Spring Equinox 2018: Wisdom


Greetings beloveds,

The new astrological and seasonal year begins with an air of wisdom and clarity. Universally we have been in the dark. Moving from light to shadow, day to night maintaining that there is a clear line between good and evil. Now as the son/sun rises from the underworld what was done in the dark comes to light. We see that nothing is all good or all bad. Specifically, we are not all good or bad. This wisdom comes in the form of the crone, a wise woman, or a witch. She is the embodiment of winter. A time when we travel within to explore the depths of our psyche to find the truth of who we are. We are seasoned, having learned from experience and finding connection to the larger part of ourselves that truth is complicated.

This spring we will begin to feel the fog lift, burned away by the rays of the morning sun. We are awake after a long period of living in a dream. Now we begin to try to make sense of our newfound knowledge. To do so we must reconcile our fractured selves through personal healing. Once that has begun, our communities can begin to heal. Bringing us to the close of this season: a choice.


This April we are given an opportunity to heal. Our pain does not have to shape our lives. We can grow from what we have experienced if we are willing to view ourselves from a different angle. Use the wisdom you have gained, seek an elder to guide you, or find a group which can relate/support you that will bolster your ability to clearly identify and heal. Healing does not mean forgetting what has occurred it means being able to be present and write a new story. When we have not healed our previous stories define us. They affect how we react to others and ourselves creating a cycle of repeating experiences. Healing for many is never achieved. The impact of their experiences has become integrated into their being. Explore those parts of yourself and accept them. Allow yourself to recognize what you can and cannot change. Then move forward wisely. With spring comes the energy of joy and celebration. Be open to this energy. Let it inspire you. Be whole, be you, be reborn.


As above, so below. As within, so without. What happens internally is reflected by our external lives and vice versa. When we heal ourselves, we heal our communities. Come together with those near and far for celebration and growth. Whether it’s spending time with your family or hanging out with strangers who share a hobby of yours, our communities fluctuate and change depending on where we are in our lives. Create, find, or continue to contribute to groups that sustain you. We are stronger together.


From May 19th to the full moon in Sagittarius on May 29th we will be experiencing a highlight of our relationships to our home (now and at birth), how we think about our connections, how we heal from our soul injuries, a desire to be of service, difficulty in finding out path to our purpose, and WAY too much time on our hands to figure it all out. This can be a blessing and a curse as we want to know that we are on the right path. This is a time with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune moving into reverse for us to slow all the way down. To carefully think through the choices that present themselves. We will have choices. You always have a choice, yet our circumstances can sometimes make us feel like we do not have the ability to choose. Are you worried about letting your family and loved ones down? Of disappointing yourself by making the wrong choice. Perhaps you are terrified that this will be everything you have always wanted. Regardless, take your time, use this moment to enforce and build your connection to spirit. If you are afraid it’s ok, but do not let this fear distract or divert you. Lean on the commitment that you made to yourself and the community that has risen around you. You are stronger than you think. Above all else, have fun!! Life is mean to be enjoyed although Saturn in Capricorn will try to convince you that without sacrifice and pain you will not succeed. Think bigger. Think beyond these this last year and the next. Saturn maybe all about restriction but Jupiter is here to expand us past our limitation by embracing our shadow. If you find that you are feeling resistant now your shadow holds the light out of the darkness of confusion. Listen to it.

We got this!

-Kamilah Rose


The Divine Feminine Connection: The Earth


Greetings beloveds,

Today we will discuss seven easy ways to connect to the Divine Feminine through the element of Earth.

  1. Spend time in nature. During the winter, the manifestations of life are created to come forth during the rest of the year.
  2. Study seed growth cycles to better understand the cycle of growth during the winter. The warm earth combined with the moisture of the soil interacts with the needs of the seed to slowly pull the life from within its cocoon. Continuing to hold it in the safety of its warmth, the Earth nurtures that life until the world above it has shifted to provide enough warmth above the soil.
  3. Learn to honor the Earth as a provider of life. During the colder months, this is one way to access the feminine and to understand how she functions, loves, manifests, and creates change.
  4. Visit local parks, recreation areas, or even your own yard.
  5. Decorate your altar and home with items such as stones, crystals, branches from the ground, flowers, leaves or other items.
  6. Pick stones associated with the earth to carry with you in your pockets or bra 😉

Here are some stones associated with the Earth: smoky quartz, brown tourmaline, tiger’s eye, citrine, Lead, emerald, aventurine, pyrites, coal, onyx

  1. Meditate on the energy of the Earth by focusing on specific locations or your personal energetic connection.



New Moon in Pisces: The Dream of the Ram and the Goat

March Planetary Placements.png

Let’s talk about the energy of this time with a run-down of the current astrological placements.

March 6 Venus and Mercury in Aries

March 8 Jupiter Retrograde

March 14 Jupiter semi-square Saturn

March 17 New moon in Pisces; Mars enter Capricorn

March 30 Sun enters Aries

March 22 Mercury Retrograde in Aries

What does all this mean? That we are ramping up the energy. It is gearing up towards go time. There was no full moon in February making this our time for closing out what we started last year. Reflect on what occurred for you in 2017 during the Pisces full moon. What were you experiencing? Pisces represents the completion of the astrological year with the journey of the hero/heroine moving from birth (Aries) to death (Scorpio) to rebirth (Aries).

I’m just going to say it, the energy of this new moon in Pisces is going be intense. We have Venus, Mercury, and the Sun in Aries. We are being straightforward, adventurous, and headstrong in approaching our desires, communication, and sense of self. We are feeling powerful and wanting to give life to the seeds that we have planted in our subconscious of who we are, who we want to be, and how to get there. Jupiter, which is in the sign of Scorpio, goes retrograde and on March 14 forms a semi-square to Saturn in Capricorn. Jupiter in retrograde calls for us to look carefully before we leap. There is so much we want to explore and experience. Moving forward without the proper foundation lessons our ability to anticipate what the outcome of our work may be. You can make that leap and you might fly, fall, find that the ground rises up to support your next steps or travel to a new reality altogether. Jupiter in retrograde suggests blocks to our expansion, luck, and freedom. This energy will be intensified by Jupiter’s aspect to Saturn. The planet of expansion meets the planet of restriction causing a friction of epic challenges.

The planet of expansion meets the planet of restriction causing a friction of challenges through which you will earn the.png

Jupiter in Scorpio wants us to go deeper into our subconscious. Scour the depths of our soul to find all the pieces that we have lost trying to fit into the ideals of the world around us. With Jupiter in Scorpio we want to know more, be more, do more. No more secrets. Saturn, on the other hand wants boundaries. The dark unknown is makes Saturn uneasy because there is no way to predict or control what happens there. The underworld, our subconscious is unrestrained by the limitations of our minds ability to categorize the world around us. Capricorn sees the world around us as is. Creativity is limited by the that which already exists. Because Capricorn has survived the hardships of the world, it accepts that there is necessary suffering. That we build our strength through hard work and perseverance. Jupiter semi-square Saturn is the growing plant breaking free from it’s seeds shell. Eventually the pressure to expand becomes too much. Do you break free, give up, rationalize that you were meant to stay small, find a crack and release what you can?

Pisces New Moon.png

The new moon in Pisces shines the spotlight on our fears and anxiety about our ability to be our true self in a world that wants us to conform. Dedicate yourself to your passions, dreams, and truth. For me that is accepting that I do not view the world like everyone else. That I interpret information and energy differently. I am weird. I am strange. I do not need to change anything about who I am to please others. Those are my truths in the depths of my Piscean dream world. The ram is about to meet the goat. Find your similarities but do not let the goat push you around. Accept the goats challenge to examine the strength of your plans. Once you are sure of yourself, break free and use the energy of the upcoming new moon in Aries to hold your ground.

With love


A Wrinkle in Time: Movie Analysis and Discussion

A Wrinkle in time Non-spoiler Movie Review,

Greetings beloveds,

Today I gave my self a treat and went to see the new A Wrinkle in Time movie directed by Ava DuVernay. First, I would like to clarify that this was one of the books that I would read over and over again on as a child. I loved the story, the characters, the overall message of the book. So this review comes from a place love.

I liked the movie. It was fun, entertaining, and stayed mostly true to the message of the book. The main character is Meg Murray a young girl attempting to cope with the disappearance of her father 4 years earlier. Meg is in that awkward teen stage which is only amplified by her insecurities about her worth associated with her missing father. Meg’s younger adopted brother Charles Wallace, offers her some comfort as he spends time reassuring her of her value and beauty, reminding her that their mother was the same way and she grew up to be beautiful. One evening the Murray family is visited by a strange woman named Mrs. Whatsit. Their mother, Kate Murray eventually gets Mrs. Whatsit to leave after Charles Wallace admits to having met her before as she was stealing their sheets. This is the beginning of their adventure which I will share more of in the spoiler review.

As you can tell this movie moves quickly. A bit too quickly for my taste. I must assume that the viewer is supposed to have read the book before seeing the movie. Without that background there are several scenes, bits of dialogue, and character actions that are left unexplained UNLESS you’ve read the book. For example, there is a scene in the beginning where Charles Wallace is downstairs during a stormy night and makes Meg warm milk with sandwiches before she actually comes downstairs. The movie presents this as his being a bit precocious and as a sign of how much he cares for his sister, There is a more important reference to his role in the book that is not covered much in the film. This could have been fleshed out in the film but it seemed that with all that needed to be covered that a lot of plot points from the book were left out or simply inferred.

Visually the film is stunning. It seems that this is a reoccurring theme with ok story telling but beautiful cinematography. It is lovely watching everyone explore a world that is not restrained by our limited understanding of what is possible. With that being said, there was not a lot of depth to the story line. A lot of the elements that made the book so powerful were watered down or completely left out of the film. This left the film with a bit of a hollow ring to it. Enjoyable but not long lasting.

If you would like to hear my thoughts on the film check out my non-spoiler A Wrinkle in Time Review here:

Clear and Cleanse: March Introduction

March Planetary Placements

Greetings beloveds,

March is finally here and it’s time for us to begin cleansing our energy before spring. Thus this month we will be featuring articles on cleansing foods, movement, and rituals. To help you get started with this process there will be journaling prompts to get your creative juices flowing.

Also, keep your eye on this space for information on the full moon in Virgo, new moon in Pisces, and another full moon in Libra. We are finishing out the western astrology cycle for the new moons, astrology cycle, and season. This is the perfect time to release and prepare for what we would like to grow over the next year. To help you prepare for this transition, we’ll be sharing the Spring Equinox 2018 readings for the general energy, love, masculine, and feminine.

We’ll also be sharing information on the Goddess of Life and Death Igbo/Nigerian Goddess Ala. I hope you’ll all check in to see what she has to share with us.

Lastly, get ready for a review of the film Alpha and a movie/book review of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time.

This will be great month and I can’t wait to share it with you all.


28 Days of Love: Basking in the Glow of Love


Screen-shot-2012-07-23-at-12.57.02-PM.png (558×310)

Greetings beloveds,

Can you believe it? 28 Days of Love is coming to a close today. Over the past 4 weeks we have connected with our heart, mind, body, and home/living spaces to find clarity and bring ourselves into alignment with the energy of love.

How do you feel? Take a moment to integrate the information and lessons that you have learned over the past month into your life completely. It may take some time to feel and know what changes you have made or may still need to make. Behavior and thought process changes enhance our states of being. Above all, I hope that this time has brought about compassion for yourself and others. Love is so much more than warm fuzzy feelings. It is the basis of our existence. Through love we find ourselves. Through love we find our purpose.

6360672269037562021191143612_love.png (2336×1348)

So I send you forth with love, always and forever.



28 Days of Love: Creating Love through Design and Decorations

1000w (550×367)

Greetings beloveds,

Are you ready for that love energy to come pouring into your home by decorating according to Feng Shui? Then let’s get started.

  1. The number one important thing you can do is discover items that you associate with love. Are they seashells from your favorite body of water? Daisy’s from your garden? Soft peaches, blues, and green colors? Figure out what those items are so you have a go set of pieces that automatically make you feel loved. You can add these items to personalize the energy you are sending out and receiving.
  2. Lights, Mirrors, Reflection: These items can be used to enhance space, lighten up the energy in a room, reflect negative energy outside of the space or open it up for more light. Ideally you want to face towards a door or opening in a room but if that isn’t possible you can place a mirror in or on the opposing wall to balance the room. Are you finding that you are often feeling confused about what your relationships? Make sure you have a well lit ventilated love portion of the home.
  3. Sound: Feeling as if your love life is stuck? Then you may want to invest in some bells, chimes, or fountains. These items encourage movement of energy. If you find yourself in a sexual rut the flowing sounds may be what you need to get the juices going.
  4. Color: We’ve spoken here before about color magic and it functions much the same in Feng Shui. Determine what you want your love life to include and then use those corresponding colors in this portion of the home.
  5. Plants: Plants can bring life and movement to an area that has stagnant energy within your home as well. They can also disrupt the piercing energy of corners that stick out into the room disrupting the flow of energy.
  6. Flags, statues, swords, fans, or large stationary objects: These and other objects like them can be used to slow down energy that is moving too quickly. For very large rooms with lots of windows or long hallways this may be letting energy flow out faster then it is generated. If you find that your relationships flow in and out of your life quickly add something large and concrete to the love portion of your home to stabilize that energy.
  7. Altars: Another way to create this stability is by creating a love altar in this portion of your home. Invite the elements in with items that symbolize love for you such as candles, incense, stones/crystals, bells, water fountains, or feathers. Remember if you desire to have a partner or partners to include this as a part of your altar and portion of the home. Make sure you have all things in pairs or whatever number you feel works best for you. Perform maintenance and rituals that honor love at your altar to concentrate your energy and desires. This can become a form of self-care for you and if you like your partner.

bd79ed7a402136657639562ec41a9f0b.jpg (189×283)

Above all else make sure that this portion of your home feels warm, inviting, and nurturing to you. This way your relationships will reflect this back to you.

Here’s to more love to you and yours,


Full Moon in Virgo: Let’s Get Down to Business

Full Moon Readings New

Greetings beloveds,

The days are getting noticeably longer. The sun is stretching its legs preparing for it’s return to the center stage. Winter’s last moments are cuddling us close. Wrapping us up in its earthly embrace before we are released to plant the seeds of our winter dreams.

This full moon in Virgo is a time of new beginnings and renewal. When the new, blood, blue moon lunar eclipse happened in late January it was time to close the book on our old stories. If you had not done this during the full moon solar eclipse this process may have been energetically taxing and painful. If you had taken the steps of release during summer 2017, you are starting to see the purpose behind why you experienced what you did. During the Leo full moon in February we gained clarity. The person we thought we were, could be, or should be was released or integrated. Whatever process needed to happen to prepare us for our rebirth occurred.

The garden is full of fresh new earth. The bushes and trees have been cut back. The older plants pulled up and composted so that they can feed the new dreams that are waiting to be birthed. What did you dream up this winter? Let’s take stock of what we will be birthing this year. Below you’ll find five categories to get you started. Reflect upon where you want to see growth in these area’s and feel free to add your own or dive deeply into as many or few as you desire.


Identify self-care practices and apply them to your routine. the

Describe and define what a healthy diet looks like for you.

Find several physical activities that you enjoy and integrate them into your daily practice.


What is your spiritual practice? Does it include prayer, meditation, song, dance, time in nature? How ever you express your spirituality, where would you like to expand and grow?

Social Circle (1)


Who makes up your social circle? Are they living the life that you would like to live? If not, evaluate the kind of person you would like to be and find others who have similar

Examine your relationships with your family, lovers, and partner(s). What do you want these relationships to look like, feel like, more towards?

Self and Professional Development 

What are your professional goals?

Is your career on track for where you would like to be 1, 5, and 10 years from now?

Are there any classes or courses you would like to attend in the next year?

Take 2 personality tests this year so you can better understand yourself and others.

Have your astrology, numerology, tarot, oracle, and akashic records read for you.


How do your finances look?

Review your:







With love,


28 Days of Love: Love Arrangements

Greetings beloveds,

Now that we’ve found the love and relationships portion of your home, I know you can’t wait to start arranging the items in that space to create a specific energy. Here are some tips to Feng Shui some love into your life.

  1. First what type of room is this? For many this may be a bedroom, family room, bathroom. You might also find that portion missing in your home? If so, there are other ways to cultivate the energy of that space through intention setting or decorating the external portion where your love section would be. The function of the room plays a large role in the energy that exists there.
  2. Determine the design of the room. What is the entrance to that space like? Is it a door, hall, or open space? Are there windows? If so what direction do they face and where are they located in the room? What about closets? Look to see all the design elements of the room so you know what you are working with.
  3. Now spend some time in this space. How does it feel?
  4. How is the room decorated? What’s in the room?
  5. Are there things in the space that can be changed or improved?
  6. What things do you like about the room?
  7. What do you dislike about the room?
  8. Ideally, what do you want the room to feel like?
  9. Ideally, what types of relationships would you like to have?

Once you’ve completed answering these questions you’ll have a pretty good idea of where to start improving upon the love portion of your home. Tomorrow we’ll look what items to use to decorate the love portion of your home to correct any issues you may find in the space.

With love,