November Writing Prompt: Giving Thanks

Greetings beloveds!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today let’s explore what we are thankful for. Not just the usual family, good health, prosperity, or love. But for our shadows that benefit us. 

Here’s our prompt: “Today I am thankful for my shadow…” and just write what comes to mind. You may be surprised at what you find. 

With love, 

Kamilah Rose


Sacred Movement: Breath Work Cont. Breath of Fire

The Movement like Air

Greetings beloveds,

As we continue to focus in breath work this month we will add the Breath of Fire to our practice. Once your have built up your energy through other breath exercises, Breath of Fire will increase and magnify the benefits of proper breathing.



Full Moon in Gemini: Magic of the Moment

Happy Full Moon in Gemini! It’s the holiday season and no better time then to tap into that Gemini energy. Learning, growing,creating, sharing, communicating and well being a bit all over the place. That’s that Gemini love right there. Here’s the thing, for many folks this is a frightening thought. Going out, talking to strangers, being in crowds, and loud noises are some folks worst case scenarios. Here’s the tea, do what works for you! Yes, we have energy that will support us going out and being acting but that does not mean that we have to. You have every right and option to do as you please. If you want to burrow in during this time and be with your family or alone, do it! Cause one thing is for sure, a Gemini is not worried about ANYBODY else opinions.

          Here’s the thing, there’s going to be some anxiety at this time. It might be because it’s the holidays, or the end of the semester, end of the year, there’s just so much going on at this time of the year that if you are not used to going with the flow, it can fee quite overwhelming. Take lots of deep breaths, try to complete one thing at a time and take a break when you need to. There’s no point in running yourself into the ground trying to please everyone or finish an endless to do list in a short amount of time.

See Gemini’s transfer their energy from their mind into action. That’s not something that everyone is used to. Take that note from them. If something makes you feel excited or it intrigues you follow that. Take an assessment when you start to feel that jumpy “I need to”, “I should” energy come up. What’s the root of this? What actually “needs” to get done? Make even a mental list of what you would like to accomplish and organically address what you can.

Gemini’s are amazing, but they are held back by their limitless options. Narrow things down to bit size tasks that you can accomplish. Commit to what you can, even if that’s just following your own heart. That’s the trick. That’s what this full moon is all about. Honoring your own being while sharing the brilliance of the world with others.

Oh and if you make some amazing business or career contacts. Follow that ish through. It will lead you to bountiful harvests.

I love love love you!

Kamilah Rose

The Power of Gratitude: Foods for Giving Thanks

Untitled design

Greetings beloveds,

We are nearing the time of giving thanks and gathering with our loved ones. Gratitude can change your life. It shifts the way that we see what happens for us. Often we get into just go mode. We make a plan and we move towards it. Checking off boxes, deciding that what matters most is how much one get’s done, how much one makes, how much one does or does not spend. Setting the intention to focus on what we are grateful for will not make the things that are not turning out the way we desired go away. Nor does it mean that we ignore all of the crappy injustices that are happening in our lives. Taking time for gratitude is about acknowledging what is going right despite what is going wrong.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Move Like Air: Part 1 The Movement of Breath

The Movement like Air

Greetings beloveds,

It’s finally happened! Texas has finally experienced a cool front and that means that everyone wants to be outside. This is a great time to start or restart your movement practice. Since fall is ruled by the element of air, we are looking at movement that brings our attention to our breath. I know for me I always become aware of my breath while practicing intentional walking, jogging, or running. I say intentional walking, because for many folks walking is their primary mode of moving their body from one place to another. Because it is something we do all the time, it becomes an automatic behavior. We do not have to think about all the systems that are necessary for our bodies to allow for us to walk. Yet, if for any reason we are unable to move in that manner or our attention is brought to the physical systems involved in that form of movement. When we intentionally walk, we are bringing our attention to our organs, muscles, breath, and energy while moving.

Anytime we focus on our attention on something it gives it power. Not power over us, but power to be utilized and amplified. We then can decide what we would like to do with that power. Sometimes you need to circulate that energy internally other times you may need to perform a little magic to enhance your external world. The choice is yours. What is important is to make the decision to take the action. Even if it is just to clear your mind, movement that can shift your energy is a way to improve your well-being. What is even more magnificent is that breath itself is a form of movement. If possible take in this beautiful weather through some intentional breath, walking, or running. We will cover some specific techniques in our next post on movement during the fall.

Have a beautiful day,


November Astrology: The Power to Change

November Planetary Placements


Can you believe that it’s already November. 2018 flew by and I know for many of us we could not be happier to move along this year. This November is all about self worth and healing. What has been holding you back? What are the unconscious scripts that guide your life? With all the talk of shadow work it might seem like this is something that can be done quickly or once you have done this bit then you’re finished. Shadow work is just like any other form of personal development. It never ends. The more we bring to light more shadow we cast. This is a marathon not a sprint. So we move forward sometimes quickly sometimes slow as molasses. How quickly we change does not matter, it’s the work that matters most.

Let’s get into some highlights of Novembers’ Astrology

November 6- Uranus square True Node, True Node enters Cancer, Uranus retrograde enter Aries

I’ve talked about this before last year but it’s here!! You ready for change, cause it’s ready for you. Swallow your pride and go into your fears today. Here’s what we can do to best utilize this energy. My faves Caroline Elliot uses this in her course Influence and Amber Khan is currently taking folks through this process in reference to the book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. It’s creating your new life through actively seeing it as you want it to be on a “movie screen” in your mind. More importantly, Amber emphasizes the importance of rewriting what I call, our life scripts to better fit what you desire to accomplish.

The best way I’ve enjoyed describing this process is that you are an actor. You have been hired to play a role so you head in to read the script. You receive a character profile with all the personality traits and characteristics of who you will be playing. Then you get the script which has all the details of what will happen to your character. This is only the first season or movie in the cinematic universe so there’s space for the character to grow and change. This character interacts with others and through this interaction their life unfolds with twists and turns. Yet, they remain true to their character profile. Suppose though that there is a major event that happens in the world. Characters will be impacted, the story will change. Your work will adapt yet, your character profile will remain the same. Perhaps, you decide that it’s time for your character to change. You want to react in a way outside of your nature. You see potential for your character so you start to slowly incorporate changes. Next thing you know you’re character has evolved and the story that was written out no longer makes sense. So it changes again.

Your personality is the character profile, you are the actor , and your life is the story. When you decide to make a change if you do not change your character profile your personality and identity stays the same. Your story remains on track. So we must change our profile and we do that through placing ourselves into the movie of our lives. We live out our desired life through visualization. When you encounter resistance, breathe through it. You are worth the work it will take to rewrite your character profile and update your script.

Go, imagine, be.

Kamilah Rose



The Depths of the Underworld: Scorpio Shadow Work with The Morrigan

New Moon In Scorpio.pngGreetings beloveds,

Welcome to the season of honoring those who have been and the things that we must release in order to move on. This is a great time to work with the energy of The Morrigan. You might be familiar with Morgan Le Fey as associated with King Author and The Mists of Avalon. You may have heard about her as the half-sister of Author who had a child with him. You may also know her as the Goddess of war, death, and sex. The Morrigan is a Celtic Goddess of multiple forms such as Badb, Macha, and Anu. She is a powerful Goddess that can assist in your healing, connection to abundance, personal sense of power, magic, and other topics depending on your relationship with her.

The Morrigan calls us to recognize that fulfilling our purpose requires for us to follow our path regardless of what others might think of us. That the stories that they tell about us cannot deter us from what we know is our truth.

There’s a lot of talk of shadow work. Some of it is grounded in Jungian psychology. Some of it is just what others have channeled into their personal and professional work. I’ve been thinking about the core of what that means in relationship to Scorpio and the Morrigan. The image that kept coming to mind was the mists or fog and the moon. All of these are conditions associated with night time or with low light. Yet, this isn’t Silent Hill. The world doesn’t magically change when the sun goes down or a siren goes off. The world of the night is structurally the same during the day. It is our perception and inability to see as well during these times that causes us to distort what is present.

The Morrigan invites us to bring what is apparent during the day into the night. To use the elements of the night to our advantage. This is shadow work. Using the characteristics of our shadow or unconscious to our advantage. Yes, you may be a serial monogamous but you always stay true to yourself eventually. Or perhaps you have a significant other who makes you feel inferior but this also makes you feel secure because it is what you are used to. We do not have to search for our shadow, it is always with us. It is in our laughter, joy, smiles, fears, tears, and dreams of the future.

Read through this and envision yourself as the main character.

Slowly you open your eyes blinking rapidly at the bright light of the sun as it glares brightly in the East. You slowly rise up feeling the weight of your body as you move into a sitting position.

You look around you taking in what looks like the remains of a battle. Shields, swords, bullet casings, and the remains of clothes are scattered as far as you can see.

No people though, dead or alive.

Gently, you come to your feet, not sure if your legs will support you. Stiffly you move your body around letting the feeling of life flow back through your limbs.

Your eyes have adjusted and you now can see a pillar of smoke off in the distance. Without hesitation you move towards that sign of life, not sure if this is friend or foe. But you’re out here alone and you desire some form of companionship.

As you move across the field a glint of metal and light catches your eye. Walking to that area you spot an object on the ground. You pull away some grass to get a better look and then place the object in your pocket.

Suddenly the light dims and you feel the wind pick up. Without thought you run in the direction of the fire. There’s a strange sense of urgency in the air.

You reach the roaring flames just as there’s a flash and you wake up.

Happy New Moon in Scorpio loves. Reflect on the item that you picked up. We will be referring back to this as we explore the light of Scorpio with Persephone.

Much love to you all,

Kamilah Rose