Reflections: Fasting and Manifestation

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Greetings beloveds,

It’s been quite a whirlwind of a week with the Venus retrograde. Venus retrograde generally brings about a time of introspection and review of our current relationships which fits right in with the work I’ve been doing lately. In the spirit of the theme for this month I’ve been working on embracing what I desire and seeing it as if it is already there. My work has centered on three areas a physical location for my business The Bliss Institute with a temple, my home, and my romantic partnership.

I have heard the call that I am to create a physical location for The Bliss Institute for some time. This space will provide not only a place for me to serve through the capacity of witchy practices but also a place of worship for my spiritual community. I envision large rooms with nice floors, plush pillows, big couches, an eating area, a beautiful outdoors area. Access to water would be everything as it would allow for us to cleanse and clear the energy of the workings that we do in that area. I am looking forward to being able to provide this space for my witchy community because it’s a need that exists that seems to not be getting met. I love people and creating/holding space so it is the best circumstance all around.

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My other area of focus is a house with land. I envision this beautiful bright space which has huge windows, a large fireplace, and a sun room. It would be my sacred space where I am able to not only be my complete self but also connect to the Earth. It’s been coming forth within me a desire to connect to the Earth in this intense way without barriers or fear. I would love to be able to be outside without being concerned with others wandering by or being in the space without my knowledge. This land will be the space where we begin to grow our community. To create our safe spaces as best as we can. It will also be where I start my family or at least one of the residences that we stay at. I don’t see myself staying in one location for all time. I have to much of a traveler’s spirit to be in one space for a long long time. This will be my sanctuary. The space where I know that all will be well and I can come regroup, do spiritual work, and be at peace.

Lastly, I am so excited for partnership. Back in January I received the message that it was time for me to release my fear of losing my freedom/independence through partnership. I spoke with one of my dearest friends who talked to me about having roots while also having wings. That resonated with me so much. I found that I feel much more at peace and stable. I used to be very anxious about the thought of not being able to move around when I want to because it’s not all about me anymore. Knowing though that I can be connected to the another while also being able to move about, have adventures or better yet have someone who wants to have all of these adventures with me. They get excited at the thought of traveling, seeing new places, learning new things, growing. That’s the energy of the partner that is coming forth for me. It will be so amazing. Having that knowledge that this is what is in store for me excites me and makes me want to have this relationship. Fear has been replaced with anticipation. I’m fasting and clearing out my system/energy in order to clear that space where that fear used to reside. Letting all of that go.

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There’s so much that I am here to accomplish that I used to try to avoid, to not want to accept or be fearful of. Now it seems like all the fear and roadblocks have just moved away. It’s like they just don’t exist anymore, when it does come up I recognize it and am able to work through what that’s about and why. Then I learn from it. Either way I’m thrilled for what is to come. I am overjoyed at the clarity that I have. I am grateful for all that is and is to come.

With love,



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