Full Moon in Aquarius: Temperance of the Heart and Mind

Sun and Mars in Leo (opposition to the Moon and Saturn)                 Hello sunshine! We have a dynamic duo in Leo with the Sun and Mars. This is amazing and excellent energy. I mean if you aren’t having a good time this full moon, I don’t know what you’re doing with yourself. If you’re feelingContinue reading “Full Moon in Aquarius: Temperance of the Heart and Mind”

Full Moon in Scorpio: Drowning in Truth

Sun, Venus, Uranus and Mercury in Taurus Taurus energy in the house! We are firmly in the realm of our Venusian Earth sign, bringing us firmly back into our bodies and the physical world. Taurus is fixed Earth. It takes the fires of creation from Aries and places it in the hearth. Giving it aContinue reading “Full Moon in Scorpio: Drowning in Truth”

March Journal Prompt

Greetings! We have reached the he end of winter – Pisces Season. From here we are preparing for Spring Equinox – the Astrological New Year – the Start of Aries Season. We have entered into the time of Rebirth These are all themes related to this time of year. Thus, this month our journal promptContinue reading “March Journal Prompt”

Freedom to Dream – Plans to be Made: Virgo Full Moon

Sun, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces                 After the fun of that lovely Aquarius energy, how about a little down time with Pisces. I’ve been working with the energy of Pisces over the past year to get a better understanding of how it functions in my life. I encourage everyone who is interested in astrologyContinue reading “Freedom to Dream – Plans to be Made: Virgo Full Moon”

Leo Full Moon: Be Brave and Shine

Leo Moon Gang Gang! Although I generally enjoy more of the proper Leo season myself, this full moon brings us a lot of as my friend Dr. Susan Harper says “opportunities for growth”. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius                 Aquarius season is in full effect. Things are a bit…strange. Weird. Unusual. We likeContinue reading “Leo Full Moon: Be Brave and Shine”

January Journal Prompt

Hi Lovies, We made it to 2021! This year I am ready for the many shifts that are coming as we move firmly into the Age of Aquarius. It may be a bit touch and go, but we can make it. With that in mind, our journal prompt for January is Great Work. This monthContinue reading “January Journal Prompt”

Full Moon in Cancer: A New World

Sun, Mercury, Pluto in Capricorn                 Well this is an energetic shift! This is the first time in a WHILE that our planetary engagement with Capricorn features only Pluto with the swiftly moving additions of the Sun and Mercury. This will be a fun Full Moon! We will want to put time and energy intoContinue reading “Full Moon in Cancer: A New World”