A Ray Of Light: Full Moon in Aries Part 1

Our wounds and emotions related to the will

to live, to thrive, to say I am

and define what that means for ourselves

are amplified this new moon.

This will bring about an opportunity to face the parts of the self that have been restrained by our desires to be liked and accepted.  

Our system is going through a shift and anything that is related to that work will be experiencing setbacks, bureaucratic red tape, and slowed down. This is to ensure that you will turn towards the support of your community and your own will. This is exemplified by Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Aquarius.

Work on something that is for you that will allow you to find self-fulfillment. A hobby, a project, a dream. Anything that relies upon only you to be accomplished will flow smoothly. This does not mean to isolate yourself, but to take your time and have patience when collaborating on new projects. Working with others will bring everyone involved great satisfaction, only if we are willing to release the need to be first, right, and the self-appointed leader.

Deep conversations between you and your loved ones will bring you hours of entertainment and provide opportunities to expand your understanding of each other. These conversations can quickly shift from opportunities for growth to a standstill if it is revealed that your values do not align. Finding common ground will assist in smoothing over these disagreements, but if your world views are completely unaligned best to step away from the conversation. Arguing your point will only cause you both to dig your heels in.

Neptune (reversed) in Pisces

Lastly, the collective is addressing our past, present, and future soul work. The symbols that represent value are being evaluated. Review your own relationship to the symbols of power, money, the body, and material items.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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