New Moon in Taurus: Rest and Revolutions

Sun, Moon, Uranus in Taurus

What is beauty? Does it rely on consumption of materials or products? Taurus finds that beauty is a feeling- an experience. The Sun, Moon, and Uranus are all in Taurus during this new moon. Uranus continues to bring our attention towards updating our actions to ensure that we are putting our energy towards what we truly value. What is of value to you? What brings you peace? Are you able to embody the energy of what you deem to be valuable?

Taurus is a nurturing sign. It grounds the frantic life-giving energy of Aries. From there we can plant the seeds to see the growth of Aries desires into realities. Whereas, Aries gave us a get out there and go energy, Taurus gives us a desire to sit and rest. To take in the world around us and understand how we work not on our own but with the other (Taurus is the second sign). To give birth takes a great amount of energy. Afterwards, time is spent resting, regrouping, and redefining our lives around our new reality. This new moon may you find beauty in the silence. In being held by the earth – as safe and complete. Be kind to yourself.

             North Node in Cancer

We will continue to work on how to nurture ourselves and each other through connection, pleasure, and getting in touch with our inner child. We have spent decades building worlds and shaping our identity through our great work in service to others. What of in service to the self? To our immediate families? Have we been so focused on building structure and systems that we have forgotten the joy that comes from a healthy sense of home? Let us use the same energy that we put forth into our careers and macro community into our body, home, and micro community.

Mercury in Aries

There will be a lot of aggressive discussions going on. You may have been stuck in the house with the same people for quite some time and you’re reaching your limit. We desire to be mentally stimulated with Mercury in Aries. Lively discussions can be entertaining and fun when we approach them in a lighthearted manner. Arguing with someone for the sake of a challenge might seem tempting but it’s really just agitating the other person unless they agree to communicate in that way. There are truths that need to be discussed because they have become a wrench in your relationships. More than likely, you’ve learned something new about people and you might not have liked what you learned.

As Rihannah said this is a time to be “never lying, truth teller”. Don’t shy away from speaking your truth. If you are afraid to speak candidly with others, now is a time to learn to be honest with yourself. Explore WHY you feel this way? What are you afraid of losing or experiencing by speaking your mind? Examine how you were taught to express yourself and receive information from others as a child. This form of communication may no longer serve you. If that is the case, do some research on different forms of communication such as nonviolent communication or assertiveness training. Also, if you have children, watch how you communicate with them. Watch how you receive their truth. Also, this is time when a lot of folks may become pregnant so be mindful of that make-up sex or using sex to solve your relationship issues.  

Lastly, let’s remember that there are several ways to express ourselves and be seen that have nothing to do with verbal communication. Our physical bodies, energetic bodies, and souls all seek to be seen and expressed. Get creative! Try different modes of communication such as art, dance, exercise, meditation, prayer, or any other action that brings you joy.                          

Venus in Gemini

How are your relationships going? Perhaps you’re feeling a bit more adventurous. Or are feeling a desire to have deep intimate conversations that teach you something. Intimacy comes from learning the many facets of the other. If you feel that who you are has become lost in your relationships or roles, it is time to speak up. If you become what everyone else expects for you to be what are you truly bringing to your relationships? You miss out on sharing the magic of your unique gifts and talents with the world. Be brave and fight to be seen. Your contributions matter as the world would not be the same without you.  

Mind the tendency to develop a shiny ball mentality. Running from boredom, difficult conversations, and uncomfortable truths will only heighten the issues, not fix them. Although, we each have dreams and thoughts of what our ideal relationships would look like, now is not the time to get lost in the fantasy in order to distract yourself from the reality of what is happening. Find a way to anchor yourself in the truth of what is occurring between yourself and others.

Mars and Saturn in Aquarius

What does it mean to be free? Is it the ability to do what you want when you want? Or does freedom mean that we can speak without censorship? Is freedom a right or a privilege?

We question anything that keeps us from being our most authentic self with Mars in Aquarius. Our compass is turned deep within and rejects external expectations, rules, and limitations. We question everything and seek to find truth in the clatter of information that is thrown at us from every angle.

There’s a push pull energy happening right now. On one hand we demand truth, transparency, and systems that support humanity’s ability to develop our individual spark. Yet, Taurus has us all wanting to sleep in, eat well, be creative, and support our overall well-being. This will feel annoying. We are feeling enticed to action because we know there is more going on then what we are being told but we also deeply desire to be in spaces of stillness, beauty, and peace. Find the balance. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the news, social media, and advocacy. Don’t punish yourself for resting and clearing your physical, mental, and emotional self.

That’s all for now. I’ll see you all Monday with part 2.

-Kamilah Rose


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