Osiris: Connecting the Fractured Self

Born to die. That was the fate of Osiris. After having survived Ra’s attempt to stop the birth of Nut and Geb’s children, Osiris was born into a world of extreme light. Light so bright it burned the land and its people. Together he and Isis-Auset worked to shift from unmitigated light to the green gold of life. Osiris God of the Green, the Grain, of Life.

Set watched his brother and sister while building a life and followers of his own. Time and again he attempted to best Osiris. He succeeded twice. The first time though Isis-Auset’s magic prevailed and Osiris was reborn. But not for long. The second time, he was reborn again for long enough for one final act as God of the Green. He joined with Isis-Auset and gave life to the start of a new cycle through Horus the Younger.

Osiris then began his role as ruler over the underworld.

Just as he created a grand world in life, he did the same in death.

Osiris is our creation instinct.  A projection of the masculine as the matter of life, with the feminine as the breath through Isis-Auset. An inversion of the Earth as Gia and the infamous many masculine sky Gods.

Set is the shadow of Osiris as Nephthys is the shadow of Isis-Auset (mind you Osiris is the father of Anubis his child with Nephthys). He is the fire, metals, disease, and scourge of the Earth. Not either/or, but both/and. Just like our Earth, we have the capacity for all things. To create and destroy. We do so with every breath. Yet, there is more to this equation. There is the third, the fourth and the fifth.

Horus the Elder – Detachment and Wisdom

Anubis – Cause and Effect

Horus the Younger – Vengeance and Vigor

The self in its’ many forms rippling out from the whole – the 1.

When we think of Osiris, think of his connections. Like us, his story cannot be told in isolation. He exists in relation to all those around him.

When you think of who you are remember your connections. Like Osiris, know that no matter how close or far you are from those you care for, our purpose remains.

Find, name, and claim the many parts of yourself. You as Osiris, Set, Horus-the Elder, Anubis, and Horus the Younger.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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