May 2019 Astrology


Rest: New Moon in Taurus

Hello lovies!

I’ve fallen fully into the energy of the New Moon in Taurus by answering the call to rest and appreciate the world around me. This might have felt like a call to spend time with friends, family, and loved ones including some “me” time. Here’s a quick breakdown of where the planets are for the new moon. I found as I tried to sit down and write out all the elements of this phase, that I just wanted to rest. To read, have a warm drink, eat comfort food, be outside and sleep. All in all this seemed to sum up Taurus energy in a healthy space taking into account my own energetic needs and cycles. To take ownership of who I am and what I have been blessed with.

What a delightful message from Taurus, that beauty is not all about the physical but holistic in nature. We are beautiful when we let our true selves shine.

I’ve been reading up on all of the astrology things. I love to explore my own chart but I realized I was avoiding signs that were not prominent in my chart, such as all of the Earth signs. Reading up on their magic and what they bring to the zodiac has been so refreshing. Another element of this new moon is to explore areas of interest that you may have avoided. You might find that embracing a slower pace of appreciation allows you to dig deeper into your talents and interests. Tackle some of the mysteries and fears from this brave space of Taurean peace and security.

Sun, Moon in Taurus in 8th house

            Taurus energy in the house y’all! Stability, grounding, and ownership of all that lovely Aries energy from the start of the year. Taurus in the 8th house is considering how what we have inherited, such as our personal talents, define our values. On a greater level, we are looking at how our sense of self is impacted by what we have inherited from our families, communities, and environment.

Mercury and Venus in Aries with Uranus in Taurus in the 7th house

Mars in Gemini in the 9th house

Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 3rd house

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in 4th house

            Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn square to Mercury and Venus in Aries in 7th house

Neptune in Pisces in 6th house square to Mars in Gemini in 9th house and Jupiter in Sagittarius in 3rd house

Read over this quickly and then go for a walk or take a nap. Take care of yourself.

Kamilah Rose

Sovereign: New Moon in Aries

What do you stand for? Family, love, justice, peace? Now is a time of contemplation of where and how we have developed our culture, values, and beliefs. The ways that WE in the I form decide what is valuable, what has worth. Over the past decade we have felt the shift in power as social capital produced in the form of mass-produced culture, messaging, and media has become overtly visible.

What are your values, your principles, your morals? There’s a beauty to the 2nd house that assists us in developing our talents into wealth. Not just financial but emotional, mental, social, and legacy wealth. But wealth without principles is just fertilizer in the bull’s field. It’s nothing. It does not stand. So, develop your values, find your principles and stand on them. Take in the lesson of the 8th house as guide. What are you leaving as an inheritance? What have you picked up as a part of your lineage? Your ancestral patterns carry on in much the same way as wealth and poverty are generational. What you cultivate MUST be GROUNDED in a strong ethical practice focused on equity and love.

The 2019 New Moon in Aries is a time for personal development. You’ll feel like taking some time away from external influences to find your own compass. There is strong 12th house energy that is active during this time and will remain active. With Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th house this pull inwards takes us out of the surface and into the depths of cosmic truth, faith, trust, and love. What do we do with this energy? Use the energy of Capricorn to create a structure that allows you to access these realms without losing yourself. As you come to find your values, truth and purpose take small steps to align with your being through ritual and practice. The only difference between the sacred and the profane is our perspective and intention. Set the intention that your journey is sacred and let that shape your routine.

One step at a time lovies.

-Kamilah Rose

Conscious Dreaming: Wisdom from Within

Balance is everything as we see with the ascendant and mars in the 1st house in Taurus, the Midheaven in the 10th, Pluto and Saturn in the 9th house all in Capricorn. Pisces is stepping into the spotlight in the 11th house with the Sun, Moon and Neptune. The effects of this new moon will be externally driven. Our spiritual families and beliefs take center stage. How we relate to each other Intense dreams which expose our deepest desires, fears, and even connect us to our nonphysical spirit guides and ancestors. This is a great time to explore dream analysis and magic. There are messages and information available to us from the broader nonphysical world that we can access when we are open to receiving that knowledge. A wonderful way to support this energy would be through a consistent night time ritual. Here’s a couple of ways to get you started.

Pisces Dream Ritual

  •             Gather your materials: incense, candles, tea, journal or notebook, writing utensil, comfortable space to conduct the ritual.
  •             Clean and clear your space and body using your favorite space cleansing method such as smoke clearing, singing bowl, or chanting. This is not only to clear the energy of the space but to put you into the ritual mental space.
  •             Now commence with your ritual. Traditionally you would cleanse your physical form in a bath or shower next but as this is Pisces season your interaction with water/liquids can be a central part of your ritual. Here’s what I suggest:

Depending on where you would like to hold your ritual, first set up your sacred space with by lighting your candle/s and incense. Then set up your tea or drink and a representation of earth. If you’re wanting to nurture yourself, you can use your dinner for your representation of earth. After you’ve blessed the food you can then literally consume your intentions making them a part of your physical form.

Now, call in your ancestors, spirit guides, and the directions. Ask for them to protect you and guide you during your ritual. Then acknowledge your illuminated and shadow self. Each play a role in helping to explore this life.

Place your hands over the tea or drink and food asking that the energy align with your body and spirit as you explore the depths of the unconscious. To bring through clear images of your path and desires. To show you your spirit family and highlight the work that you will be doing. Know that you might have a dream that is frightening. This might bring up your fears of what and who you can be. Your dreams might also include folks who you can’t stand or have drama with. Evaluate what is happening in the dream, how you felt during each part, and any symbols that stood out to you. Now consume your food and drink. When you are complete release and give thanks to your ancestors, guides and directions. You’ll find the final bedtime ritual at the end of this post.

Bath or Shower Ritual

  • First clean your tub, shower, and bathroom.
  • Then use herbs, oils, sea salt, Epsom salt (be mindful of your blood pressure) to create a spiritual bath or shower.
  • Place your hands over the water or play your preferred spiritual  instrument over the water to set the tone and energy of the water.
  • While in the bath or shower take 3 deep breaths and picture the water flowing over your body cleansing you of any negative spirits, energy, or thoughts.

Next, find a comfortable position and take deep breaths letting the air flow in through your nose and then breath out through your mouth. Let your attention focus on your breath. Air is life. Water is life. Earth is life. Fire is Life. Each of the elements come together creating a physical world for us to live and grow. As you flow deeper into your meditation allow yourself to focus on the element that seems prominent for you. This could be the water you are currently in, the air you are breathing, the earthy weight of your body, or the fire of the heated water. Let any messages or visions come to you at this time. Remain in this state as long as you like.

Once you feel complete, beginning with your toes gently begin to move your body. This will help to ground you back in your physical form. Give thanks to your ancestors, guides, and directions for their protection and insight. Then release the water and proceed with washing your body off to remove any energy left over from your meditation.

You can continue this work by setting intentions before you go to sleep for wisdom to be delivered to you in your dreams. Leave a pen and pad or some way to document any dreams that you may have. There will be lots of knowledge shared through the dream state this new moon which can provide insight into your personal topics of interest for the new astrological new year.

Happy Dreams,

Kamilah Rose

New Moon in Aquarius

Hello Gorgeous!

We are back with the new moon in Aquarius. How did that total lunar eclipse treat you? If you found yourself feeling a bit all over the place have no fear Aquarius is here!

February 3rd, the day before the new moon, we have Venus entering Capricorn which highlights what the message of this new moon is all about- finding peace in solitude. Capricorn in Venus creates a space where we express our feelings through acts, material items. and setting up long term arrangements. The perfect time for Valentines right? This isn’t the sentiment of Cancer, it’s the stability of the Earth. Even when the Earth takes, she births more for us without us even realizing it. We just have to know where to look.

We take this energy and then move into a new moon in Aquarius. Look at the long term narrative. We are coming out of a new moon in Capricorn, full moon in Leo, New Moon in Aquarius, followed by a full moon in Virgo before we enter into the end of the astrological year. This is the end. It’s the time to take all the cleansing, clearing, releasing and let it go into the waters of Pisces. Those depths are universal and that energy is constantly renewing.

How does Aquarius clear the air? Through systematic processes of elimination before a genius bit of innovation. There’s a reason Aquarius is related to Capricorn. Cause after you make all the lists, only keep things that bring you joy, reviewed and aligned your goals for the next 3, 6, and 12 months, you gotta let go a bit. Lighten up. Not all the work is physical or material, the mind plays such an important role in this process. We are about to enter into the season of dreaming and to get there we take a trip through the conscious, the cognitive, the mind of a genius.

So what’s your genius? Is it in the arts, writing, sports, comedy, nurturing, providing, beautifying, loving, being, creating, doing, feeling, listening , etc, etc, etc. There’s so many different ways that our genius expresses its self. Let it happen! Think of it like the mental preparation needed before a psychedelic trip. That’s where we are now before we jump down the rabbit hole of Pisces and are re-birthed through Aries.

Check out this link to find your genius.

With love,

Kamilah Rose

New Moon in Capricorn: The Value of Your Talents

Greetings beloveds!

This new moon is ruled by Earth energy. Not only is this moon in Capricorn but it is joined by Pluto, the Sun, and Saturn in the 6th house then Mercury in the 5th house. 6th house energy calls our attention to discernment, knowledge, talents, and learned skills. This placement of planets suggests that now is a wonderful time to access our current skills:

Your close friends or social circle may be able to help you identify these skills or have ideas on where you can build or use these skills.

Concentrate on ways to bring comfort to others and yourself. Things that provide safety, nurturing, and a space where folks feel that they can be their true selves.

If you find that you have a difficult time with this process this indicates shadow work surrounding root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakra characteristics. An exploration of how to integrate and acknowledge these truths can be obtained through reflection upon the reasons why you would not be interested in using your talents to assist others. Are there fears around this surrounding you not being worthy or good enough to help others? An idea that others are not deserving of this assistance? Or perhaps you have tried this before and was unsuccessful. A fear of humiliation, failure, judgement, and shame cloud your drive to follow your purpose. Through shadow work you can acknowledge the drive behind these barriers and find ways to use them to your benefit.

This reflection and shadow work are grounded in mindfulness, meditation, and ritual. Being willing to sit with your dreams, fears, and ask for divine assistance takes a level of trust and acceptance that Capricorn energy is uniquely built to support. Capricorn is represented by the goat-fish. A being that is grounded in earthly energy of hard work and perseverance while also being able to navigate the depths of our emotions and subconscious. This is the energy of devotion which comes from communion with Spirit and building a relationship of trust.

With love,

Kamilah Rose

New Moon in Sagittarius: The Power of the Pause

Greetings beloveds,

Sagittarius season is here! This fire sign brings us into the energy of the Holiday season. A time for celebration and renewal. All the hard work that we’ve done over the year has come to a pause. You lift your head to take in those final rays of light as we head towards the longest night. The encroaching darkness calls us in. Pulling us away from our projects and towards warm cozy moments of family (chosen and blood).

Sagittarius is the final fire sign of the year. It gives us the energy to enter into the darkest season, to pass through the 7th gate of the underworld into death. Kali, leads the way using her many gifts to provide us with the support that we need. She stands to wait for us at the 6th gate to welcome us back once we have regained the bread and waters of life. This is a time of year where we experience our guardians through love. Our ancestors, angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, family, friends, and familiars are with us always. This season look for them in the things that make you feel warm and loved. Is it a cup of hot chocolate, a good book, twinkling lights and holiday decorations? Each time your eyes land on a thing of beauty and your heart fills with joy know that your guardians are there with you, reveling in this celebration of life.

Finally, were there some conversations that you put off over the past year? Now is a great time to approach these people or topics again. Give that person a call, write that book/article/poem/song, start that spiritual practice (conversation). Mercury went direct on the 6th countered only by Uranus being in retrograde until January 2019. Things are moving. Go with that. Allow it to happen. Remember the comfort to the lights, your family, and your guardians? They are still there wanting you to share what has been in your heart. From this you will gain knew perspectives and knowledge as Sagittarius is the Great Scholar. This wisdom will guide you as we enter the underworld on the 21st.

Check out my 2018 Winter Solstice Reading to learn more about how to utilize this energy.

Much love!

Kamilah Rose

The Depths of the Underworld: Scorpio Shadow Work with The Morrigan

New Moon In Scorpio.pngGreetings beloveds,

Welcome to the season of honoring those who have been and the things that we must release in order to move on. This is a great time to work with the energy of The Morrigan. You might be familiar with Morgan Le Fey as associated with King Author and The Mists of Avalon. You may have heard about her as the half-sister of Author who had a child with him. You may also know her as the Goddess of war, death, and sex. The Morrigan is a Celtic Goddess of multiple forms such as Badb, Macha, and Anu. She is a powerful Goddess that can assist in your healing, connection to abundance, personal sense of power, magic, and other topics depending on your relationship with her.

The Morrigan calls us to recognize that fulfilling our purpose requires for us to follow our path regardless of what others might think of us. That the stories that they tell about us cannot deter us from what we know is our truth.

There’s a lot of talk of shadow work. Some of it is grounded in Jungian psychology. Some of it is just what others have channeled into their personal and professional work. I’ve been thinking about the core of what that means in relationship to Scorpio and the Morrigan. The image that kept coming to mind was the mists or fog and the moon. All of these are conditions associated with night time or with low light. Yet, this isn’t Silent Hill. The world doesn’t magically change when the sun goes down or a siren goes off. The world of the night is structurally the same during the day. It is our perception and inability to see as well during these times that causes us to distort what is present.

The Morrigan invites us to bring what is apparent during the day into the night. To use the elements of the night to our advantage. This is shadow work. Using the characteristics of our shadow or unconscious to our advantage. Yes, you may be a serial monogamous but you always stay true to yourself eventually. Or perhaps you have a significant other who makes you feel inferior but this also makes you feel secure because it is what you are used to. We do not have to search for our shadow, it is always with us. It is in our laughter, joy, smiles, fears, tears, and dreams of the future.

Read through this and envision yourself as the main character.

Slowly you open your eyes blinking rapidly at the bright light of the sun as it glares brightly in the East. You slowly rise up feeling the weight of your body as you move into a sitting position.

You look around you taking in what looks like the remains of a battle. Shields, swords, bullet casings, and the remains of clothes are scattered as far as you can see.

No people though, dead or alive.

Gently, you come to your feet, not sure if your legs will support you. Stiffly you move your body around letting the feeling of life flow back through your limbs.

Your eyes have adjusted and you now can see a pillar of smoke off in the distance. Without hesitation you move towards that sign of life, not sure if this is friend or foe. But you’re out here alone and you desire some form of companionship.

As you move across the field a glint of metal and light catches your eye. Walking to that area you spot an object on the ground. You pull away some grass to get a better look and then place the object in your pocket.

Suddenly the light dims and you feel the wind pick up. Without thought you run in the direction of the fire. There’s a strange sense of urgency in the air.

You reach the roaring flames just as there’s a flash and you wake up.

Happy New Moon in Scorpio loves. Reflect on the item that you picked up. We will be referring back to this as we explore the light of Scorpio with Persephone.

Much love to you all,

Kamilah Rose


New Moon in Virgo


New Moon In Virgo


Greetings beloveds!

Well since this is going to be a rough new moon my recommendations are to spend time working on your projects, relaxing forms of entertainment and with good friends. It will help balance out a lot of the anxiety you might feel. So here is our Virgo New Moon Ritual.

Virgo Harvest Manifestation Ritual

Part I – Make 4 Lists

  1. 6 things that bring you joy
  2. 7 things you accomplished this year
  3. 8 things you are working on
  4. 9 things you love about yourself

Part II.

Take part in the 11/22 Reverse Harvest. Starting on 9/11 for the next 11 days post 1 thing that you love about your life. Then later that day journal for 11 minutes on your dream life. Put as much detail as you can into the journal entry.

This challenge will end on September 22, on the Fall Equinox. Complete your equinox ritual as you please and “plant” a copy of your last journal entry to be fed by the warmth of the Earth’s soil. The work that the divine masculine has done over the spring and summer is ready to be planted in the deep rich soil of the divine feminine’s powerful shadow work during the fall and winter. We let the plant the things that we dream in a reverse harvest at the fall equinox so that while we are releasing the parts of our work we no longer need we can gather our dreams as they bloom in the spring. Winter is a season of death and release. During this time, we give our dreams the freedom to expand while we do our own work of letting go those parts of us that are holding us back from these dreams. Watch your dreams come true as we enter the astrological new year in Spring 2019.

Virgo New Moon Reading

We are in late summer where the world appears to be covered by a sepia filter. We are winding down into the energy of fall. Before the feminine enters the underworld, the masculine must finish its’ time of shadow work. The work of integrating our retrograde experiences into our personal narrative. Luckily, we are assisted by the fertile energy of Virgo who is the expert at creation through cultivation. Unfortunately, that can lead to an overly critical nature of ourselves and each other. If you find yourself feeling envious of what could have been, who you used to be, or others around you take a time out. We will need to flex our patience skills this new moon. Do not push, do not be cruel to those you are envious of. Acknowledge what was or could have been but do not stay there. Without the ability to let the past stay in the past you repeat the same lessons in the same way with little progress. Although we all find ourselves in patterns, we have to cultivate the ability to be present/mindful so we can recognize the patterns the second they come up. From there we can then make different choices which lead us to a new path where we can explore the other possibilities that we discovered during the eclipses.

That’s right, this is a new moon of closure. The last new moon of the summer brings all the work that we have been doing to a head. It’s time to harvest our integrated shadow/light bodies, souls, and minds. Put your purpose to the test. Are you about this life or still just playing games? Envy steals our ability to focus on ourselves limiting our means to create. Stay present. Stay focused. And if all else fails use any negative feelings, rejections, or doubts to fuel your fire and prove all the naysayers wrong. Use that Virgo energy to flip the script and create gold from lead. It’s your time. Take your shot.

Kamilah Rose

Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo

Partial Lunar Eclipse New Moon in LeoGreetings beloveds,

Whooo you did it. You made it to the end of Eclipse season which coincides with the start of the end of retrograde season. It’s Leo season, the Leo new moon, and a Partial Solar Eclipse, there’s no way you CANNOT be seen this season. So go head and shine beloveds! This eclipse/new moon energy is enhancing our expression, our light, our charm, and our energy. We have been gifted the total lunar eclipse full moon in Aquarius so we could put words to our feelings and our desires. Now it’s time to EMBODY that knowledge. Put it into practice. If you are finding that you are fearful of being seen, start to share more. Start to speak up more. Write more, go live on your preferred social media, raise you hand in a meeting and make a comment, or just go out for a walk with your head held high.

We are clear that through the energy of the moon, Venus in Libra, Uranus retrograde, and the Lion’s Gate that we are connected in every facet. The spiritual and physical realms are reflections of each other. Remember though that reflections can be distorted when the mirror is dirty or warped. So cleanse, cleanse, cleanse so that you can see clearly and present yourself clearly. We also understand that our thoughts, words, and actions must be in alignment or else our manifestations will be off as well.

We may see our unconscious desires and dreams manifest at this time. We will also see deceitful and fraudulent activity at this time. It’s all being laid bare. Have you done the work or are you still lying to yourself? Pretending that you are dedicated to the light when your shadow has taken over completely? Working on manifesting a job or money when you really want to stay home and enjoy the drama of late bills and a low bank account. Focusing on a partner when you can barely take care of yourself. All of these are ways that our conscious and subconscious can be at odds.

Now this does not tell the whole story. There are people and factors that we do not control but many of areas of our lives are completely under our control. Discernment let’s us know what is our work to do and what is external to our locus of control. 

The easiest way to begin to recognize what we truly desire vs. what we may think we desire is through observing the world around us. Take a look at your reality. Your forms of income, your relationships, how you feel about yourself, your spiritual practice, your home, your dreams. All of these are indicators of your subconscious state. Before we reach the gleaning season let’s be real with ourselves about where we are and who we are.

From here we can look at our options to enhance or correct our energy. We live in a limitless universe. There are so many possibilities available to us and yet we stay in the same patterns with little variety in our actions, thoughts, or experiences. This new moon we are aware of what we can do to improve our lives and how to navigate the murky energy of the retrogrades. Can you find another form of income, living situation, or even just change the way you look at what is happening around you? Are you in a state of gratitude or attitude? Find your current state and work on shifting that (or removing things that are not dedicated to your highest good).

Remember though everyone is encountering this energy and they may not be ready to share what they have learned about themselves. Give them time and give yourself time. Practice radical compassion at this time. It is difficult to do this work. We do not make excuses but we acknowledge the work being done and provide the space to heal. Whether that means you focus on yourself and give space to others or provide an umbrella for many, have compassion for the path we are on. Assert your boundaries and know where you stand.

You are the Lion. You are the Strength card. You are healed.

Happy New Moon!

Kamilah Rose