Full Moon in Aquarius: Temperance of the Heart and Mind

Sun and Mars in Leo (opposition to the Moon and Saturn)                 Hello sunshine! We have a dynamic duo in Leo with the Sun and Mars. This is amazing and excellent energy. I mean if you aren’t having a good time this full moon, I don’t know what you’re doing with yourself. If you’re feelingContinue reading “Full Moon in Aquarius: Temperance of the Heart and Mind”

New Moon in Taurus: Peace through Embodiment and Expression

Sun, Moon, Uranus in Taurus Taurus is such a delightful energy. It is the energy of peace that beauty brings. The engagement of the senses to remind us that we are alive. What is beauty to you? How do you express it in your life? This  new moon we will be in a spirit ofContinue reading “New Moon in Taurus: Peace through Embodiment and Expression”

New Moon in Aquarius- Get into the Groove

New Moon in Aquarius Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius                 We haven’t seen energy vibing like this since 2018/2019 and that was all in Capricorn so basically we were all focusing on getting stuff done. Which is great and has it’s place, but I am THRILLED to move into some AquariusContinue reading “New Moon in Aquarius- Get into the Groove”

The Divine Masculine

REPOST: As I was thinking about how I would begin this years exploration of the Divine Masculine, I ran across a post I made in 2019. It still rings as even more relevant now in 2021. Enjoy as we dive further into healing the divine masculine with an exploration of the Sun, Mars, Jupiter andContinue reading “The Divine Masculine”

Fall Equinox 2020 Astrology Reading: Embrace the Paradox of Life

Sun and Mercury in Libra The season of balance is upon us! This fall, we are accepting the paradox of life. That there can be completely contradictory things that can be true. That one can be kind, thoughtful, and compassionate to one while being callous, shortsighted, and judgmental of others. When we accept the paradoxContinue reading “Fall Equinox 2020 Astrology Reading: Embrace the Paradox of Life”

New Moon in leo: Shadow Dancing

Sun, Moon, Mercury in Leo                 Our personality (our core essence), emotions, and our thoughts step onto the stage and want to be seen to actively engage with the world and our self in our healing and how we serve the world. We experience a great passion and aggression for being ourselves and living ourContinue reading “New Moon in leo: Shadow Dancing”

The Journey Home: Full Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Leo                 This new moon offers us an opportunity to step into our role as leaders in defining our world. This takes great courage to understand our role and not put the responsibility on others. To know when there are those who need your assistance and those who do not. 2020 is stillContinue reading “The Journey Home: Full Moon in Aquarius”

New Moon in Cancer : Harnessing Opposition for healing

Sun, Moon, Mercury in Cancer Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn: Cardinal Opposition from our hearts to yours.                 Movement is important for Cancer. We are usually able to travel, spend lots of time outdoors, and visit our friends/family to help move this energy. This year, we are practically stationary. We are much more mindfulContinue reading “New Moon in Cancer : Harnessing Opposition for healing”

Full Moon in Capricorn: Finding Relief in the Shade – The Shadow of Summer

Sun and Mercury in Cancer (Mercury retrograde) Home is a feeling. A sense of security, trust, legacy, and freedom for some. For others a prison or just a space to stay for the time being. We can feel this way about our physical homes, bodies, or souls. Home above all else is our ability toContinue reading “Full Moon in Capricorn: Finding Relief in the Shade – The Shadow of Summer”