The Personal and the Collective: Peace and Order

Sun and Moon in Libra

Opposition to Mars reversed in Aries

Mars in Aries is ready to go. Breakdown the wall if they won’t let us in! Libra suggests that we use our charm and connections to advance our agenda. Again, let these energies work together. There’s nothing more lovely than a Libra in their element as host, judge, advocate. We trust them and look to them for a centering point of connection. Lean on the Libra qualities to give yourself and everyone else a break. Maybe take a stroll, meditate, offer your opponent a cup of tea? As we return to center, slowly let the energy begin to build. Crack a joke about the topic or project. Engage in a group activity such as a game, turn on some music and dance, watch a film or visit a museum or event. This is a great expression of Mars in Aries energy. It can be frantic and passionate, but directed towards achieving a goal or experience together.

Square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn

Our cardinal signs are very interactive this new moon. Where Libra and Aries can find a rhythm, this can be trickier for Libra and Capricorn. Capricorn’s course is set. There is space for variation, but only to advance towards the impending end and the promised new beginning. Friction can wear away at our patience, but remember there is no Earth without Air. They are tied inherently together giving form, life, and support to each other. Capricorn provides the container through which air can feel held or trapped. Libra’s scales weigh what is and is not necessary leaving Earth waiting and dependent.  Do we see the connection? These energies must play out their path.

Let yourself find personal balance and harmony through doing what brings you joy – learning, exploring, and being free. Use this to ease the heavy work we are conducting as a collective and individually. Let what needs to be contained and needs to be free have their respective spaces.

What we find is that Libra prepares us to release our singular perspective – from singular I to the other as Thou. Through this commitment to justice and truth, we can face our personas. These persona’s then in Scorpio are faced as the fragmented self. We will explore this more below.

Mercury in Scorpio in the 9th house

Sextile Venus in Virgo in the 8th house

The door to the underworld is open. Did you slip in unexpectedly? Perhaps you planned a trip like Inanna did. Either way, welcome! There is great courage to acknowledge your unconscious truth and wisdom stored within your ancestry, shadow, and the collective. Organize your psychological clutter through therapy, journaling, dream, and ancestral work. What complexes, beliefs, and perspectives have you inherited from past lives, ancestors, and society? Identify the archetypes that represent this inheritance. From there you can integrate and release what is out of balance. This will bring you some peace and security in this liminal space.

Mars reverse in Aries in the 3rd house

Square Jupiter (12th), Saturn (12th) and Pluto (1st) in Capricorn

There’s a big move you are desiring to make. You know this will serve your purpose. It requires a lot of work and perhaps a sacrifice of other desires to achieve this purpose. There’s a pull here at your ego to grind away at accomplishing this spiritual breakthrough.

You “know” that you are right! That this is the truth! That you are on the right path. You have faith in your knowing! Ohh you got a lot to say today!! Yet, folks aren’t trying to hear you. This right there is where we must pause.

Mars reversed has no chill. This energy is going somewhere and if it cannot be expressed it churns within us. Leaving us punching the air or shouting into the abyss.

It’s going to be annoying, but read the room. Now just might be the time to be a bit more subtle with your words, knowledge, and truth. This allows you to still make your moves while not alienating everyone around you causing friction which can block your progress.

Venus in Virgo in the 8th house

Trine Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus (all the earth signs)

Meticulous, determined, stubborn, stable. Our Earth signs are all active this new moon. There is an opportunity to turn the personal and collective spiritual page this new moon. This will rely on our dedication to know our soul in its many forms across the moral spectrum. To face our higher, embodied, and shadow self. Identify your conditioning (personal, ancestral, societal, and spiritual) and expand beyond it. Shadow work brings us opportunities for individuation. To reach our greatest potential.

We may though be seduced by personas for power, sacrifice, and secrets. Be mindful of what you are working towards.

This is a great time to examine your chart and locate:

                The planets Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Venus, and Uranus

                The signs that these planets are in

                The houses that these planets are in

Opposition to Neptune in Pisces in the 2nd house

Neptune in Pisces is like zooming all the way out on an image of the universe. From the I to we. Collective values, morals, wealth. Well, compare that to our embodied soul that is focused on the individual or the shadow that may be quite selfish and we see how these energies struggle to work together. Yet, if we also bring in our higher self which is connected to the collective then we find a route to integration. Where these individual focused selves see that they are a part of the collective. That this work is all connected.

Jupiter (12th), Saturn (12th) and Pluto (1st) in Capricorn

A moment of stillness in the chaos. Our spirituality is collectively being addressed. We are seeing ourselves as a part of a larger story. This story is the tale of how our spirituality has shaped the creation and life of our current society. This relationship resulted in the development of rules, expectations, norms, laws, and institutions so that we could function as individuals living together as a group. Yet are our beliefs set in stone or open to expansion? When we are presented with opposing truths or evidence how does this impact us?

On one hand we have the collective and on the other we have the self. What is hidden within our ego that separates us from the collective? What is within us that makes us an individual? Capricorn gives and takes. Capricorn assists us with knowing when to start, how to keep going, and when we have reached the summit. We are at the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. There is a new evolutionary cycle beginning and we find ourselves connecting with a unique purpose.

Follow this purpose. Embrace it. Be mindful of narcissism and the seduction of main character syndrome.

Uranus in Taurus in the 3rd house

Opposition to Mercury in Scorpio in the 9th house

Our system and what we value in the physical world is changing. We are trying to figure out what does this mean? What should we do? With so much being unknown, we search to fill in the missing pieces. “to figure it out”. Yet Mercury – the messenger, the trickster, the magician, the transformer is in Scorpio. The knowledge we seek is hidden. It is deep within the muck of our systems and psyche. We desire to find our footing and return to normalcy, but that world has passed. Our depths remain unknown and that is the certainty that we can know. That remains.

Neptune in Pisces in the 2nd house

Sextile Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn in the 12th house

Disillusionment about the value of the material world being tied to our personal self-worth. Leaving this illusion supports our collective work to end the current evolutionary cycle. Our value is inherent and based upon our existence alone, not our stuff. As we move from a focus on economic work-labor to collective support, how we relate to things will change. Let our frameworks expand and shift.


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