Services and Readings



3 Card Reading (Past, Present, Future) 10.00

6 Card Reading (Extended Past, Present, Future) 25.00

Celtic Cross (10 Card Reading) 40.00

Seasonal Reading (4 Cards) 15.00

Yearly Reading (Seasons 5 Cards) 20.00

Yearly Reading (Monthly 13 Cards) 55.00

Personalized: Contact me to determine what you are looking for and we will discuss prices.



Sun, Moon, and Rising (Sign and House): 10.00

+ Aspects: 15.00

Moon Sign – In Depth (north/south node, natal moon phase): 40.00

+ Aspects: 55.00

Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Mars, and Venus (Sign and House): 20.00

+ Aspects 35.00

Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto (Signs and House) 30:00

+ Aspects 55.00

Mars and Venus (Signs, House, Aspects) 15.00

Jupiter (Sign, House, Aspects) 10.00

Saturn (Saturn return, Sign, House, Aspects) 10.00

Pluto (Sign, House, Aspects) 10.00

Complete Reading: 150.00 (All signs, houses, planets, moon in depth, and aspects)


Life Lesson Number and Path of Destiny Number = 15.00

Outer Personality and Soul Urge Numbers = 15.00

Life Lesson Number, Path of Destiny Number, Outer Personality, and Soul Urge Numbers =25.00


Shadow Work Reading

Tarot 3 Card: 10.00

Goddess Aspects: 15.00

Personalized Ritual: 25.00

Shadow Work Coaching: 30.00 an hour