soul Work in the twilight: Full Moon in Pisces

Hello lovies,

Here’s our Full Moon in Pisces reading.

Sun and Mercury in Virgo

                                Time to clean house lovies. I know I mention this all the time, but this is the time to access and identify what is and is not necessary in our lives. Virgo’s love a plan and order. They thrive in spaces where expectations are clear. Are you sure of what is expected from you at this time? Are others clear of what you expect from them? Now is not a time to be vague or try to spare feelings. The scales will be balanced and it is time to sort out what is in your heart so that it is as light as a feather. This act will benefit you. It will bring clarity which will allow ease in making decisions about the options that will be offered to you.

We get a burst of energy to support these endeavors. Dig into the crevices of your dreams, desires, and material goods. Clean and sort your home, heart, mind, and behaviors.

Moon and Neptune (reversed) in Pisces

                We walk fine line during this full moon between expansion and delusion. We seek to be free, beyond the container of rules, expectations, and conditioning. The Moon and Neptune in Pisces allows us to slip beneath the waves of our wily consciousness. The space where we are aware of our thoughts, the “self”, and the external world. This is a chance to see what unknown forces drive us. Yet, one must have a way to ground. A check-point. We can only survive so long without air within the depths of the deepest waters. Are we being reborn or are we drowning? Can we tell the difference after we have been underneath the water for so long?

                That grounding comes in the firm hand of the Sun and Mercury in Virgo. Virgo appreciates Pisces gifts of imagination and brings structure to the process of wilding or connecting with our soul. If you find yourself stopping every now and then to overthink a portion of your self-discovery don’t be surprised. It is Virgo and Mercury working together. They will help us to not fall into the illusions of our mind, body, and spirit, while offering us support while we identify what others have told us we are and who we believe that we are. There, a knowing of our true self can be found.

                This work is an act of self-love. We find ourselves energized and excited to clear and refine. To get lost in the process of stomping the grapes knowing that a tantalizing reward awaits us in the end. The reward of self-awareness.

Venus in Cancer

                Your connections and relationships request that we nurture and be nurtured. This leaves us feeling fulfilled and deeply cared for. Our passion to heal, care for and support these relationships with others and ourselves is powerful. Our will is driven towards creating these connections or solving the issues we see around how we care for each other.

Mars and Chiron (reversed) in Aries

On one hand, we have the wounds we have gained related to being our true self being poked by our role in society, then we have that Mars fire coming in ready to set things straight! Do you know how you express aggression? Do you know what you do when you are angry or feeling challenged? Now’s a great time to figure out what that looks like because the challenges will be rolling in this full moon.

This is complicated by one, the moon in Pisces which is uniting the fractured soul causing folks are utilizing coping mechanism whether they are good for them or not. Then we have that Capricorn energy which is wanting us to get some work done when we are not feeling super motivated to do so. What would an Aries do in this situation? Well, they would honestly do it ll. If possible, set some time to address all of the areas in your life that come up for review this Virgo season. Then act accordingly.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn – Reversed

                Capricorn is still pushing us to face what has become unnecessary. What restricts you? What does not support your purpose? What portions of yourself are you hiding? These are the questions that Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto continue to present to us this year. We have been sitting in the energy of the underworld for so long most of us have our own houses there along the shore of the infernal rivers. I wrote earlier this week about Osiris as Ruler of the Underworld. Perhaps it is time we stop running from our shadows and embrace them. When we turn away, they only grow larger. Capricorn will appreciate the work that we do during this time.

Uranus in Taurus – Reversed

                The question of what we value is reviewed in our universal beliefs this full moon. Uranus is still reversed making this a great time to sit down and spend some time connecting with your spiritual practice. Perhaps it would also be helpful to take a look at your practice and see what works or dose not. What holds the most value for you and how can you utilize these efforts to expand your gifts. There will be things that you have always been interested in, but never followed up with. What still calls to you? Work this into your practice and take note of why you are interested in it. This work will bring you peace and challenge you, but it will also provide you opportunities for new paid projects, networking, and earnings. Sign nothing yet, but enjoy these fruits as they mature towards harvest.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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