Divine Alignment

Blessings beloveds,

Today I caught a periscope from the Goddess China Mae Brooks, who you can check out here at ChinaBrooks.com to find out more about her powerful teachings and even get some coaching on her effective techniques. She went to see a minister in Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) to speak about sacred sexuality, tantra, and relationships. If you want to know what she found out follow her on periscope but know that that information is time sensitive so it’s only available for 24 hours.

I had such thoughts on the subject. That can be best expressed through a story time.

From when I can first remember, I have longed and felt the draw to align with a divine partner. This topic of early knowing of a desire for male/female connection isn’t really touched on in the groups and individuals that I am in contact with. It was not a sexual longing or desire it was a nurturing, loving, caring this is the person that you are uniquely connected with knowledge that I held. So from an early age before the age of 5, I have drawn in that caring nature from masculine energy.

There are many other stories to share about my adventures in this area but I want to focus on my latest encounter. This young man was someone who I admired deeply initially based on the surface information that I knew about him. There was an immediate attraction to his energy and the knowledge that he held. But there was also a clear knowing of what I desired from a partnership and what that would feel like and include. Some of which he did not hold. So initially I said hmm well I sense a connection but it must not be that relationship that I thought it was. So I left it alone. Over time though we continued to interact and eventually began to talk on a more that platonic level. I found it to be one of the most philosophical maturing conversations that I have had one on one continuously with a cis-male of color that was not steeped in concentrating on socially constructed identity. Well that’s how it seemed.

Over time though the truth of where this persons energy was emerged. Which is what will always happen. I believe in vibrating consciously. Seeking to hold the best feelings that one can so that we are constantly moving towards and cultivating bliss. What I saw was all these very challenging events happen in life that seemed to be a constant. It was strange to me because what was spoken externally was so out of alignment with the actual lived experience of this individual.

Now, do not think that I am saying that I do not have my own work to do. I attracted and engaged in this interaction with this individual so I had/have lessons to learn. But what this truly pointed out to me was the importance of personal alignment with self.

Our thoughts

Our words

Our actions

If one of these areas is out of alignment it will become evident in another. For instance if one’s thoughts are focused on poverty, stress, or lack but their words and actions are prosperity focused, they may find themselves asking why am I not receiving what I ask for? Why am I working so hard but not reaping the rewards? At some point there is a notch that is out of alignment.

I realized through my time with this individual that unless I followed the exercises to bring myself into alignment in these three areas then I too would not see the fulfillment of my desires. I see this play out for myself in my weight. It draws back to my internal thoughts of self worth and self care. As I bring myself into alignment where my thoughts and words match up my actions follow.

This isn’t news to anyone I’m sure. Yet, I know that we find ourselves desiring expansion. It is our way of being to want more. More love, experiences, friends, travel, material things, peace, or knowledge. Whether intrinsic or extrinsic, we are designed to seek expansion. Which means there is always space and ability to learn more. So here is my latest way of bringing myself into personal alignment.

Sacred baths (contact me to learn more)


Morning yoga flow

Incense centered morning energy cleanse (posts on this coming soon).

How do you find alignment? I would love to share and discuss.







One thought on “Divine Alignment

  1. Great food for thought. I find alignment through connection with friends and through prayer. Acknowledging that I can’t do this life or spiritual/emotional growth alone is the door to divine connection for me. I often need spirit to have “skin on” to remember my divine self.


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