When You’re Life Changes

Greetings beloved,

Have you ever done something that was completely out of your comfort zone? Went to dinner by yourself, sky diving, taking a dance class, asking out someone that you find to be attractive. I have heard that it is when we do the things that we have never done before that we truly begin to change. Well this past week I did something that I had been planning to do for quite some time. I started yoga teacher training.

Now I’m sure the question of do you even do yoga may have crossed your mind. I know because I too had the same question. I said Rose what are you doing? You practice but you’re not doing handstands and peacocks. Are you ready for this? I had all these thoughts go through my head. I said it costs too much, you have to take took much time off of work, you have to turn in an application and they might not except you, excuse after excuse after excuse. But the training kept popping up on my social media feed so I filled it out. Then I sent it in. One of the owners of the studio called me to answer my questions about the training and whether I was prepared. The next thing I knew I was sending in my first payment for the course.

Before long it was the night before my first class and I sat in bed knowing that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing but at the same time feeling unsure of whether I could do this. Yet I went to bed and in the morning got up for my first official training for yoga instruction.



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