Sacred Sexuality: Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Blessings beloveds,

I am still processing the information I received from China Brooks. Today I want to touch on sacred sexuality. Sacred sexuality can mean many things to many different people depending on which culture you gain your knowledge from or how you incorporate the various strains of practice. In general, sacred sexuality is the cultivation of creative energy that is synonymous with sexual energy for manifestation and spiritual alignment. Again, that is not the full story/history/or practice but just to give you a basic idea of what I will be speaking on (remember google is your friend).

One area that China touched on was the use of different rituals to gain energy from others. These can be large scale performances, events, or interpersonal interactions such as 1:1 conversations.  When we are not centered in our energy, are aware of what connections we make, and know how to manage that energy we run the risk of being siphoned for our creative energy. You know where we are heading with this? Oh yes story time.

Remember my last post about the young man? If not flip back and check it out to get  a little info on that situation. Well it took a little time, because I was not aware of how my energy was being transmuted or to whom to realize that he was feeding off of my energy. That my creativity was fueling much of the insights and projects that he was constructing. I was finding myself slightly fueled as it was at first a mutually beneficial exchange. Eventually though there was a desire on my part to want to increase the magnitude of the energy that we created. This would require more time and increased commitment to the process. I did not know that that was what I desired. I saw how large this work could be but by still operating from a space that needed healing this came out as possessiveness. Of course this was not welcomed from the other side. Yet, there was still the continued desire  from this other person to draw from our union. Yes, the power there was that strong.

What followed was an intense healing experience. As I realized that my level of attachment (I will post about attachment later) was not what I desired and the energy I was putting into the partnership was not being equally matched, I began the process of pulling my energy back unto myself. I followed the shadow healing process described in Jane Meredith’s  Journey to the Dark Goddess: How to Return to Your Soul and it was life changing. I truly delved into the many areas that I needed healing in that were not going to be healed by filling them with light and love. Yes, sometimes that is exactly what we need is that spectrum of support which originates in light. And sometimes, we need that support that comes from the crevices of our soul. That which can only be dissolved and reborn within the womb of darkness.

What came forth from that union was not what I thought it would be. It was a truer more integrated Rose. One that was shy of the darkness or the light. Who relaxed in the shade and danced in the sun. It started a new cycle, where old habits would have no choice but to transform. I would say that although my behavior was not the best I am now so much more centered. More open to the divine being that I am. So I am thankful. I find appreciation in that experience.

So how does this tie into sacred sexuality? It’s that energy of creation! A rebirth of my being, the ultimate manifestation was achieved through that relationship. It was the shift that can be made when one takes on the decision to incorporate sacred sexuality into your life. Even if you have no idea what you are doing. Setting that intention will get the ball rolling and before you know it your world will reflect back to you the way to have what you desire here and now.

I know stand in the space where I ask: Rose, what is it you would like? What would make your heart smile and soul shine? So I ask you, what is it that you desire? Name it and claim it.






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