May Journal Prompt


Spring Equinox 2019: Enchanted Ascension

Spring is HERE!

It is finally time to come out of the underworld and return to the surface to bring the subconscious into our conscious world.

Here’s the breakdown of what’s going on astrologically.

Sun and Chiron in Aries in the 9th house: A time of learning, exploring and taking the unbeaten path. Aries sun energy is connected to movement, speed, and determination. This may not be an elegant plan but it will get the job done. Chiron in Aries is healing our relationship with autonomy, sovereignty, leadership and developing the will to follow through with our plans.

During this spring equinox we’ll be learning more about our true selves and what we are here to contribute to the world. If you find that over the past 3-4 years you have been doing all the research and feel that you have an idea of what you would like to accomplish at this time in your life but can’t seem to get the curtain to rise on your one man show, Aries is acting as the stage manager who pulls the lead aside to chat with them about how there is no show without the team. The crew, the director, the audience – everyone has a role to play.

Autonomy is not isolation or rejection. It is the ability to have the power to assert and advocate for yourself and everyone in our global community. The energy of Libra assists with balancing the shadow of Aries who acts without thinking and is only concerned with what is best for themselves. Take your purpose and state it as a service. How does this contribute to the whole? See your place the grander story and let that drive you towards action.

Mercury and Neptune in Pisces in the 8th and 9th house respectively: 8th house work concerns inheritance, sexuality, and ritual. Mercury in Pisces is a slow, deep, other-worldy experience. Mercury is the communicator, messenger and trickster. Here Mercury pulls us into the subconscious to access information, memories, and pieces of ourselves that we have released because it did not serve us. Serve us in being outspoken may have gotten us punished, being quiet might have made us more susceptible to bullies, being quit and witty might have been frustrating to adults in your life who were not in the mood for that humor. These are not necessarily positive or negative personality traits. We see that sometimes then we push down parts of ourselves to survive or have what we perceive to be a better life.

Mercury opens the door to bringing up these experiences that we may not be consciously aware of. In the 8th house, we are looking at our intimacy inheritance. Couple that with Neptune in Pisces who is home in the waters of the subconscious and dreams in the 9th house which focuses on knowledge, exploration, and discovery. We are having encounters with our past selves through others, our dreams, our ancestors. Change and growth doesn’t always occur in the physical often it is psychological. What we heal internally if reflected externally.

Moon in Aquarius in the 8th house brings us to experiment with our relationship to our past, subconscious, and sexuality. We are wanting to move outside the conventional and try things that pique our interest because it is electrifying.

Big Daddy Cap is all up in this Spring Equinox. The outer planets and Mars are firmly grounded in the daily grind. Plans, systems, processes, and order are fall under Capricorns domain. Capricorns have the advantage of being made of land and water. Capricorns’ ground and balance the emotional sensitivity of Cancer. Capricorns may not incite ideas of sensitivity, grace, and emotional intelligence but this is what gives them the drive to be so productive. They are doing it for their loved ones, for the planet, for the universe. That takes a lot of strength and an ability to keep their eye on the prize. Even…a bit of selfishness.

This season we turn our attention to our health. Create that health regime. It’s time. Get your health in order, get your paperwork in order, make sure are aware of local resources that can assist you in health-related matters. Pay for the insurance, take your vitamins, eat nutrient dense foods, move your body, express your emotions, take time off, get enough sleep. We need consistency to create habits and time to see results. You may also see structure come to your relationships. You’re more pragmatic on how you approach partnerships, long term commitments, and contractual obligations. Be straightforward and don’t be afraid to assert yourself. List out your needs and requirements so you have a foundation to stick to when negotiations begin. You’re worth the investment.

Lastly, there is Uranus and Venus in Taurus in the 10th house indicating our careers will be impacted by our relationships and radical chance. Venus in Taurus is decadent. It is rich foods, luscious surroundings, and being enveloped in the most delicious comforting relationships. In the 10th house, Venus in Taurus calls us to make our careers feel like a love nest. It brings us to supportive surroundings, opportunities, and projects. It will also show us where we are missing these things in our purpose.

Research your own astrology so you can understand your relationship to what is happening in macro-astrology.

With love,

Kamilah Rose

March Journal Prompt


The end of winter – Pisces Season

Spring Equinox – Astrological New Year – Start of Aries Season


These are all themes related to this time of year. Thus, this month our journal prompt is VISION. What is your vision for yourself? For the year? For the day? We can get bogged down in the details sometimes we need to see the bigger picture. Before we rise in the spring, let us dream in winter soothed by the peaceful waves of Pisces.

Full Moon in Virgo: Creative Discernment

Greetings beloveds,

This is another Earth ruled full moon in Virgo in the 5th house. Venus, Saturn, and Pluto are in Capricorn in the 10th house, with Mars in Taurus in the 1st house. The fifth house governs creativity, joy, will, and individuation. Virgo in the 5th house brings order and prioritization to our creative drives. Nothing is accomplished without a plan. You might just be winging it, but the universe knows precisely what is coming. The gift of the 5th house allows us to tap into the COURAGE to use the Virgo energy to align our WILL. This allows for the dreams of the underworld explored during the winter season to begin to take shape in the physical world. We are stabilizing while heading into the depths of the subconscious with Pisces

We are almost at our rebirth. Aries season brings us back to the light but for now we are at the bottom of the ocean trench. So far below our conscious capabilities that we have no clue as to what occurs there EXCEPT through dreams, free association, creative outlets, and other forms of making the unconscious conscious.

YET, our environment shapes so much of our personality. We are deeply connected to each other and as such are impacted by that connection. When the environment is geared towards production, we strive to be productive. Creative to creativity, joyous to joy, you get the picture. Virgo in the 5th house in the season of Pisces directs that creative energy. It gives it form and fashion. Without this piece that energy is chaos without the order.

This full moon, we will work on developing another aspect of Virgo energy, discernment. When you have the world at your feet and the energy of creation bubbling up within you everything that lights that spark within you draws you in like a fire on a cold winter night. It is up to us to learn how to tell what we should and should not give our attention to. This can be done through trail and error, advice from elders, and developing our intuition. Virgo’s are skilled at taking in information and situations through which they can decide what is the best possible option.

This full moon, allow yourself to be in the environments that make you feel alive, confident, and creative. Let the spark of life ignite within you. Write, draw, record, discuss, or express in some way what comes to you. Then using your mirrors (intuition, trusted elders, mentors, guides, and ancestors) to discern where to direct this energy. We are in an important time before spring. Organize the energy and move this from potential energy to manifestation.

Happy Full Moon in Virgo!

Kamilah Rose

Of Duty and Sovereignty: Aquarius Season and Izanami-no-Mikoto

Aquarius season. We’ve dug out way out of the dark depths of Capricorn season. With the help of Marie Kondo folks are decluttering and finding the joy in their life. In the way that only Aquarius season can, we are guided by another air sign, to find a way to understand the information that we have acquired during Capricorn season.

Do you know the story of Izanami-no-Mikoto? She is a Japanese Goddess who with her beloved Izanagi, birthed the world. Her tale consists of several moments in which the social order of male and female relationships are established. First, when instead of waiting for Izanagi to speak first Izanami spoke up presenting them as a couple. Then there is the child of fire who she birthed which destroyed her. She is a mother who died in childbirth, attempting to bring light/life into the world.

Finally, we have her role as Goddess of Death. Izanagi ventured into the underworld to retrieve his love. Izanami had consumed food from that realm and could no longer return to the land of the living. She told her love that she would ask though if he would give her some time, but he must promise not to light a torch and look at her. Izanagi in his desire to see his beloved, found a light and gazed upon her anyway only to find that she was as she suggested, a dead decaying being. He ran from her in fright and she in turn came after him not believing that he would not only not listen to her, but reject her due to her state.

There is so much here to explore in this myth. So much that Izanami-no-Mikoto has to share with us. I cannot wait to share the insights and rituals with you all.

Queen of Heaven and Earth

Greetings beloveds,

This has been a busy season hasn’t it? There’s a meme that says “Capricorns are so boring, I forgot it was even your season”. No offense, but it’s true. I distinctly can remember the energy of Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius season. Now, in Capricorn season it seems very active but in a different way. At the winter solstice we reach the 7th gate of the underworld. We lay down our physical form to embrace the spirit of death and change. We enter the 8th gate to explore our subconscious dreams. The things that we only dare to express in the quiet of our journals.

There’s the celebration with friends and family, the liminal space of the time outside of time between the holy-days and the honoring of our pasts in the Gregorian new year. Then it’s go time. We rise from the 8th gate and begin our ascension. What do you leave behind? What do you take with you? We clear out our homes, set goals, buy a gym memberships, and fill our fridges with fresh vegetables. Yet, when we look at the astrology of this time in 2019, it is ruled by the energy of Saturn. Of planning, organizations, structure, time.

Inanna, who has made it clear for me that this is her preferred time of year to be honored. At what other time are we so clearly connected to the earth and the heavens. When a powerful narrative of the birth of a King being foretold by the stars in the sky is so richly woven through Western culture. Another narrative exists though. One of a Queen. A Queen who was selfish, strong, self-assured, slightly narcissistic, determined, ambitious, kind, and giving. A Queen who knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it even if that meant playing some tricks along the way. The kind of tricks that gained her the 7 ME’s, brought her life where only the dead were allowed to tread, and eventually lead to her transformation from Queen to Goddess.

When thinking of Inanna, I remember her feisty side. She was so active and alive. She made me want to be like her. Brave. Secure or perhaps foolish enough to defy all expectations to accomplish her goals. She didn’t wait for anyone to give her permission. She made a decision and acted. I think about her in relation to winter, the stillness that seeps into our lives. It seems so far removed from her stories, yet this is the time when she wants to be heard.

What wisdom does she have to share with us? To slow down instead of rushing into things. We don’t always know what lies beyond the next gate. We cannot be sure that our beloved will mourn for us when we leave. That even with all the power, beauty, and magic of the world we still experience loss. We still make mistakes and have to make amends for what we have done. Above all else we have to do better. When we rise from the depths of the underworld and are initiated into a new form it is a gift. One that no one else has had the honor to receive. We should treat this experience with respect and to assist others. At the very least to help ourselves.

Kamilah Rose

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo: Back to the Light

Greetings beloveds,

A full moon ruled by the element of fire with the Moon and North Node in Leo, Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius, and then Mars and Uranus in Aries. With an even distribution between the fire signs we have each stage of creation – a spark of life, the strong flames of midlife, and the quiet warmth of dying embers. The moon in Leo in the 10th house shines light on the will and courage needed to face our purpose.

Take note from the different forms of the fire signs. Where do you fall in the fire spectrum of creation? Are you at the beginning stages, identifying and starting to move forward in your career? Perhaps you have started your career or are in your prime. Lastly, you may be a well-versed expert in your field with a solid background and vision of who you are. This isn’t a linear process. We often grow , change, and expand our understanding of our purpose and how that can or will affect our career.

Above all else, allow yourself to shine in your chosen role whatever that may be. The world would not be the same without you. Let your career or source of income be like the moon and reflect your inner light to others.

These might be hard words to hear but sometimes we feel that we have a calling but it’s difficult to manifest. We take the classes, get the job, find the mentor, write the book, create the program but it doesn’t go anywhere. We find ourselves suffering from imposter syndrome. We worry that we are not on the right path or encounter a lot of resistance along the way. We may feel so attached to what we THINK or FEEL we are supposed to be doing or who we are yet, we are unable to make progress in that area.

Take that step back. Look at how you approach these topics. Are you so attached to this career, purpose, or identity that it is difficult to keep perspective and make necessary changes to move forward. The power of Leo lies in their natural appeal to others. Find those who are in your field or have similar interests which can bolster and support you on this path. Then ground yourself through the foundation you have been working on since this the Cancer new moon last month.

Your home is a sacred space. Cleanse it, fill it with things that bring you peace, and then retreat there to rest and refuel. You’ve got this.

Kamilah Rose

December Astrology Part 1: Right Side Up


December 1- Mercury Retrograde enters Scorpio:

We all know the retrograde spiel by now, especially with Mercury. Lags in communication, understanding, traffic issues, travel issues, blocks to your creativity, not being able to make progress on projects. All of these are elements associated with the planet Mercury and when any planet is in retrograde we see that energy slow down or become resistant. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio may find us diving deeply into metaphysical, philosophical, or areas that we just want to know more about. Yet, we may not find satisfying answers or information. Perhaps that book that has exactly what you are looking for is checked out of the library or the web page won’t load. You may also find that you are in a continuous dive. You become obsessed with a topic or issue to the point where you forget to accomplish or ignore other responsibilities. The key to this time is to HAVE FUN WITH IT. Don’t take anything too seriously. If you come across resistance just let it go. Mercury is only in retrograde for a couple of more days. You can do it! 

December 2 – Venus enters Scorpio: 

As Christina Aguilera said “wanna get dirty, it’s about time for my arrival”, Venus has officially entered Scorpio. Deep connections, secrets told between the sheets, kinks, and spiritual healing are all a part of Venus in Scorpio energy. This is the seductress or charmer. They pull you in through their mystery. Something that just makes you want to know more…about yourself, about the world, about each other. Coupled with Mercury in Retrograde you may find yourself obsessing over a project, passion, goal, or person. Thinking of them constantly or wanting to be near them often. Healthy ways to express this are through art, exercise, and other forms of creative expression. Because you do not want to test the Scorpion so best to give that energy space to be free in yourself and others. 

Once Mercury goes direct on the 6th this is a great time to engage in magic practices that engage your senses. Eat decadent flavorful foods. Wear or touch fabrics that give you physical reactions. Use scents that create the feelings that you would like to manifest. Watch or visit beautiful movies and places. Listen to music or have conversations that gets your blood pumping. These elements can also help you to soothe and heal you if during this time you encounter painful emotions, memories, or information. 

December 6th – Mercury goes Direct

FINALLY! We will be in the shadow of Mercury retrograde for a bit longer but things will start to flow again. Take advantage of the information gathering and start making those plans!

Check out the rest of this month’s astrology in my upcoming posts. 

-Kamilah Rose 

November Writing Prompt: Giving Thanks

Greetings beloveds!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today let’s explore what we are thankful for. Not just the usual family, good health, prosperity, or love. But for our shadows that benefit us. 

Here’s our prompt: “Today I am thankful for my shadow…” and just write what comes to mind. You may be surprised at what you find. 

With love, 

Kamilah Rose

Full Moon in Gemini: Magic of the Moment

Happy Full Moon in Gemini! It’s the holiday season and no better time then to tap into that Gemini energy. Learning, growing,creating, sharing, communicating and well being a bit all over the place. That’s that Gemini love right there. Here’s the thing, for many folks this is a frightening thought. Going out, talking to strangers, being in crowds, and loud noises are some folks worst case scenarios. Here’s the tea, do what works for you! Yes, we have energy that will support us going out and being acting but that does not mean that we have to. You have every right and option to do as you please. If you want to burrow in during this time and be with your family or alone, do it! Cause one thing is for sure, a Gemini is not worried about ANYBODY else opinions.

          Here’s the thing, there’s going to be some anxiety at this time. It might be because it’s the holidays, or the end of the semester, end of the year, there’s just so much going on at this time of the year that if you are not used to going with the flow, it can fee quite overwhelming. Take lots of deep breaths, try to complete one thing at a time and take a break when you need to. There’s no point in running yourself into the ground trying to please everyone or finish an endless to do list in a short amount of time.

See Gemini’s transfer their energy from their mind into action. That’s not something that everyone is used to. Take that note from them. If something makes you feel excited or it intrigues you follow that. Take an assessment when you start to feel that jumpy “I need to”, “I should” energy come up. What’s the root of this? What actually “needs” to get done? Make even a mental list of what you would like to accomplish and organically address what you can.

Gemini’s are amazing, but they are held back by their limitless options. Narrow things down to bit size tasks that you can accomplish. Commit to what you can, even if that’s just following your own heart. That’s the trick. That’s what this full moon is all about. Honoring your own being while sharing the brilliance of the world with others.

Oh and if you make some amazing business or career contacts. Follow that ish through. It will lead you to bountiful harvests.

I love love love you!

Kamilah Rose