28 Days of Love: Connecting to the Sacral and Root Energy Centers

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Greetings beloveds,

Today we’ll share an exercise to connect to your sacral and root energy centers. Let’s get started!

Find a comfortable spot where you will be able to relax. This could be a chair, on a pillow on the floor, or your favorite place outside. Anywhere where you can relax, focus and not be interrupted is preferred. Settle into your space. Close your eyes. Focus your attention on your breath. Feel as the oxygen flows into your lungs, filling them with life. Envision all of your worries, all of the drama, all of your responsibilities of the day filling those bits of air. As you completely fill yourself with this deep breath hold it for 5-8 seconds. Really putting your attention towards instilling each other air particle with the stress that you intend to release. When you exhale envision all of those worries releasing to the universe where they are transmuted into refreshing air for the natural world.

Continue these breaths 5-10 times or for however long it takes until you feel completely at ease. Once you have entered that space, center your attention on each chakra starting with your root chakra. Feel it pulse, pull, and draw round your etheric being. There will be a moment when you will feel that connection. It is different for everyone. If you don’t feel anything such as a wave of energy flowing in that area. Repeat this for your sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. As you move upwards through each chakra pull that energy along as you go. Some areas may feel sluggish, although this isn’t an exercise to clear one’s energy you may want to spend some time doing so. You may feel a slight buzzing around your head from this exercise. Continue to move that energy upwards past the crown for our energy fields extend much further than that. In fact continue to let you energy expand as far out as you desire.

Now bring your attention back to your sacral energy center by picturing your energy flowing down thru your solar plexus down into the center of your pelvis to your sacral energy center. Having felt the flow of energy that exists between your higher-self and source, let that connection flow down to your sacral energy center.  This brings the wisdom those spaces hold from your subconscious to your conscious awareness. Source who is outside of our limited scope of space, time, and physical forms is all knowing. You will want to envision a steady flow of energy between your sacral chakra and your higher-self. This energy flow may be orange, red, yellow or any other color. Does it have a temperature associated with it? Is it warm, cool, or just a color? If you have a question or concern once that flow of energy is consistent feel free to ask your question. Note if there are any changes in the color or how you feel during this time. Does the answer come to you easily? Pay attention to how you feel but if you find yourself becoming too distracted and your mind is wandering then focus back on your breathing and trust that your message will come to you when you are ready. The sacral chakra is one of the areas in which we hold on to trauma so if you find yourself having a very difficult time connecting to this area don’t push it. Come at this exercise gently. Eventually you will find yourself able to explore the truths of this area. What wisdom does your sacral energy center have to share with you? Is it calling for a clearing? If so you can use cleanses through smoke, sound, water, or earth to pull any negative energy from this area. You may also want to seek professional services through therapy or a medical doctor.

We will now use the same meditation to connect to our root chakra. The root chakra may have a more active feeling to it or a very Earthy feeling. The root chakra is the last of our main chakra’s before our energy connects to the Earth. Thus it’s characteristics of grounding is a logical relationship between the root and the Earth. The color associated with the root chakra is red but you may find you feel/see green, brown, gold, black, or any other color. You also may feel a cool, damp, or warm sensation. It really depends on where you are and what your current life experience is. Focusing your attention here may deliver to you messages on your home, your family, your finances, or life purpose. Be open to what these messages may suggest about your current state of energy in relation to these subjects. Breathe into them. Let the knowledge seep into your being. Rest in that connection. Do this exercise for as long as it feels comfortable. Once you feel complete you can picture your energy traveling down into the earth and up into source as a mutual connection builds between your being and the entirety of creation. Take 5 deep breaths and slowly let your consciousness return to this plane. You can always return to this exercise whenever you are desiring connection or guidance.

With love,



28 Days of Love: Wisdom of the Serpent

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Greetings beloveds,

Today we’re going to take one final look at the physical by speaking about Kundalini energy. Kundalini is one path of Indian practice of yoga where one uses particular movements, sounds, and postures to activate the life energy. That life energy which is located in the base of the spine is known as Kundalini (Shakti). Within all of us lies the energy of creation. This energy flows according to the lies of the universe with both masculine/feminine and giving/receiving. Again, do not let your preconceived notions of masculine/feminine limit your perceptions of the possibilities related to these terms. Masculine energy is not inherently tied to the male body or form just as feminine energy is not automatically held within the female body or form. We hold both energies within us. It is about balance.

Also known as the serpent due to the way that the energy is thought to wind up the spinal column through the main chakras, Kundalini awakening has been associated with longevity, wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and energetic balancing. An energy of movement and growth, there are several ways in which one may activate the kundalini. These ways include breath work, meditation, and movement. The energy that rises up through the chakra’s integrate not only the chakras but all of the energetic bodies as well allowing for information that may not have been able to be understood before to be accessible. Again, why this awakening is related to the serpent as serpents and snakes are known to symbolize wisdom and sacred knowledge. Eels are also related with the kundalini and masculine energy.

Regardless of your gender or sex, kundalini can be activated. There are those who do not find this activation to be pleasant. It can be shocking to feel all of your energies brought together and to have access to so much more sensory input. Many find themselves feeling physically sick from the amount of energy being transmuted. It is with caution that I bring the topic pf energy activation to this blog, but as it can be so closely tied to the physical it only made sense to discuss kundalini energy. I will not share how to to activate this energy but I will say that this can be done spontaneously through a steady practice, one’s energetic path, or during intense sexual experiences. The building up of energy during an orgasm operates in the same way as building up energy for awakening, manifestation and growth. Although we may equate an orgasm with ejaculation and physical movement that is not always the case. Through the use of meditation and breath work one can move their energy in the same way as a sexual orgasm. Getting in touch with your energy of creation is a powerful tool that can assist you with aligning not only with your own higher being but with your ability to manifest all of your desires.

I hope that if you found this very lite introduction to kundalini to be interesting. If so please seek to learn more about this energy on your own in safe practices from reputable sources.

With love,



28 Days of Love: The Sacral Energy Center

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Greetings beloveds,

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Today we will be exploring the second energy center of the human form connected to the physical body and movement; the sacral chakra. The sacral energy center houses the energy of creativity, passion, sexuality, and happiness.

Our sexuality is just as tied with our thoughts as with our body. The largest sensory organ of the human form is the skin. We are aroused not just from touch but from all of our senses including our extrasensory ones such as clairvoyance. Through these avenues we take in information and energy from the world around us.  The sacral energy center is one area through we can transmute energy to create and manifest our desires. It is the void where in new life can come forth. Let us not limit ourselves to a simplistic understanding of new life as the actual birth of a child. Let us look at life through an energetic lens. In that case all that exists or could exists lives. Thus we birth ideas, books, hopes, dreams, homes, businesses, societies, relationships, anything and more than we could ever dream of. This is why it is so important to nurture and balance our sacral energy center. For when our sacral center is out of balance we continue to manifest yet instead of the things we would like to come forth we find ourselves in situations and experiences we would rather avoid. It is in accordance to the 12 Universal Laws which do not see good and bad only the energy that we send out.

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Activating the sacral energy center will not only increase your ability to manifest (hopefully things you desire) but regulates our creativity energy in general. When that energy is clear and flowing we feel inspired, creative, renewed as if we can do anything. When the energy becomes stagnant you may feel yourself becoming stagnant as well. When you find yourself feeling this way it may be in relation to the amount of stress  you are experiencing. Stress is defined as any emotional or mental tension from adverse circumstances that one may not generally encounter. As you can tell from the general definition anything can be stressful depending on one’s perspective. This is why the practice of caring about how you feel is so important. A sure fire way to connect to your feelings and learn to be guided by your intuition is to connect to your sacral energy center.

I hope you’ll stop by tomorrow as we look at one last portion of our energy and the physical through kundalini.

With love,


28 Days of Love- The Root Energy Center

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Greetings beloveds,

We have been getting into the nitty gritty here at The Bliss Institute examining the many ways that we can show ourselves and each other love through our physical forms. Now we are going to take a look at the energy centers related to our physical being starting with the root.

The root chakra or energy center is our grounding foundation of our being. It is the first energy center located at the base of our forms at the base of our spine. Others have noted the root chakra’s location at the perineum. Neither of these may not be the space where you feel energy moving though so it will be useful to get to know your own energetic form. Thought of as the start of a vortex of spiraling energy, the root energy center is connected with the coccyx or the tailbone. Often associated with the color red, the root chakra is our connection to the earth that nourishes and feeds us. Just as the earth represents our physical home, the root chakra is activated by any type of physical activity that we participate in. Anything that gets our body moving get our root energy center going as well.

Our root chakra houses our basis of stability, security, safety, and survival. If we were to liken this to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs this would be a combination of the physiological and safety levels. We find that our primitive instincts towards ensuring our survival are activated with this chakra. Thus housing or shelter, food and protection are the main concern here. When these areas are not in balance or flowing in harmony with our overall energy then we feel that our lives are at risk. This can mean physically, energetically, emotionally, or mentally there is an attack we are perceiving externally or internally. This activates reactions to these threats through a variety of emotional and physical states. Anger, judgment, inactivity, over activity, scarcity mentality and experiencing a lack of connection to the world around us are all associated with a root chakra that is either over or under active.

When our root energy center is balanced we feel as if our environment is safe and secure. We view the universe as a place of abundance where we are always taken care of. I’m sure these are some appealing characteristics but one of the best ways to determine the state of one’s root is your manifestation of your dreams and desires. On a base level we are always manifesting according to what energy we put out there. If you find that it’s very easy for you to manifest your desires then more than likely your root chakra is well balanced and in tune with your overall energy. As your foundation and direct connection to the Earth as the material realm there can be a correlation between the state of your root chakra and your material manifestations. This is never the whole story so don’t discount the overall energy of the world around you but the way you feel about your ability to affect your physical self/world. Your drive for creating micro and macro change is within the root energy center. As you can tell this is a major energy point. The root doesn’t act alone and tomorrow we will cover another energy center that is closely tied to our physical being/form: the sacral chakra.


28 Days of Love: Yoga to Get that Blood Flowin’

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Greetings beloveds,

I hope you have a having a wonderful day! Yesterday we went over various ways to get active and start moving. To support you in this endeavor I have put together a list of yoga poses that will stimulate circulation and get that blood pumping followed by a quick flow using these poses.

Here’s to sacred movement in all of it’s forms!


Yoga Poses to Stimulate Circulation

Warrior II – Counterpose downward Facing dog

Warrior I – Counterpose: downward facing dog

Revolved Extended Side-Angle – Counterpose: standing forward bend

Chair – Counterpose: standing forward bend

Revolved Half-Moon- Counterpose: Standing forward bend

Legs Up the Wall – Counterpose: Corpse

Cobra – Counterpose: Childs pose/lying on belly

Camel – Counterpose standing forward bend/childs pose

Locust – Counterpose: lying on belly/childs pose

Pigeon – Counterpose: knees-to-chest/seated forward bend

Gentle Spinal Twist

Seated Spinal Twist I- Counterpose: staff

Seated Spinal Twist II – Counterpose: staff

Head to knee forward bend – Counterpose: knees to chest

  Revolved Head to Knee forward bend – Counterpose: seated forward bend

  Open Angle – Counterpose: Knees-to-chest

  Garland – Counterpose: staff

  Kneeling Pose – Counterpose: staff

  Sage – Counterpose: staff

Gentle Yoga Flow to Stimulate Circulation 

Start seated with your legs crossed comfortably. Inhale feeling your back lengthen and straighten as you do. Place your right hand behind you and exhale into a twist bringing your left hand onto your right knee for seated spinal twist. Hold here for 3 breaths.

Now extend your legs in front of you into staff making sure your spine is straight by imagining each vertebrae stacking one on top of the other. Inhale arms overhead and exhale bending at the waist into seated forward bend. Hold for as long as you need.

Inhale slowly raising your arms overhead and exhale lowering your arms. Repeat 2 times.

Next, spread your legs as far apart as is comfortable for you into a v shape. Inhale arms up exhale bending at the waist placing your hands on the floor in front of you where ever you feel comfortable for open angle. Hold for 2 breaths then on your next inhale raise up slightly and on the exhale bend forward from the waist lowering deeper into the pose. Hold here for 2 breaths. Repeat as many times as you like until you have reached the deepest pose for you.

Now inhale slowly raising up out of the pose and find yourself in legs together, abdominal muscles activated, arms comfortable at your side. Inhale raising your arms overhead letting your shoulders slide gently down holding your arms parallel to each other elbows and palms facing inwards into Mountain pose. Take 2 breaths and then exhale lowering your arms as you do so. Repeat 2 times. On the third, exhale bend forward at the waist for standing forward bend. Repeat this again 2 times. Return to standing position arms lowered at your sides once again.

Plant your right food firmly on the ground at the front of your mat if you are using one, feeling each toe connect with the ground. Step your left foot back behind you with your foot turned out. Align yourself until your hips are squared. Inhale slightly up and exhale bending your right knee to a 90 degree angle. Exhale, rotating your core and turning your head so that you are looking out over your right hand into Warrior II. Hold for 2 breaths or longer if desired. When ready, exhale lowering your left arm down along with rotating your core back towards the ground. Inhale, slowly raising up from the waist bring your arms to rest on your hips.

Inhale rising up slightly. Exhale keeping your right knee bent at a 90 degree angle you’re your torso still facing to your right. Place your hands firmly either on your knee to steady yourself. When you’re ready inhale your arms up in the same fashion used in Mountain pose for Warrior. Breath here, using your feet to feel the connection to the ground. Your weight should be centered in your hips, your core strong supporting your upper body. Hold here for 4 breaths. Inhale raising up just slightly and exhale releasing your arms back to your knee.

On your next exhale lower your arms and place your hands back on your knees. Inhale, and on your next exhale lower your hands to the floor. Now inhale and raise your left leg up behind you. Inhale bringing your right hand to your hip for a breath. Then on your next inhale shrug your right shoulder towards your ear and lift your right arm up opening the chest area completely into Revolved Half-Moon. Breathe here for 3 breaths If you are feeling too challenged here, lower that right arm and raise your left forearm to bring your hands into prayer pose. Your core still rotated to the right. Hold and breathe here. When you are ready, exhale lowering that left arm to the ground placing your right hand on your right hip. Inhale, raise up slightly moving your left arm to your right knee and bring your right hand to meet it there.

Both hands resting upon your knee on your next inhale step your left leg forward both feet together knees slightly bent. Steady yourself and inhale slowly rising up into standing. Repeat again on your left side.

Once done, standing tall inhale your arms up overhead into Mountain and then exhale releasing your arms to your side. Repeat as many times as desired. On your last exhale bring your hands together in Prayer pose at your heart chakra.


28 Days of Love: Love Moves

Physical-Activity-Main.jpg (800×300)Greetings beloveds,

Let’s get rolling with loving our physical forms. Our thoughts do affect our physical body as it shapes what we do, but it’s also important to do what we can to stay active. Movement is a foundation of health and there are so many physical activity options. There’s definitely something you can find that resonates with your being.

I know for me a lack of movement makes me feel sluggish, heavy and less mobile. I move slower and am less apt to want to be active. Maintaining a consistent movement schedule can be difficult when life gets busy. You have to prioritize movement when you can. I can tell you though, when I first started graduate school I only had to attend classes Tuesday through Thursday. Being new to the city and not having many friends meant that I had plenty of time to stay active and prepare food. I was in the gym, running, and preparing fresh food every day for multiple hours. I loved it because it gave me something to do and cost me nothing. Then I started working and my whole schedule went down the drain. Between managing a full time job, finishing my degree, and actually having a social life, physical activity and nutrition went out the window. It took me two years to regain some balance in my life which came from having some difficult conversations with myself about priorities and what kind of life I wanted to live.

This experience gave me the inspiration to share information on the many ways that we can continue to participate in physical activity and caring for our bodies even when we have a lot going on in our lives. More importantly, I know that sometimes we just might not be as active as we would like or we may have physical or health conditions that just don’t allow a lot or any physical activity. We have to be gentle with ourselves and do the best that we can. Our thoughts and attitude towards our bodies play such an important role in our physical wellbeing and when you are not being active it is vital for your mind to be in its best shape so please take advantage of any meditation or therapy services that are available. With that being said on to the ways to get active and keep that energy moving.

taichi21.jpg (500×364)

   Here are some great ways to get moving:

Walking, running, roller-skating/blading, skateboarding, surfing, cardio or weight lifting at the gym, boxing, physical therapy if appropriate

Yoga, pilates, tai chi, chi gong, martial arts, stretching

Gardening, hiking, walking your pet, cleaning (vacuuming is great for this),

Belly dance, ballet/barre, Zumba, African dance, hip hop, pole dancing, salsa, kizomba, ballroom dancing

Soccer, basketball, football, baseball, hockey, golf, tennis,

               Participating in physical activity not only improves and maintains the health of our physical heart but also our feelings towards our bodies. When we move our bodies it activates the feel good receptors in our mind causing us to feel happier. Physical activity serves as a supplement to our mental health but cannot replace actual mental health interventions such as therapy or medication. Again, do what you can to feel your best. That is the true self love. One of my other favorite things to do while in sacred movement is to send loving thoughts and say positive affirmations to my body. I suggest that the next time you engage in a physical activity that you give it a try! Come back and share your results as I would love to hear if this makes any difference in your perspective towards being active and your body.

With love as always,


Madame Pele and The Divine Feminine – Sisterhood


Greetings beloveds,

I hope you all enjoyed the video on Madame Pele. She is a powerful force that exemplifies the cycle of being. Through the many rounds of life and death Madame Pele is the fire of life which cannot be put out. I discussed earlier how Madame Pele’s stories might be applied to how we relate to ourselves. Now let’s expand this lens to women’s relationships, particularly between sisters.

Madame Pele as shared in my last post did not exactly get along well with everyone. She did what she wanted. This included seducing her sister’s husband. I shared this Madame Pele’s tale in my last post, but you can read more about her at Giselle Roeder’s page. Now, as can be expected her sister was not happy with her and Pele’s own father decided it’s time for Pele to set off on her own. Betrayal, lack of trust, revenge, pain, ego, persecution, and judgement have all been experiences that happen within the Divine Feminine. Madame Pele’s provides us with a look at the feminine’s collective shadow. Not just through her actions but that of those around her and how they react to what she does. This is not the fairy tale of the innocent main character who is treated poorly by others. Instead of creating a situation where we know that we are supposed to feel sorry for Madame Pele, we find ourselves feeling for the sister. Those feelings of commiseration do not last for long as her sister Namakoahakai seeks revenge. We find ourselves able to relate to both sisters initial plight.

We have all experienced that moment where to get what we desire we will have to do something unacceptable. Run a stop sign, not return phone calls, cheat on a test, spend money meant for bills, lie, steal, repress our emotions, or settle for less. You may be thinking, “oh but there’s nothing unacceptable about not returning a phone call,” while for someone else that is a sign of great disrespect. What is the norm or acceptable is determined by the larger body of society which plays at a similar institutional level as that of Divine Archetypes. From small to large acts, Madame Pele is the determination to get what she wants to fulfill her needs, even if this breaks a taboo. Her sister, Namakoahakai, is the feminine that will not just take things lying down. They are the same person in different spaces at different times. Madame Pele is the fire of spirit, creation, and transformation. Those same adjectives can be used to describe water, the element ruled by Namakoahakai. These elements, sisters, and aspects of the Divine Feminine may have the same outcomes but the means through which they achieve it differ. That is the power of the Divine. To be all things possible from light to dark.

When we have conflict or harmony with the other, we are experiencing conflict and harmony within ourselves. Through empathy and prior experience, we know more acutely what another might be experiencing in different circumstances. Yet, we still might do something that we know would hurt another. Why we do what we do is always more complex than what is seen on the surface. Collective archetypes, including that of Madame Pele and her family, hold the energy of roles played out on a macro scale. Exaggerating these lived experiences so that we see on the grand scale the drama of our lives played out externally for us. Through these stories we can externally interact with difficult emotions and physical states. Then we can take what we see in these stories and apply them to ourselves and others.

This happened for me the other day. Someone said something which I found to be confusing and uncalled for. Taking that split second to read over the comment again I could apply from this work how the statement could have caused an immediate rejection of the statement. Or perhaps that someone else had done something similar to this person which made them take the new stance that they held against the statement. I could feel their response in all these different ways. I stood my ground as Namakoahakai and Madame Pele did because I knew what I wanted to convey. I clarified my points in a gracious friendly way, while also remaining true to what I had wanted to express. My desire to speak and be heard were clear and I was going to meet my needs, even if it ruffled feathers. Madame Pele is the fire that burns through the restraints of the world around us which limit our truth through the need to “follow the rules”.

Be that fire. Speak that truth. Do what you want. Have compassion but take no shit.



28 Days of Love: Lov’n the Physical

human-energy.jpg (486×411)Greetings beloveds,

It’s finally here! Week 3 of our 28 Days of Love has officially begun. If you couldn’t tell from the title, the focus of this week is our physical form. That’s right we are about to get bodied! Our connection to our bodies can be wrought with thoughts and feelings that can be super accepting and supportive or not so kind. Yet our bodies are our material manifestation of our being. It houses our soul and mind. Our bodies are beautiful but they may not always exist in the way that society believes that they should.

People are born in a variety of forms with various states of health. It holds no bearing on one’s worth yet we place so much value on how our bodies look based on examples that are often unrealistic. The level to which we feel that we need to meet these standards affects not only how we feel about ourselves but how we interact with others. I can only speak to society here in the USA, but we have made some strides in becoming more inclusive of various body types and self-expression. There is still quite a bit of work to be done though. This is why we focus here at The Bliss Institute on connecting to our bodies through sacred movement and mindfulness. For the next week, we will discuss various ways to love our physical form.


There are so many ways to love our bodies. Through the foods that we feed it, the activities that we engage in, the environments that we live in, and the thoughts that we think. When we take the time to treat our physical forms like the precious gifts that they are it improves our lives tremendously. Often though we may not have the time, energy or resources to do all the things we would like to for our bodies. Which is why our intentions and beliefs can be just as powerful as the things that we do. Here’s to a week of exploring ways to treat ourselves and show our bodies some love.


28 Days of Love: Exercise to Connect the Heart and Third Eye Energy Centers

third-eye-opening-techniques-1.jpg (380×380)

Greetings beloveds,

Yesterday we had an intense conversation on the role of the heart and third eye energy centers. At the conclusion of our discussion I shared a bit about how to explore the connection between your emotions and your psychic abilities. Now we will have a full meditation on connecting these two energy centers.

Find a comfortable spot where you will be able to relax. This could be a chair, on a pillow on the floor, or your favorite place outside. Anywhere where you can relax, focus and not be interrupted is preferred. Settle into your space. Close your eyes. Focus your attention on your breath. Feel as the oxygen flows into your lungs, filling them with life. Envision all of your worries, all of the drama, all of your responsibilities of the day filling those bits of air. As you completely fill yourself with this deep breath hold it for 5-8 seconds. Really putting your attention towards instilling each other air particle with the stress that you intend to release. When you exhale envision all of those worries releasing to the universe where they are transmuted into refreshing air for the natural world.

Continue these breaths 5-10 times or for however long it takes until you feel completely at ease. Once you have entered that space, center your attention on each chakra starting with your root chakra. Feel it pulse, pull, and draw round your etheric being. There will be a moment when you will feel that connection. It is different for everyone. If you don’t feel anything such as a wave of energy flowing in that area. Repeat this for your sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. As you move upwards through each chakra pull that energy along as you go. Some areas may feel sluggish, although this isn’t an exercise to clear one’s energy you may want to spend some time doing so. You may feel a slight buzzing around your head from this exercise. Continue to move that energy upwards past the crown for our energy fields extend much further than that. In fact continue to let you energy expand as far out as you desire.

Return your attention to your third eye located slightly behind the enter of your forehead. Breathe deeply into this area. Focus on your breath if you cannot envision what that energy center would look like. You may sense a color, image, feeling, words, smell or emotion when you do this. Take note of what, if anything comes up. If you can picture a bright light illuminating this area clearing out any blocks or energy intrusions. Once you feel that this area has received the attention it needs. Breathe into your third eye again asking it if it needs anything from you? Perhaps you will receive information on a food, activity, or object such as a crystal that would assist you in connecting, enhancing, or clearing your third eye. Now ask your third eye if it has any messages for you. Breathe into this question and rest. Open yourself to receiving any type of information that may be offered to you. Once this feels complete you may want to take a break for a moment to write down what you experienced.

Return again to your meditative state this time focusing on your heart energy center. Picture or feel a line energy running from your heart to your third eye. What feelings, if any come up for you as you do so? Sit with anything that comes up for you at this time. Does this emotion, image, or sensation through your body make your third eye for more or less active? Delve within using your breath holding the intention of revealing why you are having this reaction. Whatever comes up for you do not attempt to push it down or avoid it. Just let it rest as you would a butterfly flutter past you or a leaf dancing in the wind during a cool fall day. You do not even have to try to understand it if you are not ready. Just acknowledge it and let it pass on.

If you find that you begin to feel a pressure in your third eye come back to focusing on your breathe and envision a door/window/portal opening. This creates space for whatever is attempting to be cleared or come forth to do so. You may feel the urge to send your energy towards something, feel a change in relation to your energy and the that of the space you are in. Let the lines blur. The walls, floor, your clothing, the air none of these are separate from you. If you choose, you can connect with their energy and move within them. Go as far and for as long as you please. Once you feel complete, breathe your energy down through your chakra’s into the earth grounding yourself. Rest for a moment and then have a bit of food, drink and move around a bit to bring you back into this space and time.

Write down or feel free to share your experience here.

With love,


28 Days of Love: The Third Eye- The Energy Center of the Mind

benefits-of-opening-your-third-eye-5.jpg (370×494)

Greetings beloveds,

If you’ve been following our 28 Days of Love, we’ve now covered the physical, psychological, emotional, and mental aspects of the mind. Now let’s take it to the spiritual. Each of the main 7 energy centers or chakra’s for those who may be more familiar with that terminology are connected with a specific portion of the body either directly or adjacent. Here we will look at the energy center that is located directly in the brain, the third eye.

The third eye chakra is located roughly at the center of the forehead near where the pineal gland resides. The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland that is responsible for secreting melatonin. Melatonin is known for regulating sleep cycles in relation to the amount of light that the body encounters. The pineal gland also influences the secretion of sex harmones from the pituitary gland which can result in variations in sexual interest and activities. The pineal gland has been linked to psychic and extrasensory abilities historically. Thus part of the reason the third eye chakra is associated with psychic abilities which I have written about here. It is the portion of our mind which allows for us to gather information through our sensory organs that fall outside of the major 5 senses. When the third eye is activated we may have visions, be able to predict actions/thoughts of others, or be able to manipulate energy kinetically, spatially, or across time. If you find that you are having a difficult time connecting to the flow of energy you may need to do some clearing of your third eye. Now that we know a bit about the third eye chakra let’s take a look at the connection between the heart and the third eye.

Love and extrasensory abilities are not always something linked together. Many times are kept separate with the thought that to harness our psychic abilities we need all of our energy to be focused on our outcome that we wish to achieve. Emotions may then be viewed as distractions with love being the main perpetrator of attachments. This is not entirely correct (although absolute truth lies only in the hands of the self) as our heart can act as a guide to where and how to focus our energy in order to gather information and create change. Recall that psychic abilities such as telekinesis are often triggered by intense emotions. Our emotions can pinpoint our focus in an intense way that even years of training may not be able to accomplish. Our emotions are not distractions. They create leverage for us to tap into our abilities. The things that we care about allow us to build our energy, our power.

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Love is one of the strongest emotions that we experience (only opposed by its polar opposite of fear). When we experience love we can move mountains, change reality, create the world that we envision. Yet the same can all be achieved from fear as well and often times the two emotions are intertwined as our love for another, ourselves, or our world may be activate a fear that they will be harmed or destroyed. Use your emotions as a source of strength. Let’s have a very real moment here. The heart energy center is our emotional center which means it houses ALL of our emotions. We attempt to limit the capacity of the heart an attempt to control our own and others realities and behaviors. Let yourself feel and when something doesn’t feel good move away from that thing. Because you will not outrun fear, shame, or guilt just as you cannot avoid love. They exist in all things.

So if you are afraid of your psychic abilities because you are unsure of your power, have been told they are wrong or “evil”, or you are just not comfortable with the unfamiliar. Embrace that feeling. Hold it in your heart and attempt to see what the root of that feeling is. Accept it and see what happens to your ability to connect to your third eye. Does it feel more open or more cut off? Do you want to connect to it? If so focus on the third eye and ask what is needed to bridge this gap.

Tomorrow I will share a written meditation on how to do this.

With love,