Go with the Flow

Greetings everyone,

I have been feeling slow lately. Eating light (other than the wild craving for tacos), sleeping in, leisurely strolls, long baths and writing. Working. I was very active last week. Up early at the gym then yoga in the evenings. Now I just want to relax. I will admit, yoga class on Sunday kicked my ass. Part of the reason why I wanted to take things slow. It stretched me in ways that I wasn’t prepared to experience.

I would like to suspend my need to prepare for any and all experiences. My mantra for this is to trust that the universe is here to supply me with all of the experiences that I need in order to live my best life possible. I honor these experiences. In knowing this, I look to relinquish fear.

I have been a fearful creature. One who was more concerned with the external world than my own internal environment. I now look to move past that. To tune in consciously before reflecting outwardly. It is an adjustment but I do not mind. It is necessary. That in it’s self makes it worth while.

I believe they call this discernment.




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