Full Moon in Gemini: Fun and Fancy Free

Sun in Sagittarius

What a beautiful time to grow and explore life! To be alive and learn. Sagittarius may be many things, but boring will never be an option.

Opposition to moon in Gemini

We want to learn. We want to grow. We are breaming with energy to go go go. Take a breath. This is the energy of quick decisions that are not well thought out or planned. Doesn’t mean they won’t succeed. It does mean that there is a likelihood that there are things that will happen that you didn’t expect or intend to occur. That’s fine. It’s a part of the fun and what makes Gemini and Sagittarius want to get up in the morning. We have had a rough year so if you need a bit of a boost ride this energy out.

Trine Mars and Chiron in Aries

Remember when I said this a get up and go energy. The ram and the archer are geared up. The tension is building and eventually it will overflow. This is a good thing because we can only plan, feel, and think about things for so long. Sometimes it’s time to let go and just give it a shot. A great archer never shoots blindly though. FIND A TARGET!! Aim for something and then go. Don’t just go running off into the wild.

Square Pisces in Neptune

Watch for that Pisces energy. This is definitely a time to be aware of addictive and escapist tendencies. Playing video games all day, reading, working, sleeping, drinking, eating…anything can be or feel productive. It’s when we lose our ability to discern between whether something is helping or hurting that we have lost sight of the healing properties of rejuvenating activities. How can this energy be of service to us? It’s the access to the creative depths of our deepest soul desires. Yupp, this is how we identify the target and feel our way towards our goals. So yes, have that moment of freedom and fun. Then check in on your path and make sure that your aim is still set towards the target.

Moon and North Node in Gemini

                How closely do you hold the things that are most precious to you? The dreams, secrets, and events that have shaped your life that you dare not speak of? They drive you towards truth. Towards an honesty that frightens many, maybe even that scares you. Your thoughts, conversations, studies, hobbies all point towards this thing. It is the shadow that echoes through your life. Approach it with curiosity. Like a child who is exploring a world they have only ever visited in their dreams. Don’t take anything too seriously right now or you may find yourself closing off your heart to live and focusing only on the empirical.

Mercury and Venus in Scorpio

                Welcome to my world loves! I have natal Mercury and Venus in Scorpio in my birth chart. It’s quite an adventure if I do say so myself. Mainly it’s just given me a morbid sense of humor and attraction to shadow driven individuals. Which leads me to share what we should be aware of this full moon. One, while you’re doing all this exploring, growing, and learning be mindful that you don’t get pulled down a rabbit hole of debauchery. Stick your toe into kink and things outside of the mainstream yes. Perhaps find a mentor and truly begin to learn about a topic that you have always been attracted to, but did not pursue because it was taboo or associated with the occult (hidden). Attachment and attraction are not necessarily the same. So remain present and aware. Define boundaries and enforce them. Take a deep breath and then dive in. Also, if you meet a love interest in this time, it might seem like they are everything you have ever wanted. They are acting as a mirror reflecting back to you your deepest desires. Even the deepest waters have a bottom. Stay grounded and let the sands shift as needed. Basically, enjoy the ride and prepare for a possible shift in feelings once Venus moves into Capricorn.

Mars and Chiron in Aries

                Cold season is upon us. Be mindful of head colds, headaches, and issues with your teeth. If you can go ahead and check in with your primary care provider (doctor). Also, make sure you are taking care of yourself. This is burnout energy if I ever saw it. For most of the time the fire is just starting, your energy is ramping up, if that is not channeled in a sustainable way the fire may burn out. No one wants to try to run on embers.

Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn

                Still working at home. Still working on our ideas of what home means. Still figuring out what our boundaries are related to where we work and where we live and what happens when those become entwined. Keep working. Keep going. Keep making progress.

Neptune in Pisces

                Have fun with life right now! Get super weird and super creative. This is a great time to hang out with friends or perhaps even meet someone new for a bit of fun. Keep things light. Keep things easy. You may want to see something that transcends a short term connection, but that depends on whether you and those in your life are willing to be honest, unpresuming, and deeply empathetic.


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