Sacred Relationships and Union

The most important relationship we will ever experience is with ourselves. That’s a well known saying that is spread throughout the spiritual community. What does that mean and how do we put these principles into practice? Over the past 10 years I have spent this time soul searching and experiencing intense situations which have delivered powerful lessons on relating with others as a reflection of how I relate with myself.

Sacred Relationships

Relationships is a broad term. We are in relationships with our career, family, friends, animals, nature, home, car and even our bank accounts. All relationships are divine and can be approached as such. It all depends on how we align our energy to them.








Sacred Union

Sacred union can be seen as our conscious and sometimes unconscious decision to unite or link ourselves with an external other. This is most clearly seen in universal society through romantic partnerships and more specifically, marriage. Do not let the M word deter you. That is only one form of sacred union. There are many more and really our task is to define what our unions will look like through alignment with ourselves and source.


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