The Enchanted Heart: Building an Ancestor Space and Altar


Greetings beloveds,

We are closing out our discussion this month on connecting with our ancestors with exploring the many ways that one can build a sacred space and altar for our ancestors. First I will say there really isn’t any right or wrong way to do this. Now, with that said, culturally/spiritually there are different guidelines that differ dependent on one’s background or path that one takes. So if you follow a practice or belief system talk to one of your mentors or leaders in that area and see what knowledge they can drop on you.

Now on to the show!

Here are some basics from creating an ancestor sacred space or altar.

  • Candles: Candles can signify quiet a few things such as fire, spirit, creativity, or passion. The act of lighting and tending a flame is a meditative practice which can be used as a way to move one’s being into a sacred state.
  • Elements: Dependent on your path or practice you may want to place something on your altar to represent each of the elements. This could include the candle for fire, incense, chimes/bells for air, water or liquor.
  • Names of your ancestors. Ancestry has been a hot topic over the past few decades as the internet has made locating vital documents as simple as a click of a mouse. Names hold power and meaning, thus it is important to know the names of those who came before you as this offers insight in to their being and the things that influenced them.
  • Birth information of ancestors. Now we could really go down a whole rabbits hole here with what could be gleamed from having the names, birth dates, and birth places of your ancestors. We are talking numerology and astrology here folks with birth charts, star signs, life lesson numbers, soul urge, outer personality, and path of destiny numbers. We are talking about plotting occurrences of events and paths over time through the stars and sacred geometry. I’m only scratching the surface here but there’s much that can be done with this information not only for your ancestors but for your children.
  • Pictures. Now dependent upon one’s background and culture this may be allowed or not. If you follow a particular path then you may want to check in with your practice. But above all else I recommend this final bit of advice…
  • Follow your instincts. You may be lead to add a personal item from your ancestors, family antiques, food that your ancestors enjoyed eating or a variety of other items to your altar. Go with what you are called to. This is your altar for your family. Only you will know exactly what is needed.

Here’s to creating sacred space to honor those who have come before us. Be creative loves! Perhaps even create a descendants altar to put forth energy towards what you desire your family to be in the future.

With love,



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