is not cause and effect, it is the energetic agreement that these actions, thoughts, and words are related. One could think of it this way, cause and effect are related by time where A results in B. In terms of dimensions this is the perfect fourth dimensional Universal Law as the fourth dimension is affected by time. Time holds no affects on the law of correspondence which can be conveyed through A is correlated to B. The key being it does not matter which comes first A or B, they are always related even if you are aware of  B before A.  Where as cause and effect portrays a relationship affected by time where in one must come for the other to be true, correspondence speaks only to what we agree for the relationship between things to mean. For example take any form of divination such as numerology. We have developed a system where in each single digit number is associated with a particular letter and meaning based off of it’s vibration. The relationship between colors and emotions, planets and astrology, spirit and matter.

as-above-so-below-quote.jpg (661×501)

It is understood that what occurs on this plane is a reflection of what happens in the spirit.     Spirit guides us. It brings about an order to things. If we ask it is given. What we expect to find will be found. These agreements exist outside of our efforts. A perfect example is the act of setting intentions and positive affirmations. Since this is an energetic process this means that we speak through the energy that we put out. It is important to state that our manifestation does not come as a result of the intention/goal setting or positive affirmations. Have you ever realized that our entire beings experience manifestations all the time that you took no time to set an intention for? That is because the relationship between spirit and being is energetic. It is understood that what we desire will come to us. It is almost a simultaneous activity. Due to our being on this plane there is a delay in receiving our manifestation due to time. If we were on another plane without that concept we would have a desire and it would immediately manifest. Yet because we have some extra elements at work here there a bit of a delay on some of the energetic processes but that does not change the outcome.

Through the things that we consume, the company we keep, and our actions we take we are putting the law of correspondence into affect. Remember you are always able to use these laws to improve your life and create the world that we want to live in. Never be afraid to dream.