Full Moon in Virgo: Securing Your Future

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Greetings beloveds,

Today is the full moon in Virgo and what perfect timing for a moment to connect to the grounding spirit of Earth. Virgo is the 2nd Earth sign of the Western zodiac system and the 6th sign overall. Virgo as an Earth sign is focused on stability, grounding, planning, growth, the body, and the material. Ruled by Mercury, whereas Gemini is focused on communication and technology, Virgo’s are the fact checkers and analyzers of the zodiac concerned with precision with excellence. Luckily they tend to use their skills to assist others in making sound decisions and by providing clear instructions with advice when appropriate. As an Earth sign, Virgo’s are all about stability, so being well organized allows for them to be able to know what to expect and therefore avoid disruption to their well planned schedule. Contrary to belief Virgo’s are not without feeling, they are more so reluctant to get mired down in the temperamental nature of emotions. So they attempt to reason their way into feeling. The emotion that makes the most sense will be used as a only a contributor to their decision making process.

This speaks soundly to the message of this full moon in Virgo. Virgo asks for us to take accountability for where we find ourselves. As an Earth sign this means taking stock of your home, body, and especially our finances. Now is a great time to create a budget as you may be feeling as if your funds are in a crunch at this time. Here’s a link to The Budgetnista’s guide to creating a budget. It’s fun and easy so you should definitely check it out Don’t fret this time won’t last but in this time of predawn before the sun begins to rise with spring you are being called to not only take account of your finances but to learn the wisdom of the Virgo to welcome change. It’s not always easy to change our habits when it comes to wealth and finances especially if you believe that the circumstances that you were born into determine the type of life you will live. Virgo’s understand though that all things change as it as natural as the changing of the seasons. Make a plan for what you would like your financial world to look like. Place it in a spot where you can see if often and then make the moves to manifest it.

6869762317-78487198aa.jpeg (500×500)Let’s take a look at Virgo as a sign of transition heading into spring. Generally Virgo energy takes place during the change from summer to fall. It encompasses the shifts from fast action to slowing down in order to prepare for the harvest of all the fruits of the work we have put in to our manifesting our desires and dreams. Now we are using that same energy to help us move from Winter to Spring. Thus we are being called to rest. Although Winter is usually a time of rest and rejuvenation this year has been one of movement and lots of change. Creating greater momentum as a starting point for that clearing, birthing spirit of spring. The energy of the new moon gave us a fighting spirit. It pushed us to dig deep into our feelings to give us the strength and courage to complete the energetic cycle which we are finally at the end of. This full moon brings us to the close. We’ve learned so much. Let so much go. Now it is time to rest. In this week before we head into the new season of spring then to the new energetic cycle with the new moon in Aries on March 27 it is time to let your body, mind, heart, and soul take some much needed time off from being so active. Specifically try to get as much sleep as you can. That’s right the universe said to go take a nap. It’s not like you can tell the universe no, right?

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While your resting though this is a time to either create a holistic protection plan or to back up the one you already have. Protection is not just having a home security system or taking a self defense course although those are all very important as well. In fact with this being a Virgo moon its definitely time to make sure you are taking care to secure your safety in a practical sense towards technology. So change your passwords, use a secure messaging system for your phone such as Signal, secure your documents with passwords if possible, make sure you use secure wi-fi systems as well. Ask for some energetic protection to watch over your sensitive information. Never forget that your guides, Deities, and angels can also make sure that your bank accounts, phones, computers, and life are safe. Then let that protective shield extend out to cover your entire being. You’ll be needing to sure up your shields as you’ll be wanting to move forward confident that you are as secure as possibly can be.

Lastly, as for our relationships spending time resting is the perfect time to sit down and get to know those we care about even better. Plan a get together perhaps at a spa, coffee shop, lounge, or any place that you enjoy spending lots of time in. This will set a great foundation to support the energy coming forth in the next few months.

Here’s to a fantastic full moon!



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