Reflections: My Year with the Goddess – Inanna


Greetings beloveds,

This year I am taking on the large task of connecting with 12 Goddesses of Life and Death. You can read more about that here. Each full moon I begin to connect with a new Goddess. December’s Goddess was Inanna and boy was it a transition.

I was resistant to starting this journey. I did not want to meditate, hold space, light incense, or candles. I wanted to sleep, eat, and rest. I thought I had completely failed at this. Another project started and gone no where. Then the other day as I sat reading I thought, “hmm look at all the work you’ve done and things you’ve released over the past few weeks. It’s almost like your descent into the underworld”. BOOM! Unbeknownst to me I had been traveling into the underworld as Inanna releasing parts of my identity.

Fear, rejection, scarcity, lack, attachment to friends, partners, Kamilah…examined and laid to rest within the underworld. Not that I am no longer needing to work on these things but that I am separating them from who I am. The purpose of this? Forgiveness. Forgiving myself for all that I have and have not done. Inanna calls us to face who we are. Move beyond who we think we are, who others tell us we are, who we want to be to just freaking be.

Sit down. Pick up that book, movie, call that friend, draw, paint, go for that drive, book that flight, do all the things that you did not do because you were too busy trying to “be somebody”. Just be.

I’m here at home chilling in the underworld. Writing, reading, creating. Being unapologetically me. With January’s full moon in Cancer, it’s Sedna’s time to share her wisdom. See you then.



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