New Moon in Aries: What it Means to Be Free

Sun, Moon and Chiron in Aries in second house

   New beginnings, new life, another chance to chase after your dreams. The sun, moon, and chiron are teaming up to help us put some pep in our step. We are waking up from the long winter to venture out into the world again. Sometimes we only have our will to help us get through a difficult moment. Feel that strength within and keep going!

You can do this.

Mercury and Neptune in Pisces

        You may be experiencing an existential crisis. Who are you? What is your purpose here? When we are taken outside of our usual routine, it causes us to move into a space of reflection. Pay close attention to your dreams and other symbols such as repeating numbers, animals, or other psychic related phenomenon such as sounds or smells that bring up visions. Our psyche is reaching out to us. Inviting us to remember the parts of ourselves that have been lost or rejected due to external conditioning. To make the most of this energy, find a comfortable space in your home for meditation, yoga, and reflection.  

 Venus and Uranus in Taurus

                Quarantine forces us to be in close quarters with those we are in relationships with. Whether that be the self, family, or partner(s). You may be navigating some rocky water here depending on how you communicate what your desires are. You know your value. Its time to make it known to those you care about the most. Use that Aries energy and be brave. This time calls for radical truth in order to allow for advanced intimacy. This will create a space that feels like home wherever you are.

Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn

                The warrior, the ruler, and the counselor are still in court.  While the advisor has moved from focusing on doing the work to designing new ways to address the identified topics. Mars makes us feel frustrated. We went from doing to thinking and caring. Mars turns to Jupiter and Pluto like “is this how this goes?”. Jupiter shrugs and goes with the flow. Jupiter encourages Mars to lighten up a little. Maybe they can learn something from this shift. There are plenty of ways to use this energy if we get creative. Mars turns to Pluto but immediately turns away. Pluto has been settling into their meditation position only moving to take notes in their journal. Mars glances at the door ready to just do something when Pluto hands Mars their notes. Delighted Mars sees all the things that need power to and will to be born and renovated. Mars has been given a mission.

                Channel and focus your energy this new moon. Take note of what you would like to accomplish and then turn your attention there. Without intention, the work will not get done. Complete the job before we break the mold and dip into the source off things with Saturn in Aquarius.

Saturn in Aquarius

                How do you plan for the unexpected? You don’t. You prepare for life in general. You take care of yourself by eating well, resting, practicing mindful movement, and connecting to your spiritual practice. You develop connections with others while maintaining enough distance to be your truest self. Leave space for adventure, for magic, for innovation. It is there that you master the energy of Saturn in Aquarius. As with all things, it is the liminal in between space that leaves room for creation. Have faith and remember that Aquarius represents our connection to the divine. Remember, know, and act.


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