Freedom to Dream – Plans to be Made: Virgo Full Moon

Sun, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces

                After the fun of that lovely Aquarius energy, how about a little down time with Pisces. I’ve been working with the energy of Pisces over the past year to get a better understanding of how it functions in my life. I encourage everyone who is interested in astrology or any type of system to build your own relationship with it. Everyone is unique and thus will have a unique experience.

The deep waters of the soul connect us with the endless flow of the infinite which goes by many names. Pisces is the conduit sign. They thrive through their connection to Source. At this time, we will thrive through our personal spiritual connections. It fuels our being, our hearts and our souls. If you’re going to get anything done during this time, you better do it with heart. Otherwise, we risk getting lost in the fantasy of Neptune in Pisces which can leave us in a nebulous of “woulda, shoulda, coulda” energy. We talk, dream, and rant about what we could be doing…without actually doing anything. Perfection for most is abstract and we’ll get into how to address this energy next.

Moon in Virgo

                What better way to show we care, then by taking care of all the little details that others may have missed because we have been thoroughly overwhelmed with the energy of Pisces. This Virgo full moon in having a bit of a time though attempting to create a foundation for Pisces to rest upon. Think of the earth within the universe. It is only a piece of the larger system. In this sense, Virgo is the energy of abundance, harvest, fecundity, and structure. A time of providing care through preparation. It continues the work of Taurus which grounds the creative energy of Aries in nourishing soil to support it’s physical manifestation. Here, Virgo has brought forth what was planted, in an act of great service and in support of our overall wellbeing. It prepares the way for perfection by counting and calculating EVERYTHING. Thus, if there’s a dream that comes to light in this Piscean time, Virgo will be able to take that and figure out how to make it REAL.

                My Earth sign folks, specifically Virgos will be feeling a bit pressed this new moon. They can see how to get it done, but they just can’t get there. It’s ok. This is not the time for that active forward action. Don’t worry Aries season is coming and that will be the perfect time to put that plan into motion.

Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

                The shift is still occurring. Change is the only constant. Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius still working together to provide a net of innovation in our lives. It’s everywhere. In our words, bodies, and society. Everyone feels the pull towards adjusting ourselves to be more expressive, generous, and precise. Listen to any messages that you receive from your body. Listen very closely to what sparks your imagination. Learning, exploring, and movement will be greatly beneficial for us all during this time.

                This is also a great time to reinvent how you see yourself. You may have realized that you’ve held back on truly allowing yourself to be free. You have likes, wants, dreams, and aspirations that you’ve set aside to focus on what is expected of you. Now, it’s time to do something for you. Saturn in Aquarius is going to highlight the portions of your personality that need to be let loose. It will also show you where you’ve been held captive. Time to break some chains! If you need a little inspiration, glance across the way to Leo. As the opposing sign to Aquarius, Leo gives us the courage to act on the changes that we desire. To take the lead and break from the norm.

Mars and Uranus in Taurus

                This Taurus energy is giving us something to work with. Whether that’s in our favor or not depends on our willingness to fight for our personal peace and make the changes necessary to maintain it. Sustainability is the name of the game with Uranus in Taurus. Take a look at your creative pursuits that bring you great joy and dive into them.

Mars square Venus in Pisces

The passion to fight for what we value, to fight for our peace, and to fight for our worth. The passion to attract our deepest soul desires, connections, and love. Firey Earth and water, passion and desire dance around each other. One seeking a firm grounded state of peace. The other a deep ethereal connection. Can we have heaven on Earth? If we are willing to commit to that cause, yes.

It’s interesting, I was reading through an astrology text, that spoke about how Roman/Greek Mars was very different then Indo-European Mars energy. Originally Mars energy was aligned less with military, might, and force and more with the will to live and grow. Think more Green Man and less Sparta. Yet, when the shift from a feminine or dual creator to a singular masculine creator occurred, Mars energy shifted to the more aggressive archetypes that we may be familiar with. I always believe there is space for both.

From that framework then, our will- our instincts to advance and survive in the world are focused on what we have to do to support sustainable creative containers. Healthy sexual relationships that allow us to take a deep breath. A space where we can create through inventing, cooking, dancing, relating, reading, discussions. Like the earth, this is the soil through which our lives are nurtured and rooted. Our will is then coaxed, charmed, enchanted by the desire to connect with our soul and step beyond what can be known through the senses to the unknown. We are the Fool, taking a leap of faith. Will you jump?

Uranus square Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius but sextile Venus in Pisces

                When the earth changes, we all feel it. We know it. It can be observed through our senses and often measured. When our society changes, this can be subtle and not as easy to grasp. It’s like trying to capture air. Social, mental, philosophical lens shift and flow particularly quickly now with our technology. This makes that Uranus in Taurus anxious. On one hand Uranus and Aquarius are ready to go! They want to see things shift. Yet, Taurus wants a clearly explained, well planned gradual change as opposed to how quickly things will move with Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn combined in Aquarius aren’t really helping Uranus in Taurus out. Jupiter expands and Saturn reviews. These shifts are wide and deep. They indicate that we are moving forward in a way that will create a completely different world then what we are used to. Adjustment is needed and Uranus in Taurus will have to shift some of it’s deepest foundations, it’s values, to keep up.

                We have a bit of help here from Venus in Pisces. Venus makes everything a bit more paletable. Venus steps in and asks, “but isn’t this nice? Come over here and try this new recipe that just went viral”. Venus in Pisces makes everything have the gossamer glow to it which makes things feel less threatening than the cool natured Aquarius.

                Earth signs are having a moment this new moon. It’s a really different energy then when Capricorn and the Earth signs were calling the shots. Give yourself that time to adjust. I know it’s hard, but take that vacation and relax a bit. You will only stress yourself out more trying to anticipate what is to come and being frustrated when it’s not what you expected. We try to predict the weather all the time. Sometimes we get it and sometimes we don’t. Watch Aquarians. It’s their time to shine and by observing them, we can all learn a bit of how to flourish in this time.

Pluto in Capricorn

                Well, well Pluto is still hanging out in Capricorn. The last planet from our last few years in Earth dominated energy. I relate Pluto to the soul similar to the views of Jeff Greene and Steven Forrest. Our souls are going through quite a bit of healing right now to put us into alignment with our great work. I’ve spoken of this often. Wounds related to leadership, abuse by people in power or our roles that we have played in harming others are being agitated to release us from the idea that others are able to define our actions based upon their idea of morality. We have to take responsibility for our actions and our beliefs. No longer can we say that what we do is justified based upon the duty or responsibility that others say that we have towards a higher power whether that is God, our country, or our family. We must build our own relationships with power in order to develop discernment. This will allow us to tell the difference between what is our higher calling versus what some other person is projecting onto us.


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