Goddess of Spring: Coatlicue

Today, I am going to share part of what I have learned during my time with Coatlicue. I’ve been reading analysis related to this Goddess. Those that speak to her as a fertility, feminine, earth, death, rebirth, Mexican, Chicano/a/x, Mestizo/a/x, Tejano/a/x, and indigenous nature. To interact with her energy is to interact with the history … Continue reading Goddess of Spring: Coatlicue

The Masculine’s Descent into the Underworld

Greetings beloveds, As I was writing the Polarity reading for the masculine and feminine energy for the Spring Equinox, it occurred to me that repeatedly the spring equinox was approximately the time when the divine masculine began its descent into the underworld. Easter falls on the first Sunday following the ecclesiastical full moon after the spring … Continue reading The Masculine’s Descent into the Underworld