New Moon in Capricorn: The New World Awakes

Hello lovies!

I can say I have never been happier to have this energy moving out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. This new moon though we are still here and still making it….barely.

Sun, Moon, Venus (3rd), and Pluto in Capricorn in the 4th house

                I hope everyone got a clue back in April to really make your homes an enjoyable place because there is A LOT going to be happening there this new moon. One, it’s winter and it’s cold so most folks will be at home or inside. Two, there’s still a pandemic happening so most folks will be social distancing and staying home. 3…well let’s break this down.

                Capricorn sun energy puts the focus on our great work and what we are here to achieve in the world. The moon has us shifting away from all the feelings into discipline, focus, and goals. Venus in Capricorn is all about commitment and finding our understanding of what family really means to us. Lastly, Pluto is still in Capricorn continuing to highlight all the things within our subconscious and past lives that keep us from our life purpose. More importantly, it shows us what we can do to remove those barriers and excel in life. At the core of this is our idea of what supports and impacts us by providing us with a foundation whether that be our family (found or by birth), our physical homes, our souls throughout time, and the connections that we have made. Our world impacts us in many ways. Nature and nurture come together to make us into the unique beings that we are. This continues throughout our lives as we mature and interact with the world in various ways.

Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius

                FINALLY!! We have moved into some new energy! Hello Aquarius, we are so excited for the change. Although, it might not be very comfortable for those who greatly enjoyed the emphasis on work, achievement, discipline, and keeping things the way we’ve always done things. Time to venture out into a new scene. New thoughts, new dreams, new systems and programs. Same old narrative dressed up in new terms. If it’s not based one equity and altruism it won’t make it in the year of Aquarius and it DEFINITELY won’t last during the age of Aquarius. We are starting at the root, because bad roots will always leave us with strange fruit. Your thoughts will change. You probably have already found yourself questioning the way that things are. Your life will expand. Doesn’t matter if you have met every goal that you have ever dreamed of, there’s more available to you. Finally, the systems we have in place don’t work. Pretty much all of them. Our institutions are old and in need of an overhaul. A complete shutdown and revamp. So yes, the way we do everything will change. The way we understand our world will change. The labels we use will change.

Mars and Uranus in Taurus

                We aren’t done with the shifts yet! Mars has moved from it’s home in Aries to Taurus the Earth sign. That get up and go energy has settled down a bit into a desire for peace and comfort. Our drive now is to fight for those quiet moments so that we can attune to the messages that our bodies are sending to us. We’ll be working towards creating lives that are comforting, healing, and secure according to our NEEDS. Not what others say we should have to be successful or happy, but what our intuition guides us towards. We start with our relationships, particularly with ourselves. Oh if you thought the shadow work was done…you are greatly mistaken. The greatest physical treasures come from the earth and the same is true for us. Deep within the soil of our shadow are the many treasures of our souls. Over the next few months we will have plenty of time to focus on connecting with them. Deeper. Closer. The golden magic of Enchantment.

Combine that with Uranus in Taurus and this will be life changing. The beginning of something beautiful. Taurus is ruled by Venus and brings us moments of serenity captured through music, meditation, and setting the mood. Our values are still shifting and our lives are aligning with our truth. This means some relationships will deepen, while others will no longer feel like they used to. It is up to you and those in your life to decide if you would like for these connections to continue. Are you all committed to the work? Are you committed to creating and sustaining a world built on peace, beauty, and connection? Seeking peace does not mean running from a challenge or focusing only on the positive. It means learning how to approach conflict, difference, and challenges. To know when it is best to keep at it and when it is best to walk away. May this wisdom be with each of you this season.

Neptune in Pisces

Everyday recommit to your spiritual practice. Making the mundane sacred is an active part of a living practice. This means that what you do shifts to fit where you are, the season, the space you are in. It removes that rigid nature of HAVE to WANT. It brings the joy and rapture of a morning meditation ritual, a tea ceremony, a cup of cocoa, sound healing, prayer, communion with nature or however you connect with your higher powers, ancestors, and soul into focus. Through being of service to others we feed our souls and fill our cup. Find leaders and guides who do the same. May you and those who you work with walk the walk and talk the talk. If your teachers are out of step with the path, perhaps it’s time to let them walk their own way.  Stay true and keep it real. Otherwise you may find yourself connected to a practice that is a total departure from your highest good and purpose.

I love you all.

Kamilah Rose


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