The Enchanted Hearth: Using Your Space to Manifest Your Goals

Space and Goals

Greetings beloveds,

I have been reviewing my goals and what I want. It is valuable to do this often as it ensures that you remain on a path that is taking you towards what you desire. It is not about being overly particular or analytical it is about staying aware. Learning how to go with the flow. This summer we have reviewed many ways to align with the element of water which rules this season. Now, we will look at how to utilize the energy of our space to assist us in manifesting our goals.

First, become aware of your space. You can find the energy of the spaces of your home by laying the Lo Shu Square across your living space and seeing what areas fall into which categories. For me, I will include the entire northern portion of my home which holds the knowledge, career and business, and helpful people energetic centers. I will also want to pay attention to the southern left and center portion of your home as that is where the abundance and fame portions are. The Southern left corner of abundance and wealth must always be well taken care o

  1. Keep these spaces clear of clutter, dirt, or discarded items. It will clog up the movement of energy for you.

The north center portion of your home is the obvious portion to work on if you are wanting to improve your business and career. Place plants there that will thrive. Use gold and green to decorate that space along with any other color that is associated with the career that you are in. For me, I am looking to increase my reach, my revenue, and clarify my products. I am going to saturate this area of my home which is my front door with rose gold, gold, and white for attraction. The knowledge portion of your home will assist you with learning any of the skills or talents necessary to achieve your goals. Place books, maps, or anything that is associated with what you need to learn about in that section to feed the energy of improvement. Lastly the helpful people section of your home is all about networking and connections which will assist you in manifesting your desires. Often, we think that we have to do it all. That we are the only ones who can make a way for ourselves. That is just not true. There is a role that you must play in all of this but there will always be others who can help carry the load or open doors. You are never in this alone.

Second, use pictures of exactly what you want to manifest into that space. You can create a vision board or any images that you have which are aligned with your goals. I have 3 vision boards that are complete with a 4th that I am still working on. I have found that the clarity that I have on what I desire determines the ability to create a board that reflects the energy of bringing me into alignment with my goals. I will review these during my birthday as I already know some revisions that need to be made. Always keep up with what you are putting out there that you desire.

Third, set an intention in your space. Ask for what you are desiring. Put it out there. We can be so afraid to ask for our dreams because we do not want them to not come true or to feel that we have failed. It’s Leo season!! Be brave beloveds and stretch yourself.

Finally, maintain your space. Keep this space clean, the symbols up to date, and renew your intention over time. Do this periodically perhaps with the cycle of the moon reviewing and cleansing this space every full and new moon.

Let me know how using your space to manifest your goals works for you!



The Body as Water: Hydration through Food

Water and the Body

Water is vital for our physical health. Our bodies need water to survive. I could go over all the ways that water is necessary for our bodies to function at their best but I’m going to let you find that information on your own. It’s important for us to recognize that we must take an active role in our lives. That act for you today can be to research what, how, and why our bodies utilize water the way that it does. Drinking water is not the only way to keep ourselves hydrated. There are several water dense foods we can eat to ensure that we are giving our bodies exactly what it needs to so we can optimize our health.

Here are some of my favorites.

  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Cantaloupe
  • Pineapple
  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit
  • Raspberries
  • Starfruit
  • Baby Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • Radish
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Cucumbers
  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Celery
  • Green Peppers
  • Spinach


Full Moon in Pisces:

Full Moon in Leo Pisces


Greetings beloveds,

In a season where we are called to ground, discover our truth, and evaluate where we are in order to get where we want to be we find ourselves pulled deep within. It is the call of the deep, the peace and mystery of waters that are not moved by petty surface level disturbances. This is the work of the High Priestess who carries the energy of the Goddess during the great ritual. She may cleanse for a full season, meditate for days, set herself apart. As she wishes to reconnect with the love of the divine she finds herself sacrificed and reborn as creatures of great wisdom, magic, and glory.

This full moon there is great personal development ritual work to be done. If you have been waiting for the chance to work your magic that has been flowing through your veins since the Aquarius full moon, this is the moment. Turn the power that you send to others and the world around you inward. Return to your true self; a being of true power. It is your choice what you choose to do with this knowledge.

There are several rituals that you can do at this time. Here is one using mirror work.



  •        Reflect upon the work that you have been doing. If you are aware of your purpose or of what you would like to manifest with your power write this down in a one sentence I am statement.
  • Take a shower or bath to clear your energy.
  • Then, in a quiet space, lower the lights and light a candle (use a color that corresponds with the purpose of your ritual).
  • Spend at least 5 minutes in meditation, calming your mind, deepening your breath, and center your attention on the purpose of your ritual.
  • Then, using a mirror or obsidian looking glass with a soft gaze look at your reflection.
  • Notice your facial features. Your eyes, nose, mouth, chin, ears, and hair.
  •  Does anything immediately catch your attention?
  • Do you find yourself having difficulty focusing on your reflection? Try to look directly into your eyes. What do you see? What do you feel?
  • Now say, “this is a physical manifestation of my soul. Through this form I can interact with the world around me. Through this form I can impact my world. With these eyes I see the truth and can find the path. With this mouth I speak into existence my purpose. I am…(insert your I am statement and repeat it 3X)”. Now close with your preferred casting phrase (Ase Amen Ra Ma’at, and so it is, as I will so mote it be, etc)


Kamilah Rose

Move Like Water: Be Water My Friend

Greetings beloveds,

We have reached the middle of summer when the temperatures are reaching their peak highs while we begin to move toward cooler evenings. During this time may we take a moment to understand what it is to move like water, the element of the season. I felt this could be no better explained then by the great Bruce Lee himself.



Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo

Partial Lunar Eclipse New Moon in LeoGreetings beloveds,

Whooo you did it. You made it to the end of Eclipse season which coincides with the start of the end of retrograde season. It’s Leo season, the Leo new moon, and a Partial Solar Eclipse, there’s no way you CANNOT be seen this season. So go head and shine beloveds! This eclipse/new moon energy is enhancing our expression, our light, our charm, and our energy. We have been gifted the total lunar eclipse full moon in Aquarius so we could put words to our feelings and our desires. Now it’s time to EMBODY that knowledge. Put it into practice. If you are finding that you are fearful of being seen, start to share more. Start to speak up more. Write more, go live on your preferred social media, raise you hand in a meeting and make a comment, or just go out for a walk with your head held high.

We are clear that through the energy of the moon, Venus in Libra, Uranus retrograde, and the Lion’s Gate that we are connected in every facet. The spiritual and physical realms are reflections of each other. Remember though that reflections can be distorted when the mirror is dirty or warped. So cleanse, cleanse, cleanse so that you can see clearly and present yourself clearly. We also understand that our thoughts, words, and actions must be in alignment or else our manifestations will be off as well.

We may see our unconscious desires and dreams manifest at this time. We will also see deceitful and fraudulent activity at this time. It’s all being laid bare. Have you done the work or are you still lying to yourself? Pretending that you are dedicated to the light when your shadow has taken over completely? Working on manifesting a job or money when you really want to stay home and enjoy the drama of late bills and a low bank account. Focusing on a partner when you can barely take care of yourself. All of these are ways that our conscious and subconscious can be at odds.

Now this does not tell the whole story. There are people and factors that we do not control but many of areas of our lives are completely under our control. Discernment let’s us know what is our work to do and what is external to our locus of control. 

The easiest way to begin to recognize what we truly desire vs. what we may think we desire is through observing the world around us. Take a look at your reality. Your forms of income, your relationships, how you feel about yourself, your spiritual practice, your home, your dreams. All of these are indicators of your subconscious state. Before we reach the gleaning season let’s be real with ourselves about where we are and who we are.

From here we can look at our options to enhance or correct our energy. We live in a limitless universe. There are so many possibilities available to us and yet we stay in the same patterns with little variety in our actions, thoughts, or experiences. This new moon we are aware of what we can do to improve our lives and how to navigate the murky energy of the retrogrades. Can you find another form of income, living situation, or even just change the way you look at what is happening around you? Are you in a state of gratitude or attitude? Find your current state and work on shifting that (or removing things that are not dedicated to your highest good).

Remember though everyone is encountering this energy and they may not be ready to share what they have learned about themselves. Give them time and give yourself time. Practice radical compassion at this time. It is difficult to do this work. We do not make excuses but we acknowledge the work being done and provide the space to heal. Whether that means you focus on yourself and give space to others or provide an umbrella for many, have compassion for the path we are on. Assert your boundaries and know where you stand.

You are the Lion. You are the Strength card. You are healed.

Happy New Moon!

Kamilah Rose

The Power of the Lion’s Gate: The 8th Gate of Creation

Lion's Gate.pngGreetings beloveds,

In case you missed it here’s the breakdown for July 6th and 7th astrology.

Aug 6 Venus enters Libra

Venus returns home to the sign of Libra in the 7th house today until September 9th (the new moon in Virgo). This is a significant event as 6 is the number associated with Venus and Libra. I have two recommendations for today depending on where you are in your path. One way to take advantage of this energy is to practice a very nourishing form of self-care. By this I mean what is your secret guilty pleasure? Binge watching The Barefoot Contessa? Calling in sick to work to sleep in? Whatever you do that brings you the greatest pleasure, do that today with an energy of appreciation and thanks. This will greatly begin the shift of your energy over the next three days. If you have been focusing on manifesting your purpose,

Aug 7 Uranus in Taurus in Retrograde (Mercury in Leo, Pluto/ Saturn in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, Mars in Aquarius, and Chiron in Aries are in retrograde).

Our 7th planet has entered into retrograde today. Uranus in Taurus in the 12th house is now in retrograde signaling the beginning of a revolution of perspective. Think Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat “Can you stand on your head?”. How open are you to change? Today is a beautiful day to break from convention and take that chance that you’ve been working towards. As this is a time of retrograde, if the pieces aren’t already in place then today is the day to write the plan, do the research, and receive insight from the Universe so you can follow your dreams. Be open. The world is waiting for you.

After that we have the Lion’s Gate on Thursday, August 8th. At that time we have an opportunity to take advantage of a portal that allows us to access the unfiltered energy of Leo. Correlated with the infinity symbol, the number 8 symbolizes our strength to achieve our desires through a can do attitude and will alone. It is the Strength card in Tarot, a steadfast woman holding open the mouth of the lion, confident in her ability to handle the powerful animal (her internal and external desires).

When we align with the energy of the Lion’s Gate, we open ourselves to our true self. We remove the masks of our consciousness and dive directly into our spirit. Over the past few months you have cleanses, cleared, and refined your life, goals, and purpose. Although there is still work to be done you have the opportunity to use your will to move your desires from the astral to the material realms. The unending figure 8 symbolizes the connection between all realms and the flow of spirit/energy. Above all else we are timeless and our souls exist in eternity.

So how do we tap into this energy? If we look at Leo the Lion, the 8, and the energy of Summer we are called to the light. Spend time outside in the sun, meditate with a candle, use warming essential oils such as cardamon, clove, and ginger, eat foods that are light and full of water. Keep your heart light so that your spirit is able to soar unburdened into the space of creation. For what we enter during the Lion’s Gate is the 8th Gate. I have spoken of the 8th Gate often. Within that 8th gate, we are in a space of pure creation and freedom. True Sovereignty. This time correlates with the winter’s energy of reflection and shadow work through the underworld where we enter the 8th gate. Our divine masculine is now within the underworld entering the 8th gate through the light. During this Lion’s Gate we release our hold to attachments so that we are able to dream. So this is a powerful time for dream work, shaman journey’s and sound healing.

Dream wildly my loves. Leave what you do not need behind so that you can be the ruler of your being.

Much love to you all,

Kamilah Rose

August Journal Prompt

August Journal Prompt


Greetings beloveds,

We are feeling the heat which moves us towards our dreams. Here is your August Journal Prompt:

Summer Embroidery by Susie Clevenger

“Summer embroiders

sunflowers in grass

heat stitched in yellow and green”.

Write 10 things that make you smile. Then go and do, be, or create one of those things. The more we are in a state of joy or happiness the more we draw what we want to us.

Happy Journaling!

-Kamilah Rose