August Planetary Placements

Greetings beloveds!

Here’s your August Astrology.

Aug 6 Venus enters Libra

Venus returns home to the sign of Libra in the 7th house today until September 9th (the new moon in Virgo). This is a significant event as 6 is the number associated with Venus and Libra. I have two recommendations for today depending on where you are in your path. One way to take advantage of this energy is to practice a very nourishing form of self-care. By this I mean what is your secret guilty pleasure? Binge watching The Barefoot Contessa? Calling in sick to work to sleep in? Whatever you do that brings you the greatest pleasure, do that today with an energy of appreciation and thanks. This will greatly begin the shift of your energy over the next three days. If you have been focusing on manifesting your purpose,

Aug 7 Uranus in Taurus in Retrograde (Mercury in Leo, Pluto/ Saturn in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, Mars in Aquarius, and Chiron in Aries are in retrograde).

Our 7th planet has entered into retrograde today. Uranus in Taurus in the 12th house is now in retrograde signaling the beginning of a revolution of perspective. Think Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat “Can you stand on your head?”. How open are you to change? Today is a beautiful day to break from convention and take that chance that you’ve been working towards. As this is a time of retrograde, if the pieces aren’t already in place then today is the day to write the plan, do the research, and receive insight from the Universe so you can follow your dreams. Be open. The world is waiting for you.

Aug 11 New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo

I’ll have a review for this energy up in a few days.

Aug 12 Mars Retrograde enters Capricorn

The Mars retrograde gets grounded in the soothing energy of Capricorn today. From the unpredictable energy of Aquarius we find ourselves being a bit more…petty. Capricorns enjoy activity that is logical, entertaining, and contributes to their long term goals. Now that you’ve been able to understand how you feel it’s time to do something about it.

Aug 19 Mercury Goes Direct and Jupiter trine Neptune

Whoop whoop Mercury is direct today! All that work that we’ve done on the 6th, 7th, and 8th are ready to be put into action. With support from Jupiter trine Neptune we get intense support to manifesting our dreams through the use of Mars retrograde in Capricorn. My one piece of advice? MOVE SLOW. Make sure that you are really putting in the work to create well developed plans. Also be true to yourself. With all the retrograde energies in Capricorn if you are not being honest this will come back to bite you as we move into the fall.

Aug 23 Sun enters Virgo

FINALLY, all of that energy you wanted to put into being hypercritical and nitpick at yourself and everyone else can come out to play. It’s gleaning season. Time to review what you have planted since March to see what is worth being kept and what needs to go in the compost bin. If you have some type A or Earth sign friends this is their time to shine. Have a real conversation with them (you may have to pay them…Earth signs don’t play with their money) about what you’ve been working on and what your long term goals are. They will help you to see clearly what is and is not working. From there you can put your energy towards what actually serves you. This will help you make progress towards meeting your goals. This is the season of discernment. Don’t worry you’ll weigh it all out in a month as we balance out our doing and resting energy.

Aug 25 Jupiter sequiquadrate Chiron

Aug 26 Full Moon in Pisces

Check back soon for the Full Moon in Pisces reading.

Aug 27 Mars goes Direct

Our second planet to go direct this month. Mercury started off the end of retrograde season shifting our energy from reflection to movement. Mars direct allows us to start making moves on what was reviewed when Mars retrograde moved into Capricorn. The seeds have been planted and Capricorn is here to help us push through the inertia of fear towards the satisfaction of productivity. Take advantage of this when you can because as we move into fall you’ll be feeling the chill vibes as we slow down for the feminine’s trip into the underworld.


Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Aquarius: Emergency Spiritual Preparedness Kit

Blog- Emergency Spiritual Preparedness Kit

Greetings beloveds!

Ohh we have been going through it haven’t we? You caught up in some drama? Folks with your name in their mouth, creditors coming out of no where, ex-partners all up in your DM’s, parents acting like they still pay your bills? Oh yes, welcome to the Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius. Luckily Leo season is upon us and we are moving out of the shady Cancer energy into the light. First, all those roaches that came out during that Cancer energy need to get dealt with. The light of the sun will make it easy to see everyone for who they are. Yes some folks became butterfly’s but others are just slime.

Now this might feel like an emergency. A mental, emotional, psychological, energetic, or even physical emergency. In Public Health, we utilize Emergency Preparedness practices to make sure that when things go south we are prepared. As a part of that we have an emergency kit. I encourage you to create your own emergency kit to ease your mind during these trying times.

Since we specialize in the spiritual here I have created an Emergency Spiritual Preparedness Kit List and Elixir for this Full Moon. So gather your supplies, take care of yourselves and remember – put on your oxygen mask first.

Emergency Spiritual Preparedness Kit Extended Guide

  • Sacred/Blessed Water – Whether you use rose, holy, moon, water from a sacred site or water that you’ve blessed yourself, keep some sacred water on deck.
  • Offering – food, incense, water, item or crystal
  • Candle or other form of fire
  • Crystal Support Kit – Rose Quartz (heart), Clear Quartz (clearing), Smoky or Black Tourmaline (protection), labradorite or lapis lazuli (spirit), and your power crystal.
  • Bell or chime
  • Ritual Feather or Fan
  • Ritual Oil
  • Vinegar for banishing
  • Honey, Maple Syrup or other Syrup (sweetener/attraction)
  • Journal
  • Sacred Texts or books
  • Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Salt (clearing)

We got this!

-Kamilah Rose

Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Weathering the Storm

Copy of New Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in CancerGreetings beloveds,

I usually try to put a positive spin on things. Share ways to navigate the energy that we encounter so that we can come out on top. But it’s time to be real and face what is so that we can consciously shape what is to come.

This total lunar eclipse full moon in Aquarius is going to be a difficult one. We have already been feeling the effects of this energy combined with that of the retrogrades. Aquarius full moon energy is unpredictable in that it holds access to infinite possibilities and options. We can be anything. We can do anything. Yet, this energy is confined within th universal laws. Even as we evolve and grow spiritually, the energy of the surrounding planets express their influence on our expansive being. Aquarius wants to explore these possibilities. It feels the walls of the surrounding planets in Earth signs with Uranus in Taurus, Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, and Venus in Virgo. Yet, the water flows freely as the fire of the sun in Leo ignites the ability for summer energy to transform from solid/liquid to vapor and escape the confines of who we thought we should be. Of who others say we should be. Of who we think we are. It is free. Aquarius wants us to be free, even if that takes tearing everything apart in the process.

From what was comes the energy of what can be. Infinite possibilities. That is the realm of the full moon in Aquarius. Combine that with an eclipse and you have the opportunity for large scale humanitarian efforts. The solutions to issues that have existed for centuries will not be solved in a day, month, or even years. They require consistent changes that become habits then social norms. That is why living your truth is so important. Each time someone attempts to police your clothing, language, way of life and you conform you lose a little bit of who you are. So, stand strong and follow the path of love.

Love suggests that we kind to all living things (seen and unseen) with firm boundaries built on self-love. Come back to this truth over and over during the next moon cycle because life is going to test you. It is going to play you. So be ready. This month, we walk the walk and talk the talk. We love ourselves so set boundaries and practice self-care. We love each other which means holding people accountable. We love all living creatures (pets, wild life, insects-everything!). We love the earth and all it’s elements. We take care of the earth recycling, being mindful of our consumption habits and what we produce. It’s our responsibility to care for this planet and we will take this seriously.

Happy Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse! Check in Wednesday for the Full Moon Elixir and ritual.

-Kamilah Rose

Vegan Lemon Pie Filling and Pudding

Greetings beloveds!

It’s summer and there’s nothing better than a cold glass of fresh squeezed lemonade. If you’re looking for something a little more filling (lol) try out this Vegan Lemon Pie Filling and Pudding Recipe.

Kamilah’s Vegan Lemon Pie and Pudding Recipe

  • 4 medium or large lemons (about half a cup of lemon juice)
  • 3 medium or large bananas
  • 2 Avocados
  • 1 Tablespoon of Tamari Sauce
  • Additional liquid sweetener of your choice if desired


Peal, cut, and remove the insides of the banana’s and avocados. Place these in your high speed blender.

Juice your lemons, then add that to your blender.

Finally, add the Tamari sauce to your mixture.

I recommend adding maybe a small small bit of sweetner to the mix. The banana”s will make this mixture already sweet so do not go overboard. Start small because you can always add more if you desire.

Blend your mixture on high.

If the mixture is to “wet” add an additional banana or avocado.

Remove the mixture from the blender. For pie, use this with your favorite no bake crust . For pudding, place in a freezer safe container.  Then place either your pie or pudding in the freezer for 3 -4 hours to set. You can then spoon these into serving dishes with berries, graham crackers, granola or any other topping you like. You


Kamilah Rose

Find Your Water Type: Solid, Liquid or Gas




Greetings beloveds,

We are firmly in the season of water, rebirth, and healing. To expand our concepts of how we relate to water let’s talk about the different versions of water and how we take on these characteristics.

Solid: When water is  a solid, the molecules are moving slower and spread out taking up more space. This makes them less dense so that ice weighs less than water as a liquid. Ice represents slowing down and taking our time. It is the energy of observation, being outside of time, and rumination. When we are dealing with heavy issues we need that density to feel closer to the earth and ground ourselves in the reality of what needs to be addressed.

Shadow: When it is too cold, there is a limitation in what is possible because everything SLOWS down. During the winter, in areas that experience ice and snow, this type of weather can bring death. Either from blocking access to resources, freezing temperatures, or other complications. In all forms water can give life and water can take life. When we slow down to the point where we are frozen in place no longer growing or living fully, we lose our most valuable resource: time.

Liquid: This is the form of water we are most familiar with. It is the water we drink, use to cook, bath, clean, play, and restore our souls. This is the energy of temperance-balance. Too cold and it begins to freeze. Too hot and it’s uncomfortable to work with. Yet water flows throughout our world providing life without discrimination.

Shadow: Anyone who has ever been in a thunderstorm, tropical storm, hurricane or other weather occurrence knows the power of water in it’s liquid form. On the other hand, not having enough water is just as catastrophic causing our bodies, the land, all living things to eventually shrivel up and die. Through the shadow of liquid water, we come to appreciate the importance of balance, compassion, and the fragility of life. We realize that in order to survive we must take care of ourselves and each other, otherwise we will perish.

Gas: Vapor as the form of water that is least visible is as a gaseous state. It is ALWAYS present around us. Vapor represents the lighter side of water energy that does more than flows, it flies. The same element that fuels our body and allows for us to create also calls us to throw off the baggage which keeps us captive. Vapor is free of restraints and cannot be contained. It is the spark of life that lifts us out of the doldrums into the freedom of infinite space.

Shadow: What could be the shadow of such a light and airy form of water? Lack of depth. When we move to far into our imaginations, lack connections to our physical realm, or avoid responsibilities because they feel like “too much” we eventually evaporate into air. We completely disconnect from who we are and where we came from. Although it is tempting to not have anything that holds you down or has negative energy, without doing the work we miss the opportunity to grow. Allow yourself to expand without forgetting that this is a process that will bring you back to this moment of weightlessness again and again.


New Moon in Cancer: Shadow Work and Friday the 13th

New Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Greetings beloveds,

I know that everyone has been doing their work, right? Digging in deep to see what your attachments, writing your intentions, evaluating your goals, and spending every evening in Epsom salt, essential oils, and rose petals…no? Lol well that’s understandable. The luxury market of self-care market may not be available to everyone and the question really  brings us to the shadow of the new moon in Cancer eclipse.

This is a unique event coupled with Friday the 13 the next day. In Tarot, the 13 card is the Death Card representing change, rebirth, and initiation. Ruled by Scorpio, Death is an invitation to explore the depths of your soul. Scorpio is afraid of nothing. They thrive within the underworld where we find the truth of who we are.  If we are looking for an opportunity to heal and integrate our higher/lower consciousness then this full moon is the perfect time to do so.

Jupiter in Scorpio going direct coupled with all of this energy is calling us to let old ideas, versions of our self, and parts of our stories that hold us in unhealthy patterns to die. When we write down our story, we are able to reflect and see where we could be living according to the 3 Lies.

Three Lies

When we live according to The Three Lies we move further and further away from who we truly are. This new moon, commit to being aware and present. This will allow for you to see when you are following The Three Lies. Then take a deep breath and come back to who you really are.

Next week, we’ll dive into how to heal from trauma through rewriting our stories.

Love you,

-Kamilah Rose

Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer: Attachments and Forgiveness

New Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Greetings beloveds,

Woooo it’s been quite a year so far huh? I hope that you all are taking care of yourselves. Remember self-care, self-care, self-care!! Alright here’s your breakdown for the Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer.

  • Solar Eclipse 20 degrees Cancer – July 13, 2018
  • Solar Eclipse 15 degrees Capricorn – January 6, 2019
  • Solar Eclipse 10 degrees Cancer – July 02, 2019
  • Lunar Eclipse 24 degrees Capricorn – July 16, 2019
  • Solar Eclipse 4 degrees Capricorn – December 26, 2019
  • Lunar Eclipse 20 degrees Cancer – January 10, 2020
  • Solar Eclipse 0 degrees Cancer – June 21, 2020 (Summer Solstice/Cancer) *
  • Lunar Eclipse 13 degrees Capricorn – July 5, 2020

This is the corresponding eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn series listed above. Cancer and Capricorn dance between the day and the night, our conscious and subconscious. Cancer takes us into the womb and the home. A space that often can serve as a safe haven as well as a space of great trauma. It all depends on our personal, familial, and ancestral experiences of home. Have you ever written the story of your family? Explored what home meant to your parents, grandparents, or great grandparents? Within our families there are patterns of behaviors, emotions, perspectives of viewing the world and each other. We inherit these things through our cellular memory and how we are raised. It is also where we develop our initial sense of self. Those formative years where home may have been a very solid real place or one that exists in our minds. Either way, home, nurturing, the womb, and the mother archetype are the themes of a Cancer Eclipse.

Capricorn moves us into our role in the world. Our our understanding of home expands to our purpose. What has shaped us creates the foundation for who we are and what we do. Yet, as we grow and mature moving through the Zodiac we begin to understand how much more to us there this beyond our home. Capricorn brings the light of the summer into the darkness of winter. That even when we feel we have gone beyond saving there is grace for us. A chance for us to try again. Ruled by the Planet Saturn, Capricorn is all about structure, stability, and purpose. What you do and who you are matters. They are always here for the come up and desire to obtain more. More growth, more power, more compassion, more love, more influence but they must have to work for what they want. They honor the struggle, the sacrifice, the upward climb. Capricorn takes the trauma from our childhood and turns it into gold. Are you ready to turn your pain into possibilities? Are you ready to hold the darkness in the light?

This new moon review what you are attached to. What are you bound to in this life? Money, love, fame, knowledge, freedom, family? What drives you and influences the decisions that you make? If you are unaware of your attachments just take note of where you spend most of your time ad what you think about the most then imagine that you must let them go. What is your reaction? You might feel relief, frightened, angry, sad, joy, or even panic. There are several forms of attachment which I will discuss in the next post.

For now, remember that love is the basis of all. It fills every part of our being. Love will keep you during these changing times. As we do our work this week we move further into our purpose. Into being at one with our multidimensional selves. As Cancer and Capricorn have shown us the separation between our light and dark, inner child and adult, work and home selves are all one. Just different facets of the same crystal.

See you on Wednesday for the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer ritual.

-Kamilah Rose


July Planetary Placements:

July Planetary Placements

Greetings beloveds,

Welcome to July and the hot mess that this month will be.

First we have a Chiron retrograde in Aries which is calling all of us to the stage to face what we have been covering up with love, light, and good intentions. Stop hiding behind the emotional veil of summer and take a good look at what is going on in your life on an everyday basis. Big decisions do have lasting effects but it’s our everyday actions, thoughts, and feelings that set the stage.

On July 9th Venus enters Virgo turning that show me Leo love into a discerning calculating question of “what value does my relationship have?”. Or the question you may already be asking yourself, “is it worth it?”. With the work we are doing in Chiron, Mars, and Aries, this is also a great time to evaluate your relationship with yourself. If you were to place a value on the time, energy, and support your give yourself would it suggest that you are priceless, affordable, or low value?

July 12th we have a partial solar eclipse new moon in Cancer that is sure to clear out some of the mess we have been enduring since winter. I’ll have a breakdown of the new moon in Cancer posted on Monday.

July 22nd the Sun enters Leo and it’s time to shine baby. Leo season is all about having the courage to be yourself, take center stage, and let the world hear your story. This may also feed the negative ego’s of some folks who feel that they deserve the spotlight but are not getting the attention they need. Give yourself attention! Chiron retrograde in Aries wants us to fuel our souls so we do not have to seek validation externally. Do you and the support will come. I mean it’s Leo season, there’s no way you’ll be ignored.

July 23rd is the start of our second Mercury retrograde of the year. This time Mercury is in Leo which calls us to communicate our desires and not take no for an answer. On the flip side, if you’ve been…pushing. Telling everybody that has ears what you want, what’s going wrong, what’s going right in your life please slow down. At times, Leo can be warm and inviting. Then there are other times when Leo’s seem to be bragging and egotistic. Find balance with your voice. This may be controversial but not everyone deserves your story. So choose wisely.

Finally this month closes out with a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. This will balance out the expressiveness of Cancer season allowing us to take a step back from the deeply emotional past few months. I’ll have a full post on this in the next few days.

What are you looking forward to this month? I am super hyped for these eclipses. I know they will bring us closer to greatness.

With love,

Kamilah Rose

July Journal Prompt

July Journal Prompt


Greetings beloveds,

Happy 4th of July!! Here is your journal prompt for this month:

Sunburnt July by Susie Clevenger

“The bay splashes me

with mirrored water

until my daydreams

surrender to the waves”.


Last month we journaled the next step on our path. This month what are you summer dreams? When you find yourself drifting off under the heat of the summer sun, where does your mind go? Explore this and share what you find in the comments below.

Happy Journaling!

-Kamilah Rose



Dive Deep – Soar High: Welcome to July


Greetings beloveds,

It’s already July, can you believe it? Half of the year is over and we are gearing up for a beautiful summer. Take time this season to care for yourself. That is the most important thing that you can do at this time. Out of all the work, time, and pain, sacrifice the thoughts/cares/opinions of others to the Divine. Give more to yourself then you ever have before. You will need it to whether this season of retrogrades as they are ripping our world apart to create a better one.

Here’s what’s coming this July at the Bliss Institute

  • July Journal Prompt
  • Astrological Planetary Placements
  • Shadow work
  • Friday the 13th
  • New Moon in Cancer Partial Solar Eclipse
  • Sacred Movement
  • Enchanted Hearth: Water Foods
  • Divine Masculine
  • Full Moon in Aquarius Full Solar Eclipse
  • Guided Meditation

Here’s to a beautiful healing July!

-Kamilah Rose