Glamour: Scorpian Alchemy

Hello lovies,

Let’s talk glamour and beauty. On the surface Scorpio glamour capitalizes on the social mores placed on sexuality and the sensual. Sexuality is everywhere in Western society and yet, it is shunned. Pushed to the fringes to be consumed in the dark through a lens of shame and judgement – distorted. Mass media is filled with images that can be interpreted in a sexual manner, yet the topic of sex is still taboo in public discourse. This suppresses our expression of our emotional and physical desires. Desires only to be explored in whispers or through the approved channels.

Why? Sex is not inherently frightening. It is what sex can represent. A chance to remove all pretense of persona and to just be with another. To be truly seen and vulnerable. It is a act which holds great power which can be harnessed in different ways. It is the next step of the evolution from Libra to Scorpio. Libra brings us balance with harmony through intimacy. A social process. Scorpio removes the boundaries of the physical to expose the heart. It is here that we can fully connect with the other. Emotional vulnerability.

Defenseless. we move to be a part of something more than ourselves. We are naked, unprotected. Here we are exposed to the truth of our weakness. That all of our big defenses created through the ego cannot save us in the end. We cannot escape the truth of the inevitability of death. So we play as close to it as possible. Experiencing the freedom, release, and tinge of fear from meeting the divine in each other and ourselves well before our time. Here, we find the sweetness of love, pleasure, and hope. Here, we realize that the end is only the beginning.

Scorpio’s truest glamour is to embody their sexuality fully and without fear.

To embrace that sexuality and sensuality are not confined by the physical. There is Scorpion glamour in all forms.

To magnetize the power of their feelings to manifest their desires.

Embracing the reality of one’s mortality may trigger the life and death instinct in others. It attracts them to us while also repelling them. This is an aspect of Plutonian energy, the modern ruler of Scorpio. The key is the unknown. We long to understand it. To conquer it. To be embraced by it. That is the energy of Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio.

Scorpio becomes this trigger. This key. This power. Learn to see the heart of others through the veil of darkness by accepting your sexual nature and you will have mastered the art of Scorpian glamour.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


Full Moon in Aquarius: Temperance of the Heart and Mind

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Sun and Mars in Leo (opposition to the Moon and Saturn)

                Hello sunshine! We have a dynamic duo in Leo with the Sun and Mars. This is amazing and excellent energy. I mean if you aren’t having a good time this full moon, I don’t know what you’re doing with yourself. If you’re feeling little blue, because sometimes when you’re called to step up and shine brightly that can be intimidating if we are more of a behind the scenes kind of person. This is the best part about this energy as most folks believe that Leo’s are natural extroverts who love being showered in attention. That can play out in many different ways though and does not necessarily mean being the main character. In fact, many like to use their charm and powers to assist others. It makes them feel seen, helpful, and they still gain the accolades that they crave.

                Thus, you may be stepping into center stage, but most likely, you will be called to show up in your relationships with others. Stating your needs, your desires, and advocating for those that you care about. This will be challenged by the opposing Moon and Saturn in Aquarius. Expressing your emotions may take more work than what you are used to because there will be a call to intellectualize things. To rationalize away your feelings because you feel like others will not understand you or feeling like you lack the vocabulary to articulate how you feel. Partner that with Saturn reverse and it feels especially heavy and cumbersome to focus on your feelings when you could be getting work done to fix ALL THE THINGS that you have found to be holding you back from making progress in your life (hint hint: it is your lack of communication and community).

                Leo gives us courage. It helps us to see that without us, the world would not be the same. Thus, we cannot go hide in the shadows. There’s work to be done and Leo will make sure it is taken care of because that is what they do. Without the sun where would we be? If you are having a hard time with this, tap into Aquarius, which has identified what needs to be done and decided how to complete it.

Moon and Saturn in Aquarius

                We’ve spoken about the moon and Saturn in Aquarius a bit already. Here’s a little bit more about this energy. This will be a full moon that focuses on the connection between our mind, spirit, and emotions. We see this coming into focus through the opposition to the Sun and Mars in Leo. Leo’s are motivated by their feelings, particularly those that are powerful and encourage them to step outside of their comfort zones. Leo is the fire needed to get Aquarius out of their heads and into action creating the changes that they have envisioned for the world. This allows for our mind to express itself through the fire of spirit supported by our emotions.

Mercury in Cancer

                Oh you thought I was joking when I said this would be an emotionally expressive full moon. We even have Mercury in Cancer, which is all about expressing our feelings, particularly those around what makes us feel secure. Feelings, security, family, origin, legacy. It’s all tied together this full moon in the signs of courage and temperance.

                If you have not, please review attachment theory. I’m writing this a bit before the actual full moon. There’s a lot of discourse around relationships, as usual. I would like to point to the importance of understanding your attachment style, your awareness of your emotions, and your ability to communicate those feelings to others. When we have not done the work to identify these areas of our life, we are missing a great part of the healing process.

Opposition to Pluto in Capricorn

                Pluto is reversed in Capricorn, this is kind of like when Inanna was hung upon the meat hook in the underworld for three days waiting for Ninshubar to gain favor with Inanna’s fellow Gods and save her from her fate. We are chilling in the underworld, sitting in the Earth and examining the work that we need to accomplish.

  • What has brought us here?
  • How do we change what has happened to us?
  • Above all else, this story highlights that this cannot be done on our own. We will need help from the people who care about us.
  • It does not get much more Leo and Aquarius than that.

Venus in Virgo (opposition to Jupiter/Neptune)

                Venus has moved on to Virgo and this energy has a distinct difference in feel from Venus in Leo. A Virgo Venus is focused on connections assisting in creating the opportunity for order and beauty in their lives. Beauty in the widest theoretical sense. We are talking the science of beauty, the math of beauty, the perfection of beauty. Virgos are our assessors. They review of the experiences that we have had in order to find the areas that can be improved and who needs assistance. This can also mean that they take on relationships that are projects. It helps them to focus their energy, particularly when they are desiring to avoid their own problems that she should be working on. This full moon we will be in a space to share our love and affection through caring for ourselves and each other.

Venus is still in conjunction to Mars. Venus is in a different sign now because it moves faster than Mars. They are still then forming a super planet. This works wonderfully in tandem with the Leo and Aquarius energy which utilizes community to achieve their goals. Venus brings in big helper energy. Virgo desires to be of service because of its connection to fertility. When we can create and grow, it is easier to see the path of the best way to assist others because you are not held back by limitations. Virgos are grounded in reality, but this is a reality where anything is possible. Leo and Aquarius are dreamers. They are doers, but they are not necessarily finishers. That is where Virgo will come in handy as well. Look to see completion of some of your goals and desires that you have been working on this year.

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces

                Expansion and dreams are still being highlighted with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces.

These planets are trine the Sun in Leo and Mercury in Cancer. They work in tandem, supporting each to heal the parts of us that provide our hopes and dreams. The parts of us that may have been tucked away because the world just was not safe enough to be this vulnerable self (see the above commentary on security, attachment style, and shadow work).

Pisces with its connection to the spirt and the soul, is the perfect sign to house these planets as we reform our relationship to the self in order to revolutionize our relationship to the other. All shifts reverberate, from the micro to the macro – from the macro to the micro. As some like reference in the phrase as above, so below. The mundane work that we are doing has a sacred impact on our spirit. A deeper healing then we may be aware of. Thus, no matter whether you feel that getting enough sleep, movement that is available to you, mindfulness and supporting your emotional state are making a significant difference in your life, it is doing more then what you know.

Uranus in Taurus:

I don’t have much to say this full moon about Uranus in Taurus as it is much of the same. This will be a time when it is vital that you reinforce your values through communicating your beliefs, boundaries, and expectations clearly.

Pluto in Capricorn

                I’m only stopping in to comment on Pluto being reversed in Capricorn. Pluto our lovely sometimes a planet, sometimes not, highlights our limited understanding of ourselves at our deepest core and our furthest reaches. We are again held within the underworld. Moving slowly, sometimes even appearing to move backwards. Each step forward towards our great work (look into Steven Forrest for more explanation on the great work), ends up with two steps back. Progress is progress and giving ourselves the space to embrace this shifts our lives tremendously. As always be gentle with yourself and each other.

With love,

Kamilah Rose

Where Venus and Mars Meet: Passion and Desire

You all know of my fascination with Mars and it’s relationship with Venus. I really adore working with this energy and discovering how I personally relate to these planets via my birth chart. I always suggest that you review your own birth chart to better understand your own energy and how these planet will impact you.

Overall Mars is the planet which gives us the desire to live. Although it is best known now as a planet of war, Mars originally was associated with the life giving aspects of green man, vegetation, and the gardener/farmer. Mars was the passion that drove us to get up in the morning and face the day. The ability to fight for survival. Our desire to connect and expand. The will to live. Without Mars we are dull, hesitant, and apathetic. We all know folks who just seem to have a spark or we have witnessed individuals light up when they are able to do or focus on something that really excites them.

Mars is associated with Aries – the Ram/The Life/Light Bringer and Scorpio – The Scorpion/ Death. This showcases the polarity of Mars – that of giving life and taking it away. These areas are inherently connected. You cannot have one without the other. Where there is life, there is death. Mars oversees both of these areas sharing the sign of Scorpio with Pluto. To live is to have the greatest courage, but it takes just as much courage to face the ending of things. Death or change can occur in every area of our life. From our relationships, to our beliefs, physical form, spirituality, community, and material items – everything ends at some point as the world is always changing. The ability to accept this change and move forward – to be reborn is ruled by Mars.

When you feel stuck in a situation or state, tap into Mars to get things moving. If you fear this change and letting go, Mars can also help you to release and let go. Mars will cut the ties that have held you within the underworld. You will have to make the choice though to accept this assistance and be brave enough to know when you need help. Through Mars we become the phoenix, rising through from the depths of the underworld in Scorpio into the fires/wisdom of Sagittarius.

Venus is also associated with passion. Whereas Mars is the passion of life, Venus is the passion of relating to the other. The coming together and shift from I to We. The planet of love, art, beauty, justice, and judgement. All aspects associated with Venus describes a relationship. Love can be between many things including the self. Art is made and observed by the self/other. Justice highlights the relationship between cause and effect. We receive justice when the outcome of actions are a direct relation or reflection to the cause. Venus holds the task of judgement as the ruler of Libra, the ruler of the scales and guardian of the gates to the underworld. This is highlighted by the fact that the astrological location of Libra is a part of Scorpio’s constellation. They are tied together working hand in hand – just like Venus and Mars.

Venus connects us to Mars as its polarizing force exemplified by its rulership over Taurus the opposite of Scorpio and Libra the opposite sign to Aries. Venus serves as the grounding earth and wise air elements to the active fire and the healing waters of Mars. Mars brings us life, drive, the will to do and be more. Venus then grounds that energy in the reality of physical world through engaging our senses to manifest the desires. We then meet our pair again, Venus weighs the outcome of Virgos assessment finding the beauty in the act of us clearing/cleansing- a skill that relates to finding the perfect balance – an art. Upon judgement, Venus leads us to the gates of the underworld handing us over to the healing waters of Mars as Scorpio, who takes what needs to be released and extinguishes it. Washes us anew and sparks that fire of rebirth within us before we spread our wings and rise from the underworld.

It’s kinda magical huh?

This conjunction or union of Mars and Venus takes place in Leo, the Lion. The sign of courage, the sun, and creativity. We may experience a great release, rebirth, or connection. This will take great courage – to follow your dreams, to honor the interests of your inner child, to wildly embrace your inner fire of creativity.

There is also the side of Leo’s that are the defenders. If you’ve been waiting for the moment to establish your boundaries, this is a great time to do so as you will not be in the mood to take any mess from anyone. Leo’s a too fine and too fire to put up with disrespect. Get ready for folks to be defensive and stubborn. This may not bring out the best in everyone. Leo’s can be liars to protect their image or those that they care about. This allows them to create the narrative that better aligns with their vision of how things should be. Luckily for them, as the sun they have power to shine their light where they please and control the shadows. This makes things usually work out for them. If you find yourself under the glare of the sun within the shadow of Leo, taking an Aquarius approach will be helpful. Focus on what is best for the group and call it as you see it. Detach a bit so that you are able to see clearly in the blinding light and create a clear plan to approach the issue.

Lastly, our values may be called to question during this time. Get clear and prepare to defend your truth. There’s no need to compromise your values or beliefs to fit in or go with the flow. There’s also no need to stick to your beliefs just because that’s what you’ve always believed. Although Leo can be stubborn, this will not serve you at this time. It will leave you stuck, with quite a bit that needs to be accessed when Venus moves into Virgo. The more you hold on to the more that will need to be released in Scorpio.

Step into the light loves, dance in the glitz and glam. You deserve to get to shine, be loved on fiercely, and express yourself proudly.

See you all soon,

Kamilah Rose

New Moon in Cancer : Change is the Only Constant

Sun and Moon in Cancer (6th)

All the feels all the time. That’s pretty much it. Think emotional security. How do you keep yourself and those that you care about safe?

Cancer season and energy always brings me to that creation energy present in the primordial waters. The majority of our world is made up of water and our relationship to this element provides a window into our relationship with the self.

Shadow work has always been an important aspect of healing and living a full life. When we find ourselves living in a world where water is becoming a scarce source which is in immediate danger of continued abuse through pollution, exploitation, and commodification – what, if anything does this say about our current state?

At the time of writing this, an undersea pipeline owned by Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) developed a gas leak resulting in a swirling mass of flames in the Gulf of Mexico.

We have created an existence in this world that is as beautiful as it is violent. We often have a relationship with the self that reflects this. We run gas pipelines along and under the ocean floor to deliver the gas and oil that society uses to function. Yet, this comes with a price that is often ignored until something goes wrong. Similarly, we create coping mechanisms to function in our daily lives. These run in the background through our subconscious often ignored unless there is a negative consequence or outcome that is experienced.

Yet, when something does go wrong the outcome can be tremendous – a swirling mass of flames within the waters of the ocean, the most abundant molecule on Earth, that must be immediately addressed.

Shadow work allows for us to identify, clarify, and integrate these internal mechanisms which subconsciously impact our conscious experiences. Shadows are often developed due to the morals that are highlight in our society, community, family, and the self. As these morals shift and change over time, the shadows that develop change as well.

Here are some questions to ask yourself for this new moon:

  • What coping mechanisms have you developed to protect your emotional security for yourself and those you care about?
  • How has this impacted your daily life?
  • In what way is related to a personal or societal myth?
  • What is the moral tied to that myth?

Mercury in Gemini (5th)

Please have fun this new moon. There is so much support for conversations and growth. Creativity and curiosity. If you are feeling stuck or confined, let yourself explore. Find something that draws your attention and dive into it.

Venus and Mars in Leo in 7th house

Passion, desire, purpose, life-force.

Embodiment, love, justice, balance.

This new moon two great energies move into conjunction. This means that Mars and Venus will be at the same degree within the sign of Leo. This amplifies both of their energies. How this works will depend on your personal relationship with each of these planets and the sign of Leo. In general, this will be a month of great connections. The Green Man and the Morning/Evening Star have danced around each other for months. Coming closer and closer, but like Nuit and Geb, never fully being together – until now.

We may find ourselves having a great moment of justice fueled by our desire to be free and defend our livelihood.

Jupiter and Neptune in 1/2nd house in Pisces

Jupiter and Pisces are in their home sign. Jupiter used to be the planet associated with Pisces until Neptune came along. This indicates that we are experiencing a unique opportunity to tap into our subconscious and our connection with the energy of creation. Pisces encompasses the entirety of the zodiac journey. It is the culmination of the path from start to finish. Jupiter as the expander, shows us that even as we believe that we have experienced all there is in life, there will always be more. More to learn, more to know, more to experience. Neptune is the mystery of this unknown. The window through which we can see what was once beyond us. Many individuals are going through a time of examining their role in society and in the world. Neptune and Jupiter combined give us a glimpse into the truth that we are all connected even though our journey’s may be very different.

Will you be brave enough to take the leap of faith into the unknown (harnessing the energy of Leo)? This is not a simple question, and it does not require an answer now – all that is required is to acknowledge the question.

Saturn in Aquarius

Still evaluating macro and micro issues related to community, how we utilize technology to assist in elevating our ability to take better care of ourselves, and the drudgery of closing outdated systems.

Uranus in Taurus

                You have seen the shift in our values. Focus moving towards environmentally friendly, “natural”, health conscious, quality over quantity, access to various financial institutions are all indicators of this shift. Taking time to review the aspects of Taurus – anything that arouses our senses would fall into this category of experiencing a significant change.

Pluto in Capricorn

                The unknown aspects of what Capricorn can be are revealing themselves. The stereotype of being the sacrificial lamb are being shed for the transformative polarity of the goat-fish. Climbing the highest peaks while exploring the lowest depths. Capricorn traverses the land and the sea aided by their companion Cancer. Where Cancer provides the point of safety and care, Capricorn carries the load – gladly. We see when we allow for individuals to contribute to society in a way that adds value to their lives and those around them, “work” has a totally different meaning. Without a doubt, we cannot separate the emotional from the physical any longer. Emotions have always driven Capricorn, it was just the expression of them through productivity and purpose based on societal expectations that continued to support the unfeeling/uncaring stereotype. As a Saturnian society, we are being reborn through Pluto to no longer divorce our emotions from our actions. We are stepping into the full energy of Capricorn. Body and Soul.

Full Moon in Capricorn: The Power of Polarity

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Sun and Venus in Cancer

Cancer season is upon us! The energies of water will be very active and very strong at this time. Water, like all elements can be harnessed for healing, support, and release. The way this happens though is unique as it occurs through a watery lens. When we look at Cancerian energy, we are looking at cardinal water. This is the starting point of a new journey, a new beginning, a new season. Summer brings the brightest, hottest, wettest, intense moments of transformation. The crab is taking a chance to come out of it’s shell and explore what the world has in store for it. When the sun and Venus connect in Cancer, we experience a heightening of our emotion and desires for heart driven unity. We seek emotional safety and security that can often result in the desire to ensure physical safety as well.

Moon and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

We have an interesting play of polarities this full moon between the energies of Cancer and Capricorn. The sun and moon oppose each other. Venus and Pluto oppose each other. Each of these are pulling energy out from the other. Creating a space of massive transformation. Whether this will work in our favor depends on our personal astrology and whether we are willing to surrender to the energies of

Mercury and True Node in Gemini

Let us take our time with our words and our interests. We’re still feeling pulled in every direction. Wanting to explore and fill our curiosity. Yes, there will still be issues with communication. Take your time. Make sure you over communicate. Send another message, check in to see that the message was received, ask them to repeat back to you what they think the information or message meant.

Above all else, have fun! Gemini is a light and free energy. Step into that space. Embrace it.

Mars in Leo  

It’s summer time so I am exploring the myths and energy of Isis and Inanna. I found this creature as I was doing my research. The Musmahhu is a mythological hybrid of serpent, lion, and bird. A link between the signs and the elements. When we look at the energy of Leo and Mars, of light and life, it encourages the pursuit of our passions. To have courage and chase the things that we desire the most. August 8th is coming. The Lion’s Gate will open and we will have another opportunity in the 8th gate to create beyond the limitations that our fear often place upon on us. This full moon, begin to gather the resources that you will need to conduct this journey. Have the courage to face yourself and

Jupiter (Ret/5th) and Neptune (6th) in Pisces

Feel the encouragement of the path of dreams. Our subconscious desires have been revving up. Pushing into our consciousness as we sleep, through slips of the tongue, in our intuition as we are attracted or repelled by different things in the world around us. When we expand, we can need more space, so our focus may begin to narrow to give us the mental and emotional bandwidth to engage with this newness.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius

Where do we need to refine our community? Where do we need to review what we have to contribute to the world around us? Saturn is placing us into review mode, just in time for the end of the second quarter. Take stock of where you are and where you want to be. Then make a plan to get there and leverage your community.

Uranus in Taurus

We are continuing to evaluate our relationship to what it means for something to have worth. There will be a lot that comes up this full moon around family. We will look at how our family (by birth, found, friendship, community) shapes our understanding of what has worth. Is it family, things, status, our own sense of self? Perhaps it is being useful, having a purpose, being loved, making money, achieving goals. There are intrinsic and extrinsic values that we assign a feeling or understanding of worth to. Our families form the foundation, but you make the final decision. This full moon, as the gifts of our ancestors and family find their way into your consciousness, make your own choice on how you would like to interact with this information. You can keep it and nurture it. Allowing it to grow or you can take it to seed and let it go.

Be mindful of your relationship to death, rebirth, change, transformation, and sex. These may be areas that are particularly sensitive to this energy.

The Enchanted Hearth: Light and Filling Summer Foods

Summer HerbsHerbs

Basil, Bay, Chives, Coriander, Culantro, Dill, Fennel, Gotu Kola, Heliotrop, Lemongrass, Lovage, Mint, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Tarragon, Thyme, Savory

Summer Fruits (1)


Apricot, Asian Pear, Barbados Cherries, Black Currents, Blackberry, Blueberry, Boysenberry, Breadfruit, Cantaloupe, Casaba Melon, Champagne Grapes, Cherries, Crenshaw Melon, Currants, Durian, Elderberries, Fig, Gooseberry, Grapes, Grapefruit, Guava, Honeydew Melon, Huckleberry, Jackfruit, Lime, Loganberry, Longan, Loquat, Lychee Nut Mango, Marionberry, Mulberries, Nectarine, Olallieberries, Passion Fruit, Papaya, Peach, Plum, Raspberry, Strawberry, Sugar Apple, Tayberry, Watermelon, Zucchini

summer vegetables- Rainbow chardVegetables:

Beets, Bell Peppers, Butter Lettuce, Chayote Squash, Chinese Long Bean, Corn, Crookneck Squash, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Endive, Garlic, Green Beans, Green Soybeans, (Edaname), Jalapeno Peppers, Lima Beans, Manoa Lettuce, Okra, Peas, Radishes, Shallots, Sugar Snap Peas, Summer Squash, Tomatillo, Tomatoes, Winged Beans, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Zucchini

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Sun, Moon, Mercury, and North Node in Gemini

Gemini energy is here! We love Gemini in this house because their childlike curiosity can be so contagious. Gemini being so prominent in this astrological energy

Venus and Mars in Cancer

Beauty and passion unite this new moon. Our hearts are aflame with the energy of the deepest forms of creation. Cancer is the first water sign, our first trip into our emotional core. We have felt the fire, the pull of the Earth, the curiosity of the mind, and now our hearts open. Our feelings are deeply engaged. We engage with our inner child, our mother, our creator. What this means for our sense of self. How this plays out in our values, morals, and manifestations. Emotional blockages here will reveal what has limited our sense of self and our ability to remain emotionally/mentally present in our bodies. We are dis-embodied. We are disengaged. We are overwhelmed and thus, are unable to intentionally create.

How do we address this? By tapping into the healing waters of Cancer. The safety of the shell which allows for limbs which have been torn from us to be reborn. A space where we can regain a sense of self. Sometimes the best approach to conflict is to retreat and regroup. To live to fight another day. The ability to strategize.

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces

My only insights to share during this new moon in Gemini for Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is to allow yourself to follow your dreams to achieve your great work. There may be obstacles that you encounter. Shadows and fears that seem to block the way. Close your eyes and embrace them. The Cancer energy is providing us the opportunity to return to what we always knew was our purpose before the world became too real. Before we grew up and felt that we could not have what we desired (Venus/Mars).

Saturn in Aquarius

Our systems are experiencing a radical change. They are drastically changing in their function and purpose. The philosophy of their purpose is being rewritten to better reflect our current society. Saturn has laid bare the limits of this world and Aquarius will not accept it. Our eye is on the future. What legacy are we leaving for those who come after us? What have we done to critically engage with the legacy that we have been gifted?

Uranus in Taurus

Who guides you in your spiritual life and why? Who do you follow? Who influences you? Are you pulled in this direction and that because of a trend? The most shared video or post on your favorite social media app? Or do you go to the source? Take a walk outside. Feel the ground beneath your feet. The flow of water around your body. The rush of air through your field. The heat of the flame against your skin. Is your connection direct or through a channel, an external form?

Pluto in Capricorn

What is the furthest that you have gone to survive? Do you believe the stories that you are told about WHY our world functions as it does? Do you accept it without question? Does the means justify the ends?

Capricorn although closely aligned with the energy the shifting towards the light during the darkest times, it also undoubtedly calls into question how far we are willing to go to survive. Capricorn will do what has to be done. It asks us to look at what we care about most and what we do to safeguard it. Or we believe we do. Pluto is shapeshifter. It is not easy to perceive. We think we know what it is or what it means, but it can be whatever it chooses. It is too far away from our limited understanding to be clearly understood. Yet we continue to want to name it, to limit it, to perceive it. Particularly, while in Capricorn we want to know what we are working with. It is only through this knowing that we can survive.

But how do we do this with an unknowable object? We could shut down. Fall back on what we know. Use outdated inherited solutions that have never worked, but only managed the status quo. Or we could step out on faith. Faith that we can try. That we can find the path which will take us where we want to be. Capricorn is successful not because they are hard workers, blessed, or highly favored. It is because they are wise or foolish enough to keep going. To climb the unclimbable mountain as the sea-goat.

Represented by the Devil card in astrology, they are the second tier of the The Lovers. They are the things that we are connected to which can constrain us, our earthly attachments. The pull of gravity that keeps us safely connected to our planet, also must be forcefully repelled in order to explore the stars. Capricorn asks us to break the restraints. To see what Pluto has to share with us. Just take the leap into the deepest waters of our psyche, into our past/present/future, to the world that we inherited both physically, genetically, and spiritually. Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood, spirit of my spirit.

What have you done to survive? What has been done to you in the name of advancement? What will you do to change it?

With love,

Mila Rose

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius: Mutable Energy Take Over

Sun, Mercury, Venus, and True Node in Gemini

If you were looking for the opportunity to talk about yourself, now is the time! This lunar eclipse we are finally coming fully back to ourselves. We have defined our boundaries, released, refined, nurtured, and created. Now it’s time to share who we are. Whether this is an updated version of yourself or a reintroduction just in case folks forgot who exactly YOU ARE, take the time this full moon to fully express yourself. This will also assist in leading you towards what you are here to accomplish in this life. It’s ok to be a bit all over the place. Gemini is our mixer of the zodiac signs. From their position they can take in and release data on a grand scale that many of us cannot even begin to understand.

Moon in Sagittarius

There is a lot going on this full moon. Sagittarian moons are very in touch with their instincts. They use their connection to their inner drives to determine where they put their emotional energy. This means they can be pretty temperamental, much like mutable signs often are. This energy impacts us in a similar way. You may find yourself cycling through many emotions throughout the day. For folks that are not use to this type of energy this may be a bit disconcerting, particularly for fixed moon signs.

The best advice is to go with the flow. Sagittarius is always on the lookout for the next adventure or experience. They see this as a learning opportunity. An opportunity to expand their world view and grow. During the Gemini new moon we were called to get in touch with how our bodies communicate with us. This full moon, now we are taking this to a different level. Where Gemini takes a mental stance towards understanding their world, Sagittarius takes an active role. Gemini talks, reads, watches, and listens. Sagittarius moves their body into these spaces. They are dancing, walking, moving their arms, rocking side to side. They engage with gathering information about their world by interacting with it. Gemini might read or watch a film about another culture that they are interested in, Sagittarius will hop on a flight or visit a festival to experience this culture.

Our relationships have been going through some changes. We have sun in Gemini in opposition to the Moon in Sagittarius. We want to explore who we are and express this in some way. We want the freedom to let our mind roam to whatever topic or subjects catch our interest. Sagittarius is all for this. They want to be free as well. This can have some interesting impacts on our relationships particularly if you are more of a vanilla individual. This may be the time when you try some of the physical activities that you have always been interested in. This could be sports, exercise, arts, hobbies, and sexual. Be open, check in with yourself and whoever you are in relationship with. Only do what you are comfortable with and if you need to lean into the Gemini side – do lots of research.

If you find yourself in a situation where your partner or the experience is leaning into an area that you are uncomfortable with, Gemini is here to help again. Say something and speak up! Be prepared to set and stick to your hard boundaries. You may also find there may be some shifty things going on. Sagittarius is not always up front about their activities. They may not want to feel that they are asking for permission or feeling like they are restricted. Everyone is capable of being dishonest. So if you find yourself wanting to be a bit sneaky or if your partner is found to be dishonest about their actions, take a note from our next planet and sign in Cancer, know how you best protect and nurture yourself. Then do what you need to support a safe environment for yourself and your loved ones.

Mars in Cancer

A season of connecting to our passions and emotional foundation. This full moon is all about communication. We delved a bit into some of the situations that may occur this full moon which could trigger this Mars in Cancer energy. We also have Mars in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces and in Opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.

The trine brings two water signs into conversation with each other and they are THRIVING. Cancer truly feels seen and understood in the expansive emotional nature of Pisces. Cancer concerns our personal, family, societal feelings while Pisces is our emotional relationship between ourselves and our creator. Thus, when we feel emotionally taxed this full moon, we will happily turn towards our spiritual practices for guidance and support. This is the ultimate form of family. Spiritual and universal family.

On the other hand, Cancer and Capricorn oppose each other on the zodiac wheel. Cancer is Cardinal Water, while Capricorn is Cardinal Earth. Cancer births our next stage of life guided by our emotional connections to the world around us. Capricorn is the turning point where we turn our inward emotional drive to an external physical manifestation. Mars in Cancer wants to address all emotional encounters that happen. There are no slights or shade that goes unnoticed, particularly if it even suggests there may be harm to what we hold dear. Pluto in Capricorn though is refining the institutions that educate us. It highlights that there are macro level factors in our environment which influence our perceptions of our family, our home, our ancestors and what this means to us. These macro level factors (school, religion, community) condition our expectations and how we react to these topics. Capricorn understands that we sometimes have to sacrifice to get what we want. We have to be dedicated to the outcome no matter it takes to get there. Cancer understands that sacrifice means nothing without connection to the world around us. Otherwise, what is the point?

You may find yourself feeling a lot of feelings associated with anger. Anger at what you experienced growing up. Anger at what your current life experience is. Anger at what you are told you are supposed to be, do, or want from the world. You may also feel the other edge of anger, great passion and desire. Desire to connect, create, refine, change the institutions, build and grow. These two go hand in hand and we can find ourselves shifting from one to the other this full moon. Go with the flow. Give yourself space. Have healthy coping mechanisms and seek professional psychological help if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces trine Mercury and Venus in Gemini

Our expanding understanding of our connection with the divine is assisted by our curiosity and desire for intellectually stimulating connections. This is also highlighted in our great work and what we are known for contributing to society.

Jupiter in Pisces square Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sag

This aspect takes our expanding understanding of our connection with the divine, but here our self-expression and emotional desire to be free to have new experiences are not quite jelling. Gemini and Sagittarius as we have discussed want to learn and explore. While Jupiter is all for this, Pisces would rather use a creative route or spiritual practice to gain this information. The deluge of data from Gemini and Sagittarius just following every emotional instinct that feels overwhelming to Pisces. This may lead us to delving into the Piscean habits that allow for us to disassociate to take a break from Gemini and Sagittarius. Jupiter will help here because this planet WANTS to have these experiences. Jupiter wants to roam free with Sagittarius. Jupiter wants to spend days pouring over personality and occupational tests.

We just have to get these three signs to work together and guess how we do that? We call in the one mutable sign we are missing- Virgo. Virgo will create order out of the chaos. If there’s one thing we can depend on Virgo for, it is to shift through all of the data that we find and identify what is and is not worth our time. This means make lists, organize what you find, create a system that works for you. Reach out to folks who are very organized and see how they do it. This is how we successfully navigate this time.

Neptune in Pisces square Mercury and Venus in Gemini

We are back again working with Mercury and Venus in Gemini. This time though Neptune in Pisces squares this energy. That’s right we’ve got more friction between our mutable pal signs. Here, we take how our souls connect conflicting with our intellectually stimulating desires for communication and relationships. Again, let’s help these two energies to work together. We may find ourselves seeking practices which allow us to quiet the running narrative of Gemini or we may need to adjust our practices to support our racing thoughts, interests and relationships. Neptune in Pisces will be the key to integrating the information that we discover this Gemini season into our lifestyles and rituals. Neptune is going to hold up their hand to all of the Gemini chatter and whisper for them to show them what moves their spirit the most. That will be what is kept in the long run and also narrows the overflow of data that Gemini usually gets lost in, helping us all out in the end.

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius in the 10th house

Retrograde season is upon us! Saturn appears to moving backwards through the astrological zodiac sign Aquarius. This means we are cutting embracing and cutting loose all the communities, acts of service, hopes and fears that we have around our great work. Check out the planets and the sign that rules your 10th house to see where this will impact you specifically.

Saturn in Aquarius trines the Sun and Venus in Gemini meaning that our self-development and connections are helping us with this Saturn energy. We are curious about what we are doing and why. We have lots of questions and will not stop until we get the answers. For some this will mean they find that the groups they are aligned with are not ones that support achieving their great work. They may also find that they want to do, give, and connect more with their communities. There is quite a bit of good that will come from these aspects.

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Lastly, we have Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. I’ve covered a bit of this, but I would like to finish by asserting how Pluto has been drastically revealing the ways in which our societies obsession with hard work, sacrifice, and discipline has helped and hurt us. As more is brought to light in this area, more will be deemed as unnecessary and discarded.

New Moon in Taurus: Peace through Embodiment and Expression

Sun, Moon, Uranus in Taurus

Taurus is such a delightful energy. It is the energy of peace that beauty brings. The engagement of the senses to remind us that we are alive. What is beauty to you? How do you express it in your life? This  new moon we will be in a spirit of learning, sharing, and exploring how we see ourselves, our emotions, and what needs to change in our world to encompass the energy of Taurus.

Mercury, Venus, True Node in Gemini

Similarly, we see ourselves expanding through the same means of learning, sharing, and exploring our communication style, our relationships, and the call of our purpose as cultural storytellers and the keeps of our personal narrative. The stories that we tell ourselves, that the world tells us, that we believe about the world influence every aspect of our lives. From how we interact with each other, ourselves, and the world around us. From our inner voice, friends, family, community, society, and global perspectives- we are bombarded with messages about who we should be- what we should be doing-where we should be going-how we should be doing it. This changes based on the seasons, the expectations, and the agendas of the various voices of the world. Taurus energy calls us back into our embodied ways of knowing. To make choices on how/what we interact with based on how we physically feel when engaging in the thoughts, behaviors, and conditions. To take the time to tune in to what our body is telling us (Taurus/Gemini) to make decisions about our relationships with everything around us (people, places, ideas, nature, animals).

We will learn a lot this new moon from our bodies. They will be our greatest teacher. We can also learn from others how to relate to our bodies and thus ourselves. Honoring our form requires listening. That is the other greatest aspect of Gemini-they not only speak-they ACTIVELY LISTEN. If your body is sending you a message what is it saying? How do you honor that in response? If someone else is sharing a message with you, how do you receive that? How do you honor their sharing? This planet is sharing it’s life with us, how do we receive it? How do we honor Earth as a giver, sustainer, and taker of life?

These are all areas to explore this new moon in Taurus.

Mars in Cancer

We still have Mars in Cancer, leading us to understanding how we nurture and protect our personal understanding of home (body/place/roots/ancestors). This will be highlighted in your work. We will feel a deep passion towards caring for our home through our great calling. Whether this be your job, family, self-development, or passion projects will differ for everyone. It is about your personal connection. Either way, the Crab energy of cancer may make you retreat into your shell or snap those claws at those who you feel threaten your home space. If this is at work, use this communication and embodiment energy from Taurus and Gemini to ground those feelings and express them. Otherwise, you may attempt to drag them into Cancers depths only to come pouring out in unexpected ways like springs gushing forth from the ground. Water always runs down and eventually it will be released. Holding on to these feelings will not provide you with the peace that you think it will. Find ways that are not harmful to yourself or others to express these feelings.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

We still have Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. They are squaring the Taurus energy causing friction between the call of embodying peace and the call of creating collective cognitive peace through innovation from Aquarius. We want to expand how we approach our health. New treatments, new perspectives, new universal systems that can improve and sustain the health of nations. We are also seeing the ways that our desires and drive to create define our efforts to accomplish large scale improvements. This can be a bit frustrating as these may be the very things that the Taurus energy is showing us bring peace and stillness into our lives.

How do we put these contrasting realities into conversation so that they can work together? Give them both space to exist. Listen to your body and listen to the world around you. Accept that there may be things that make you physically feel whole and safe that may positively and negatively impact yourself, others, and the world around you. Create a balance between these two initiatives to be cognitively present in your body and witness the areas of our lives that need healing, to be changed, and to be released.

Neptune in Pisces and Chiron in Aries

Our relationships offer us some respite this new moon. This will come in several forms. Dreams coming true, truths coming to light, illusions being revealed, and wounds that injured our sense of self, confidence and ego being exposed. The work that we do in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Aquarius are vital for allowing us to maintain our ability to face these placements. Neptune in Pisces has been encouraging us to seek deeper connections through our spirituality as the work we are doing can be very taxing and when it gets to be too much, we need something to depend on. Something that can ground us (that Virgo energy is very helpful here). Otherwise we can turn to additive behaviors to distract us from what we are experiencing. Then we combine that with Chiron in Aries and everything feels personal. Everything hits a little to close to home.

Libra energy is helpful here to remind us that we are always in partnership with the world around us. We see this through Pisces – that the Divine is always here with us creating an eternal I/Thou/Me/We dynamic. Utilize this energy to find balance. To discern between your shadow and the projections that are placed upon you. To develop your emotional intelligence in order to improve your communication skills with yourself and each other. Often the signs are right there, but we are reluctant to hear what our bodies and souls are telling us.

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Finally, Pluto in Capricorn is going to call out all of our self-destructive behaviors that we use for coping mechanisms, self-care, and just for plain old fun. If you already know these behaviors do not benefit you other than for a very short-term bit of relief with long-term negative impact, just go on and let it go for the next few weeks. Otherwise this might lay you out this new moon.

Full Moon in Scorpio: Drowning in Truth

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Sun, Venus, Uranus and Mercury in Taurus

Taurus energy in the house! We are firmly in the realm of our Venusian Earth sign, bringing us firmly back into our bodies and the physical world. Taurus is fixed Earth. It takes the fires of creation from Aries and places it in the hearth. Giving it a space where it can be nurtured and cared for or where if that energy is not needed the fire can be allowed to go out.

Moon in Scorpio

                Be gentle with yourself with yourself and others full moon. We have prominent planets in each of the water signs. We will all be a bit sensitive. Look for your relationships to get deeper, tighter, sweeter, higher, flyer (shout out to Jill Scott). We are looking at how our community or environment impacts our emotional state this full moon. Anytime we are working with Scorpio, we are diving deep within our psyche. Into the cemetery of experiences, memories, and desires that we may have accumulated over our lives.

                With the opposition to the many planets in Taurus we find ourselves looking at the ancestral wealth that we have inherited in our present lives. Wealth in this sense means anything that we currently have. That could mean our ideas, our physical form, our preferences, our desires, our monetary items. We have a wealth of things that we have inherited in our lives from our immediate family, friends, local community, and society in general. These things influence every aspect of our lives. As Scorpio pulls us under, drowning us in the truth of who we REALLY are at that current moment, Taurus pulls us into our bodies where we cannot escape this truth because we FEEL it. Whereas we may try to avoid these uncomfortable truths, Taurus with great patience and a little bit of stubbornness, holds our hand- not allowing us to disassociate, run away, move around until the feelings of unease can be ignored.

                For some they will find that they LOVE what lies within the fertile soil of their soul. Others may find that there is a reason that they have run away from this truth for so long. If so, take a note from Scorpio. Close your eyes, hold your nose, and jump in. Scorpio is ruled by my fave Mars. Mars is a planet that calls us to be brave. To run towards the thing that scares us. To keep fighting even when the battle seems impossible. To dive into these depths takes great courage. It is not for the weak of heart. This is why Mars and Venus come together again in Scorpio and Taurus.

                Mars hands the reigns over to Venus moving from Aries to Taurus. Venus understands that after so much exertion we need to recharge. We have just incarnated or been reborn into this new season, everything is new and can feel a little scary. Venus takes our hand, leads us to a comfortable space filled with nourishing sensual (engaging the senses) opportunities. Venus makes us feel at home in this new space. When we run from this call to ground, we run ourselves into the ground. We are on the route to burnout (come on firey Mars). We need this earthiness. This calm, peaceful moment. It lays the foundation for our next sign, Gemini – the storyteller. For what better space to begin to share information and get creative then in a peaceful moment of joy and beauty?

                Spend some time with water this full moon. That can be taking an intentional bath/shower, committing to drinking your 8 glasses of water, visiting a body of water, meditating using water sounds, or just giving thanks for this element that makes up the majority of our bodies and planet. This will help to soothe the frantic energy of Mars ruled Aries that still wants to get up and run and Venus ruled Libra’s commitment to justice through balance (often by the cutting out the part that are no longer needed by the sword). This season engages these same planetary energies from the earth and water perspectives. Finding peace through the physical and change through emotional truth/growth.

Mars in Cancer

                How do you express you care about the important people in your life? Do you fiercely protect them? Do you form a shell around them and yourself to keep the dangers away? Or perhaps you’ve just created this shell just for yourself and placed it around your heart. Mars in Cancer highlights the we ways we protect what matters most to us. This is heavily impacted by our attachment styles and our defense mechanisms. This may be a good time to look at how you react to threats (fight, flight, fawn, freeze). There will many instances that we find over the next few months where our feelings may get hurt. Remember, that everyone has a different love language. We all give and receive love differently. Mars in Cancer will call upon us to brave enough to reparent ourselves to create healthier responses and environments for ourselves and each other.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

                The Expander and The Revealer are still hanging out in Aquarius. Saturn though is squaring all of our lovely planets in Taurus dragging us a bit though the mud. Saturn in Aquarius continues to show us where the cracks in our system exist. The many in planets in Taurus are calling us back to our bodies. The dis-ease that you feel within your form can make us what to disconnect. To find ways where we do not have to sit with the feelings. Aries was so active, so ready to move, make plans, change, be reborn- that it was like we didn’t have time to sit.

Neptune in Pisces

                Does your home feel like a sanctuary? The place where you go feel safe, recharge, and spend time with the ones that you care for the most? If so, this full moon treat your home or living space as a place where you can face your depths of your soul. The pieces that are drifting up from the depths of Scorpio, pulled from the mud by Mars in Cancer, to be faced with grace and love through the Divine eyes of Neptune in Pisces. There is much that can be done this full moon, if you willing to look what comes up in the eye. Don’t look away- face it head on.

What if home is not a safe place though? If not, it may be time to ask yourself why? No home will ever be perfect all of the time, but when home is the last place you want to be, it’s time to look at what are the options that you can take to improve this situation.

With love,

Kamilah Rose