New Moon in Pisces: This is What Dreams are Made of.

Sun, Moon, Mercury in Pisces    

I am hyped for the new moon. I love Pisces energy. It’s dreamy, creative, whimsical, magical, emotional and lets us basically live in a dream. Who doesn’t want to live in a fairytale dream world? Right, there are a lot of folks who prefer the solid undertakings of earth sign energy or the passion of fire signs, and we all love the social graces from our air signs. Yet, Pisces is the time of gestation. Our new life is growing waiting for Aries season to give it the energy it needs to break free of its shell and be born. In the meantime, wouldn’t you like to rest a little bit longer. Take your shoes off. Change into a flowy outfit. Maybe take a dip in the pool or sauna? Make a cup of tea, bake some treats, cuddle up on the couch with your fluffy socks. Oh Pisces energy is life…literally. It is the waters of the womb. Let yourself be held.

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn

                Well this took a turn. We have the soft dreamy energy of Pisces clashing with the pragmatic systematic energy of Capricorn. Capricorn find Pisces to be charming as long as it’s at the tearoom, smoke shop, social event, or healing ritual – in the board room or the bank…that’s a different story. There, Capricorn is looking for FACTS. What do they have to really work with? Pisces sees possibility in everything and that can be exciting and anxiety inducing for Capricorn. There’s Mars with who wants justice, Jupiter who wants to plan to the party to spend all of their wealth, Saturn who still wants to look over the books, and Pluto which is waiting for Aquarius to step up and use all of the dirt it has found to rebuild the world. There is work to be done and we want to do it. That does not mean it has to be boring. Take stock of what needs to be done and get it done. Devote the time needed to your responsibilities and leave room for creative opportunities to come your way. The best deals are done in beautiful spaces where folks are relaxed. Let Pisces set the mood and Capricorn close the deal.    

Venus in Aries square all the Capricorn energy

Well, well. Venus is fucking everything up isn’t it? Or is it? Venus in Aries with Chiron brings courage to radically heal our understanding of intimacy. This is squared by our lovely planets in Capricorn which are bringing the focus to getting the work done so that we are perceived as consistent and accomplished. Yet, Pluto is still shedding light on the shadows. Time to integrate. No more creating boxes to separate your relationships. The personal, public, and political come together. It can be scary when to be taken seriously we have had to hide parts of ourselves away. Each time we do this, a little bit of us withers away. Aries brings new life and the wholeness of who we are is growing. It’s beating. Pulsing in the womb waters of Pisces season, ready to be reborn. Whole. Complete. United. Sacred. Sovereign.

Be brave. It’s time.

Uranus in Taurus gets along well (sextile) Pisces energy

Finally, we have Uranus in Taurus which is loving all of this Pisces ease. Flow with it and dream big lovers. Birthing a world take a lot of time and creativity. Who do you want to be when clock restarts? Reach deep into your soul and let it be known that you are valuable. Point. Blank. Period.

Aries: If you are brave enough to take it, the world is yours. Your past holds the key to mastering the present. Take the lessons and move on.

Taurus: Create a space where you feel safe to dream. Fire is burning the world down and we will need you to rebuild it.

Gemini: A moment to chill for you, finally. Also, let the fires support your next endeavor. There’s room here for you and you’re welcome at the table.

Cancer: A time to follow your path and your purpose. Guess what: It’s about how you communicate with others. What’s the point in having a safe space if you’re all alone?

Leo: Enjoy the parties, wear the clothes, dress up like the star you are. Be mindful of overdoing it with food, drink, or ecstatic experiences.

Virgo: This new moon brings you a sense of peace. Somehow the big things don’t seem so scary anymore. Perhaps it’s because others are finally carrying the load.

Libra: Focus on beauty, ride the waves, stay out of the chaos, rule the storm. Don’t gossip.

Scorpio: A great time to hibernate or dive into your fantasy life. Others will perceive you as the ultimate version of the Scorpio. This could mean super sexy, jealous, mysterious, or unstable. Thus, be mindful of the signs.

Sagittarius: Whooo I bet it’s nice to have the spotlight off of you. Now if only folks would lighten up. Now isn’t the time to bring this up. Just keep dancing on your own. The rest of us will catch up.

Capricorn: Feelings are our friends. You can’t hide behind perfection. The illusion is bursting and it’s best to just be real. Here’s a secret: your dreams are coming true.

Aquarius: You’re doing big work right now. Embrace your power. You know BTS? J-hope is your mascot. Rule the world one genius idea at a time.

Pisces: Dream on baby. All the joy, all the fun, all the laughter, all the hope, all the things. You’re our rainbow after the storm.


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