Venus Retrograde in Gemini: Communication Creates Connection

Our planet Earth as our home, our families/relationships as home, our physical structures we live in, our mind/body/soul– what makes something or somewhere home for you? Today, Venus retrograde combined with north node energy in the sign of Gemini brings our relationship to home into focus.

Venus acts as a symbol of connection which teaches us discernment and the power of rejection. You can read more about Venus here.

The position of the north node shows us the work we are here to accomplish based off the experiences we have gained in the opposite sign. In this case, that sign would be Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of the seeker, student and philosopher of knowledge through experience. These experiences can include travel, formal education, and life experience. We know how to gather knowledge through the other. Traveling across the world, trying different cuisines, visiting historical sites, embracing the desire to stay mobile and free. Now it is time to shift those skills in an interpersonal manner.  We explored experience as a form of our great work. Now how do we share it with others? How do we use these skills to foster connection in our personal spaces?

Gemini highlights communication or in this case, how we don’t communicate in our relationships. Spending more time at home escalates the importance of being able to articulate and intake information in relationships. Gemini invites us to observe what is around us. What can we perceive in our immediate surroundings? What messages are those around us trying to share?

At the same time, we are also the one’s speaking and sharing. No one knows what happens in your head other than you. We are not mind readers or telepathic (at least most of us are not). We share with others what we are thinking, what we desire, and how we are feeling through verbal and nonverbal communication. In order to do this, we must have some awareness of the self. What are your unconscious desires? What are your needs? What are your likes and dislikes?

How do we nurture what we will not take the time to experience? When we ignore what is happening around us, we cut ourselves off from connection. When we ignore our feelings of unease, we lose a chance to learn more about our bodies, our psyche, and our souls. If we are not taking time to listen to ourselves, how will we have the ability to truly listen to others?

How can you tell when lessons from the Venus retrograde in Gemini are coming up? Check in for tension in your body, restless thoughts, anxiety, issues with sleeping, a decline in your healthy habits. Check in with the energy of your home and others who are in your home. Are others around you restless? What about any pets in the home? Listen. Stop and listen. This time to gather information is a gift which outlines your next projects, goals, and actions. Observing, listening, and planning are forms of action and growth. Take advantage of this chance to create roots.

Home can be anywhere when we are connected.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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