Healing from Heart Break

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Greetings beloveds,

I hope your hearts are well and your spirits are high. I want to talk about love today and heart break. As a year of endings many situations have arisen which have caused for us to review our relationships to all things in our life and release that which no longer serves us. For some this has meant that partnerships and friendships have shifted in such a way where either great changes had to be made or the relationship is no longer present.

I’ve spoken on my own experiences with relationships ending and shifting. With time comes clarity and wisdom some of which I would like to share here. Our lives are a tangled web of co-creation with all the energy that exist in the universe. As beings of energy, we send out vibrations and attract to us those who hold similar frequencies. This is something that occurs with all things such as cars, houses, finances, food and people. It takes but a moment for that initial connection to be made and then we move forward from there.

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So you meet someone new and you’re so excited about what me come or you may be indifferent to this other person but from the moment you enter each others’ orbits there exists the chance for magic to occur. For some things move forward and you begin some form of a partnership. While you are interacting with this person or persons you are continuously sending out vibrations that are relaying what your desires are just as the other person(s) are. These vibrations may gel or they may bounce off of each other. As beings in this realm we continue to grow and put out information on the experiences that we would like to have. When our desires are similar to our partner(s) then we find ourselves in functioning growing relationships, when they do not then we begin to experience discord. This can lead to discontent and desiring for change within the relationship. If this variance in vibration becomes too strong we eventually find ourselves no longer in realm of that other being because we are literally repelling each other.

Since this happens on a molecular level, we may be unable to understand this reaction. We use our cognitive abilities to attempt to negotiate and justify the relationship creating all kinds of ways in which we can change in order to maintain this connection. So we start reading relationship books, seeking counsel from friends, family, and experts, or discussing all the issues tirelessly with our partner(s). What must occur though is a realignment of your energy. Not with your partner(s) though but with yourself.

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When you fall out of alignment with your higher self and true purpose you begin to admit energy that is attracting that which reflects this lack of alignment. When your relationship stops feeling good there is work to be done but it must start within. Become clear on what it is you desire and how you would like a relationship to feel. Then see if you are in alignment with your own desires. Afterwards access how your partnership(s) relate to your vibration once you move towards your purpose and true being. Has re-aligning yourself improved things or are they still as they were? Well remember when I mentioned that this reality we experience is a web of co-creation? Well this is where all of that comes in. As you are doing your work your partner(s) must be doing theirs.They may or they may not be that is not of your concern but it will effect the ways in which you all relate to each other.

So truth time has arrived. If this partnership(s) supports your highest good, you are able to maintain your vibration in alignment with self, and overall generally feels good then there is space to move forward. If it does not though this partnership will shift in it’s position in your life and eventually if no changes are made be released. We fear letting go but there is so much that comes in the ability to not hold on to things regardless of whether they remain present in our lives or not. The constant though must always be your relationship to yourself.

Do not limit yourself. There is so much to experience in this world. No matter where you might be at this current moment, I hope you are living life to it’s fullest and that all those who you encounter are always here for your highest good.



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