New Moon in Pisces: In the Underworld with Ereshkigal and Inanna

Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune in Pisces

                Have you ever had a dream that felt real? Where you didn’t even realize you were sleeping until you woke up? Did you want to wake up or are your dreams better than reality? Are world is becoming a bit more fluid during this time. Pisces, like all signs, can be experienced in a variety of ways. Ruled by Neptune is said to be the higher octave of Venus energy. When Neptune and Venus are in Pisces, this energy can be charming, beguiling, and bewitching. Pisces are the great dreamers of world. They can be selfless. Giving without having to be asked and expecting nothing in return.

A lot of our society’s structure is based on ideal Piscean attributes. Giving until there is nothing left (we place this a lot on women/femmes and things gendered with this energy such as the Earth). Sacrifice and martyrdom in order to save others. Focusing on love, light, beauty, and the aesthetics of spirituality. For someone with strong Piscean aspects, this is an energy that can serve them well. For others, it can create an unhealthy environment.

This characteristic can also create a bit of dependency and delusion. They need someone to be able to take care of, mostly because they are ignoring their own needs. While on the other hand they can be looking for someone to rescue them. Someone who will save them from the cruel harsh world which allows for them to hide within their fantasies as opposed to dealing with reality. The temptation of an idealized relationship can be just as addicting as any other form of escapism.

Sun/Moon semi square Saturn in Aquarius/Uranus in Taurus

                There is some fixed sign tension between the Sun and Moon in Pisces to Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. Ideals don’t necessarily translate to reality. It can be quite startling to create a mystical world and then step out into a much harsher reality. Saturn in Aquarius is rocking our relationship to what we see as the divine. We are asking why would this happen and being given clear answers. That’s because it’s time to do something about it. Pisces believes they can save the world, Aquarius and Taurus ask us two questions: Are you saving the world as a martyr or as a teammate? Are you sacrificing your peace for unrealistic ideals? Your devotion is admired, but plant it in the soil of self and community care.

Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius

                I thought I would have a lot to say about Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Yet, I’m finding that like Aquarius, this seems to be more of a quiet time where the deepest motivations may take a bit of time to be revealed. Our focus is on the group and how we are able to come together through common beliefs to communicate, expand, and organize in a way that helps us as a community. This will mean learning, listening, speaking, and sharing. Growing, giving, celebrating and taking chances with our head held high. Honoring our responsibilities, boundaries, and the long-term impacts of our choices. Aquarius is the divine masculine in all of us, in action.

Mars and True Node in Gemini

                Breathing new life into your creative projects. Be mindful of starting fights just for the sake of it. Everyone is an expert in something. There’s no need to go back and forth about it. Also, it helps no one when you hold in issues that you have until they explode. Communicate. Talk it out. If you can’t because you’re too emotionally attached, take a break and come back to the topic.

Mars square Mercury in Aquarius

Our air signs are kissing across the way and this is a love match to write home about. Mars in Gemini is already for a good show and Mercury in Aquarius can deliver. The snags that we have been experiencing, the lulls, the issues- they are on full display and both signs are ready to figure out how to get past them. Gemini, is observing everything and with Mars will probably just directly confront the issue. Aquarius has gathered the resources and its comrades to plan a way out. Communication as always, is the key. When these two get together the work will get done, but there will be sparks from the collision. Gemini loves how creative and outside of the box Aquarius is, but the fixed nature of how stubborn this energy is an be frustrating. On the other hand, Aquarius really would like for Gemini to just get with the program because they don’t have all of the information that Gemini does. Bring both parties to the table, take in all the information you have and leverage your resources to make some progress.

                Mars trine Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn

Gemini’s love order. It doesn’t seem like this is something they would enjoy, but it helps them to organize all of the data that they receive. With Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto with Capricorn, it’s like a kid in the candy shop, there will be quick execution of efficiency and release of the values/practices that create our belief systems. Folks are speaking out about what they feel, how they connect to their soul and how this impacts their lives. In fact, we may see some secrets come out about the actual practices that people partake in to achieve the lives that they desire. If you’ve been feeling that urge to share more about why your practice works well for you, go for it. Just be mindful of the tension that exists from the spirit of comparison.

Pluto in Capricorn

                Belief systems grow and change. They can provide us with a vehicle to explore the highest peaks and the depths of the underworld. When we are on this journey, there are times when we are the furthest away from what we THINK we desire. Everyone and everything we knew seems like it was in a past life. Pisces season is the time of quickening. We are almost at the first gate of the underworld ready to be reborn. To grab the hand of the Green Man and the Midwife of Life, accepting that it is time to start a new cycle.

                I associate Winter and Capricorn with Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth. She has a very famous underworld journey that is a wonderful analogy for the seasons and dark nights of the soul. Pluto in Capricorn is Ereshkigal, Inanna’s sister who through the non-gendered beings created by Enki, gifts Inanna back her life. We have been with Ereshkigal for quite some time. In the throws of birthing pains crying out for all the world to see and yet, no one reacts. No one responds. She is alone, without her sister, without her husband-dead because of her sister. Yet, not alone in the end. As Inanna created this situation in which Ereshkigal gives birth alone without empathy or compassion for the pain she experiences, Inanna is the impetus for the solution. Two beings breath, cry, wail, and see Ereshkigal. Fully see her without asking her to change or denying her experience. They let her be and become reflections of her. Through this Ereshkigal who has lost her connections gains the ability to give. She offers the beings the gifts of Inanna which are now hers. They refuse again and again wanting only the body of Inanna. The representation of the soil of our earth. Ereshkigal agrees and Inanna’s body is freed from the meat hook, given bread and water of life- the soul is nourished- and Inanna returns.

                This new moon in Pisces, see Ereshkigal. Feel her pain, her fear, her hopes, dreams and desires. Ask for nothing, but for soil to nourish with life. Give yourself water, bread, and breath new life into the parts of your soul that have been in the underworld.

                Above all else, if you need more time to share your experience- give yourself that time.

If you need to share the load of being Queen of Heaven and Earth so you can take a break which allows you to sit with all that you have done to survive- do so.

                If you are ready, nourish your body, your heart, and your mind. Water your soul/soil.

                Then when you are ready, begin your journey back from the underworld.

Be prepared that the world may look different. That there will be those that may need to be left in the underworld, but there will also be those who are so happy to see you have returned.

Uranus in Taurus

                Déjà vu from last year. A lot of the same topics are getting attention right now, particularly our values. We return to the question of what do you value? What does that mean about how you live your life? What changes have you made? We find ourselves shifting in the energy of Aquarius away from tribalism and independence based on singular goals to universal and global goals. How can I as the individual, behavior in ways in alignment with my values which can assist and improve the lives of others? Aquarius always says that there is hope if we believe. Is hope a part of your value system? Take a look around and see what is in/out of alignment and shift accordingly.


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