New Moon in Capricorn: Get Your Money Right

New Moon Readings (1)

Greetings beloveds,

Happy New Moon! It’s the first new moon of 2018 and it will not disappoint. This new moon let’s talk finances and security. Whether you are unemployed, living paycheck to paycheck, middle class, or have a lavish lifestyle, our society functions through an exchange of currency. What’s your relationship like with money? Do you find that it leaves just as quickly as it arrives? Are others always asking you for loans and never paying you back? Or do you have a hefty savings and make investments that continue to grow your assets? This new moon if you’ve been working on your relationship to money, worth, and wealth its time to take it up a notch. By that I mean let’s get practical. Build skills, take classes, read books, put what you learn into practice.

The feminine is in her power. Luxuriating in the depths of the underworld she gestates waiting to be reborn. She stands at the cross roads beckoning you to come forth with her. To leave the space of deceit and abuse to be your pure self. The winds of change are here. They are blowing in without hesitation. If you find that you have had a hard time releasing a person, place, thing, or behavior there is spiritual support for you. I for one have a hard time letting go of relationships whether friends, lovers, or even jobs. I want to keep trying and not be a “failure”. What it really boils down to is I’m way to concerned with what others think of me. Yupp, my shadow loves to compare myself to others. Eventually, I get to the point where I realize this situation is just not healthy for me or them/it. Had I spoken up early on things would not have gotten where they eventually end up.

This new moon, take a moment and find your power. From that space speak your truth. There is a certain charm that comes from being honest with our self and others. It is the grace of the fool with the wisdom of the hermit. Apply this power to your relationship with money and security. Our finances are just like any other mirror. They reflect how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. There are of course things out of our hands such as the family we are born into, our race and gender expectations. Each of these effects how we interact with the world. What we may initially believe that we can achieve. Some write their own stories. Create their own reality. Some the pieces never fall into place and they find themselves reliving the patterns of their family, race, and society. What can you control? What can you practically change?

  • Take account of your financial status:
    •  Income
      1. Passive and active
      2. How can you diversify your income?
    • Bank accounts: Savings, spending
    • Investments
    • Retirement Accounts
  • Create Financial Goals:
    • SMART goals create a road map to take you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Learn from the Pros!

Above all else: Know your worth-harness your power-refuse to settle



Enchanted Hearth: Stews

Greetings beloveds,

Stews are a hearty and filling way to increase or maintain your intake of vegetables during the winter. The amount of liquid present differentiates stews from soups. Stews are thicker and can be served on a plate with the liquid serving as a sauce or gravy. Stews are easy to make! Just take some of your favorite winter vegetables such as root vegetables including carrots, potatoes, turnips, or parsnips. Then add in some cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, mustard and collard greens. Lastly, we can’t forget onions, garlic, and spices to taste. Combine these items in pot or a slow cooker with plenty of water. Let these cook over a low fire until the root vegetables are soft. Separately you may want to cook some rice, quinoa, millet, or couscous to pour the stew over. Depending on how much you make a stew can provide you with nourishing meals for up to a week.

Here’s to good eating in the Sacred Hearth!


Gods of Life and Death: The Green Men

The Green Men

Greetings beloveds,

What is life without balance? Last year we introduced the Goddesses of Life and Death to prepare us for our journey with them through 2018. Now it is time to introduce the masculine with the Gods of Life and Death: The Green Men. Throughout time there have been myths of Green Men who carry the energy of death and rebirth. They are the masculine part of the gender and polarity Universal Laws. This is not a matter of one being incomplete without the other but of complimenting each other.

Here we find the balance. The ability to bring light and darkness from a separate space into unity through the masculine. At this time, there’s been a reckoning to balance masculine energy. We are all being called to stand up and balance our energy.

Welcome to the Gods of Life and Death


Connecting to the Divine Feminine: Winter


Greetings beloveds,

Today we will discuss seven easy ways to connect to the Divine Feminine during the Winter.

  1. Winter solstice is the perfect time to commune with the spirits while you are within their realm-the underworld. As the longest night of the year, this is the time when you are in the depths of the underworld are easiest to access.
  2. According to the Chinese five elements system winter is associated with the element of water. During the winter months it’s recommended that you study the element of water.
  3. Connect to the Earth- We’ll cover this more later in the season.
  4. Create nurturing rituals which draw on the element of earth, water, and warmth. This could include warming drinks, hot meals, snuggling under throws, lighting a fire, or taking a hot shower or bath.
  5. Dress in coats, wraps, and accessories in deep earth tones, cool blues, white, green, red or any color that reminds you of winter.
  6. Meditate on the energy of winter and personal development. What areas of your life are calling for your attention? Where do you need to nurture yourself?
  7. Set aside time each day to rest. During the winter, although externally the world may be resting, internally we are healing and growing. In the Winter, we are encouraged to go within and rest just as the feminine does through various myths of the underworld.

Let me know how you connect with the Divine Feminine during the Winter!


Enchanted Hearth: Vegan Pancakes

20171231_182152.jpgGreetings beloveds,

There’s nothing better on a cold winter day than some warm nutritious pancakes. Here’s a recipe for vegan pancakes that will be sure to make your day.



1/2 Cup of Flax Meal

1/2 Cup of Almond Meal

1/2 Cup of flour, almond flour, coconut flour or any type of flour you prefer

1 Cup Almond, Coconut, Soy Milk

2 Tablespoons baking soda

Sweetener of You Choice

Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger or spice of your choosing to taste

Honey, coconut sugar, brown sugar, stevia to taste

Mix dry ingredients in bowl. Add milk to dry mix. Continue to mix all ingredients until well combined.


Over medium heat, place pan that is either non-stick or is lightly greased so the mixture will not stick the pan. Once pan is hot, pour mixture in so that pancake is roughly about ¼ an inch high. The pancake will rise as it begins to cook. Once bubbles begin to appear across the top of the pancake it is ready to be flipped.


Cook on opposite side for about 2-3 minutes depending on thickness of pancake. Remove from pan and place on plate. Cover with a clean dish towel or cover that will allow steam to escape to maintain the heat while you cook the rest of the pancakes.

Add you favorite toppings such as chocolate chips, fruit, nut butters, whipped cream, jam, honey, etc.




Journaling for Self-Care: January’s Journal Prompt

Journaling for self-care

Greetings beloveds,

Self-care may be a buzz word that’s almost become synonymous with tea, meditation, baths, and yummy foods. Theory without practice does little to serve the soul. Practices that we do not personally connect with may actually cause for us to experience more stress rather than alleviate the stressor. Find what connects to you. Find what works for you and when it no longer helps then change your routine. This year we are trying something different to take self-care from theory to practice. At the start of each month we will share a couple of journal prompts to write about each month. Hopefully you will find these thought provoking and encouraging.

Here’s to our health!


Week 1 Spirit:

What are you looking forward to most this winter?

Week 2 Feminine/Masculine:

          What is your take on the Divine Feminine?

Week 3 Physical Activity/Nutrition:

What are 3 of your favorite ways to stay active?

Week 4 Home/Space:

“Nature opens it’s lesson plan

To a single word …patience.”

Excerpt of Patience from Where Butterfly’s Pray by Susie Clevenger. You can purchase her work here.

January: The Start of Something Big

Winter - no text

Greetings beloveds,

2017 was a year of growth for me. Here’s a list of where we’ve been

  • Consistently contributed to The Bliss Institute blog
  • Did oracle readings for each season change, full and new moon.
  • Introduced the 12 Dark Goddesses
  • Completed the first 28 Days of Love
  • Designed the self care and Underworld Journey workshop
  • Created the Sovereign Moon course
  • Designed the Official Bliss Institute Product line of incense, candles, altar jars, and oils.
  • Developed the Gods and Goddess of Love and Sex Tarot Deck

Here’s where we plan to go in 2018

  • Design workshops on tarot, oracle, astrology, numerology, and 12 Universal Laws course
  • Develop the Connecting to the Goddesses of Life and Death Course
  • Design the Resurrection Course
  • Consistently post Youtube videos and social media posts
  • Introduce the Gods of Life and Death
  • Include fashion in the home/space blog space
  • Provide at least one book or movie review each month
  • Provide a monthly journal prompt

And those are just the beginning! I hope that you all were able to achieve your goals in 2017. Even more I pray that you have set intentions and goals which feed your passions and your soul in 2018.

Here’s to another year of success!


Sacred Hearth: Creating the 8th Gate in Your Home


Greetings beloveds,

I have spoken of the 8th Gate of the underworld as a space of creation and rest. You can read about the 8th Gate of the underworld here. As we are at the time to begin integrating the lessons of the underworld into our lives, let us acknowledge and create our own 8th Gate within your home.

  • Find a space that you can fill with only the things that make you feel safe and loved.
  • Cleanse that space using the elements
    • Air: Incense, sound, breath
    • Water: humidifier, spray mist
    • Fire: light candles, safely burn intentions for the space
    • Earth: bring in plants and stones
    • Spirit: Energetic clearing using spheres of cleansing and protection
  • Set the intention of the space
    • Previous methods may be used here as well
    • Write sigils using your energy upon the walls and floors
  • Place the items that conjure emotions of safety, comfort, and support into this space. Make sure these items also engage your creative side.
  • Spend time in this space doing what brings you pleasure. Reading, writing, meditating, listening to music, electronic media. This is not a space to zone out altogether but to incite the energy of creation within you. This is different for everyone.
  • This does not have to be inside your home. Spaces outside can serve to be your 8th Gate but be mindful of the privacy of that space. If it is public and others enter it, that place will need to be cleansed more often and reset.


Enjoy your time within the 8th Gate. May it lead you to peace and joy.



Full Moon in Cancer: Clean, Clear, and Taking Care of Self.

Full Moon Readings New

Greetings beloveds,

It’s officially the first full moon of 2018 and of course being in the sign of Cancer we are going to be all up in our feels. Alright, let’s get real here. There is something in your life that is crappy right now. You may be having petty conflict with your loved ones, at home, or in situations where there are power dynamics (i.e. every possible situation). In the areas that you can control and influence you can either create a space of heaven or hell. A space of support and love or conflict and stress. At some point you have chosen to either exert power over someone or give power to someone or something when that did not need to occur.

Cancer’s are known for giving more love, energy, and time to those that do not return the sentiment. If you find yourself in partnerships that are not equally supportive, time to cut the cord. Otherwise you will begin to hold negative energy which will impact your life in ways that you may be least expecting it such as your ability to provide for yourself and care for your home. As Cancer, is associated with the home, make sure that you have created a safe space for yourself there. Do not let others take advantage of your giving nature. Create boundaries and stick to them. Even if you write them down and pull them out when necessary.

Alright so how do we not find ourselves in their power conflicts? Connect to Spirit. Simple as that. This theme of spirituality is the main theme of all life. We always have resources and support waiting for us to tap into them. We cannot do that when we are not willing to be open to that information. Meditate, pray, write, sing, play instruments, have sex, talk to your friends, be in nature, take part in sacred movements, whatever is your thing do it. Also, focus on getting your temple right.

  • Clean your house

Have you been slacking on staying on top of your finances? Robbing Peter to pay Paul? Make a budget, set up different bank accounts, and find a financial management system that you can stick with.

Physically clean your home

Wash your windows, dust, clean your floors, wash your walls

Air your pillows and mattress

Recycle, donate, and trash objects you no longer need

  • Clear your energy

Wash your hair

Exfoliate your skin

Receive a manicure or pedicure (from yourself or another)


Use air, water, earth, and fire to cleanse according to your spiritual practice

  • Take care of your body

Take time off to relax (walk, bathe, read, write, watch a movie or tv, meet with friends, have sex)

Review your daily eating habits

Move! – Make it a daily priority to move and be active

Happy New Year- May you thrive in 2018


Winter Solstice 2017: Polarity Reading

Winter Solstice Masculine Feminine Reading (3)

Greetings beloveds,

We have explored the general and love energy of this season, we now turn to the masculine and feminine to bring complete balance. The world right now is stark and barren. The sky is grey and we long or warmth and comfort. Yet, there is a beauty to the stillness and promise of what is to come. We know that beyond the appearance of death there is life waiting to come forth. As if reflected by the season, our world right now seems ugly, cruel, and bare. Yet, we find joy and beauty still. That is the lesson for this winter. Even in the darkest of times there is joy and light. There exist together just as the masculine and feminine exist; united. The masculine is here to share the beauty of the world while the feminine calls us to recognize that it is our inherent worth that makes this world divine.

January: There is a book series that I love by Garth Nix called The Abhorsen Series. Through these stories we learn of the creation and destruction of the world repeatedly. Each time shifting and growing. Each character must grapple with their shadow towards inadequacy, worth, and purpose. One of the characters Lirael, experiences severe displacement as an orphan among the Clayr of the North who see across time. Lirael does not have the sight and finds herself spending her time among their ancient library. Learning became her gift. Within that gift Lirael is led to her purpose. Lirael had a gift that was unique unto herself. One that would save them all but cost her more than she would have imagined. I implore you to read this series to acquaint yourself with a beautiful tale of shadow and light, life and death. How they are so closely tied together.

You may feel displaced. That you are constantly seeking to be more, do more, live more. We strive to “get it right and achieve our purpose in life.” We realize this January, that there is no right way. Perfection is subjective. It is a choice. One that can feel very difficult to make. Holding abuse, toxicity, and other harmful situations such as institutional prejudice, find the perfection around you. In the beauty of the sunrise. In your morning or evening ritual. In the arguments, misunderstandings, and perceived failures. The path is before you and the choice is yours which way you would like to go. Embrace your experience and use that to fuel your drive. Unite your will and honor both the pain and love. Within there lies the perfection of your entire being.

February: It may be very difficult to accept our divinity and flawed perfection. Often that is where our spirituality comes in as we connect to forces perceived as greater than ourselves who can provide us a lens through which we can see ourselves through the eyes of the divine. Beautiful, perfect, loved. Seek guidance from those who have traveled this road before. They can lend insight and support to you during your journey to self. There is a balance that exists between having a guide, honoring your own wisdom, and being your own guide. Strike that balance this month. Outside insight is a support system but they cannot do the work for you. Nor can they see the world as you do. You are unique and deserve to have that space to shine. Shine brightly love.

March: You have your guides, you know your purpose, you honor your inner source of wisdom, now we heal. We heal the larger forms of ourselves in community with one another. Often these larger structures of institutions, groups, and ideas shape our world. They create expectations and stereotypes which we are compared to externally and internally. We look to our leaders to guide us and then are disappointed, hurt, and enraged when they do not live up to our expectations. The lesson of February carries over to our social spheres as we heal our relationship to community and leadership. Go within and determine if the larger sphere reflects your internal desires. A wise organization, society, and leader engages in self-reflection just as we reflect on our lives. If that does not occur growth is obstructed. Balance is the key. Taking in information from trusted vetted guides and your own personal guidance system creates a well-rounded approach to decision making and creation.

If you find that you are angry at what is occurring during this time that emotion is a sign of the burning away of what was. Let the fires rage within you and funnel that energy towards constructive action. Call out your actions that have participated in the harm and the actions of the those who you placed your trust in to guide the whole. From fire comes life. From death rebirth. From the ashes the Phoenix.