Spring Equinox 2019: Enchanted Ascension

Spring is HERE! It is finally time to come out of the underworld and return to the surface to bring the subconscious into our conscious world. Here's the breakdown of what's going on astrologically. Sun and Chiron in Aries in the 9th house: A time of learning, exploring and taking the unbeaten path. Aries sun … Continue reading Spring Equinox 2019: Enchanted Ascension

March Journal Prompt

Greetings! The end of winter - Pisces Season Spring Equinox - Astrological New Year - Start of Aries Season Rebirth These are all themes related to this time of year. Thus, this month our journal prompt is VISION. What is your vision for yourself? For the year? For the day? We can get bogged down … Continue reading March Journal Prompt