When It’s Time to Let Go

Blessings beloveds,

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. Do you feel it in the air? That crisp morning tease of spring time. I hope that you all are taking the time to head outside and catch some vitamin D. Speaking of the D (lol), I’m in Detroit this weekend soaking up some culture and relaxing. Last night was a truly moving experience at the Detroit Institute of Art Museum for their Friday Night Live. We arrived around time to catch the 7:00 performance if Schubertiade. It was truly magical. The performers were amazing. Their skill in their trade was only enhanced by the beauty of the work portrayed on the walls and ceiling of the surrounding hall.

It was a great way to end the night but we weren’t done yet. A quick trip over to Seva Detroit finished out the night. I go back and forth between consuming and avoiding dairy so I always like to find a place that caters to both of my tastes. The atmosphere was nice. Upon walking in it was warm and the sight lighting made things cozy. I was more concerned with the food.I must say the food did not disappoint. Upon opening the menu I was blown away by the goodness that awaited me. First things first appetizers. We dined on the chili cheese fries and then moved on to bar=b-que eggplant sandwich while the Babes had the portabella burger. Divine is the only word to describe the meal. The eggplant was well done but not overly cooked to the point where it was mushy. There was just enough sauce for there to be a bar-b-que taste without it over powering the other flavors.

It was the best way to end the night. I don’t know about the rest of you all but sometimes I have to get out of my usual space to see things from a new perspective. That ‘s why I always recommend traveling. I am aware that there are barriers to travel for many. IT could be money, obligations, transportation, safety, or mobility. But we do the best we can. So I hope that you are able to travel in some way. To experience something that you haven’t before or just take a break from the space that you are in. So whether it is by book, movie, song, train, plane or ca do what you can and know that you are supported and loved.


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