Spring Equinox 2020 Part 2: Refine and Pour from an Endless Cup

Moon in Aquarius    

Connection is the key this season. Our connection to the heart and soul of our world – each other. This Aquarius moon explores the tension between how love and change can bring us peace. Take a moment to examine how you connect with others and how this impacts your health. Do you text, call, and see your loved ones out of obligation? Do your relationships feel transactional? If so, do you feel that you are equally held and seen in those relationships?

Uranus is taking us deeper. Our world is built on connection to our networks. Our connection must be deep and purposeful. Aquarian love is for the people. They strive to assist humanity through altruism and advancements that make life easier. If you know someone in need, mobile your network to offer assistance. Encourage others to do the same. This is how we create a safety net, by joining hands and holding each other up.

Mercury and Neptune in Pisces (4th house)

Mercury sextile Uranus: A variance in ways of knowing allows us to revolutionize our world. Every issue has a solution, sometimes we just have to think outside of the box to find it. Technology, storytelling, books, scientific research, personal anecdotes are all different ways of gathering information. They are all valuable. You are valuable. We need your vision, voice, and input.

Finding our connection to the divine in our home supports our efforts to change how we find peace through healing and service. In whatever way works for you, hold space in your community and be there for each other. Embody the Divine through centering your actions around love. Love yourself – love each other.

Neptune sextile Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, Venus:

Take a minute to dream. There is a lot happening in the world and Neptune in Pisces delivers messages in our dreams. There are ways to thrive which we can access through our collective unconscious. Time to tap in and let these gifts flow.

Venus and Uranus in Taurus

Uranus square Saturn, Moon, and Pluto: This is a time where we change how we approach taking care of ourselves and each other. Uranus the planet of revolution is in the 6th house of health and service. This energy conflicts with our current institutions. Uranus is seeking peace from abrupt and constant changes. Yet, we have a news cycle that runs 24/7. Where then can we find peace? Step outside of the cycle. Literally. If you are able to spend time outside in nature, do so (while being safe and cautious). Go for a walk, meditate, at the very least open the windows and air your home out. Check in online during a designated period. Fact check what you hear and follow your intuition.

Embrace change. Embrace difference. Embrace honesty – even when it is uncomfortable. Also, let older generations make it. Most are doing the best they can.

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn

                The royal court is now in session. The warrior stands strong ready to face whatever comes their way. The ruler sits on their throne. Our advisor pensively examines their checklist, while the counselor evaluates the overall wellbeing of the attendees. Methodical, sensible, calculating, specific, and focused on the goal. We are zoning in on our drive, passion, purpose, and spirit. This is a serious time. Perhaps too serious. Everyone is on edge, waiting for the all clear.

Saturn enters Aquarius – March 21st  

                The energy has shifted. Saturn has left its home in Capricorn and moved into the sign of Aquarius – The Water Bearer. Where we were drawn to order and purpose, now we a driven by an urge to be true to ourselves and help our community through innovation and connection. The world is smaller due to the internet and social media, but we can feel eve more alone these days. What are the limitations around our ability to truly give to each other? Are there systems that confine us? That keep up from being appreciated for who we truly are?

                Uranus in Taurus is evaluating what we value. Now, Saturn in Aquarius will bring an end to systems which devalue the group and the individual. Be kind to each other. If you have the means, do more for each other. We will feel the reigns of Saturn pulling us in. Telling us that this is does not work. Working only for ourselves? Does not work. Hoarding resources for only our group? Does not work. Aquarius pours refined abundance from an endless chalice. Refine, reconfigure, and align.

Spring 2020

-Kamilah Rose


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