Venus Unchained: The Signs

Hi Lovies!

I’ve started a new series on the planet Venus. Here’s our first installment. I hope you enjoy!

Venus is a planet that represents connection. All types of connection, but particularly the beauty of emotional connections that bind us together. Venus is the planet associated with the Western astrological signs of Taurus and Libra. These two signs illustrate our earthly or physical and social cognitive connections. Taurus is an earth sign represented by the bull symbol. As the second astrological sign, Taurus grounds the life-giving fire energy of Aries so that we can manifest our desires here on this earthly plane. As a fixed sign, Taurus represents stabilizing earth forces that allow for physical matter to take shape.  Humans at this time could not survive apart from the Earth. It is our mother in every sense of the word. We have an intense connection with this physical space known as this planet.

Libra is the 7th sign of the western zodiac and symbolizes the energetic shift from “I to we”. Libra is the only Zodiac sign that has an inanimate object as its symbol. The scales represent finding balance. As the sign of partnerships, Libra symbolizes marriage and binding contracts. When we think of Libra, we often think of romantic relationships, but Libra represents all relationships including the one we have with our self.  The energy of Libra is built on connection and the cognitive ability to be able to understand the individual self and our relationship to others. Libra examines connections that we feel passionately enough about to bind ourselves with others contractually.

Through these relationships we get to utilize the gift of Venus- discernment. Truth is subjective but justice is blind. Here, discernment becomes key to shifting our experiences among the aesthetic spectrum. Developing discernment allows for us to narrow the range of options presented to us when making decisions. This is especially important as beauty and freedom go hand in hand. Freedom involves an ability to make a choice, even when those choices are limited by external circumstances. That is why controlling what we are exposed to is so important as it impacts our choices, thus constraining our freedom.

With so many choices we must say no to something. This activates the second gift of Venus- rejection. We must discern between what may be the best choice for us at that time. From there we say yes to some and no to the others. Ultimately, we reject much more than what we accept into our experiences. We choose one or a couple of loves/lovers, the food we want to eat that day, the activities that we partake in, the streets we drive down, whether we turn on our turn signal. Each of these are choices. One we accept and the other/s we reject. Rejection allows us to focus our energy. It brings us a richer experience. It allows us space to explore because what is rejected one day can be accepted another.

What are your thoughts on rejection and discernment related to Venus?

I’ll see you next week to discuss more about Venus.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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