Full Moon in Libra: The Polarity of Healing

Sun and Chiron in Aries

Aries season will not disappoint. Aries can always be counted on to light a fire under us to break out of what has restrained us from growth. This full moon the sun and Chiron are in Aries. The wounded healer desires to be seen and to show us how what we have seen as weakness is a hidden strength. The healthcare industry has long needed to take center stage in this conversation on change and transformation.

How can we take charge of our health personally, politically, economically, environmentally, and spiritually? If one facet of us is unwell, then we as a whole are unwell. Aries wants us to face our truth and ask for what we need. What do you need? Is it more sleep? More money? Cleaner air, water, or higher quality food? What about transportation? Is it easy for you to get from one space to another? All these factors impact our well-being. Aries knows that we all deserve this.

Even if we somehow experienced a great wound in this area, take a moment and sit with this shadow. It is in the darkness of the shadow that we expand. Plant yourself in the darkness and let the fire of Aries build within you. Soon it will be time for that seed to sprout. Trust that you will be ready when it does.

Moon in Libra

                The moon in Libra explores their emotional connections through their partnerships. This could be family, friends, romantic, business, and self. Justice, as an archetype, has to have a solid relationship with herself in order to have clear discernment. Otherwise it is possible that she may be easily swayed by external factors. Many of us are forced to stay home and have movements restricted. Depending on our living situations we have all had to assess our relationships with others and ourselves. This full moon take time to reflect.

There may be old wounds and patterns that are showing up to be examined and healed. This requires an increase in psychological energy from everyone. Take a minute and let yourself process. Weigh the pros and cons of your past and future operations. Use all of your senses and skills to make decisions about how you would like to move forward in this time.

                Acts, locations, and emotions that have been negatively impacted by violations and violence may find justice during this time. If this occurs for you be very gentle with yourself. Let your emotions flow and do not try to hold on to them. Increased visibility of these transgressions are to clean out the wound to allow healing – not so that they can fester. Libra is an energy of renewal and transition. Let the healing of your heart begin.

                Mercury and Neptune in Pisces

I recently heard a description of Mercury in Pisces as unable to speak clearly. Kind of like speaking underwater. Pisces always brings me to an energy of soul and spirit connection. Thus, Mercury is placed in a space of macro cosmic messages and not perhaps our everyday conversations. Coupled with Neptune in Pisces, this energy also suggests that information that is received and shared at this time would be symbolic. Pisces is a slower energy. That is one reason why when folks rush to communicate during this time it is misinterpreted.

Messages should be crafted and cultivated before they are sent. Once the message has been received it must be examined, fleshed out, and sat with before final conclusions are made on what that message was supposed to mean. Even then, things may not be what they seem. Take everything with a grain of salt and give it time to let the true message be ascertained.

 Venus in Gemini in 8th house

You may find it very difficult to communicate in relationships right now. Everyone is flirting but not with each other. They are flirting around the conversations that need to happen to form a stronger bond. A back and forth begins to happen. One day everyone is sharing and feeling seen. The next, communication seems to have come to a standstill. Gemini is not necessarily the sign of balance, that’s for their sister sign Libra. Gemini reflects duality.

There is work to be done on in our relationships this full moon. We have all inherited patterns, love languages, and communication styles from how we were nurtured and our ancestors. This full moon there will be opportunities to establish new patterns but it will take letting go of how you’ve always done things. No more running away. Turn and face what must be done. Oh and you can’t just ignore your feelings of unease and try to fix things with sex.

Mars and Saturn in Aquarius

Mars and Saturn are left to themselves in Aquarius which can be an intense meeting of energies. Saturn has taken note of what needs to be fixed from it’s time in Capricorn and now in Aquarius sees no reason why we can’t just let go of what was to create a more humane world. A world that feels like home. Mars is right on board and in fact is wondering why we haven’t already gotten started. The energy is hyped and ready to go. Yet, we’ve seen in the other signs that there are many interpersonal and intrapersonal issues around facing karmic energies at this time. We have some work to do on how we relate to each other before these changes can start to be made.

First look at your relationship with your parents. Triggers around restrictions, anger issues, abuse, and over protection will cause an energy of rebellion similar to what you may have experienced as a child to rear its head. What coping mechanisms did you create? How can you shift them to make a space that is safe enough for you to heal? This energy has a distinct masculine quality around it. Healthy forms of aggression and reflection are needed so if you can get physically active. Move that energy. The more it rests the more it festers. Let the wound breathe.

Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn  

We are learning lessons around how our value system works. How we approach our education systems which includes school, travel, and the internet is being expanded and rebuilt. There will great changes coming in these areas. What we have seen is only the beginning. Flow with the energy and take a note from Aquarius. Look for how you can help others as well as yourself. Expand your idea of what your purpose is beyond serving yourself. Perhaps it’s time that you were reborn as well.

Uranus in Taurus

What is beauty? What makes the human body, face, being beautiful? Do you find that your relationships bring you peace or unrest? This full moon we are digging deep into the trenches of our partnerships. So much that we have held on to has been forced from us. Now we look at our relationships with ourselves and each other. With the people, businesses, spirituality and religions in our world. We search for what makes us feel calm and held. What values our inner gifts and says that they will honor what we offer to the world. If you find yourself in a space of lack…it may be time to make plans to release these ties. Uranus calls for change. Do you have a healthy relationship with money? What about how you make money, where your money goes, how you feed not only your body but your soul? It’s time. Make that shift until you feel that moment of peace. Here’s a clue, the answer lies in simplicity, nature, and nurturing the world around. Give and you shall receive.


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