28 Days of Love: Basking in the Glow of Love


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Greetings beloveds,

Can you believe it? 28 Days of Love is coming to a close today. Over the past 4 weeks we have connected with our heart, mind, body, and home/living spaces to find clarity and bring ourselves into alignment with the energy of love.

How do you feel? Take a moment to integrate the information and lessons that you have learned over the past month into your life completely. It may take some time to feel and know what changes you have made or may still need to make. Behavior and thought process changes enhance our states of being. Above all, I hope that this time has brought about compassion for yourself and others. Love is so much more than warm fuzzy feelings. It is the basis of our existence. Through love we find ourselves. Through love we find our purpose.

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So I send you forth with love, always and forever.




28 Days of Love: Creating Love through Design and Decorations

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Greetings beloveds,

Are you ready for that love energy to come pouring into your home by decorating according to Feng Shui? Then let’s get started.

  1. The number one important thing you can do is discover items that you associate with love. Are they seashells from your favorite body of water? Daisy’s from your garden? Soft peaches, blues, and green colors? Figure out what those items are so you have a go set of pieces that automatically make you feel loved. You can add these items to personalize the energy you are sending out and receiving.
  2. Lights, Mirrors, Reflection: These items can be used to enhance space, lighten up the energy in a room, reflect negative energy outside of the space or open it up for more light. Ideally you want to face towards a door or opening in a room but if that isn’t possible you can place a mirror in or on the opposing wall to balance the room. Are you finding that you are often feeling confused about what your relationships? Make sure you have a well lit ventilated love portion of the home.
  3. Sound: Feeling as if your love life is stuck? Then you may want to invest in some bells, chimes, or fountains. These items encourage movement of energy. If you find yourself in a sexual rut the flowing sounds may be what you need to get the juices going.
  4. Color: We’ve spoken here before about color magic and it functions much the same in Feng Shui. Determine what you want your love life to include and then use those corresponding colors in this portion of the home.
  5. Plants: Plants can bring life and movement to an area that has stagnant energy within your home as well. They can also disrupt the piercing energy of corners that stick out into the room disrupting the flow of energy.
  6. Flags, statues, swords, fans, or large stationary objects: These and other objects like them can be used to slow down energy that is moving too quickly. For very large rooms with lots of windows or long hallways this may be letting energy flow out faster then it is generated. If you find that your relationships flow in and out of your life quickly add something large and concrete to the love portion of your home to stabilize that energy.
  7. Altars: Another way to create this stability is by creating a love altar in this portion of your home. Invite the elements in with items that symbolize love for you such as candles, incense, stones/crystals, bells, water fountains, or feathers. Remember if you desire to have a partner or partners to include this as a part of your altar and portion of the home. Make sure you have all things in pairs or whatever number you feel works best for you. Perform maintenance and rituals that honor love at your altar to concentrate your energy and desires. This can become a form of self-care for you and if you like your partner.

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Above all else make sure that this portion of your home feels warm, inviting, and nurturing to you. This way your relationships will reflect this back to you.

Here’s to more love to you and yours,


Full Moon in Virgo: Let’s Get Down to Business

Full Moon Readings New

Greetings beloveds,

The days are getting noticeably longer. The sun is stretching its legs preparing for it’s return to the center stage. Winter’s last moments are cuddling us close. Wrapping us up in its earthly embrace before we are released to plant the seeds of our winter dreams.

This full moon in Virgo is a time of new beginnings and renewal. When the new, blood, blue moon lunar eclipse happened in late January it was time to close the book on our old stories. If you had not done this during the full moon solar eclipse this process may have been energetically taxing and painful. If you had taken the steps of release during summer 2017, you are starting to see the purpose behind why you experienced what you did. During the Leo full moon in February we gained clarity. The person we thought we were, could be, or should be was released or integrated. Whatever process needed to happen to prepare us for our rebirth occurred.

The garden is full of fresh new earth. The bushes and trees have been cut back. The older plants pulled up and composted so that they can feed the new dreams that are waiting to be birthed. What did you dream up this winter? Let’s take stock of what we will be birthing this year. Below you’ll find five categories to get you started. Reflect upon where you want to see growth in these area’s and feel free to add your own or dive deeply into as many or few as you desire.


Identify self-care practices and apply them to your routine. the

Describe and define what a healthy diet looks like for you.

Find several physical activities that you enjoy and integrate them into your daily practice.


What is your spiritual practice? Does it include prayer, meditation, song, dance, time in nature? How ever you express your spirituality, where would you like to expand and grow?

Social Circle (1)


Who makes up your social circle? Are they living the life that you would like to live? If not, evaluate the kind of person you would like to be and find others who have similar

Examine your relationships with your family, lovers, and partner(s). What do you want these relationships to look like, feel like, more towards?

Self and Professional Development 

What are your professional goals?

Is your career on track for where you would like to be 1, 5, and 10 years from now?

Are there any classes or courses you would like to attend in the next year?

Take 2 personality tests this year so you can better understand yourself and others.

Have your astrology, numerology, tarot, oracle, and akashic records read for you.


How do your finances look?

Review your:







With love,


28 Days of Love: Love Arrangements

Greetings beloveds,

Now that we’ve found the love and relationships portion of your home, I know you can’t wait to start arranging the items in that space to create a specific energy. Here are some tips to Feng Shui some love into your life.

  1. First what type of room is this? For many this may be a bedroom, family room, bathroom. You might also find that portion missing in your home? If so, there are other ways to cultivate the energy of that space through intention setting or decorating the external portion where your love section would be. The function of the room plays a large role in the energy that exists there.
  2. Determine the design of the room. What is the entrance to that space like? Is it a door, hall, or open space? Are there windows? If so what direction do they face and where are they located in the room? What about closets? Look to see all the design elements of the room so you know what you are working with.
  3. Now spend some time in this space. How does it feel?
  4. How is the room decorated? What’s in the room?
  5. Are there things in the space that can be changed or improved?
  6. What things do you like about the room?
  7. What do you dislike about the room?
  8. Ideally, what do you want the room to feel like?
  9. Ideally, what types of relationships would you like to have?

Once you’ve completed answering these questions you’ll have a pretty good idea of where to start improving upon the love portion of your home. Tomorrow we’ll look what items to use to decorate the love portion of your home to correct any issues you may find in the space.

With love,


28 Days of Love: Finding the Love Section of Your Home

Greetings beloveds,

Did you enjoy the decluttering activity? What was your experience going through the items in your home or living space? Did it make you think that perhaps you may need to start going through other spaces that you inhabit such as your office or car? I find that once I begin to experience the change and ease that comes with removing items from my space, I want to experience that in all areas of my life. If you feel called to perform the decluttering activity in other portions of your life do so.

Now that you have spent time with the items within your home and cleansed your space we will look at the ways in which energy moves about the home. Let’s start with the basics, under the Chinese system of Taoism, the foundation of the Ultimate as Creation/Matter/Earth is in the form of a square and Heaven/Spirit/Sky is a circle that surrounds that square. That square of creation can be reduced to a broken line _ _ known as Yin. The circle can be reduced down to an unbroken line __ known as Yang. Thus we find balance through the Yin/Yang symbol.

yin-yang-ios-7-symbol_318-34386.jpg (626×626)

Here, we find the Yang (Heaven/Spirit/Sky/Male) represented by white and Yin (Creation/Matter/Earth/Female) represented by black. One is never without the other which is why there is always a spot of each on the other side. The Yang is at the top representing the South with Yin at the bottom for the North. If we use the concept of lines mentioned earlier, we find that by arranging the lines representing Yin/Yang we can symbolize the 4 directions. From there we can add a third row to denote the element associated with that direction as well. Thus we have three rows of lines featuring solid and broken lines. By adding an additional three rows we find ourselves at the IChing but that is for another day.

yinyang.jpg (700×409)

If you would like a more detailed explanation of the directions, elements, and energy associated with them, I implore you to see out some of the many resources that exist online, in text, or in person. Here, we’ll move forward into the art of Feng Shui which utilizes understanding the flow of energy (Chi)in accordance with the system described above to design one’s living space to give you optimal luck and balance. Each direction is known to assist the home in different ways. Taking these associations we can bring the nine sections of the Pah Kwa out into a square that can be divided into 9 known as the Lo Shu magic square. We can then overlay this square onto any home with the South at the top to see the energy associated there and determine what may need to be done to enhance that space.

lo-shu-square.png (589×583)

pakua.gif (380×378)

Now that you’re more familiar with the principles of Feng Shui, let’s find the love portion of your home. If you can grab a house plan or draw one of your home. Using a compass ascertain the direction your house faces from the front door. Then find yourself a Pa Kua or Bagua that you can lay over your house plan matching up the south locations. From there you can determine the sections of your home. The love and relationships portion of your home is to the right of the southern wall/room. For example if your front door faces north then the back of your home would be your Fame and recognition area. To the top right of that would be your relationships/love portion of your home. Now that you know where the love portion is we’ll discuss how to decorate and arrange the items in that portion of your home to bring you love and security.

Here’s to some fun Feng Shui,


28 Days of Love: Decluttering Activity

Greetings beloveds,

We’ve been having some great discussions on the importance of cleansing and decluttering our homes to create space for new energy to be cultivated. Today I’ll share a quick decluttering activity to get us started.

I’m sure you all have heard of the three fold decluttering law. Lol I know you’re thinking no, but believe me you have.

The Three Fold Decluttering Law:

From three piles we create space.

By dividing into keep, trash, and donate.

Pretty easy but that’s your activity for the day. Pick a surface, room, or portion of your home depending on your energy level and what your intuition guides you to tackle. From there you can use a portion of the room such as the center, corner, or reusable/trash bags to designate between the items that you will keep, throw away, recycle, or donate.

Now this is an exercise that you want to provide plenty of time to complete because you will want to take a moment with each item that you encounter. For some it literally will be a quick second of regard.  An item that you have no attachment to and are sure of where you would like to place that item will quickly be placed. Others not so much. Sit with the item and if you are wanting to keep it, what is your motivation to do so? Do you have an emotional connection? Nostalgia and sentimental value? Is it an item that you use often? Asking yourself these questions will help you to determine whether you actually need to keep that item. If it’s an emotional response, explore what that emotion is that is attached to the item and why. If the item is attached to emotions that you do not like, then perhaps it’s time to place that item in the donate or trash pile.

You may have begun to notice that the items in our homes not only take up physical space but emotional, mental, and especially energetic space. While you are going through your things keep in mind that there is more tied to your items then just their physical presence. Clearing, moving, and cleaning gets this energy in motion or completely removed from your personal energy so you are able to create anew.

Go over each item in the designated space you chose. Once you are finished, move all the items you have decided to keep out of the way and give the space a thorough cleaning. Repeat this process by moving from space to space and room to room until you have gone through your entire home or living space. Once that is finished use smoke, sound, water, or whatever your preferred from of energetic cleansing may be to clear your home.

That’s our decluttering and energy clearing activity for the week. Here’s to cleansing, clearing, and manifesting!


28 Days of Love: Brain Food

brain-food.jpg (358×298)Greetings beloveds,

Oh you thought that we forgot about the food right? Here we are again at my favorite part of the week. Let’s return to our discussion on the brain, health, and spirituality.

There are many foods that contribute to the health of our brain. We want to make sure that we are getting those healthy fats to make sure that the myelin sheeth stays pliable, strong and functioning well so those neural messages are able to be sent from . Then you want all the leafy greens an vegetables because they have all the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Lastly, of course we should be drinking lots of water to keep ourselves hydrated.

So here’s a list of food to keep your brain happy!








Leafy Greens

Dark Chocolate



FoodsToEatForAHealthyBrain.jpg (800×400)

These foods are perfect to throw into a salad or any Mediterranean inspired meal. Let me know what are your favorite recipes that feature these foods.