Where is Your Faith?

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Greetings loves,

I hope you are all doing well. Please take care of yourselves in these next few days. Take a nap, watch a movie, spend time in nature and among loved ones. Our support systems are our true treasure troves which never lack in riches.

I’ve come to you today to talk about faith. Previously the concept of trust which you can check out here if you haven’t read it yet,  was discussed and how it is important for us to learn to trust in order to achieve our desires. Faith, is inherently connected to trust although we may not always automatically link them together. Faith is the underlying component of trust. Faith allows for us to believe in an outcome when when we think that things can’t possibly go the way that we desire for them to.

What do you associate with faith? Is it a religious tenet that describes your ability to be connected to your higher power? Is it just a general sense of belief in the positive aspects of life? Faith, no matter where or how you apply it allows for us to be able to maintain our beliefs even in our darkest hours. Often times we lean on our faith when we are lost and in need of something that gives us the ability to keep moving forward in our lives. If we do not have trust though in ourselves and the divine then it is difficult to maintain our faith.

Our challenge at this time is to release the need to control the outcome of circumstances through actions driven by fear. We must build on our faith that is based on love which recognizes the connections between us all and autonomy. Love does not judge, fear, or restrict. If one is acting in a way that is judgmental, fearful, or restricting another they are not acting from love. We must remember though that there are those who look to harm others. That’s their path and their way of being is based on judgement, fear, and restriction. Now there are some who will read this and say then we must surround them with light and love. Yes, for some that is their role. For others though they are meant to take action and counter that energy. These are the Dark Goddesses who travel to the underworld carrying the light while embracing the dark. Do not the new-age rhetoric of love make you a slave. You can be a light worker and be in the darkness. You can be of the darkness and hold the light. We are dynamic beings. Do you trust who you are and what you are here for? Do you have faith? Then move forward.

This is the call to action that we have right now. To trust in our selves and have faith in our being. If you are here to provide a safe space for those who need it, do so. If you are here to hold the light and remain pure vessels of love, do so. If you are here to correct the system and build a new one, do so. If you are here to protect those who are on the journey to learning who they are and building that trust in themselves in order to act then do so. If you, like me, are meant to journey to the underworld and embrace the darkness for balance and integration then I offer your love and strength as you do your work.

Have faith dear hearts,



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