New Moon in Libra: The Beauty of Justice

Cardinal energy is strong this new moon! Sun, moon, mercury, and venus in Libra in the 9th and 10th houses. This is a time of balance, justice, contractual obligations, and examining our binding agreements. Libra is ruled by Venus a planet which holds the polarity of love. From jealousy, envy, eros, romantic, friendship, family, divinity … Continue reading New Moon in Libra: The Beauty of Justice


Enchanted: The Descent

It's almost fall, another season of transition and change. Whether you are entering the underworld in the Northern hemisphere or leaving the underworld in the Southern hemisphere this is a time for exploring what we have learned over the past two seasons. Our biggest lessons may have come from the past season as we processed … Continue reading Enchanted: The Descent

The Unknown: New Moon in Cancer

Hello lovies, New Moon in Cancer Navigation Tools Allow new experiences and perceptionsDevelop and nurture self/social compassionEmbrace your emotionsCommunicate clearly Any progress is progressBe steady and sure not compulsivePlan for what you can, release what you cannotAddress issues with your mother and father in a safe space Such interesting energy with this new moon eclipse … Continue reading The Unknown: New Moon in Cancer