Mermaids in Cages

Blessings beloveds,

Today I woke up feeling a little off. The time changed today and the world seemed a little bit off kilter. I looked around at the nice room that I was in contemplating what exactly was I doing with my life. I’m 28. Twenty-eight years old. I have seen some things in this life but not everything. I’m in the middle of my Saturn return.Roughly every 29.5 years Saturn makes its way back around to where it was located when we first were born. Thus it is the return of Saturn to our specific point of origin. Kinda of like our Saturn birthday.

This return carries all the energy associated with the planet Saturn. Of time, endings, discipline, setting boundaries, and authority. It is the time when we must take account of our present state and decide whether we are living the life that we have always wanted to live. Have you been building castles out of sand? Is your house made of brick and mortar but in the path of an impending tornado? You must access where you are and decide if this is where you would like to be and go with your adult life. It is the time for change. When we must look around and decide whether we want to stay at the party or leave early.

Well that’s where I am. Having done all the “right” things but still feeling that there is so much more that I can provide to the world. My evaluation of my current state falls much shorter then where I know I could be. So as I look around I cannot help but say to myself, why do I feel so closed off? Could it be that I have created a cage for myself? Has the freedom of the mermaid within me been restrained?

Let’s have a discussion on mermaids and cages tomorrow. For now, where were you at your Saturn return? Have you reached that point in life or are you currently there? Let me know if you found this to be a time of significant change and evaluating your role and goals.

Goodnight loves,



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