Divination Toolkit: The Astrology Series – Air and Water Signs

Divination Toolkit Astrology Series

Greetings beloveds,

Here’s the third installment of our astrology series. In this segment we will cover the air and water signs finishing up our coverage of the astrological signs. Let’s get started with the signs of communication and thought, the air signs.

Air Signs: Light as a feather, swift as the wind, change in thought paradigms and ways of being comes quickly for air signs. They are the spirit of movement and thought. That is just the surface level of what air signs represent. Before action there is thought. One must formulate what they desire within their mind cultivated from their emotional state.

Gemini: The Twins

Planet: Mercury Direction: Mutable Season: Spring

Color: Yellow, Green, Orange Day: Wednesday Number: 5, 9 

Anatomy: Arms, legs, shoulders, nervous system, brain

Stones/Crystals: Agate, Aquamarine, Citrine, Peridot, Tiger Eye, Emerald Metals: Quicksilver

Tarot: The Lovers

In all beings we can generally be divided into two selves. The one that we share with the external world and the other that we generally keep hidden. Gemini is the physical manifestation of this process so that we are able to see the full capacity of the human experience. They are the embodiment of both/and functioning as two complete halves within one whole being.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini’s are in a constant state of motion even when they appear to be still. If they are sitting quietly you can bet they are planning, thinking, and creating rapidly within their minds. Mercury traditionally is the messenger for the Gods whose shoes had wings on them so he could swiftly deliver communication. Gemini’s carry this energy within them. They are the forward thinkers of our world. With vivid active minds it helps to have a powerful memory. This allows for Gemini’s to not only take in vast amounts of knowledge and information but to apply, synthesize, and create new theories and frameworks. They are master communicators. Although they may not be involved in conflict directly, they have no problem talking about what may be happening and what all could come from it.

Gemini’s do not hide their Mr. Hyde. They have embraced their darkness and light. Scorpios tend to remain in the underworld while Gemini’s travel back and forth between the worlds as they please. This unnerves others who are more accustomed to fake individuals. In fact, often you may hear folks say that Gemini’s come across as two faced when they are the realist people you will meet. Who ever they truly are you will know. They hold the energy of being able to hold oppositional beliefs and feelings without any hindrance because they literally are two different energies. Although they may change their minds they are set in their opinion in that moment when you asked them. Yet because of their explicit duality they are often misunderstood. Gemini’s true issue is that they know all the options of what can be and they want it all.

Libra: The Scales 

Planet: Venus Direction: Cardinal Season: Autumn

Colors: Pink, pale green, blue Day: Friday Numbers: 6, 9

Anatomy: Hips, thighs, buttocks, kidneys

Stones/Crystals: Jade, Opal, Tourmaline, Chrysolite  Metal: Quicksilver

Tarot: Justice

Ah the Libras! A wave of elegance, confusion, and judgement. As the 7th sign of the zodiac, Libra’s are the first sign that shift from internal focus to external. Where as their opposite sign Aries is completely focused on “I am”, Libra’s can be thought to represent “we are”. As the sign of partnerships, Libra’s are usually focused on others giving them a great capacity to be gossipers while also being great therapists.

Libra’s are represented by the symbol of the scales. Their main focus is achieving balance. Hence, Libra’s are often weighing out all the options before committing to a decision. This makes them appear to be indecisive when in actuality they are wanting to make the best decision possible and know that cannot be achieved except when all of the available information has been reviewed. If you have ever seen a Libra plan anything you will have seen this trait in action. They will visit every story, review every item, cost, and convenience before making a decision on any purchase. This is why Libra’s are fantastic party planners, event coordinators, travel agents or anything that requires lots of moving pieces. The downside is that if you need something done quickly…better not ask a Libra. They don’t like to be rushed because they know it takes time to pick out the best…and they only want the best.

Ruled by Venus, Libra’s are drawn towards comfort and luxury. They thrive in environments that are pleasant, comfortable, and built to their liking. They tend to avoid those who are uncouth, loud, and disruptive (ignoring the fact that Libra’s are often what stirred the pot creating these conditions). Luckily, they are often blessed with the means to obtain the lifestyle that they desire. Another blessing and curse, they can be frivolous with their funds because they come and go so easily. Libra’s are great at managing the law of attraction as they simply expect the best. Even a Libra who has very little materially will still shine because it is their nature.

Libra’s bring balance and harmony to the world. They are here to weigh the options of what is best and determine what is fair. They are Justice. Blind to the incentives thrown at them by the world around us to tempt one into making choices based on giving preference to one group or another. This often causes for Libra’s to come across as cold emotionally because they do not act based off of feeling but on which option based on the information available is fair. What other’s often do not realize is that maltreatment of others, inequality, unfairness, and injustices cause PAIN for Libra’s. If a Libra is not an empath emotionally, they will feel the pain physically or mentally experiencing deep anguish. Thus why they fight so fiercely for others.

Aquarius: The Water Bearer

Planet: Uranus Direction: Fixed Season: Winter

Colors: Blues Day: Wednesday Numbers: 1, 7

Anatomy: Ankles, parathyroid gland, circulatory system

Stones/Crystals: Garnet, Amber, Amethyst, Aquamarien, Lapis Lazuli, Hematite, Turquoise Metal: Uranium

Tarot: The Star

Remember when you were in school and there was always that one student who never seemed to be paying any attention to class and yet always understood what the teacher was explaining? You may have thought this person was a bit quirky but they were fun, friendly, and a bit of wiz at tests. Yet, you could never really pin this student down. They flitted from social group to social group getting along equally well with each one. They excelled at pretty much all the subjects yet never brought too much attention to themselves because they were too busy moving on to their next topic of interest. You may remember this person or it may be you and if so then you more then likely hold Aquarian energy within your chart somewhere.

The water bearer, Aquarian’s are our information gatherers. They are much like Google. They know everything, are pretty easy to navigate, and are always 10 steps into the future. Connect them with the Cloud and you’ve got a perfect metaphor for Aquarian’s. They take in everything quickly and with little effort. They generally enjoy the company of others as they prefer not to be alone because there is only so much that one can learn on their own. Plus without friends and connections who would they share all their knowledge with? When an Aquarian is studying a person, place, thing, or idea that work gets all of their attention. Which is why they have so many friends because everyone wants to be seen for who they truly are and accepted. Unlike Libra, Aquarian’s are not the judges of this world they simple wish to understand it. Once they feel they have gathered all there is they are on to the next new light which can be unsettling for those who no longer are privy to their shine. Try not to take it personal and know that as you continue to grow and change Aquarian’s will return to discover these new parts of you. Let them be free and all will be well.

Aquarian’s tend to be the most emotionally unattached sign of them all. They require freedom of movement in every facet refusing to be tied down by societies or anybodies rules or regulations. In fact, they tend to be a bit rebellious as confinement makes them feel literally ill. Thus they will be the world traveler (check out all those roaming millenials and their connection to Aquarius), with several addresses they call home, reluctant to pay taxes, have credit cards, file paperwork for identification, or anything else that limits their movement. Now, they will do so if the lack of having these things will keep them from the freedom they desire. Just know that they will share with you all the reasons why these means of structure in society are outdated and forms of slavery. They aren’t overly concerned with this though as they know that the mind can never be enslaved if you know the truth.

Now I’ll just say it. Aquarian’s are weird. They do things that don’t make any sense and their reasoning may not make sense either. This is because their physical forms me be in this world with us but their minds and spirits are decades ahead of us. In fact, much of what they do doesn’t make sense because the technology, techniques, or beliefs are unknown or simply don’t exist at this time.


Water Signs: Summer

Last, but definitely not least are the water signs. These are the feelers of the zodiac who carry the capacity to express, bring, and transmute emotional energy throughout the universe. Their personalities are as vast as the ocean and vary just as much as bodies of water vary in shape, form, temperature, location and spirit. Water is life and the water signs provide the means through which we traverse the great experience of life, death, and rebirth.

Cancer: The Crab

Planet: The Moon Direction: Cardinal Season: Summer

Colors: Silvery blue, smokey grey, greys Day: Monday Numbers: 3, 7

Anatomy: Chest, breasts, stomach, digestive system, female organs, lymphatic system

Stones/Crystals: Emerald, Amber, Moonstone, Aventurine Metal: Silver

Tarot: The Chariot

“By the light of the silvery moon. I want to spoon, to my honey I’ll croon love’s tune.”

Cancer’s are the first water sign within the western zodiac. Their job is to shift the initiative of Aries, foundation created by Taurus, and development of word/thought by Gemini into feelings. Fire started the movement, earth grounded the process, air spoke power into being, and water flows past the surface to the depths of soul. Cancer comes as completion of the first elemental cycle along with the beginning of a new season. They are the cardinal water sign bringing to the world new depths of emotions shifting us from despair to hope then love or fear. Cancer’s feel everything because they have the capacity to do so. They are powerful emoter’s who reflect the feelings of those around them with a scary accuracy. Just as we may never know all the secrets of the moon, especially when it is dark, you will more thank likely never know all the secrets of a Cancer. Just as you think you have seen all their sides a new one appears.

Tied to the home, connected to the moon, Cancer’s are the sign of shifting emotions that change just as the tides shift with the moon. Just as the moon flows in a predictive cycle so do Cancers emotionally. When the moon is full Cancers are energetic, open, full of light and wanting to take in as much as they can. They want to be out and about entertaining all those who they come into contact with. Slowly, they begin to withdraw just as the moon does. They know that soon their energy will wane and they must begin to draw closer into themselves. They do so without hesitancy as this is a natural flow for them. Their home becomes their sanctuary where they are able to go completely dark sorting through all the experiences and emotions they encountered while being full. They relish this time away knowing that it will not last long as soon the itch to be full and bright will soon return.

This is one reason why the home is of such importance to Cancers. They need a space of their own creation that is safe, enclosed, and nurturing. After, time spent sharing themselves with others Cancer’s must have time to be with themselves. Now if you know of a Cancer who has a couple of people they are always with that is because home does not always have to be a place. Home can be a person or an item such as their car or a piece of clothing (think a pair of worn in chucks or a jacket). As long as they have their “home” with them they are safe and free to be themselves. See, Cancer’s seek security just about as strongly as any earth sign because they are so closely tied to the land. They fear losing that which matters to them most, the things that they have named home.

Like the crab, they hold on to what they want with a ferociousness that can’t be rivaled. It is this fear that may lead to their manipulative nature. In their quest to keep a portion of of who they are only for themselves, Cancer’s can come across as deceptive. Some are actually being deceptive as they fear that being who they truly are in their darkest moments might make those they care about most not want to be as close to them. When the shadow side of a Cancer has it’s time, which it will, the Cancer hides it away to protect those it loves. At the same time, Cancer’s may be unintentionally deceptive as they do not fully comprehend that not sharing their shadow and light is an omission of truth. To them, their deepest soul parts are theirs and they do not have to share them if they do not want to.

This flows over into finances as well. Those crab claws are money pinchers. Cancer’s are the creators of rainy day funds. They will have ample savings and do all that they can to ensure that they as well as those they care about will be well taken care of well into the future. A Cancer will tell you with no hesitancy that they are down to their last few dollars meaning they have reached they lowest amount they find to be comfortable in their savings accounts which will be several thousand dollars. For some this would be a outright selfish lie, to Cancer’s it is the absolute truth as they cannot let that money go. Cancer’s are preserver’s of our hearts and homes. It is through them that we are able to continue on through the fire and return to the light through the sign of the sun Leo.

Scorpio: (October 22-November 21) The Scorpion, Eagle, Gray Lizard

Planet: Pluto Direction: Fixed Season: Autumn

Colors: Reds, deep red, maroon Day: Tuesday Numbers: 0, 4

Anatomy: Reproductive systems, sexual organs, bowel, pancreas, metabolism

Stones/Crystals: Aquamarine, Jasper, Bloodstone, Amber, Malachite, Ruby Metal: Steel

Tarot: Death

Mention the zodiac sign Scorpio and you are bound to get some interesting responses but the one you will note most powerful is fear. While Gemini’s may not have the best reputation, Scorpio’s sting carries a poison that is well known and feared. Where Cancer’s follow the phases of the moon shifting from light to dark, Scorpios delve deep into the darkness of our emotions and psyche. They live in the shadows and thrive in the underworld. This provides Scorpios with access to insights to the psychological workings of humanity that no other sign has. They are not the dreamers, that job is for the next water sign, they are survivors. Scorpios are warriors of pain, fear, destruction, and change. As Libra shifts our focus to the external world, Scorpios represent the downward shift of the scales into death before the phoenix rises in Sagittarius.

Scorpios are ruled by the planet Pluto, signifying their dark mysterious personalities. I mean let’s be honest Pluto was the last planet to be discovered it was that far outside of our reality. Then, Pluto lost it’s planet status signifying just how little we really understand Scorpio’s and who they are. One minute you think you have them figured out and the next you’re not even sure if they are human because no one should be that hard to define. You may not feel that you can define a Scorpio but best believe there’s a really easy way to recognize them. Scorpio’s didn’t do all that deep sea psychological diving for nothing. They know who they are, their values, and what they desire. They are the person at the party who isn’t loud, doesn’t have to be the center of attention and yet when they saunter by your table every eye turns in their direction. Scorpio’s knowledge of self and others is magnetic. It is highly desirable because they are the most stable water sign and their emotional states are together.

Now with that being said, people fear Scorpio’s for a reason. Because Scorpio’s take no shit. They know their worth, their loved one’s worth, humanities worth and they will not stand for that worth to be diminished in any way. If they have determined through their top notch detective skills that that is what is happening, Scorpio’s will strike with the precision of a skilled sniper. You cannot get over on a Scorpio. Even when you think that you have hidden something from them, lied, taken advantage or just lied through omission, they know. Scorpio’s connection to the underworld means they are permanently connected to the spiritual realm. Giving them access to what is occurring beneath the surface of our actions, thoughts, and beliefs. When Scorpio’s take this knowing combined with their inherent value of human worth and rise from the underworld they soar as the Eagle.

Scorpio’s in their Eagle form take their place beside the Libra warriors of Justice and the Saggitarian Phoenix to defend those who are may not have the strength to defend themselves. They are the swift retribution brought down on those who harm others. Their keen eyesight let’s the see divine truth while their talons can both snatch those in need out of harms way while decimating the perpetrators. The Eagle is just one option. If Scorpio becomes to focused on self, wallowing in a state of mistrust and suspicion, then they may become the grey lizard. Never leaving the ground, never using their skills to assist themselves or each other. The grey lizard lacks perspective and passion, preferring to stay close to the ground where they feel safe. Scorpio’s can be whatever they wish. They are the darkness before creation. They are the space that exists before all new things come into being. They must make the choice of fear versus flight.

Pisces: The Fish

Planet: Neptune Direction: Mutable Season: Winter

Colors: Sea green, light blues, light greens Day: Thursday Numbers: 3, 11

Anatomy: Feet, toes, lymphatic system, etheric body, pineal gland

Stones/Crystals: Metal:

Tarot: The Moon

We have seen dreamers before with the air sign Aquarius who is always here but not here. Pisces, unlike Aquarius’s whose minds are in the future, souls are in the spiritual world. Pisces do not dream of the future, they live in the ether. As the final sign of the Western zodiac, Pisces completes the journey from start to finish. We have seen the beginning with the I am of Aries. Created foundations of beauty and strength through Taurus.  Connected to our beliefs through Gemini. Secured our homes within our heart with Cancer. Stepped into the lime light as Leo. Analyzed the sustainability of our place in this world with Virgo. Shifted from the internal to external balance through just partnership as Libra. Delved into the darkness of humanities darkness with Scorpio. Rose from the flames of death to embrace our animal nature as Saggitarius. Secured on-going legacies of progress and improvement with Capricorn and saw these plans come to fruition as the Aquarian oracles. Now, we enter the space of the eighth gate. Where we look over what has been, is, and will be. Pisces is the end of the cycle.

Represented by two fished swimming in opposite directions, Pisces within that either gate is given two choices. The first is to swim upward dreaming of a beautiful world where there is peace, love, justice, forgiveness, and growth. These are the artists who live in the south of France, Tuscany, beaches, mountains or wherever they feel they will get the most inspiration to create their works of art. They will be writers, artists, thespians, crafters, mechanics, teachers, spiritual leaders or a variety of professions that let them express the beauty of life with those around them. They observe beauty and thus they create beauty. Not to say that they never experience negative emotions, but they do not stay in those spaces. They turn themselves towards the flow of the current knowing that riding the waves even in negative situations will create a better ride then resistance.

The second fish swims downward towards a dream of stagnation, tension, and uphill battles that must be won through tenacity and perseverance. These Pisces dream just as much and as big as their upstream partners yet they struggle to bring their dreams from the spirit world to our plane. They have tons of projects in various states of completion throughout their home or homes. This is the unsettled Pisces whose emotional state reflects their inability to get their dreams to flow upward towards realization. The downward flowing Pisces fights the current instead of flowing. There is magic to be found here though. For the world is full of those whose reality goes against the current. Pisces reflects the dreams and power of those people because Pisces dreams for everyone. The choice that all face in the eighth gate is the choice that Pisces faces here in this realm. They live it in order to help guide those who will reach that point and for that there must be all kinds of dreamers.

In general, Pisces will be placid and difficult to get an emotional rise out of. They are slow to anger and quite honestly they are slow to feel anything outside of their usual state of contentment. Keep pulling this fishes fin though and before you know it you’ll get popped with its tale. Think of when a fish is on a hook being pulled from its world within the water to ours. It struggles against the line with all it’s might. Then when it’s been pulled out of the life giving waters into the suffocating air fishes will flop and beat against this change with all their strength. Sometimes they win and others they don’t. Pisces when pulled out of their pleasant state is that fight fish. They will keep wiggling until they are able to return to their space of peace or they will die. Not literally (sometimes) but psychologically or spiritually. Pisces are signs of freedom similar to air and fire signs but for them their souls must be free. For how can transcend our reality when they are held down by the elements of our world? Not even water holds Pisces, their home resides in the depths of the spirit world where they thrive.

———————————————————————————————————————————–This completes the astrological signs! I hope this shed s a little bit of light on how the different signs exist on their own and then come together to form our complete beings. Next we will cover the planets, their meaning, and symbolism.

With love,



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